Q & A


⁃ When and Where is Arikachi and Rinachi met?

= Arikachi Met Rinachi at the Moon Festival when their are 6 years old

⁃ When they Start To date?

= Arikachi and Rinachi KnowFn as A Couple After the Mekachi Ark by the Citizen of Reiloria but to Mayliese Rose their are meant to be together since their 1st Met

⁃ When is their 1st Kiss?

= Their 1st Kiss Happen when both of them are 13 years old in Arikachi house..Arikachi Carry Rinachi back to his house after did a Tired hard Mission together..After laying Rinachi on his bed..Rinachi grab Arikachi and Hug Him not long after that..Both of them fell a sleep and accidentally Kiss each other it Saw by Mayliese when she went to check on Arikachi..But the real one happen Before Arikachi went to save Melissa Kidnapped by Her Father Enemy..Arikachi suprisedly Kiss Rinachi to make her less Worried and Rest

⁃ Did They have a Third person in their relationship?

= No

⁃ Did They Ever fell in love to someone else?

= No

⁃ Will Layla Sky Vredehart be the Third Person?

= No..Layla did fell in love to Arikachi in her 1st sight but after she know about Arikachi and Rinachi..She Promise her self to become Rinachi best friend and the Best Cousin for Arikachi

⁃ What is Their Favorite Food?

= Arikachi Loves Takoyaki and Rinachi really do Enjoy vegetarian meals

⁃ What is Their Most hated Food?

= Both of Them Doesnt Like to Eat a Sweet Food

⁃ What Beverage do their usually Drink?

= Plain Water and Green Tea

⁃ Beverage that Their Dislike?

= Coffee and Alcohol

⁃ Do They have a pets?

= Not 100% Petting..Arikachi use to Feed the forest Animal since 4 years old

⁃ Is Mayliese staying With Arikachi?

= No..Arikachi Staying in Mayliese house From he was 4 years old until 7..And then He Stayed in His parent house..after that Mayliese came and Check on Arikachi Everytime She Worried

⁃ When did they get Married?

= 07 July 2017

⁃ How many Child Do they Have?

= 2, Chihiro Sora and Erina Miyuu

⁃ When did their 1st Child are born?

= 08 August 2018

⁃ And Their 2nd Child?

= March 2020

⁃ How old is Arikachi When he became the Eighth Lord of Wind?

= 29 years old

⁃ Are Rinachi still working In the Next Generation Sequel?

= Yes.. After quit from Modelling Rinachi became a Fashion Designer for the Same Agency for 2 Years and She start to do freelance

⁃ Who taught Sora and Erina Fight

= Arikachi and Rinachi Personally taught Sora to Fight since he was 5 years old..same with Erina but only she Started learning to defence her Self in The Age of 8