04 AUGUST 2036


⁃ Chihiro Sora
⁃ Aurora Hime
⁃ Jane Howard
⁃ Viera Randolph
⁃ Van Randolph
⁃ Tori Randolph
⁃ Mamon (The Boat Driver)


⁃ Arikachi Sora (Eighth Lord of Wind)
⁃ Raiga (Lord of Wind Assistant)
⁃ Drake Steel
⁃ Jiro Zen
⁃ Kokoro Dan
⁃ Lucylia Vredehart/Fairchild


This Story about how Sora Get the Scarf that always Around His Neck..The Story Takes back in 2033 when Sora and Aurora is on a Mission at Dolphine isle in a south of Waterland while awaits for the Final Results of becoming a Wind Special Force (The Aerostrike) to be Release


⁃ *Nowhere Island*
⁃ *Clavehunters Base*
⁃ *Sora’s Room*
⁃ *Dreaming*
⁃ *Blood Spill*
⁃ “Wait….*Aurora turn Around* I cant Let Him torture you and I cant watch you suffer anymore” – Sora *Hug Aurora with the Blade on his Right Chest*
⁃ *Stab Aurora Heart*
⁃ *Hugging Pose*
⁃ They both Laying on the Ground Look at each other
⁃ Aurora Tears falling
⁃ “Im sorry..” – Sora *Tearing*
⁃ Aurora *Smile*
⁃ “Sora..” – Aurora *Voice*
⁃ *Sora Awake from his Sleep*
⁃ “Huh…*Sign* again..” – Chihiro Sora *sitting on the Bed side sweating and Shirtless*
⁃ “Gideon..Do i have any reminder Plan for Tomorrow..” – Sora
⁃ Gideon The Ai Assistant of Sora’s Room
⁃ “Oh wait..Tomorrow..its not a busy day..in a morning session You have a Sparring With Ms Valkyrie, Noon.. Meeting up with The director discussing about The Lost Claveroux and after that..You’re free till night” – Gideon *Voice*
⁃ “Alright.. Thanks Gideon..Goodnight” – Sora *Laying back*
⁃ “You’re welcome Ventus.. And Goodnight as Well” – Gideon
⁃ *The Next Morning*
⁃ Sora wake in the early Morning to Exercise and Bathing
⁃ *Exercise*
⁃ *Bath*
⁃ After finish his Daily Routine..Sora Sit on the Bedside Hold and Look at His Scarf
⁃ “4th August…” – Sora
⁃ Sora Think back How he Got the Scarf
⁃ Story of the light blue Scarf that Sora always Wearing takes when Sora and Aurora is on a Mission at Dolphine isle in a south of Waterland in 2033 when they are 15 years old awaits for the Results of becoming a Wind Special Force the Aerostrike
⁃ *Back to 2033*
⁃ *Land of Wind*
⁃ *Reiloria Base*
⁃ “Hii” – Aurora Hime *Jump on Sora back*
⁃ “Hehe Morning Aurora..” – Sora *Turn and Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe Morning..*Giggles* come on” – Aurora *Grab And Pull Sora’s Hand*
⁃ “Urm?.. where to?” – Sora *Weird*
⁃ Aurora Take Sora to Mission Portal
⁃ “Mission?.. This Early morning?” – Sora
⁃ “Hehehe Yeah..” – Aurora *Pointed at the Mission that she excited For*
⁃ “An OA mission..?” – Sora
⁃ Aurora Smile and click on the Mission Details
⁃ (OA Mission Type : Helper Quest, Mission : Find The Lost Tracking Rare Dolphin, Requested By : Viera Randolph, Location, The Dolphine Isle, South of WaterLand, Reward : 2,000 Unit & Free Passes To the Dolphins Shows)
⁃ “Dolphin” – Sora *Smirk knowing that Dolphin is Aurora Favourite Animal*
⁃ “Hehehe *Giggles* can We?..While waiting for the Aerostrike Result” – Aurora
⁃ “Sure Princess..” – Sora *smile and Pinch Aurora Cheek*
⁃ “Hehe yeay! Thank you Dear” – Aurora *Happy*
⁃ Aurora and Sora Sign for The OA Mission at The Mission Reception
⁃ *Reception*
⁃ “Big Sis Jane!” – Sora and Aurora *Jump*
⁃ “Oh my *Frighten* Sora.. Aurora.. If you keep doing that.. I might have heart attack.. Dont you want me to watch you guys Married” – Jane Howard
⁃ “Hehehe Sorry Big Sister” – Aurora and Sora *Giggles*
⁃ “Its okay..So..where are The Best Duo in Reiloria heading to?” – Jane
⁃ “Hehehe Here!” – Aurora *Pass Over the Slip*
⁃ “Wow.. Dolphin.. Your Favourite..hehehe this is A Mission ..or a Date” – Jane *Smirking*
⁃ “Both” – Sora *Winking*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Aurora
⁃ “Hehehe okay.. take care and Have fun yea” – Jane *Approving*
⁃ “Okay, Thank you Big Sister” – Sora and Aurora
⁃ *South of Water Land*
⁃ *Dolphine Isle*
⁃ A Beautiful and Calm Village on the Single Island
⁃ “Wow” – Aurora *Amaze look at the Dolphin Statue*
⁃ “Welcome to The Dolphine Isle Dear Helper.. We glad your acceptance to our Request..I am the Requester Viera Randolph here to explain more details to you” – Viera Randolph
⁃ “So Formal..” – Sora *Whispering to Aurora*
⁃ “Viera..Introduce them to me First” – Man
⁃ “Oh Im sorry..papa” – Viera
⁃ “Dear Helper.. Met the Chief of Dolphine Isle.. Van Randolph” – Viera
⁃ “Chief..” – Sora *Shake Hand*
⁃ “Welcome child” – Van Randolph
⁃ Aurora and Sora Smiling
⁃ “So.. The Detail..n the ocean, the “school” (or, in the case of dolphins, the “pod”) is the basic social unit. It provides for a cooperative, social way of life and increases the chances for individual survival. The pod uses both acoustic and non-acoustic means of communication. Cooperation and forming alliances are ways in which the more complex mammals attempt to manipulate their social environment. Such alliances require sophisticated means of communication in order to manage relationships. Dolphins do this by forming fluid, temporary groups called “pods”, typically consisting of 2-15 animals. Dolphins are very social creatures and appear to need each other while hunting, defending themselves and their pods, and (obviously) mating. Animals in these pods join, split up and rejoin pods in different combinations. Pods may combine for several minutes or hours to form larger social groups called “herds”. Pod size appears to be related to the availability of food and the size and openness and depth of their environment. In areas of high food availability, pods can temporarily join together to form a “super pod”, exceeding 1,000 dolphins. In deeper parts of the ocean there have been reports of super pods reaching over a mile in length, requiring merchant ships to stop while these pods pass safely by. More shallow areas of the ocean support pod sizes often less than 20 in number. The composition and population of these pods are constantly changing, some dolphins moving into these pods for only minutes or hours before leaving. Pod composition is largely based on sex, age and reproductive status.” – Van
⁃ *Sora and Aurora Focusing*
⁃ “Pods provide advantages for the dolphin. Small foraging pods are an efficient means for feeding. Feeding in very large groups is not efficient as it creates too much competition for the available food supply. Feeding alone is inefficient and dangerous. Protecting the young is a strong motivation for cooperation between females within a pod.” – Van
⁃ “The Father is More Detailing” – Sora
⁃ Aurora Smile and Hold Sora Hand
⁃ “And The Male Dolphin Male dolphins, on the other hand, find an advantage to working with their male pair-bond where mating is involved. They can work together to “impress” females with their pair-bond behavior and can cooperatively “herd” one or more females into mating situations. They must work cooperatively yet they remain in reproductive competition with each other..Dominance within the pod is established by the dominant animal demonstrating aggressive behavior toward the sub-dominant animals. It does this by tail-slapping, jaw-popping, chasing and raking. Another form of aggression is the production of clouds of bubbles from the blowhole. Older dominant animals become repositories of learned behavior and act as group leaders to pass on this information to the young.” – Viera
⁃ *Sora Laid Back wipe his Eyes*
⁃ *Aurora Still Focus*
⁃ “So..One type of pod is made up of mothers and their calves. These maternity pods are called “nurseries” and may also include elderly dolphins being protected within these pods. Babysitting (called “allomothering”) in nursery pods may change over time, even involving female dolphins of a different species. Atlantic Bottlenose pods consisting only of mother-calf pairs and mothers with their most recent offspring are often found. “Juvenile” pods will include males and females who have left the nurseries and are not yet sexually mature. These pods provide the environment in which socially acceptable behaviors are learned. Once sexually mature, the females often return to their mothers’ pods to raise their own young. Adult males, on the other hand, remain in these juvenile pods longer, as they take longer to mature. Once mature, they “pair-bond” with another male and come and go to mate with the females. These pair-bonds are intended to be lifelong associations. Should a male lose his pair-bond, he often tries to pair up with another male. Adult males rarely associate with juvenile males.” – Van
⁃ “We learn this At the Academy” – Sora *Whispering*
⁃ “Dear..” – Aurora
⁃ “Okay..” – Sora *Focus Back*
⁃ “So..What are we assign For Mr?” – Aurora
⁃ “The Problem is now..our Rarest Female Dolphin Sephine is gone..lost from our sight..So…the Mission is we need you to bring Sephine Back” – Van
⁃ Aurora Lift her eyebrows
⁃ “Why dont you just Say that from the Beginning?” – Sora *Bow his Head Down*
⁃ “Dont worry it will not Be Hard.. Since we already have a Tracker on Sephine” – Viera
⁃ “You have a Tracker and You know where is she?.. Why you dont get her sooner?” – Sora
⁃ “Because.. She is in the Treior Rench” – Van
⁃ “Treior Rench?” – Aurora
⁃ “Whats That?” – Sora
⁃ “Ever heard of Sea Monster?” – Van
⁃ “Aquameria?” – Sora
⁃ “Nope..This is Opposite than that.. Aquameria is a Protector and This one..is not.. The Treior Is in a Pack.. Everytime and Everywhere there be” – Van
⁃ “Just like Piranha?” – Aurora
⁃ “Yes..Just like Piranhas..except it has two legs.. Two hand with a Long Claw.. Sharp and Messy Teeth..And Sharp Fin and Horn” – Van
⁃ “There nothing like piranhas” – Sora
⁃ “We can do it..If they are so creepy and Dangerous..How sephine can get through them?..Sure there must be a way” – Aurora
⁃ “You must know that Sephine is not an ordinary Dolphin..There must be a reason she pass and Alive” – Van
⁃ “Sephine..*Bow her Head down* Sephine is A Rarest Dolphin we ever had.. She is like the Alpha Female breeder and Mother to all the young.. After shes disappear..Dolphine Isle has Change alot.. It not like it was before” – Viera
⁃ “Dont worry.. We get her back..” – Aurora *Hold Viera Shoulder*
⁃ Sora Look at Van and Nodded
⁃ Van Smile
⁃ “So..Do you need an Assist?” – Van
⁃ “We just need the Tracking Device..And A Boat Driver..Thank you” – Sora and Aurora Smile
⁃ “Wait..” – A Granny Voice
⁃ “Grandmother!” – Viera
⁃ “Met My Grandmother Tori Randolph” – Viera
⁃ Sora and Aurora Bowing
⁃ “Wait.. Sephine will not easy to follow any human being.. You need this..*Hold the Blue Crystal Scale Necklace* Once Sephine saw this..Im sure.. She will follows you back” – Tori *wear the Necklace on Aurora*
⁃ “Thank you Grandmother.. We will bring Sephine Back” – Aurora *Smile and Hold Tori’s Hand*
⁃ “Goodluck..Child” – Tori
⁃ *Sora and Aurora On the Boat*
⁃ They headed to The Treior Rench Following the Tracker on Sephine
⁃ “Just a Bit farther more” – Aurora
⁃ Sora Check on the Front
⁃ “We’re Here..” – The Boat Driver Mamon *Point at the Dark spot in the Ocean*
⁃ “Thats Treior’s pack” – Sora *Look at the Black Swirl Spot in the middle of the Ocean*
⁃ “Yea.. You might need this” – Mamon *Hand over the Pill*
⁃ “What is this for?” – Aurora
⁃ “Its a pill from our Great great ancestors…one pill it made us Hold our breathe for 30 to 1 Hour.. So..thats going to be your time to save Sephine” – Mamon
⁃ “Are you sure about this?” – Sora
⁃ “Yes Dear” – Aurora *Take off her Apparel*
⁃ Sora *blushing*
⁃ “Are you coming?” – Aurora *Wink at Sora*
⁃ Sora eat the Pill and Take off his Shirt
⁃ “Yeah” – Sora
⁃ “I’ll be Waiting there” – Mamon *Pointed at some Island*
⁃ “Thanks Mamon” – Sora
⁃ “GoodLuck” – Mamon
⁃ “Lets go” – Aurora *Eat the Pill*
⁃ Sora and Aurora Dive in the water and Swim to the Dark Swirl Spot
⁃ Sora and Aurora Sucked In the Swirl
⁃ Aurora *Panick*
⁃ Sora catch Aurora and Hold her Tight
⁃ *Swirling*
⁃ Suddenly they’ve ended up in the Undersea cave
⁃ A Cave lighting up with a Blue Glowing Stone
⁃ “Urgh..” – Sora *Spill the Water*
⁃ “Aurora..” – Sora *Get up and Hold Aurora*
⁃ Aurora Unconscious
⁃ “Aurora” – Sora *Try to wake her Up*
⁃ “No..” – Sora
⁃ “Aurora!” – Sora *Try to Breathe her out*
⁃ “Wake up..*Repeating* please” – Sora
⁃ Aurora Spill out the Water
⁃ “Sora..” – Aurora *Cup Sora Cheek*
⁃ “Thank god” – Sora *Hug*
⁃ “Where are we?” – Aurora
⁃ “I dont know..*Look around* its like a” – Sora
⁃ Aurora Sneezing
⁃ The Sound like in the Cave
⁃ “Im sorry” – Aurora
⁃ “A cave” – Sora
⁃ *Weird Sound Approaching*
⁃ “Whats That?” – Aurora
⁃ “I dont know..*Covering Aurora* but its seem coming toward us” – Sora *Standby*
⁃ *The Sound getting Nearer*
⁃ “I cant see anything” – Aurora *Look around*
⁃ Sora Close his Eyes and Focus on the Sound
⁃ “Where you are” – Sora *Focusing*
⁃ Sora Open his Eyes
⁃ The Treior Monster Appear In front of Him and Try to Attack
⁃ “Ahhhhh!” – Aurora *Shocked by the Treior Monster Creepy Look*
⁃ Sora Punch the Treior away
⁃ “Its worst than imagine” – Sora
⁃ “Yeah” – Aurora
⁃ The Treior Monster Made A weird sound calling for it kind
⁃ “Thats not look good” – Sora
⁃ *The Cave Grumbling*
⁃ “Aurora” – Sora
⁃ “Lets Crush em” – Aurora
⁃ Sora Wink and Stand Back to Back
⁃ “Lets Crush em” – Sora *Fuse His Wind and Lightning Element Around His Fist*
⁃ Aurora Stand to fight with her Wind Element
⁃ A lot of Treior Approaching them from every Corner
⁃ *Sora and Aurora Vs The Treior Monster*
⁃ *After Hardly Take Down Half of them*
⁃ A plenty of The Treior coming to their way
⁃ “Theres a lot coming..” – Sora *Prepared to fight*
⁃ Sora Throw The Treior away with his Lightning Punch
⁃ The Treior stamped to The Cave
⁃ *The Water Drop*
⁃ “They Wont stop” – Aurora *Look Above*
⁃ “We still underwater” – Aurora *Inner Voice*
⁃ “We are in the Treior Rench.. *Pointed further more inside the Cage* There must be the Way to Sephine!” – Aurora *Punch the Treior*
⁃ “We cant Run Them” – Sora *Fight*
⁃ “We can..” – Aurora
⁃ “Mm?” – Sora
⁃ Aurora Stand Beside Sora
⁃ “We need to Make a hole on the Cave” – Aurora
⁃ Sora look at the Dripping Water
⁃ “Got it” – Sora
⁃ Aurora Facing inside the Cave
⁃ Sora Fight the Trench and Try to Destroy the Cave wall
⁃ *The Treior Been thrown At the Same spot*
⁃ “Ready?” – Sora *Kick the Treior*
⁃ “Yeah” – Aurora *Close her eyes*
⁃ Sora Spin and Blast the Cave Wall with his Wind Sphere
⁃ *Burst*
⁃ The Water Came In Like a Strong Flood
⁃ Aurora Open Her Eyes and Her eyes turning Gold
⁃ The Water wash through them
⁃ Sora and Aurora Inside the Avatar Body Armour
⁃ Sora Use his Wind Element to Speed up the Avatar Armour and Heading Deeper in the Cage
⁃ A whole lot of Treior Chasing Them
⁃ After getting deeper The Cave getting Dark and Darker
⁃ The Treior appear and hit The Avatar Armour infront of Aurora Face
⁃ “Ahh!” – Aurora *Frighten and Fall*
⁃ Sora turn Back and Hold Aurora
⁃ A bunch of Treior manage to hold onto the Avatar Armour and Try to Crush it
⁃ “Oh no..” – Sora *Look around*
⁃ *The Armour Cracked*
⁃ (by the Strength of a bunch of Treior Monster)
⁃ Aurora Getting weak because she past Her Avatar time limit
⁃ “Sora..” – Aurora *Hold Sora Arm*
⁃ “We will make it.. I promise” – Sora *Holding Aurora*
⁃ Sora Turn Back and Close His Eyes and Feel the Avatar Energy around Him
⁃ *Charging up*
⁃ Lightning and Wind Surround Sora and Aurora Body
⁃ Aurora speechless
⁃ “Hold tight” – Sora *Carried Aurora on His Arm*
⁃ Aurora tightly Hug Sora
⁃ The Treior Keep crushing The Avatar Armour
⁃ Sora bend His Body with Aurora
⁃ “Huh” – Sora *Close his Eyes and Sigh*
⁃ The Lightning and Wind Surging
⁃ Sora open His Eyes and Release the Lightning and Wind Under His Feet and Blast out
⁃ *The Avatar Fading*
⁃ The Treior cant Keep up with Sora lightning Speed
⁃ They Dashing through the Treior with the Speed of Lightning
⁃ Aurora Close her Eyes while tightly hold into Sora
⁃ Sora saw the Light ahead of them
⁃ “Hold On” – Sora *Holding Aurora
⁃ Aurora Nodded Her head near Sora Chest
⁃ *Near and Nearer to the Light*
⁃ “Here.. We.. are!” – Sora *Hug Aurora and Close his Eyes*
⁃ *Swooshh*
⁃ *Reach and Goes into the Light*
⁃ Sora and Aurora Stumbling in the Water
⁃ Sora open His Eyes
⁃ A Peace and Beautiful Undersea World
⁃ Colourful, Glowing Sea plant, Beautiful Fish and other Sea Animal
⁃ A School of Fish Pass Aurora and Sora
⁃ The Look at Each other and Smile
⁃ Sora and Aurora Swim around the Beautiful Undersea and Look for Sephine

⁃ After a while searching for Sephine Suddenly Sora feel Heavy and Out of Breathe
⁃ “oh no..the time runs out” – Sora *Look at Aurora*
⁃ Sora try to Called for Aurora
⁃ Aurora notice that Sora not behind her and She turn back
⁃ Sora Out of Breath
⁃ Aurora Shocked and Swim straight to Sora
⁃ “Noo.” – Aurora *Inner Voice*
⁃ Aurora panic and Shared Her Breath and Keep Sharing it
⁃ Suddenly Aurora feel Heavy too
⁃ “No..please not now” – Aurora *Look around Holding Sora*
⁃ “Sephine…” – Aurora *Holding Sora*
⁃ Aurora closing her Eyes Slowly
⁃ The Blue Scale Necklace Glowing Bright
⁃ *Somewhere*
⁃ A Blue White and Gold Line Dolphin Notice the Light and swim straight to Eat
⁃ “I love you” – Aurora *Hug Sora*
⁃ Aurora Saw a Dolphin Before she Fully shut her Eyes
⁃ *Blackout*
⁃ *Dolphine Isle*
⁃ *Van / Chief House*
⁃ Sora and Aurora Laying on The Bed
⁃ “They Survived the Impossible Treior Rench…Who is this Kid” – Van
⁃ “The White and Blue Hair Kid..He.. Remind me of Someone that Help me a long time ago” – Tori *Thinking about Arikachi*
⁃ “Who is it Grandma?” – Viera *Beside Aurora Bed*
⁃ “Sora!” – Aurora *Awake*
⁃ “Hey.. calm down..You’re Fine now” – Viera
⁃ “Viera?..*Shocked and Look around..Van and Tori* How.. *Turn to Sora Still laying on the bed* Im here” – Aurora *Shocked*
⁃ “You found Her.. and She Brings you both back with the Blue Whale help” – Viera *Smile and Happy*
⁃ “Sephine?” – Aurora
⁃ “Yes..” – Viera *Smile in tears*
⁃ “Well done Kid” – Van
⁃ “But..how.. we both..” – Aurora *Weird*
⁃ “Sephine is The Rare Dolphine.. which a Hybrid from the Legend Sea Creature.. Sephine also can Meditate or Heals Anything Around Her.. Dying Plan..Dying Sea Creature..Or even Human..” – Tori
⁃ Aurora Get up and Sit beside Sora
⁃ “He will be okay My Child” – Tori *Hold Aurora Hand*
⁃ “The Pendant..It safe us both..Thank you so Much” – Aurora *Hug Tori*
⁃ “We Are suppose to Thank you..both of you.. you have bring back the soul of Dolphine Isle” – Tori
⁃ “Soul?” – Aurora
⁃ “Yeah” – Viera *Nodded*
⁃ Tori get up and Take Aurora Hand and Walk her to the Window
⁃ *Slide the Curtain Open*
⁃ Aurora Froze and Shocked
⁃ “Wow..” – Aurora *Froze*
⁃ Everything in The Dolphine Isle Glowing Blue and gold like a crystal
⁃ The Village becomes Brighter than Before
⁃ “Sephine is the Soul of Dolphine Isle” – Aurora
⁃ “Yes Dear.. without her The Dolphine Isle Possibility can be drowned” – Tori
⁃ “You safe us All kid.. We thank you for that” – Van
⁃ “Ugh..” – Sora *Awake*
⁃ “Sora” – Aurora turn around and Run to Sora
⁃ “Dear..” – Aurora
⁃ “You’re Okay?” – Sora *Half Awake*
⁃ Sora shocked and His eyes wide open
⁃ “We safe!?” – Sora *Get up*
⁃ “Sephine Save us” – Aurora *Smile and Nodded*
⁃ “Huh..*Release His Breath and Lay his head on Aurora Chest* I thought We are..” – Sora
⁃ “Dead?” – Aurora
⁃ “Huh?.. We are?” – Sora *Slap his Cheek*
⁃ “Hehehe *Smile*.. No..*Hold Sora Hand* we are not” – Aurora *Kiss*
⁃ Viera and Tori Smile look at Them
⁃ “We’re not..” – Sora *Blushing and Look at Van Viera and Tori*
⁃ “Mission Accomplish and Welcome Back Kid” – Van *Smile*
⁃ Aurora and Sora Smiling
⁃ After They Recovered Sora and Aurora Visit Sephine and Thank her
⁃ Sephine use her Magic to Lift Aurora and Place aurora on Her back
⁃ “Wow” – Aurora *Happy*
⁃ “She likes you” – Tori *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe i like you too Sephine” – Aurora *Smile Widely*
⁃ *Sephine take Aurora For a Swim*
⁃ Sora Smile watching Aurora Enjoying Her time with her favourite Animal
⁃ *Aurora Happy and Smiling*
⁃ *After a Day in Dolphine Isle*
⁃ Sora and Aurora Rewarded By Van 2000 Unit as The Mission Reward
⁃ “Here..its for you.. Dont be a stranger if you came here again okay” – Viera *Give them a Dolphine Souvenir*
⁃ “Thank you So much For Everything” – Sora and Aurora *Bowing*
⁃ Tori walk to Aurora
⁃ “Your help meant a lot to us.. to Me.. and I want you to have this.. A Little gift From me.. its just like your beautiful hair..I hope you like it” – Tori *Give Aurora a Canvas Pouch bag*
⁃ “Thank you so Much Granny Tori.. *Hug* Viera.. Chief Van” – Aurora *Bow*
⁃ “Yeah.. Thank you so much Chief..Grandma..Viera” – Sora *Bow*
⁃ “Dont be shy to come again Okay” – Tori
⁃ “We will” – Sora
⁃ Sora and Aurora set the Way back to Reiloria Base
⁃ “Bye bye!” – Aurora and Sora *Waving*
⁃ “Bye bye!” – Viera *Waving*
⁃ Tori and Van Smile look at Them
⁃ *A several Weeks After*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ *Aurora Apartment*
⁃ “Im sure.. You will be an Aerostrike…*Smile* Oh no im going to be late!” – Aurora *Finish knitting a Scarf*
⁃ Aurora
⁃ Aurora put the sky Blue and light Green Tip Scarf inside her bag and Ran out from her appartment
⁃ *The Day of Final Result*
⁃ *Reiloria Base*
⁃ Sora, Drake, and The Other candidate waiting for the Result
⁃ Sora look around For Aurora
⁃ “Where is she?” – Sora
⁃ “She will be here” – Drake Steel
⁃ “Yeah i hope soon” – Sora *Look around*
⁃ “Dear!” – Aurora *Back hugging Sora*
⁃ “Here you are..” – Sora *Relieves*
⁃ “Miss me?” – Aurora *Giggles*
⁃ “Yes.” – Sora
⁃ “Okay.. The Result is Out.. and its In my hand” – Raiga (Lord of Wind Assistant)
⁃ *The Candidate Line up*
⁃ “The Pass Candidates will be In the Aerostrike 04..and The One who not pass..will be promoted to the Wind Ops..So. here is the Result” – Raiga
⁃ The Result shows in the Big Screen by the Who has the Higher points and Preference Ability
⁃ “No 1. Jiro Zen” – Raiga
⁃ “Congratulations Jiro.. you made it..” – Arikachi Sora (The Eight Lord of Wind) *Stamp the Aerostrike Rune on Jiro Shoulder*
⁃ “Thank you so much Lord Eight..I will do my very best” – Jiro
⁃ “The 2nd Highest..Chihiro Sora” – Raiga
⁃ Sora shocked as the Youngest to join Aerostrik
⁃ Aurora Happy and Jump
⁃ “Congratulations Dear!” – Aurora *Give Sora a quick kiss To his Cheek*
⁃ Sora walk up to the stage and Receive his Aerostrike Rune at his Shoulder
⁃ “Im proud of you Son” – Arikachi *Wink And Lift his fist*
⁃ “Thank you dad” – Sora *smile and Fist Bump*
⁃ “The 3rd..Drake Steel” – Raiga
⁃ “Yeah!” – Drake Steel *Happy and Blessed*
⁃ Sora went to Aurora
⁃ “I know you will made in” – Aurora *proud*
⁃ Sora Smile
⁃ “And That.. is..*Lock her arm around Sora Neck* Why i made a Special special special gift for you.. Close your eyes” – Aurora
⁃ “You making me Nervous” – Sora *Close his Eyes*
⁃ Aurora Wear the Scarf that she Made on Sora
⁃ *The Scarf Glowing*
⁃ “Wow..its the Dolphin Scale that Granny Tori Gave you.. You made a Scarf” – Sora *Amazed*
⁃ “Hehehe *Giggles* From all my heart..To you” – Aurora
⁃ “Thank you so Much Aurora..*Hug* Its like your Hair” – Sora *Look at the Scarf*
⁃ “Hehehe so..when im not around.. Everywhere you go.. I always be with you” – Aurora *Smile*
⁃ “Dont say that..you will Always be with Me” – Sora *Hold Aurora Cheek*
⁃ “And The 4th.. Aurora Hime” – Raiga
⁃ “Huh!!” – Aurora *Frighten*
⁃ “I know you made it too..” – Sora *Kiss Aurora while He Cupping her Cheek*
⁃ Aurora Speechless and Went up to the Stage
⁃ “Congratulations Aurora.. Im really Proud of you.. And I know your Father will too..Good-luck ahead Dear” – Arikachi *Tuck Aurora Head*
⁃ “Thank you so much Lord Eighth..i promise i do my best” – Aurora *Receive Her Aerostrike Rune*
⁃ Aurora Ran and Jump to Hug Sora
⁃ “And the Last member of Aerostrike 04..Kokoro Dan” – Raiga
⁃ “Im so happy Now Serve and Protect the Wind Together” – Sora *Happy*
⁃ “Me.. too..Together..” – Aurora *Hold Sora Cheek*
⁃ “With you..” – Aurora *Grab Sora for a kiss*
⁃ *Door Knocked in the Present Time*
⁃ *Sora’s Room*
⁃ Sora look at the Door
⁃ “Hiro Dear..are you up?” – Lucylia *Voice*
⁃ Sora Get up and Hold the Scarf
⁃ “Yeah..Hold up..” – Sora *Open His Closet*
⁃ “Happy 18th Birthday.. Aurora..” – Sora *Smile and Keep The Scarf on his Safe Box*
⁃ *Close the Closet*
⁃ *The End*

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