11 NOVEMBER 2036


⁃ Satoyuki Iota / Maxillion Moonchild
⁃ Drake Nellson
⁃ James Atlas
⁃ Harryson Jr
⁃ Alex Bulksteel
⁃ Sheryl lovestrike
⁃ Tiara Grey
⁃ Nora Anne Snow
⁃ Minari Bloodstone
⁃ Fiorra Fairlight
⁃ Green Yasmin
⁃ Ashley Howard
⁃ Felicity Ann
⁃ Alanna Jean
⁃ Federer Willfire (Aux)
⁃ Will Ferrelion (Aux)
⁃ Bella Centario(Aux)
⁃ Etherno Zach
⁃ Tyler Gustin
⁃ Rick Richard
⁃ Citrus Zane
⁃ Emma Velvet
⁃ Ria Potter
⁃ Mira El Rosé
⁃ Lan Jose


⁃ Volcan Maxillion
⁃ Chadwick Brockman
⁃ Bradly Fox Tanner
⁃ Aliysha Lance
⁃ Miana Gabriel
⁃ Hunter Trent
⁃ Lancerphile (Philadelphius Grandmaster)
⁃ Astrophile
⁃ Thalassophile
⁃ Selenophile
⁃ Ceraunophile
⁃ Nyctophile
⁃ Bibliophile


⁃ Zeith (6th Grandmaster of GrandMary)
⁃ Bruce Wills
⁃ Noah Centario
⁃ Yeena Braveheart
⁃ Arkius Ramsay
⁃ Decky Brie
⁃ Maira Goose
⁃ King Ash Maxillion


Before The League of Lights Academy Begin, The 4th Master Of GrandMary gave the Students a Free Vacation leave..Satoyuki Iota and His Friend were invited by Their Master Citrus Zane and Emma Velvet to spend their quality time together in the Place called Eliotra, South Eliotra Lucerna is known for its tropical and Ocean beauty, and The And only Legendary Swan, This Story will be about the Grandmary Mages spend they Trip as the pure and Do all the Activities and Camping in the Beautiful Place together


⁃ *League Of Light Academy 2035*
⁃ *Highlight Clip*
⁃ *Battle Clashing*
⁃ “This is An Epic Battle! Every years! GrandMary Keep and Keep Improving Their Student! But Philadelphius Look like they are holding onto their L.O.L.A Crown!” – Mc
⁃ The Final Match Federer Willfire (Aux) Battling Against the Defending Champion in the League of Light Academy
⁃ *Epic Battle*
⁃ “This is really Amazing Match!” – Mc
⁃ *The Arena Crowd*
⁃ “The Arena is on Fire!” – Mc
⁃ After A long Battle Federer fall on his Knee
⁃ “No! Federer down!.. and thats mean..The point is Lead by…*Point Board* The Champion Is!! The Defending Title Philadelphius!!” – Mc
⁃ “We can see The Will and we are really Impressed by this young man…But look like this year is still Philadelphius Years..Congratulations For both Academy” – Commentator
⁃ The highlight of Grand Trophy And Award Ceremony
⁃ *The Clips End*
⁃ *East Land of Light*
⁃ *GrandMary*
⁃ *GrandMary Hall Room*
⁃ All of students and staff gathered in Hall
⁃ “So.. That is The last year Highlights of Light Academy Elemental League” – Zeith (6th GrandMaster of GrandMary)
⁃ *Everybody Clapping*
⁃ “Mm?” – Satoyuki Iota *Awake from His Sleep and Clap*
⁃ “You are sleeping?!” – Nora Anne Snow
⁃ “Hahaha as Expected” – Drake Nellson and James Atlas
⁃ Satt smiling
⁃ “This L.O.L.A competition will be held again after the New Year Eves” – Ria Potter
⁃ “Now Is Already November.. GrandMary will be competing in it again.. so Each class Teacher already Appointed who’s Competing?” – Ria Potter *Asking The Teacher*
⁃ “Yes..” – Noah Centario
⁃ Bruce Wills Nodded
⁃ Emma Velvet Lift a Thumb Up
⁃ “Hahaha..before that we know GrandMary Has hold onto the Title of Runner Up twice since its started..but..Dont let it became a Pressure to you guys who compete in it..I personal dont take it seriously because .. No matter we won or lose.. What important is.. We Have Fun!.. and Enjoy every single Time Competing” – Zeith
⁃ Everybody gave such a Lively Support
⁃ “And Thats Why..GrandMary will give you a 2 Weeks leave for you guys to Enjoy and Have fun!.. Release everything that in your head before the games” – Zeith
⁃ *The lively Support Crowd Multiplied*
⁃ Zeith Smiling While Look at every student and Staff
⁃ Everybody Smiling and Happy
⁃ “We have a Leave! We Have a Leave!!” – The Students
⁃ “I have so many things To do!” – Students
⁃ “Oh man..I dont want to leave GrandMary” – Students
⁃ “So we Got a 2 weeks Leave.. What are we gonna do?” – Atlas
⁃ The Chronos sitting at the Same table
⁃ “Urmm~” – Alex bulksteel *Thinking*
⁃ “Satt do you have any plan?” – Yeena Braveheart
⁃ Satt sleeping Again
⁃ “He’s Asleep..? again?” – Yeena
⁃ “Hahaha He must be so tired” – Tiara Grey
⁃ “Hehehe” – Harryson Jr
⁃ “You guys..” – Citrus Zane
⁃ “Teacher..” – Chronos
⁃ “Do you all already have a Plan?” – Citrus
⁃ “Some of us Do some of us Urm not yet..” – Harryson
⁃ “Some of us do?” – Citrus
⁃ “Yeah.. Decky Yeena and Maira.. Right?” – Harryson
⁃ “Yea.. I have to go to Pear Ville and Help My Aunt” – Decky Brie
⁃ “Okay..Yeena? maira?” – Citrus
⁃ “I plan to finish up my Knight Classes in the Land of Wind” – Yeena Braveheart
⁃ “Aerodites?” – Citrus
⁃ “Yeah” – Yeena *Giggles*
⁃ “My Family already have a Plan for a Trip Teacher” – Maira Goose
⁃ “Okay..Its Okay.. Actually Me and Teacher Emma plan for a Camping Trip at the South Eliotra” – Citrus
⁃ “Eliotra Lake!?” – Minari Bloodstone *Eyes wide Open*
⁃ “Yeah.. We plan to invite you guys too.. So lets Cool our head there..Together” – Citrus
⁃ “Woah!!” – Everybody
⁃ Satt still sleeping
⁃ “South Eliotra Lake is known for *Thinking* its tropical beauty, and both locals and travellers love to camp out in scenic places. So our picks for the most beautiful places in land of Light to pitch a tent or camp out under the stars. surrounded by the peaceful emerald spring waters and limestone hills. The majority of the structures here are built with bamboo, to make you feel at home with nature. Chill out by the lake, go swimming, drift across the water on a bamboo raft.. Its Sound great right” – Emma Velvet
⁃ “And I heard Eliotra Is Famous with The legendary Swan” – Nora
⁃ “Wow! Teacher Emma Sound Exactly like the Advertisement Video” – Atlas
⁃ “Hehehe.. So are you guys Coming?” – Emma
⁃ “Aw.. I really Wish too.. but” – Decky
⁃ “Its okay.. Everybody have fun okayy” – Yeena *Smile*
⁃ “Yeah.. You guys deserve it!” – Maira
⁃ “Thank you Dear..So.. You guys coming?” – Emma
⁃ They look at Decky Yeena And Maira
⁃ Yeena Smile and Nodded
⁃ “Yeah” – Harryson
⁃ “Great..” – Emma
⁃ “Hehehe Satt?” – Citrus
⁃ “Satt..Wake up..Teacher Calling” – Atlas
⁃ “Mm Yea?” – Satt *Awake*
⁃ “Ask Mira El if she free to join us k..” – Citrus
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah.. Im gonna go ask The others” – Emma
⁃ “Okay.. We’ll inform you the details later yea” – Citrus
⁃ Emma and Citrus Leave
⁃ “Join us?” – Satt *Blur*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Yeena *Giggles*
⁃ *Nora Explain*
⁃ “2 Weeks Leave!?” – Satt
⁃ “And We going to a Camp trip To Eliotra with Teacher Emma and Citrus” – Nora
⁃ “Owh…okay” – Satt *Lay his Head back on the table*
⁃ *Night*
⁃ *Center of Light Land*
⁃ *Sunlight City*
⁃ *Sunlight Apartment*
⁃ *Mira El Room*
⁃ “Trip to Eliotra?..urmm *Lay on her Bed* Dear.. Im shy..Cause you know..i have nothing to Do with GrandMary” – Mira El Rosé *On Call*
⁃ “But you have something to do with me” – Satt *kidding*
⁃ “Hey..Hehe” – Mira El
⁃ “So..are you coming?” – Satt
⁃ “Urm..” – Mira El *Check on her Schedule*
⁃ (Work,Work,Work,Sing,Elder House,Orphanage,)
⁃ Mira el Close her Schedule List and Smile
⁃ “Yes My love Maxillion Moonchild..Im going with you” – Mira El
⁃ “Hehehe Thank you Mira..I’ll pick you up Tomorrow yea” – Satt
⁃ “Thank you Mira?” – Mira El
⁃ “Haha..Thank you Dear” – Satt
⁃ “Hehehe okay..Drive Safely k..see you tomorrow Darling” – Mira El
⁃ “Yeah..” – Satt *lock his Phone and Smile*
⁃ *The Next Day*
⁃ *infront of GrandMary*
⁃ The Transit Vehicle Ready
⁃ The Chronos Arrive
⁃ “Wah.. All excited Already” – Citrus *Smirk*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Harryson *Carried his Bag*
⁃ “Atlas?.. We going to the Jungle.. Not a Beach” – Nell
⁃ Atlas Wearing a Beach Wear
⁃ “Hahaha There has a lake Right” – Atlas
⁃ “Haha you got a Point” – Nell
⁃ “By the way where’s Arkius?” – Mina
⁃ “Yeah.. where is he” – Tiara
⁃ “Oh yea Arkius told me he cant join us.. His Father Already has a plan for him” – Harryson
⁃ “Thats sad” – Sheryl lovestrike
⁃ “Guys” – Emma and The Fixilion Student Arrive
⁃ “Hii!” – Green Yasmin (Fixion Student)
⁃ “Yasmin!” – Alex *Greet*
⁃ “Hehehe i cant wait to see the Swan i cant wait to See the swan!..i know This trip going to be Fun already” – Alanna Jean (Fixion Student)
⁃ “You too too Excited Lanna” – Felicity Ann (Fixion Student)
⁃ “Shouldn’t you be the one who get more excited” – Ashley Howard (Fixion Stundent) *Teasing Felicity*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Felicity *Smiling Look at Nell*
⁃ “Where’s Satt?” – Fiorra Fairlight (Fixion Student)
⁃ “Satt brother is Here!” – Federer Willfire (Aux Student)
⁃ “Federer!” – Harryson
⁃ “Hehehe Dont forget us” – Will Ferrelion (Aux Student)
⁃ “Hehehe hii” – Bella Centario (Aux Student)
⁃ “Bella!” – Nora *Hugging Bella*
⁃ “We have a Free leave.. So..is it okay for us to join?” – Etherno Zach (Electra Student)
⁃ “Sure” – Citrus *Smile*
⁃ “Thank you Teacher” – Tyler Gustin (Electra Student) and Rick Richard(Electra Student)
⁃ Satt and Mira el Arrive by Bike and Run straight to Them
⁃ “Huh.. Sorry we are late” – Satt
⁃ “Hehe you’re not satt” – Emma
⁃ “Hii Everyone thank you so much for inviting me” – Mira El *Bowing*
⁃ “Hehehe We are happy to have you Mira el.. If you are not here.. Our man here will be pensive all the time” – Emma *Teasing Satt*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Mira El *Look at Satt*
⁃ “Hehehe im so happy we finally meet you Mira El..see i know This is going to be Fun!” – Lanna *Jump*
⁃ “Hehehe” – The Girls Welcomes Mira El
⁃ “Hey! You all want to stay outside or get in the bus?” – Ria
⁃ “Eh!” – Citrus
⁃ “Since when you are in the bus?” – Emma
⁃ “Im arranging Everything Remember?” – Ria
⁃ “Hehehe lets go” – Emma
⁃ The Student get in the bus
⁃ (Citrus/Emma, Ria/Harryson, Satt/Mira El, Atlas/Alex, Nell/Felicity, Nora/Bella, Sheryl/Tiara, Fiora/Yasmin, Alana/Ashley, Federer/Will, Tyler/Etherno/Rick at the last seat)
⁃ *On Their Way*
⁃ The Student and Teacher were having fun playing games, Tell their Funny experience in GrandMary
⁃ Everybody Laughing
⁃ Satt pensively Looking outside the Window
⁃ “Whats wrong?” – Mira El *hold satt Hand*
⁃ “Mm?..Nothing..” – Satt *Turn*
⁃ “You look real Tired satt..” – Harryson *Look Aside* (Same Row)
⁃ Emma and Citrus Turn to satt
⁃ “Yes.. He had done so Many Requests..have some Rest now Satt” – Ria
⁃ “Hehe i will..” – Satt *Giggles*
⁃ “Mira..” – Emma *Make a Sign*
⁃ Mira El Shock and Blushing
⁃ Emma Winking and Turn
⁃ “Come Here..” – Mira El *Ask satt to Lay on her thigh*
⁃ “Thank you Mira” – Satt *Laying His Head*
⁃ “You’re Welcome..*Brushing Satt hair* wait.. *Bend And Whisper to satt* thank you?” – Mira El
⁃ “Hehehe” – Satt *give a quick Kiss to Mira El Cheek*
⁃ Mira El lift her head and Blushing
⁃ Satt smirking and Close his Eyes
⁃ Nora Smiling Look at how Mira El taking care of Satt
⁃ “So..Nora..Hows your Ice Training?” – Federer
⁃ “Oh god You Frightening me” – Nora
⁃ “Its great.. Im near to mastered it” – Nora
⁃ “Owh.. Thats good..Lets sparring sometime alright?” – Federer
⁃ “With you?” – Nora
⁃ “Yeah…Your Ice and My Fire.. we can test it out” – Federer
⁃ “Oh..Okay” – Nora
⁃ “Nice” – Federer *Laid back to his Seat*
⁃ “Federer?” – Bella *Smirk*
⁃ “Dont start it” – Nora
⁃ “Hehehe..Ice and Fiyahh” – Bella
⁃ “Bella..” – Nora
⁃ “Hehehe” – Bella
⁃ “How’s you and Axel?” – Bella
⁃ “We are great like felicity and nell” – Bella *Giggles*
⁃ They both Look at Nell and Felicity
⁃ “I miss you..” – Felicity
⁃ “I miss you more Eli” – Nell *Holding Hand*
⁃ Nora and bella Giggling After seeing them
⁃ “How long till we arrive the destination actually” – Alex
⁃ “Let me Check.. *Checking on His Holographic Phone* eliotra..2 more hours” – Atlas
⁃ “Oh god.. If by jet Carrier we already arrive by now” – Alex *Lay his Head on the seat*
⁃ “Hehehe Calm down calm down.. Sleep” – Atlas
⁃ “So..why You guys Barely seen in The Academy?” – Sheryl talk to The Electra
⁃ “Because Our Master priorities us with an OA Mission” – Tyler
⁃ “Owh..Where have you been Already?” – Tiara
⁃ “The last time i went is in the Land of Earth..Mud Village” – Tyler
⁃ “Me.. Land Of Water..but this guy *Holding Etherno* he’s Everywhere” – Rick
⁃ “Hehehe” – Etherno *Smiling*
⁃ “Woah” – Sheryl And Tiara
⁃ *An Hour Later after The crowd*
⁃ Everybody Sleep Except the Driver
⁃ Atlas Sleep With his Mouth wide open
⁃ *The Bus Hit the Bump*
⁃ Satt wake up and Look at Everybody
⁃ “Satt..?” – Mira El *Awake*
⁃ Satt get up from his Seat
⁃ “Shh..” – Satt *Facing Mira El*
⁃ Mira El Freeze
⁃ Satt get out and Take off his Phone
⁃ “Satt?..” – Mira El *Release her Breath*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Satt *Slowy walk to Everybody and Take their picture While they are asleep*
⁃ “Hehehe Memory” – Satt *Sit back to his Seat*
⁃ “Naughty.” – Mira El *Pinch satt*
⁃ Satt Giggles And Took Mira El Picture
⁃ Mira el Snatch satt’s phone and Take their Picture Together
⁃ Satt blushing
⁃ An hour Later they Arrive Eliotra Lake
⁃ *Eliotra Lake Entrance*
⁃ *Two Big Swan Statue*
⁃ Everybody walk out from the Bus
⁃ “Wahhh!!” – Ashley and Lanna
⁃ “Monster Swan?” – Atlas
⁃ “No Atlas.. Its a Actual Swan..” – Alex
⁃ “Why Big” – Atlas
⁃ “Cause its a Statue” – Alex
⁃ “I know” – Atlas
⁃ “Huh?” – Alex
⁃ “Im just Kidding! *Giggles* Lets Go!” – Atlas *Excited*
⁃ Fiorra and Yasmin Smirking
⁃ “Welcome to Eliotra Lake GrandMary.. I am Lan Jose and Im here to Assist and Guide you” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Oh Nice to meet You Mr Lan Jose..we are looking forward for our staying” – Emma
⁃ “Guaranteed You wont be disappointed..come..I’ll lead the way to you Sites” – Lan Jose
⁃ *Walking through the Jungle Path*
⁃ “Mm? *Saw the no Elemantel Sign* we cant use our element here?” – Atlas
⁃ “Not cant.. but Here.. We keep our Element Low cause The concept of Eliotra Camping Park is living a Moment as a The Pure..so.. No special ability here..” – Lan Jose
⁃ “What if something goes wrong?” – Harryson
⁃ “You mean a Jungle Monster?” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Urm.. yeah” – Harryson
⁃ “Do not Worry About That.. Eliotra is one of The Safest Camping Spot in this Entire continent.. Safety is Our Main Priority Fully Guarded” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Thats Good” – Emma
⁃ “So..what else we can do here other than camping” – Nora
⁃ “Great Questing Beautiful Lady” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Eh?” – Nora
⁃ Bella Giggles
⁃ “Eliotra also known as the recreational Park..so here for Water Camping Activities we can Swim, Build sand sculptures, Water volleyball, Snorkeling, Fishing, Boat or canoe, Water skiing and Tubing..” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Is The River Stream Fast?” – Lanna
⁃ “I can say it is Safe for all the activities Miss” – lan Jose
⁃ “Okay..” – Lanna
⁃ “And then?” – Atlas
⁃ “Oh.. We have ..Exploratory Camping Activities.. We can do Every Bird species watching, Try to identify the new different berries or plants from Eliotra, Hunt for interesting rocks, flowers, pinecones, or leaves to collect..and the Most… Hunt for The legendary Swan for Photographing or sketching after that..Collect firewood for the evening’s campfire and Geocaching” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Now thats Look more Lively” – Yasmin
⁃ “Yea right” – Felicity
⁃ “Wait.. Collect a Leave?” – Rick
⁃ “Yes Boy.. Eliotra has Some of a Magic Tree called Perilios Tree.. The leave..is Extraordinary.. I cant tell you further until you see one” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Hehehe boy” – Tyler *Laugh*
⁃ Rick make His Face
⁃ “We also have Relaxing Camping Activities..Nap on floatation device in the water..Take slow strolls through nature” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Thats sound Lovely” – Ria
⁃ “I definitely sign for that” – Sheryl and Ashley *said at the Same time*
⁃ “Me too” – Alex *lift His Hand*
⁃ “You dont need to lift your Hand Buddy” – Etherno
⁃ “Hehehe” – Federer
⁃ “Thats All?” – Citrus
⁃ “Nope..Nighttime Camping Activities..You all can do Star gazing it has a Great Spot and Good For you young Couples *Pointed at Alex and Ashley* romantic” – Lan Jose
⁃ “C..couple?” – Ashley
⁃ “Oh i wish i wish” – Alex
⁃ “What?” – Ashley
⁃ “No nothing” – Alex
⁃ “Haha young Love.. also we can do Night walk, Tell ghost stories, Campfire songs vocally or instrumentally and Midnight swimming” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Ghost Story!? I cant wait!” – Mina
⁃ “Eii..” – Fiorra
⁃ “Campfire Song!.. We already have our Main Singer Here hehehe” – Tiara *Holding Mira El*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Mira El
⁃ “Midnight swimming sound Cool” – Federer
⁃ “Yeah” – Will
⁃ “Yeah.. its all Totally Human Activity..That is Eliotra Heart” – Lan Jose
⁃ “What about the napping Spot?” – Atlas
⁃ “Yup.. Here we are” – Lan Jose *stop at the Edge of the cliff*
⁃ “Woah” – Mina and Tiara
⁃ The Old Style Tent organised aside one by One near by the River and Green Lawn
⁃ “Is that a Tent?” – Fiorra
⁃ “Yes.. its is the Old Type tent” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Oh my god.. I always wish i can have one on my Own” – Mina
⁃ “Of course you can now.. Miss Beautiful.. But.. its Rented and two Person Each Tent” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Oh my god..Its this only for Us?” – Lanna
⁃ “Yes.. This Is the Spot For Grandmary” – Lan Jose
⁃ Harmony and Lively Spot
⁃ “Enjoy your Stay GrandMary..our men awaited for you to organise your tent down there i’ll be here every 2 hours for assist..but if you need any assistance inform the guardian and i come right away okay?” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Thank you Mr Lan” – Ria
⁃ “Your Welcome.. Enjoy Eliotra” – Lan Jose *Bow and Walk away*
⁃ Everybody Smiling look at how Harmony and Peace the Place are
⁃ “Lets go Kid!” – Emma
⁃ “Yeah” – Everybody
⁃ *Camping Sites*
⁃ “Ashley! *Jump* You’re With me okay?” – Lanna
⁃ “Yeah yeah” – Ashley *Try to Avoid Alex*
⁃ “No..” – Alex *Saw Lanna and Ashley get in their tent*
⁃ “Hehe its okay..i’ll stay with you” – Rick
⁃ “Lets go” – Alex
⁃ Fiorra and Yasmin get in Their tent
⁃ “Big Sis!.. With Me?” – Bella
⁃ “Sure..” – Nora
⁃ “I’ll go with ty.. Alright?” – Will
⁃ “Sure.. Sure” – Federer
⁃ “Etherno..With me” – Federer
⁃ “Oh okay” – Etherno
⁃ “Lets go” – Sheryl *Take Tiara Hand*
⁃ “I’ll Stay with Ria okay” – Mira *Wink and Walk Past Satt*
⁃ “Yeah Sure” – Satt
⁃ “Hehe come on” – Ria
⁃ “Eli.. You want to stay with Nell or Me?” – Mina
⁃ Nell make a Sign showing to Mina
⁃ “Oh.. With you” – Felicity
⁃ “Okay” – Mina
⁃ “Lets go Brother” – Atlas
⁃ Satt stand Beside Harryson
⁃ “Okay.. Look like you all have found your roommates.. So.. Have some rest before we exploring Eliotra alright” – Emma
⁃ “Yes Maam!” – Everybody
⁃ “Hehehe” – Citrus
⁃ Everybody got in their Tent
⁃ *Eliotra Entrance*
⁃ Philadelphius Caravan Arrives
⁃ (The 1st Rank Academy in Light Land)
⁃ “Oh Its good to be Back” – Aliysha Lance (Philadelphius Student)
⁃ “Yeah..for how long now?” – Chadwick Brockman (Philadelphius Student)
⁃ “For how long? For Long?” – Miana Gabriel (Philadelphius Student) *Jump to The Blonde Boy*
⁃ “Maybe for 3 days and 2 Nights” – Volcan Maxillion (Philadelphius Student)
⁃ “Only for 3 days?!” – Aliysha
⁃ “Your dad just gave us 3 days Volcan?” – Bradly Fox Tanner
⁃ “I tried to convince him for more.. but you know.. He’s Rock headed” – Volcan
⁃ (Volcan is The Son of The Duke Ash Maxillion who know as the one of the Force wielder Character in Sky Hero)
⁃ “Enough Guys.. Lets go” – Hunter Trent (Philadelphius Teacher) *Talking to Lan Jose*
⁃ “I’ll lead the way” – Lan Jose
⁃ They walk Past GrandMary Camping Site
⁃ “Who’s Renting The Riverside?” – Volcan
⁃ “Riverside?.. Oh.. They are From GrandMary Academy” – Lan Jose
⁃ “What?!” – Everybody
⁃ “They are here too?” – Hunter
⁃ “Yes..” – Lan Jose
⁃ “For how long?” – Volcan
⁃ “They took a 3 days and 2 Night Package Sir” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Damn it..” – Hunter *Inner Voice*
⁃ “We cant train our new Skill in private then” – Alisya
⁃ Volcan stop Hunter and Whispering
⁃ “Master Hunter GrandMary has always been a Rival to Philadelphius Right..lets get them off By Sabotage their Holidays so we can begin our Training?” – Volcan
⁃ “Thats a Good Idea..” – Hunter
⁃ Volcan Smile
⁃ *Riverside Camping Site*
⁃ “Lets Goo!!” – Everybody *Enjoying Their Free time*
⁃ The 1st Day..GrandMary Students Enjoyed their Water Activities Like Water volleyball,Snorkeling,Boat or canoe, Water skiing, Tubing and Fishing
⁃ *Volleyball Scene*
⁃ “Volleyball?… Yeah..Y’all gonna eat dust” – Nell
⁃ “I want to be with Alex cuz He’s tall” – Lanna
⁃ “Mm?” – Alex
⁃ “Haha who lost massaging the Winners Leg!” – Emma
⁃ “Oh no way!” – Atlas
⁃ “Hehehe” – Satt
⁃ “Okay Lets choose the Leader!” – Ria
⁃ “Since we have 20 Studs..Teacher Citrus..Emma and Ria should pick the Teammates” – Satt *Lift His Hand*
⁃ “Hehe okay.. Fair Enough.. Now leader choose your 6 player” – Ria
⁃ “Satt!..Hey.” – Citrus and Emma *Look at Each other*
⁃ “Haha Rock paper Scissors” – Ria
⁃ *RPS*
⁃ Emma Won rock hit Scissor
⁃ “Hehe yeah!” – Emma
⁃ Citrus make her Face
⁃ Satt walk to Emma Side
⁃ They pick up the Team
⁃ Nell Sheryl Nora Yasmin Federer tyler and Rick goes in Citrus Team
⁃ Satt Etherno Alanna Fiorra Alex Ashley In Emma Team
⁃ Atlas Tiara Harryson Mina Felicity And Will in Ria Team
⁃ Mira El as the Referee
⁃ “Who.. Won.. get the Massaging from the Loser team *Mira el Hold her laugh* are you ready!” – Mira El
⁃ “Hehe dont laugh Mira.. You will play also later on” – Ria
⁃ “Hehehe” – Mira
⁃ Ria Team And Citrus Team Get in their position
⁃ “Ready! Lets win this Guys” – Ria
⁃ “Yeah..not a golden Pair This Time eyh” – Atlas *Winking*
⁃ “Heh.. Eat my Dust” – Nell
⁃ “Start!” – Mira El
⁃ *The Match Started*
⁃ *Citrus Vs Ria*
⁃ The Scene Shows They Really enjoy and Avoid Losing
⁃ *After a Long Match*
⁃ “Take That!” – Atlas *Flip and Hit*
⁃ “Not so Easy.. Take off Nell!” – Federer
⁃ Nell jump higher
⁃ “You. Take that!” – Nell *smash*
⁃ “I got this..here” – Felicity *Take and Pass it*
⁃ “Alright” – Harryson
⁃ “Y’all Going to Lose” – Ria *Jump and Smash toward the Empty Spot*
⁃ “Yeahh!!*
⁃ “I dont see that Coming” – Nell *turn His Face to Nora*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Nora
⁃ “We won!” – Atlas and the Group jumping Around
⁃ “Ms Citrus.. as Promise” – Ria *Made a Face and Sit on the Chair*
⁃ “Hahaha i’ll get you next time” – Citrus *Sit infront of Ria*
⁃ The Winner Team getting Feet Massage from the Loser Team before Begin their next match against Emma Team
⁃ “This is greatt” – Atlas *Getting Massage from Tyler*
⁃ “Haha Sorry guys” – Harryson
⁃ “Its okay We Lose” – Rick
⁃ “Hehehe” – Mina
⁃ Nora Massaging Mina Leg Tiara do Sheryl..Federer massaging Will and Nell Massaging Felicity leg
⁃ “Hahaha..it tickles” – Felicity
⁃ Everybody Get up and look at Felicity and Nell
⁃ “Dude?” – Atlas
⁃ “What its nothing” – Nell
⁃ As their Next Match getting Started
⁃ “Great Massaging therapy before match?” – Emma
⁃ “Well Of course” – Ria
⁃ “Pity Citrus.. I’ll get you back City!” – Emma
⁃ “Hahaha” – Ria
⁃ They all get in their Position
⁃ *Emma Vs Ria*
⁃ “Ready?” – Mira
⁃ “Yeah Girl” – Emma
⁃ “Start!” – Mira
⁃ Alex start the Game
⁃ *Serve*
⁃ Both group start Playing to get the 1st point Seriously and Situation get stiff
⁃ *The Ball keep Passing the Net*
⁃ Citrus and Her team Focusing on the Match
⁃ *Suddenly*
⁃ “Erhp hahaha *Laughing* why you guys all so Serious” – Satt *Burst out laughing*
⁃ “Ehh?” – Ria *Look at Satt was laughing and She miss the Ball*
⁃ “Miss Riaa!” – Atlas
⁃ “Ah hahaha distraction” – Satt *Laughing again and lay on the Sand*
⁃ “Hehehe yeah 1st Point Thank you Satt” – Emma
⁃ “Hehe naughty boyy” – Ria *unsatisfied*
⁃ Satt giggling and Wake up
⁃ “Its true.. why you all so serious and Stiff..Let just have fun guys” – Satt
⁃ “Yaa but We aint gonna touch Y’all Feet” – Ria *Weird Accent*
⁃ “What with that Accent” – Emma
⁃ “Hehehe” – Ria
⁃ “Still.. we are not going to lose” – Atlas *Starring at Satt*
⁃ “Hehe Okay then..” – Satt *take off His Shirt*
⁃ “Oh” – All the Girls Eyes wide open
⁃ “This is another Distraction This Is Another Distraction!” – Ria *Warn Her Teammates*
⁃ “Haha it is not” – Satt *Tied his shirt around his head and made it look like Bandana*
⁃ “His Body.. Got a Lot of Scars” – Emma *Shock to see from Behind*
⁃ “Satt..” – Fiorra *Look at the Scars*
⁃ “Lets give Them our feet!” – Satt *Open his Eyes after tied his Shirt on his Head*
⁃ “Yeah!” – Emma and The Other
⁃ *Etherno Serve*
⁃ Again The Game start with intense situation and Tough Play
⁃ *Meanwhile*
⁃ The Philadelphius Sitting on the Top of roof Spying on GrandMary Students
⁃ “They seem normal…” – Aliysha
⁃ “Except for the lighted hair woman sitting there” – Miana *Pointed at Nora Anne*
⁃ “wait.. look at the Guy who just smash..do we see him somewhere” – Chadwick
⁃ “Mm?” – Volcan
⁃ Volcan Froze after saw Satt playing with his Team
⁃ “Maxillion..Moonchild” – Volcan *Inner Voice*
⁃ “look at Them.. So they Are our Rival?” – Bradly
⁃ “They seem.. Random weakling” – Bradly
⁃ “Watch your mouth Brad You wrong..This time.. They’re not.” – Volcan
⁃ “What do you mean.” – Alysha and Bradley
⁃ Volcan Keep Silent and Walk away
⁃ “Volt!..yo Volt” – Bradly
⁃ Volcan Walking
⁃ “Damn it” – Volcan *Walk with a Angry Face*
⁃ “Hey.. Whats Wrong” – Hunter
⁃ “Maxillion Moonchild is Here.. Dont ask me whats wrong” – Volcan
⁃ “What?! He’s Among those student!?” – Hunter
⁃ “Yeah” – Volcan *Walk away*
⁃ “Hey! So whats the plan.. we still going to ruin their holidays right!” – Hunter
⁃ “Change a Plan.. Lets just Facing them Face to face” – Volcan
⁃ “Volcan” – Hunter
⁃ Volcan recall his memory Facing Satt
⁃ *2034*
⁃ Satt was an Adventurer who travel around the Country and Land for His Base Learning for all Element.. One Day.. Satt have been Requested by the King in the Diamond Kingdom
⁃ *Dimora Town*
⁃ Volcan Was Chasing the thief
⁃ *The Thief Running*
⁃ Running through everything in the town
⁃ The thief Use his Thunder Element to Escape
⁃ “Damn it he is Fast!” – Volcan *Still Chasing*
⁃ The Thief jump on the Roof
⁃ “Screw you!” – Volcan *Blast the Thief With his Fire*
⁃ The Thief Reflect it and the Blast Goes direct to the Residents
⁃ “Oh no!” – Volcan *Stop Running*
⁃ “Ahh!” – Woman
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ *Poof*
⁃ Satoyuki Save the Woman and Other Residents from The Fire Ball with his Wind Element
⁃ “Are you okay?” – Satt
⁃ “Huh?” – Volcan *Shock and Look at the Thief*
⁃ The Thief Frightening and start running back
⁃ Satt look at the Thief and Volcan Running..he turn and Chase the Thief
⁃ *Volcan Running*
⁃ “He is the Thief?” – Satt *catching Up*
⁃ “How the hell he get here so fast” – Volcan *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Yes!” – Volcan *Running*
⁃ “Okay Got it” – Satt
⁃ Satt use his Wind to Catch The Thief
⁃ Volcan Shock
⁃ “Got’cha” – Satt *Hold the Thief*
⁃ The Thief Use his Thunder surrounds his Body
⁃ Satt knock down the Thief Before he made a Move
⁃ “Thunder Elemental Thief” – Satt *took the Bag*
⁃ “Hero!” – Residents
⁃ *Everybody Clapping*
⁃ “Eh?.. No..This Guy is a Hero *Pointed at Volcan*
⁃ “What!? No..He is not the Hero..without hesitate He already trying to hurt us..plus we all know who is he.. just Go back where you belong kid” – Resident
⁃ Satt Frightening and Volcan Froze
⁃ “Wait wait.. Guys.. Dont Say things Like that..he also has Feelings” – Satt *Try to Comfort Volcan*
⁃ “Get off me!..” – Volcan *push satt away*
⁃ “I’ll prove to you i am Worth it!” – Volcan *Walk away*
⁃ *Diamond Castle*
⁃ “I heard What happen” – Ash Maxillion (King of Diamond Kingdom)
⁃ “Dad.. I dont mean to” – Volcan
⁃ “You know our rules Volcan .. no Element around the Residents” – Ash
⁃ “But Dad.. I was trying to stop The thief” – Volcan
⁃ “I know.. That good of you.. but you know.. If Satoyuki wasnt there.. You might hurt a lot of people” – Ash
⁃ “I know.. Im sorry dad” – Volcan
⁃ “Its okay son..” – Ash
⁃ “Satoyuki?.. how’d You know him?” – Volcan
⁃ “Im requesting for him..” – Ash
⁃ “Huh? Why?.. what for?” – Volcan
⁃ “To know him Better” – Ash *Turn*
⁃ “Why him?” – Volcan
⁃ “There’s a Rumour..” – Ash
⁃ “What Rumour?” – Volcan
⁃ “Rumour of The Son of Maximus Moonchild” – Ash
⁃ “What?!.. Maximus Moonchild has a Son?” – Volcan
⁃ “Maxillion Moonchild..That is why i have to ask him *walking out* By the way.. Your Application for Philadelphius Academy has been Accept… Theres the Letter” – Ash
⁃ Volcan speechless
⁃ “Moonchild” – Volcan
⁃ *Present Time*
⁃ “Moonchild..Huh” – Volcan *sigh*
⁃ *Satoyuki Smash The Ball*
⁃ “Yeahh!! We won!” – Emma
⁃ “Hahahaha damn it” – Ria
⁃ “Hehe hey word” – Emma *Giggles*
⁃ “Haha massage Pleaseee!” – Alanna
⁃ “Okay My lady” – Tiara *Sit infront of Alanna*
⁃ “Hehe it must feel good” – Alex
⁃ “Sure sir boy” – Harryson
⁃ Felicity massaging Fiorra Feet
⁃ Mina Massaging Ashley Feet and Will Massaging Etherno’s
⁃ *Ria Massaging Emma’s Feet*
⁃ “I got you back City!” – Emma *Giggles*
⁃ “Where’s Satt?” – Emma *Turn Around*
⁃ “Hehe There” – Mira *pointed at the shore*
⁃ “Mm? What is he doing there?” – Emma
⁃ “Running from Atlas” – Mira *Giggles*
⁃ “Eh? Why?” – Everybody
⁃ “Satt doesn’t like Feet Massaging.. and He ran away Atlas Tease Him with an stinky oil” – Mira
⁃ “Hehe that atlas” – Emma
⁃ “Throw that away you disgusted Boy!” – Satt *Running*
⁃ “Haha just A bit brother! just a Bit” – Atlas *Chasing*
⁃ “Hell no!” – Satt *Running*
⁃ “Hahaha” – Everybody Laughing at them
⁃ A while after their Finished..They went to the lake sea for Boating and Snorkelling
⁃ “You beautiful Guess ready?” – Lan Jose take them personally
⁃ “Wow yeah we’re ready” – Lanna
⁃ “Well Lets go then” – Lan Jose
⁃ *Big Boat*
⁃ “Bro this Boat grand like a damn Hotel” – Nell
⁃ “Hehehe” – Felicity
⁃ “How big is this Sea Lake Mister?” – Ria
⁃ “I guaranteed Its bigger than you..and has A lot of Unique Creature under it.. The point is you wont be disappointed” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Hehe okay.. *Laid back and Whisper to Emma* thats not my question” – Ria
⁃ “Hehehe I cant wait to see those thing” – Citrus
⁃ “Okay We are here” – Lan Jose *Stop the boat in the Middle of the lake sea*
⁃ “Wow” – Atlas
⁃ “Wow? not yet kid” – Lan Jose *walk pass Atlas*
⁃ “Mm?” – Atlas
⁃ “I need 12 captain step forward.. 1 boat 2 Person” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Huh!? What do you mean 1 Boat 2 person” – Everybody *Shock*
⁃ “we are an old Schooled type of Environment but our Tools to make our customers satisfied.. Are the Futuristic one.. So.. Here *Pass the small Boat like a Toy figure to satt* press it and Throw in the Water” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Mm.. Okay” – Satt *press and Throw it*
⁃ The Boat turn Bigger and Functional with the Snorkelling tools inside
⁃ “Wow! Yo! This is Cool!” – Nell *Amazed*
⁃ Lan Jose Smiling
⁃ “Well come captain.. and Enjoy your time” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Im going to be captain im going to be Captain!” – Atlas *Ran*
⁃ “Captain can i assign as your Crew” – Mira *Whispering to satt*
⁃ “Hehe *Turn around* you already have..” – Satt *Wink*
⁃ Atlas with Alanna
⁃ “Welcome my Lady” – Atlas
⁃ “Hehe thank you Captain” – Lanna
⁃ Nell with Felicity
⁃ They both smiling to each other
⁃ Harryson with Tyler
⁃ Rick with Sheryl
⁃ “Neither bella and I can drive so…” – Nora
⁃ “Sure” – Federer
⁃ Federer with Nora
⁃ Mina with Citrus
⁃ Ria with Emma
⁃ “Fiorra you both okay!?” – Satt *scream from Distance*
⁃ “Yeah! We both strong woman!” – Fiorra
⁃ Fiorra with Yasmin
⁃ Satt lift the Thumb up
⁃ Alex with Ashley
⁃ Will with Tiara
⁃ Etherno with Bella
⁃ “Okay the Manual are there..You all are free to enjoy the ride and Free to dive in anywhere..and Also The boat is auto piloting back.. so you just can press the button and Relax..see you big land Folk.. Have a Plenty fun” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Thank you Mr Lan!” – Ria
⁃ Lan Jose smile and Turn the Boat and Drive back
⁃ “The manual all are here..*Checking* Snorkelling tools too” – Atlas
⁃ “Dude! They even got a Snack!” – Alex
⁃ “Im so Grateful!!” – Lanna *So excited makes her Accidentally Hug Atlas*
⁃ “Woi!” – Atlas *Shock*
⁃ “Oops Sorry .. Sorry” – Lanna
⁃ Atlas Blushing
⁃ “Dont go too far alright Kid.. And dont do anything against the law.. Or take the corals back..” – Emma
⁃ “Yes Maam!” – Everybody on their boat
⁃ *Everybody Set off to their own Location*
⁃ *Federer and Nora Scene*
⁃ Nora Try to Lift the Tank herself
⁃ “Here let me help you” – Federer
⁃ “Thank you..” – Nora
⁃ “So..” – Federer *Try to Start a Conversation*
⁃ “You can swim right?” – Nora
⁃ “Huh?.. Of course i can” – Federer
⁃ “What do you feel when you know you have a raging fire inside you and Yet you are inside the water.” – Nora
⁃ “Like im surrounding Water?” – Federer
⁃ “Yeah..” – Nora
⁃ “It feel nothing im a Human Nora..Not an Elemental Creature” – Federer *Smirk*
⁃ “Well..i feel it..” – Nora *inner voice*
⁃ “Come on” – Federer
⁃ *Fiorra and Yasmin Scene*
⁃ Fiorra and Yasmin stop their Boat
⁃ “Here?” – Yasmin
⁃ “Hehe yeah” – Fiorra
⁃ “The mood here is so so calm and Cool” – Yasmin
⁃ “Yeah right” – Fiorra
⁃ Yasmin turn and Look around
⁃ “Eh?” – Yasmin
⁃ “Why?” – Fiorra
⁃ “Satt and Mira El is also here” – Yasmin
⁃ Satt help Mira El Put her Breathing kit
⁃ “Mira El is so Lucky right” – Fiorra *Low her voice*
⁃ “Satt?” – Yasmin
⁃ “Hmm” – Fiorra
⁃ “Oh *Shock* you have a crush on him!” – Yasmin
⁃ “Shut up Yasmin..” – Fiorra *Cover her Mouth*
⁃ “You have a crush on satt?” – Yasmin *Low her voice*
⁃ “Who doesn’t” – Fiorra
⁃ “You’re right..” – Yasmin
⁃ “But.. You see.. They already suit together..Mira El is so pretty.. her body..Tall.. Her eyes like..easy way to describe She’s the Girl and boys crush” – Fiorra
⁃ “Alright now you are freaking me Out” – Yasmin *Moving Backward*
⁃ *Satt and Mira Scene*
⁃ “Hehe Done its a little bit Heavy” – Satt
⁃ “Thank you Darling *Turn Around* im strong remember” – Mira
⁃ Satt smirk
⁃ “What with that Smirk” – Mira *Step closer*
⁃ “Hehe nothing” – Satt
⁃ “Tell me..” – Mira
⁃ “You are so beautiful Mira.” – Satt
⁃ Mira shock and Blushing
⁃ “Hehe thank you my Handsome Hero.. *Cupping Satt cheek* Lets get down there” – Mira *Wink*
⁃ Mira el Walk to the edge of the Boat and turn at satt
⁃ Satt put on his Snorkelling gear
⁃ Mira Lure her hand
⁃ “Hehe Lets Go..” – Satt
⁃ Both of them Jump in the Water
⁃ *Everybody in the Water*
⁃ Swimming with Beautiful fish and Colourful coral
⁃ Atlas Smiling While looking at the Golden Dendrogyra cylindricus (Pillar Coral)
⁃ Felicity and Nell swim above the Acropora (Table Coral)
⁃ Alex looking weirdly at the Faviidae (Brain Coral)
⁃ Satt and Mira Stop and Check on the emerald Heliopora coerulea (Blue Coral)
⁃ Emma and Ria Swimming beside a Big Fish
⁃ Tiara swam Holding a Turtle
⁃ Everybody Enjoying their Time under the Sea
⁃ *Calm Lake Sea*
⁃ *Alanna Came out from the Water*
⁃ “Atlas? I thought he’s Behind Me” – Lanna
⁃ “Atlas..” – Lanna *Look around*
⁃ “Atlas!” – Lanna *Call out*
⁃ “Sorry? The Turtle is so cute” – Atlas
⁃ “Dont just Disappear like that again!” – Lanna *Make Face*
⁃ “Why?.. You miss me already?” – Atlas *Get in the Boat*
⁃ “No.. If you are lost.. Im lost too cuz i dont know how to drive this thing” – Lanna
⁃ Atlas *Smirking*
⁃ *Will and Tiara Scene*
⁃ “So now..? fishing?” – Will
⁃ “Yeah for dinner” – Tiara
⁃ All of them drive to the Fishing spot following the Map except Satt and Mira who still inside the water
⁃ *Mira came out and Shock*
⁃ “The fish keep following me..” – Satt *Came out and back hugging Mira El*
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ The Huge boat Infront of them Waiting
⁃ “Maxillion.. Moonchild..” – Volcan
⁃ “Do we met some where?” – Satt *pull Mira to stay behind Him*
⁃ “I believe yes.. relax ..Im not here to make a mess” – Volcan
⁃ “Who are you?” – Satt *Still Floating on the Water*
⁃ “I am Maximus Moonchild Disciple” – Volcan
⁃ Satt and Mira Shock
⁃ “We are here to warn you..If you try to get in our way in L.O.L.A..Your Fate..Will be just like this Death Fishes” – Hunter *Electrocute The Fish inside the Lake*
⁃ Satt Carried Mira and Jump on the boat
⁃ Satt face turn Mad
⁃ “Thats it..Let it all out” – Volcan *Smirking*
⁃ Mira Holding Satt Hand
⁃ “Its a Shame that Girl can Make you weak” – Volcan
⁃ “Or.. Lets just electrocuted his Friend that Happily enjoy their time fishing.. Imagine the Electric joint to their reel oh that *Satt Disappear and Appear infront of Hunter and Choke him* smoky” – Hunter
⁃ Volcan and The rest Shock
⁃ “You dare to hurt my Friend..i’ll grill the hell out of you and Your Students Hunter Trent” – Satt
⁃ “How..how do you know me” – Hunter *Hardly talk*
⁃ “I know everything about my Master enemies..Friend.. and Foes” – Satt *Let go of the choke*
⁃ Hunter Coughing
⁃ “And you.. I remembered you are the Guy who try to save your people from a Thief.. What the hell happen to you and Change you to this Maniac.. I dont know what do you know about my father.. But i know..your Father sure disappointed with how the way you are now..” – Satt
⁃ “Volcan” – Miana
⁃ “I dont want to make enemies with you guys..*Turn around to his Boat* so.. Please.. Dont ruin my friends Holidays..” – Satt
⁃ Volcan and The Other Froze
⁃ “And.. Volcan.. *Turn around before he jump to his Boat* your father has a Lot faith in you by Leading his Kingdom in the Future..But if you still act like this.. Imagine hows your people will accept you as their new king” – Satt *Jump*
⁃ “Good Day” – Satt *Drive his Boat to the Fishing Location*
⁃ “Screw that guy! He chokes me!” – Hunter *Wake up and Try to shot Satt’s Boat*
⁃ Volcan use his Volcanic Hand to cut the Gun
⁃ “Volcan?!” – Hunter and The Other
⁃ “He’s right..” – Volcan
⁃ “What the hell you are talking about?” – Chadwick
⁃ “My father would be disappointing with me.. with how i behave” – Volcan
⁃ “Damn it Volcan.. This is not about your father this is about Philadelphius!” – Chadwick
⁃ “If you cant respect my decision.. You are free to make yours! Im done with this ..” – Volcan *walk to the front*
⁃ “Damn it” – Chadwick
⁃ Hunter bow his Head
⁃ Alysha Walk to Volcan
⁃ “Volcan..” – Alysha
⁃ “If you agreed on chad.. You’re a free to leave aly..” – Volcan
⁃ “No.. I dont want to leave you” – Alysha
⁃ Volcan turn To Alysha
⁃ “I admitted you kinda a bit of a jerk.. but.. Deep down inside i know.. There’s a kindness in you that hardly people can see..” – Alysha
⁃ “Im sorry Man.. I was.. “ – Chadwick and The other Join
⁃ “No matter what your decision from now on.. we will be here behind you” – Chadwick
⁃ “Im sorry too im not a Kind Master you wish for” – Hunter
⁃ “This is emotional..” – Miana
⁃ “Lets just open a new book alright..” – Alysha
⁃ Volcan look at his teammates and Nodded
⁃ *Fishing Scene*
⁃ “Huh by the way where is Satt and Mira?” – Emma *Looking around*
⁃ “Eh?..i thought they were behind us” – Fiorra
⁃ “They still hasnt finish yet maybe..” – Nell
⁃ “Hey” – Felicity *Pinch*
⁃ “I mean Snorkelling” – Nell *Giggles*
⁃ “There they are” – Federer *Pointed them*
⁃ “Sorry guys..” – Satt *Arrive*
⁃ “Hehehe what took you so long?..” – Nora
⁃ Nell and Atlas smiling looking at Satt
⁃ “The Philadelphi.” – Mira *Satt stop Mira From telling Them*
⁃ “Mm?” – Citrus
⁃ “Nothing..hehe lets fish” – Satt *Turn to Mira*
⁃ Everybody continue to fishing
⁃ “Why..” – Mira
⁃ “Telling them might ruin their holidays Mood” – Satt
⁃ “What if they come back..?” – Mira
⁃ Satt turn his Face to Mira
⁃ Nora Knew Satt hiding something
⁃ “Nora..The Fish catch yours!” – Federer
⁃ “Woah what!?” – Nora *Shock*
⁃ “Help me Help me!” – Nora *Excited*
⁃ Federer Stand Behind Nora and Wrap his Arm around her and hold the Reels
⁃ “Lucky them..” – Atlas
⁃ “Atlas! Yours too!” – Lanna
⁃ “Huh?! Yes! Yeah!” – Altas *Pulling*
⁃ “Oh oh me too me too!” – Sheryl
⁃ The others feel challenged and wishing for they lucky catch
⁃ “Come on Come on!” – Rick
⁃ *Enjoyable Fishing Moments*
⁃ Some of them catch Squids.. Lobsters.. and Crabs
⁃ *After a Few Hours*
⁃ *Sunset*
⁃ “Look.. The Set is so beautiful..” – Bella
⁃ “Yeah..” – Etherno
⁃ Everybody pensively looking at the Sunset with a warm Smile..
⁃ *Riverside Camp*
⁃ Everybody get out from the boat and Walk to the Camp with a Bucket of Fish Each
⁃ “Wow Impresses Fisher” – Lan Jose
⁃ “We have prepared your barbecue setting and The Kitchen for you to Chop Chop” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Hehe Thank you again Mr..” – Atlas *Walk by*
⁃ “My pleasure Son” – Lan Jose
⁃ “He called me son..” – Atlas *Whispering to Alanna*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Lanna
⁃ Satt help Mira get down from the boat
⁃ “Okay.. Boys.. Go and Watch yourself.. Girls.. Kitchen.. Then Boys turn to burn.. girls turn to urn urn” – Ria
⁃ “What is wrong with you Ria?” – Emma *Weird*
⁃ “Hehehe im so Happy Big sister..spending times with all of you..indescribable feeling?” – Ria
⁃ “Hehehe we all feel the same..” – Emma
⁃ “Now boys.. Go go” – Citrus
⁃ *Girls Time in the Kitchen*
⁃ Washing the Fish prepared the Spice and cook the rice
⁃ *Family Atmosphere*
⁃ “So.. Felicity.. we dont know you and Nell actually that close” – Emma
⁃ “Hehe we just want to keep low..is it too obviously” – Felicity
⁃ “Hehehe You’re one Lucky Woman feli.. With the Greatest FireSwordman GrandMary ever had..damn” – Bella *Mimicking Nell*
⁃ “Talk about lucky..we all know Who’s here got the 1st Place” – Ria *Smirking to Mira*
⁃ “Eh?” – Mira *Blushing*
⁃ “Hehehe Tell us more Mira..you met satt before the Cyberworld Happen right” – Ria
⁃ “Hehehe.. Our 1st met at the Sunlight Cafe..Satt was pensively thinking of something until I repeatedly ask for order.. Still he wasnt response until i touch his Hand.. And Then..something happen the Customer try to make a Scene but Satt helped me him.. That time honestly i dont know who satt was.. I was amazed by Satt’s Aura scared the Millionaire jerk away..and then.. Satt said something and Just went away..” – Mira
⁃ “Wow..” – Lanna
⁃ “Then how do you know that was satt?” – Felicity
⁃ “Hehe he left.. but he forgotten his GrandMary Id and his Ring” – Mira
⁃ “Hehe that ring” – Lanna
⁃ “Hehe that boy..” – Emma
⁃ “So After that?” – Citrus
⁃ “Since i know where is GrandMary was.. the same day I decide to send it back to Satt..But things Happen on the way i have been chased by the vulgar then i fall into the drain Hole.. i awake realised that im already in another world” – Mira
⁃ “That how you met right.. But how you guys 1st in love” – Lanna
⁃ “Yeah! Yeah” – The other
⁃ “Hehehe” – Mira
⁃ Satt and Atlas Came in
⁃ “We’re done.. there’s something we can help” – Satt
⁃ “This boy We just about to here your story and You came in..” – Emma
⁃ “Hehehe” – Satt
⁃ “Here..Just bring all this Infront.. and Ready to cook” – Citrus
⁃ “Okay” – Atlas
⁃ “I wash myself 1st yea” – Mira *Back hugging*
⁃ Satt nodded
⁃ “Go go.. you guys all have a Mix Scents” – Atlas
⁃ “What did you say!?” – Lanna
⁃ “Nothing! You smell good!” – Atlas *Shock*
⁃ “Hehe i know.. See you later” – Lanna *Walk out*
⁃ Satt smirking
⁃ “What?” – Atlas *Blushing*
⁃ “She has a Crush on you” – Satt
⁃ “Haha nonsense” – Atlas
⁃ “Oh you have a Crush on her either” – Satt *bowing to see Atlas Smiling Face*
⁃ “Lala la laa” – Atlas *Covered his Face and Walk out*
⁃ The boys start to Fire up the Bon fire manually
⁃ “This is so so” – Nell
⁃ “Normal? Haha” – Harryson
⁃ “Yeah” – Nell
⁃ They start to cook the Fish and the other dishes on the Grill station
⁃ *Once again Teamwork Atmosphere*
⁃ The boys Cook and nicely Prepared all the Dish on the Table
⁃ “Im proud of us Boys!” – Atlas
⁃ “Hehe yeah right” – Will
⁃ “Thanks you our Chef here Alex!” – Satt *side hugging Alex*
⁃ “Hehehe We all did it together” – Alex
⁃ “Wow..” – Citrus
⁃ “Im starving already” – Yasmin
⁃ “Yeah This smell makes me so so hungry” – Bella
⁃ “Hehe then what are we waiting for? lets eat!!” – Nell
⁃ “Yeah!” – Crowded
⁃ *Everybody Eating together*
⁃ *Circling around the Bon Fire*
⁃ *Laughing and Enjoying*
⁃ “You know Today theres someone shock and Scream like a woman!” – Atlas
⁃ “Yeah? who?” – Fiorra
⁃ Atlas Hold his Laugh while looking at Alex
⁃ “Alex?!” – Everybody *Unexpected*
⁃ “Haha i was shock.. like.. really shock” – Alex
⁃ “I cant imagine it” – Satt *Tilt his Head*
⁃ “Hahaha” – Everybody *laughing*
⁃ “Wait.. Where’s Nora?” – Federer
⁃ “Yeah i just realise she’s not here” – Bella
⁃ Citrus and Emma Look around
⁃ “Look for her kay” – Mira to Satt
⁃ “Yeah..” – Satt *Stand*
⁃ *Seashore*
⁃ Nora Sitting On the Seashore
⁃ “Hey..” – Satt *Joining*
⁃ “Hey..” – Nora
⁃ “Are you okay?” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah i am.. Wheres Mira?” – Nora *Look around*
⁃ “Eating..They dont see you around..So..” – Satt
⁃ “Owh..” – Nora
⁃ “Are you sure you’re okay?.. Then why are you sitting here all alone?” – Satt
⁃ “I just need to take some air here..” – Nora
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt *Look at Everybody At the Campfire laughing and Enjoying*
⁃ “Satt..” – Nora
⁃ “Yea” – Satt
⁃ Nora Laying down
⁃ “Lay..” – Nora
⁃ Satt laying down
⁃ “Those stars.. Moon.. What you’d think if all of those stop to shine” – Nora
⁃ “It would be.. dark.. real dark” – Satt
⁃ “That is what really feel if i lost all of you..*Turn to satt* The GrandMary.. Im really Grateful that i get to spend my teenage life here..” – Nora
⁃ “Mm?.. Why it feel like you’re saying goodbye” – Satt *Sit*
⁃ Nora *Tearing and Turn Away*
⁃ “Nora..” – Satt
⁃ “Alright..Lets go” – Satt *Try to Turn Nora*
⁃ Nora refuse to turn
⁃ “I’ll catch up later” – Nora
⁃ “Mm..okay..2minutes if i dont see you..I’ll ask Federer to catch you up” – Satt *Joking*
⁃ “He..He..” – Nora *Tearing*
⁃ *Bon Fire*
⁃ Satt sit Beside Mira
⁃ “Where’s Nora?” – Emma
⁃ “She’s on a Shore” – Satt
⁃ “What is She’s doing there?” – Emma
⁃ “Taking some air she said” – Satt
⁃ “Owh.. She’s coming?” – Citrus
⁃ “Yeah..” – Satt *Bow his head down thinking about Nora Words Earlier*
⁃ *Midnight*
⁃ Satt came out from his Tent and Sit on the Log
⁃ Mira hear a footstep and Look out from the tent
⁃ “Volcan..Maxillion..” – Satt *Looking in the Fire*
⁃ “Cant Sleep?” – Mira *Back Hugging*
⁃ “I already had enough sleep” – Satt *Hold Mira El*
⁃ “Hehe..yea..but today you do a lot of activities right *Mira El sit Beside Satt and Starring at his face* you’ve been thinking of something?” – Mira
⁃ “Nothing.. I just think about the Guy earlier..” – Satt
⁃ “Voldart guy? volcan sorry” – Mira
⁃ “Yeah…He is Ash Maxillion Son.. i cant stop thinking After he mentioning my Father..You know i know nothing about My Father Except he is The Knight of Lights” – Satt *Lift up his Face and Look at Mira*
⁃ “The Greatest of Knight of lights…We dont know what his Intentions to say that..But Dont think too much k *Holding* We will figured it out… Together” – Mira *Smile*
⁃ “Mm..” – Satt
⁃ “Look!” – Mira *Pointed at the Star*
⁃ “Shooting star” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Hehe I wish.. All the Questions that Questioning you will be Answer.. No matter what it is.. and I want to be Forever By your side..” – Mira *Hold Satt hand and close her eyes*
⁃ Satt smiling while looking at Mira El
⁃ “Me too” – Satt *give a Quick Kiss on her Cheek*
⁃ “Don’t overthink it okay Darling” – Mira *Wrap her Hand Around Satt Neck*
⁃ “I will..” – Satt
⁃ Mira Try to Pull Satt closer
⁃ “Mira?” – Ria *Came out from the Tent*
⁃ Ria Frightening after Accidentally Saw Satt And Mira
⁃ “Yea?” – Mira
⁃ “Im sorry!” – Ria *Get back in the Tent*
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ “Hehe Get some sleep k.. goodnight” – Mira *Kiss*
⁃ “You too” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ *The Next Morning*
⁃ Satt came out from his Tent
⁃ Everybody Waiting for Breakfast being prepared by Nora and The Others
⁃ “Satt!” – Lanna
⁃ “Yeah?” – Satt
⁃ “Come here come here!” – Lanna
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt *walk to Lanna*
⁃ Lanna Shows satt a Jade Shell of Crab
⁃ “Wow” – Satt
⁃ “Beautiful isn’t” – Lanna *Giggles*
⁃ “Yeah.. where did you get this?” – Satt
⁃ “I bought it this early morning at the Entrance Store” – Lanna
⁃ “Owh..” – Satt
⁃ “Satt!” – Lanna
⁃ “Yea?” – Satt *Frightening*
⁃ “Do you think Atlas might like it?” – Lanna
⁃ “Atlas *Smirk* he do like crab..from what i know.. He likes to eat it” – Satt
⁃ “Really?” – Lanna *Seems Down*
⁃ “Its okay.. Just give it to him..Im sure he Will be happy” – Satt
⁃ “Okay Thank you Satt” – Lanna *Run*
⁃ *Preparing for The Next Activity*
⁃ *Inside the Jungle*
⁃ They All went to look and identifying the new different berries or plants
⁃ “What is this things” – Lanna
⁃ “That is called Freumosa” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Freu what?” – Atlas
⁃ “Mosa Kid” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Its so pretty” – Jasmine *Looking at the Green and Pink Flowing Plant*
⁃ “Yo whats that?” – Nell
⁃ “Oh that?.. That is Drewcoco..You can eat that..taste like Chocolate” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Yea?! Oh god!” – Nell *Plucking it and Take a bite*
⁃ Nell smiling after Take a Bite of Drewcoco
⁃ “How is it?..” – Felicity
⁃ “Its nice” – Nell *Weird Smile*
⁃ “Right” – Lan Jose *Continue walking*
⁃ After Lan Jose Walk away Nell Shake his head repeatedly
⁃ “Mm?” – Atlas
⁃ “Taste like raw Coffee” – Nell
⁃ Satt hold his laugh
⁃ They keep walking and discover all new Plants, Flowers, Rocks and Trees until they walk and found the magic tree Called Perillios
⁃ *Glowing Tree Surround by Lights*
⁃ “So Fellas..Here is your” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Perillios” – Emma *Amazed*
⁃ “It so Pretty” – Ria
⁃ Citrus became speechless
⁃ “Perillios know as the symbol and oldest Tree that produce Magic in the land of Light” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Its still?” – Federer
⁃ “Yeah..come on” – Lan Jose *Bring them Closer*
⁃ Everyone Stand Under the Perillios Tree
⁃ “Woah” – Ashley
⁃ Everybody feel the Light Surging into their body
⁃ “What is this” – Will
⁃ “It heal us and Generate Light within us” – Lan Jose
⁃ “I dont understand.. I dont have any light element inside me” – Nell
⁃ “The light that i meant is..Its surging through here..*Poke at Nell’s Heart* not here *poke at Nell’s chest* Good Heart..They Called a Light heart and The Tree know it” – Lan Jose
⁃ Everybody Smiling and Enjoying their Time Under The huge Light Glowing tree
⁃ After a Moment spending under the Perillios Tree..Lan Jose brings them to Spot the One and Only Legendarily Swan
⁃ *Searching*
⁃ “So.. About the Swan?” – Alex
⁃ “Alex? *Everybody turn their head to Alex* you dont know about the swan!?” – Ashley
⁃ “Of course i know.. Swan is An Animal right” – Alex
⁃ “Yeah.. It is.. But.. This one..trust me it’s different..” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Rainbow swan? Again?” – Alex
⁃ “Alex!” – Ashley
⁃ “What? Sorry” – Alex
⁃ “Have leg?” – Atlas
⁃ “They all do have legs!” – Lanna
⁃ “I mean Hands” – Atlas
⁃ “Haha You’ll see” – Lan Jose
⁃ *After a Few Minutes after walking into a Deep Forest*
⁃ “Guys” – Atlas
⁃ “Yea?” – Lanna
⁃ “Is it only me or You guys also smell this scent?” – Atlas
⁃ Everybody stop and Focus on their smell
⁃ “Stand Still..dont move a Muscle” – Lan Jose
⁃ *Everybody Shock*
⁃ “Now you freaking me out” – Atlas
⁃ “No..Relax” – Lan Jose
⁃ “What happen?” – Tiara
⁃ “The Swan” – Lan Jose
⁃ “What?” – Felicity
⁃ “Its here..” – Lan Jose *Smile widely*
⁃ *Ground Shaking*
⁃ “Yo!” – Nell *Frightening*
⁃ “Mr Lan.. Is the a Extraordinary is Extra Big?” – Emma
⁃ “You’ll see..*Take off something from his Pocket* lets go” – Lan Jose *Walk Slowly*
⁃ “Mm?.. You said it was here” – Lanna
⁃ “Come on” – Atlas *Pull Lanna’s Hand*
⁃ Lanna Shock and Blushing
⁃ Lan Jose following the Swan Trace until they Reach another Beautiful Lake Surrounding by Colourful Trees
⁃ “Why is this Lake so empty?” – Fiorra
⁃ “Nope..*Passed them all one glasses each* here.. Take it on” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Dont tell me it is like an virtual Reality” – Alex
⁃ “No Son.. Try to put them on” – Lan Jose
⁃ Everybody wear the Glasses
⁃ *At the Moment*
⁃ *They all open their Eyes and Froze*
⁃ The Beautiful Giant Swan with a diamond At the Edge of its wings and Tail
⁃ “Oh my..” – Citrus Hold her breath*
⁃ “She’s Huge than our training Building!” – Alex *Shock*
⁃ “But why..we have to wear glasses to see her?” – Emma
⁃ “What happen to Her?” – Satt
⁃ “The Legends tell..a few decades ago she is a Normal ordinary swan until one day after her mother and other left her alone in the Village called Gourmet ville” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Gourmet..they plan to eat her?” – Lanna
⁃ “Almost..The Villagers Put a bounty to their people who catches this swan..they will be rewarded..So.. so many challenge for her to Escape from the hunt..but somehow she manage to flees..and..Her condition physically..its not like any other ordinary swan anymore” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Oh my god” – Fiorra
⁃ “And then..” – Federer
⁃ “One Day..Theres a group walk by this lake and one of them a woman found her in a Bad condition we can say nearly death.. She healed her.. feed her..and take a good care of her until she fully healed” – Lan jose
⁃ “That is so nice of her” – Ria
⁃ “So her..who are they..i mean the Woman that save the Swan before” – Felicity
⁃ “You guys really wanna know” – Lan Jose *step forward and Smile while looking at The swan*
⁃ “Yea..” – Felicity
⁃ “Its our beautiful lady of Wind.. Mrs Rinachi” – Lan Jose
⁃ Everybody culture Shock
⁃ “Lady Rinachi!” – Fiorra
⁃ “It explain the Diamond on its wings and Tail” – Lan Jose
⁃ “I am totally Speechless right now” – Fiorra
⁃ “So..the Group..” – Nora
⁃ “Yup..Lord Arikachi and His Teammates…they the one who told me about the swan and Leave the Swan to me after She keep following Mrs Rinachi until they reach my hometown” – Lan Jose
⁃ Satt Smiling
⁃ “So.. The Swan.. Is Yours?” – Alex
⁃ “She is My best Friend ever since” – Lan Jose *Stared at the Swan*
⁃ “Wait..but how she became big and Invisible” – Lanna
⁃ “How she turn big…it happen when we unexpectedly found the perillios tree..She ate the Fruit that fall from the tree” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Eh..you said the Tree not producing any fruit” – Atlas
⁃ “Until now…I dont know where is the fruit came from.. but.. What i know..its grant The swan a Magic power” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Magic?” – Etherno
⁃ “It all start to happen when the Alphapheox War crisis.. Our Village..My Village.. is attacked by One of Alphapheox Wizard.. They burn our village kill our people..And When they attempt to kill Me..The Swan stood infront and Try to protect me..when one of the wizard try to blast out.. The Swan Changing to bigger and Wipe all of the wizard with its trumpeting Sound” – Lan Jose
⁃ “Woah” – Nell
⁃ “Ever since The Swan has Rescued every nearby village..and Became a Villagers saviour..but people keep looking for her and some in a bad intention..so.. One day.. i bring her up here again..to the place that she have been revived and the Place that gave her such an Incredible power..and then after the crowded that she cant stand she made a Choice..to Invisible her self from the outside world..While still protecting it” – Lan Jose
⁃ “But…now Eliotra is a..” – Emma
⁃ “Yea i know.. And That is why.. We have all the strictly rules and Regulations here..we live as a Pure.. And If you do that.. You’ll get to see her” – Lan Jose
⁃ Everybody Smiling while looking at the Swan on the Water
⁃ “You keep saying swan..her..She.. It.. does she has a Name though?” – Will
⁃ “She do have it.. but.. I prefer to call her Swan” – Lan Jose *Smiling*
⁃ “Eh?” – Everybody
⁃ “Because *Step forward* she is a Swan.. Through her life she been apart and Separate from its species..Thats why you keep calling her Swan right..*Turn to Lan Jose* resembles the Beauty and Pure… No matter what or how Physically you are in” – Mira *Walk closer to the Swan*
⁃ “You’re..Right..” – Lan Jose *eyes Watering*
⁃ Suddenly the Swan turn her position to all of them
⁃ They all made and Eye contact with the Swan
⁃ “Oh my god.. It is so Beautiful..” – Ria
⁃ The Swan Swam closer to them
⁃ “She’s coming!” – Atlas
⁃ “Dont panic” – Lan Jose *Shock*
⁃ The Swan Stop infront of Mira
⁃ “Mira..” – Citrus
⁃ “She.. Likes her” – Lan Jose
⁃ Everybody looking at the Swan bow her head closer to Mira
⁃ Mira El Speechless and cant stop Smiling..she Lift her hand and put on the Swan Head
⁃ *The Glowing Lights*
⁃ “Oh” – Everybody *Cover they eyes*
⁃ Mira el saw everything in The Swan Memories
⁃ *The Tears drop*
⁃ *The Light Faded*
⁃ Mira el fall on her knee Release a Deep breath and Tearing
⁃ “What..What happen?” – Atlas
⁃ “Mira..you’re alright?” – Satt *Holding*
⁃ Mira Nodded
⁃ “Guys!” – Nell
⁃ “Un..unbelievable” – Lan Jose *Shock*
⁃ Everybody gave such a Shocking reaction
⁃ The Swan disable her Invisibility
⁃ “This never happen ever since she turn Invisible” – Lan Jose
⁃ The Swan Swam to the Middle of The Lake
⁃ “I dont know how many thing i’ve said it..but She is so beautiful” – Lanna
⁃ The Swan stop when it Reach in the Middle of the lake and Spread her wings wide open and Trumpeting
⁃ “Woah” – Everybody *Amazed*
⁃ Lan Jose Smiling and Tearing
⁃ The Swan goes invisible back and They all were rained by the Lights like a Snowflakes
⁃ Everybody look at each other Smiling and hugging
⁃ “You know I never thought i will be experiencing things like this” – Atlas *Talk to Alanna*
⁃ “Me too..” – Lanna
⁃ “Atlas” – Lanna *Turn her body to Atlas and Hold His Arm*
⁃ “Yeah?” – Atlas
⁃ “For you” – Lanna *Pass the Present that She bought*
⁃ “Lanna..*Shock* thank you so much..i think i got one for you too..” – Atlas
⁃ “Really?” – Lanna *Blushing*
⁃ “Yeah..but you have to close your eyes” – Atlas
⁃ “Mm *Sweet voice* Okay..” – Lanna
⁃ Atlas gave a hug to Alanna
⁃ Alanna Face turn bloated Red
⁃ “Thank you.. Again Alanna” – Atlas *Whispering*
⁃ “Y..your Welcome..” – Lanna *Wrap her hand Around*
⁃ Nora Smiling looking at Atlas and Alanna
⁃ “They’re cute together right” – Federer
⁃ “Oh..Yeah.. From bickering to Loving” – Nora
⁃ “What about you..” – Federer
⁃ “What..What about me?” – Nora
⁃ “You have open your heart to anyone yet?” – Federer
⁃ “Mm?.. What do you mean?” – Nora
⁃ “I like you Nora.. I really Am..” – Federer *Stand infront Nora*
⁃ “Federer..” – Nora *Bow her head*
⁃ “Nora..*Lift her Head* im sorry i have to be honest with you because i cant keep it anymore..” – Federer
⁃ “Federer..*take down and Hold his hand* i cant..im sorry..you are Kind and Good Man..and I do like you too..but..not more as a friend or big brother.. again..i am so sorry…I really hope you’re okay” – Nora
⁃ Federer Speechless
⁃ “I believe You will met a Better woman.. Great and Kind as you federer” – Nora
⁃ Federer Smiling
⁃ “I understand…Thanks Nora..” – Federer
⁃ “Your welcome…And Im sorry” – Nora *Let go of Federer’s Hand and Walk away*
⁃ Federer Release his Breath
⁃ Yasmin feel Sad for federer
⁃ “You sure You’re okay?” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah..*Staring into satt eyes* The Swan shows me Everything that she have been through.. i was just so touched by it” – Mira
⁃ “Hey..relax..” – Satt *Comb Mira’s hair*
⁃ Mira lean her head on Satt’s Chest and hug him
⁃ “I still cant believe what just happen..this can be another History that can Be Written..oh my…Man.. For the world asking..Who are you guys” – Lan Jose *Speechless and Impress*
⁃ “Hehehe Mr Lan.. *Lift Mira Up to Stand* We are just ordinary people who came from a very Different backgrounds…but actually.. you already know who we are right..we are The GrandMary Mages.” – Satt *wink and Smiling*
⁃ *The End*


⁃ Scenes that show a Happy and Lively Moment after They get to Spend their Trip with Their love and Friends
⁃ *On the Way Back to the Academy*
⁃ Mira sleep on Satt shoulder and some of them Asleep as well
⁃ Lanna Switching Seat with Alex
⁃ Alex/Ashley – Atlas/ Lanna
⁃ “So.. Atlas and Alanna..you know together so..” – Alex
⁃ “Nope” – Ashley
⁃ “Mm?.. what?” – Alex
⁃ “Just nope.” – Ashley
⁃ “Oh okay.. Cool..” – Alex *Turn his face another side*
⁃ Nora Still feel guilty toward Federer
⁃ “You’re okay?” – Bella
⁃ “Yeah..i am” – Nora
⁃ *Arrive GrandMary*
⁃ “Oh its great to be home!” – Atlas
⁃ “Hehehe right” – Nell
⁃ “I miss my bathtub already!” – Fiorra
⁃ “Really?” – Will *Weird*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Everybody *Laughing*
⁃ “So.. We still got our Sparring dates right” – Federer *Approach Nora*
⁃ “Yeah..of course..Sparring Dates” – Nora *smile*
⁃ Federer Smiling
⁃ Everybody keep Thanking and Cheering Emma Citrus and Ria
⁃ “Hehehe enough guys.. you made me feel like crying” – Citrus
⁃ “It is all Thanks to you guys too.. A lot of things has happen.. and.. we are still together..Facing through it Together..Live it Together.. So let make it short.. I love all of you guys and Cant tell how much i am proud of you” – Emma
⁃ Everybody Smiling
⁃ “I love you guys too!” – Ria *Scream while she is still in the Bus*
⁃ “Hehehehe” – Everybody *Laughing*
⁃ *GrandMary Academy*


⁃ *Philedelphius Academy*
⁃ Volcan and The Other Enter the Hall of the Academy
⁃ “Welcome back Master Hunter..Freshmen” – A Group of Futuristic Suit Welcomes them
⁃ “Philes Siblings!” – Chad *Froze*
⁃ “Dont call them that Nycto! they are all Like us!” – Selen (Selenophile – The 2nd Born and older sister of the Phile Siblings, Moon Light Elemental user, Rank 4th in the Individual Rank in philadelphius)
⁃ “Oh come on Big Sis” – Nycto (Nyctophile – The 5th Born of the Phile Siblings, Dark Elemental user, Rank 5th in the Individual Rank in philadelphius)
⁃ “Big sis are right.. we should Respect each other even though they are freshmen” – Biblio (Bibliophile – The 6th and the Youngers Born of the Phile Siblings, Ancient Elemental Book user, Rank 6th in the Individual Rank in philadelphius)
⁃ “Alright Enough” – Alas (Thalassophile – The 1st Born and The Eldest of the Phile Siblings, Mastered Water Elemental user, Rank 2th in the Individual Rank in philadelphius knows as Alas the King of Tsunami)
⁃ “You guys must be tired right.. Go and Have some rest..we are going to train .. *Walk pass them* bro! Sparring?” – Cerauno (Ceraunophile – The 3rd Born of the Phile Siblings, Ancient Lightning Elemental user, Rank 3th in the Individual Rank in philadelphius know as King of Thunder)
⁃ “You’re not tired your ass been kicked?” – Astro (Astrophile – The 4th Born of the Phile Siblings, Universe Gravity user, Rank 1st in the Individual Rank in philadelphius the Most feared Man in the Academy..Strong and Deadly)
⁃ Volcan and The other froze as They all walk by them
⁃ “Th..They talk to us” – Miana
⁃ “I cant believe it..” – Chad
⁃ “Hunter you’re back” – Old Man *approaching*
⁃ “GrandMaster!” – *Everyone bowing*
⁃ “Haha get up relax” – Lancerphile (The founder and Grandmaster of Philadelphius also a Grandfather to the Phile siblings)
⁃ “Hows your trip?” – Lancerphile
⁃ “Its amazing thanks for the leave Master” – Hunter
⁃ “We actually encounter the GrandMary students” – Miana *Get up*
⁃ “Mian.” – Volcan *Try to stop her*
⁃ “GrandMary? *Serious Face* Tell me about it” – Lancerphile
⁃ “Its nothing to worry about Master we just pass them once..” – Chad
⁃ “You’re lying.” – Lancerphile (one of The master of Truth)
⁃ “We..actually…” – Volcan *Stand and Tell all the truth*
⁃ “Maxillion Moonchild..Satoyuki Iota..*Pensively Thinking* Looks like Philadelphius have to give a Deadly all out in this upcoming League” – Lancerphile *Turn and Walk Away*
⁃ Everybody Bowing
⁃ “Satoyuki Iota.. Is a Moonchild.. Never thought Our Grandson will be Enemies Melodias..Mavis” – Lancerphile *close his eyes*

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