⁃ In the World Full of Monsters and Great Special Ability come from the Great Nature Element Its Call The EarthLand, Which has Six Elemental Land Fire,Water,Wind,Earth,Light,Dark, Each Land Has Their Own Elemental User and Heroic to Stop a Demon Monster and The World Enemy and This Is The Story of A Boy who Shine the EarthLand by His Heroism Named Arikachi Sora, and The story Begin In the Center land Of Wind called Reiloria..In 1997 Reiloria Has been Attacked by Byakorachi The Great White Tiger Beast The same Day when Arikachi were Born the Village is Almost Destroy, The 4th Lord of Wind Raikachi Made a choice to Seal Byakorachi into His Body and Save the Village and His Family

⁃ After their Second son were born.. While Raikachi were Try to Stop Byakorachi , the Labor room was Hit and Destroyed by Byakorachi .. Yurachi in her Weak condition use all of her Power to Protect Newborn Arikachi and The people who’s in There…after everything’s end Yurachi apologising and told Arikachi how much she loves him .. Yurachi Gave Arikachi Her Royalties Crystal Necklace ..

⁃ After Sealing it inside his own body Raikachi went Straight to Yurachi and Both of his Son when Raikachi Arrived.. Yurachi already Close her Eyes beside Arikachi and Speerachi

⁃ After Yurachi Died Raikachi assign Gomachi as the 5th Lord of Wind and resign as the 4th Wind Lord to Raise his both son

⁃ Raikachi Died When Speerachi Is 8 years old .. Eager to trained and be the best in the academy one day Speerachi went out to train in the Forest alone..Speerachi been attacked by The Legendary giant wild Scorpion Beast Kozukohara ..Raikachi on time to save Speerachi and Fought The beast after bringing Speerachi back Raikachi fell fainted at the Village Gate because he was Stung by Kozukokara earlier while Protecting Speerachi .. The Wind Medical team took Raikachi To the Hospital but They Failed to Save Him because The Venom Reach His Heart Faster

⁃ After the Funeral end Speerachi and his 4years old Brother Stand beside of their Father honoured Stone suddenly The Stone was Glowing Raikachi Appeared and Apologise that He cant watch both of His Son Growth and told them to Remember that He and Mother always love them .. Raikachi gave a Hug to Both of them and fade away…. a second after that Both of them has been Struck by The Light came out from the Stone Arikachi fell and Fainted..but nothing happen to His older Brother

⁃ Speerachi blaming himself cause of their Father death And Arikachi Unconscious.. He leave the village to atoned for what he did after He Saw Arikachi Awake and ask his Classmates May and her parent to please look after his little Brother

⁃ After Arikachi Unconscious.. He Awake with a different look on His Face he has 2 line on both side of his Cheeks and There’s the Sky Blue highlights on His Hair ..

⁃ The 5th Lord Figured that Turn out to be the light that struck Arikachi is Byakorachi..

⁃ After his Father Died .. Byakorachi has Moved into Arikachi and become One in Arikachi body

⁃ From that day .. Arikachi known as Half Human and Half Beast

⁃ (The Blue Eye Beast)

⁃ After Being left by His Family 4years old Arikachi left alone in their house taken care by Speerachi Academy Partner Mayliese

⁃ Arikachi is a modest and Kind boy but the featured on his face makes the other Kid scared to play with him .. the lonely 5 years old Arikachi spend his all time Training inside the Jungle

⁃ One Day Arikachi Met the Mysterious Creature name Ichigo.. Ichigo The legend Elemental Spirit Guide from that day.. Ichigo has been watching Arikachi and Trained Him in Self Defense and Skill

⁃ feed and Take care of the animal in the jungle

⁃ When he was 6 years old Arikachi been titled by the Villager as Boy of Miracles because He help a lot of Elder in the Village

⁃ One day Arikachi went to Moon Festival to Buy a moon cake for May and Her Family with the Money that he earn after helping the Eldest .. The Same night Arikachi met His 1st friend Rinachi Sakura

⁃ After that day Arikachi And Rinachi Became Closer.. After Rinachi Knew that Arikachi is Good at Self Defensed Rinachi start to ask Arikachi to Teach her to fight.. and they Begin to grew up and Training Together since then

⁃ At the Age of 8 Arikachi enter the Elemental Academy and Reunite with Rinachi

⁃ The 5th Lord Gomachi grants his Former Disciple Firachi as the 6th Lord Of Wind because of his Age has Reach Weaker to protect the Land

⁃ 1st day in Academy Arikachi Met his Second Friend the top genius senior Tritachi (10)..Tritachi is a Transfer student from The land of Water .. His Father are from Land of Water and His mother From the Land of Wind

⁃ Three of Them begin to Train together After The Academy

⁃ Arikachi Scored the Highest Grade in The Academy at the Age of 10 above the His Brother Speerachi(14) and Tritachi(12)

⁃ And fully manifested The Wind Element at age 11

⁃ After knowing Arikachi history and Ability .. Arikachi receive a lot attention from The 6th Lord Firachi

⁃ Age 12 Arikachi and the Other Graduate from the Academy..

⁃ Arikachi Receive his 1st Elemental Diamond Rune at his Left Shoulder

⁃ Rinachi receive her Elemental Crystal Rune as well at her Left shoulder

⁃ Tritachi Receive a Trident Rune

⁃ They become a 8th Class Advance Rank in a Mission

⁃ Arikachi Rinachi and Tritachi Explored the whole land of Wind for a Mission job

⁃ They Bonding And became really close to each other

⁃ Rinachi Has A feeling for Arikachi since the day She met him but She keep that as a secret

⁃ At the Age of 15 Arikachi and his team Travel outside to Land of Water for A rank mission lead By Rakachi

⁃ All of Them Having Fun during a Mission

⁃ From that moment .. Arikachi Reunite With Ichigo

⁃ “Ichigo” – Arikachi Happy

⁃ ichigo Look and impressed by how Arikachi Grow up and become strong and Stronger

⁃ “Son..its Time” – Ichigo

⁃ “Time?” – Arikachi *Weird*

⁃ “its Time to Revealed my true Self and Who you really are.. i am The 1st Master of Zero Force..When you are born.. The Zero Sense has Been change The Zero force itself has chosen you from the 1st day..That is the reason Im here watching you this decade..and only you can see that Im existed” – Ichigo

⁃ “Zero force?” – Arikachi

⁃ “you are one of the Infinite Force Wielder..but.. There’s two side in you are growing stronger and Stronger” – Ichigo

⁃ “What do you mean?” – Arikachi

⁃ Ichigo walk to Arikachi and Tuck on his Head

⁃ Ichigo show Arikachi a Vision of the Future

⁃ “What is that?” – Arikachi

⁃ Ichigo explain to Arikachi about Byakorachi and Reiloria History

⁃ Ichigo told arikachi that he fear that he saw a Future of Arikachi lost control turn into a Beast and Destroy Everything

⁃ Arikachi shock and fell on the knee..Heartbroken..

⁃ “No..” – Arikachi *Kneeing*

⁃ “Arikachi..the future can possibly change if Arikachi can overcome the beast inside him..Either remain Weak and Grow Stronger” – Ichigo

⁃ “How…” – Arikachi

⁃ “Its time to Unlock The Zero Force Inside you” – Ichigo

⁃ “As a Guardina you have change my views to human being you show me love and Joy that i never Felt.. as A Friend i will not let That future Happen..Im gonna make you the one who you supposed to be”

⁃ Ichigo gave Arikachi a Obtain Zero Force Arikachi have to Mastered all the Element and Heroic Skill

⁃ Arikachi shock

⁃ “Is that Possible” – Arikachi

⁃ For Elemental User .. Only Two Elements that Can be Master by Humanity if it Reach beyond two.. The User can cause a bad Effect

⁃ “You are Different from anybody else Arikachi..” – Ichigo

⁃ “I will..” – Arikachi

⁃ “Huh!?” – Tritachi

⁃ “Arikachi..” – Rinachi

⁃ “You are special.. Believe in Your Self..” – Ichigo Disappear

⁃ Rinachi and Tritachi Heard all the Conversation Between Arikachi and Ichigo Light

⁃ After Ichigo Fade away, Arikachi turn back and Saw Rinachi and Tritachi Standing

⁃ Rinachi tear look At Arikachi

⁃ The Same Time The Platypus Beast Attack Them

⁃ Arikachi scared to Use his Elemental and

⁃ Arikachi slapped by the Platypus Tail and thrown away

⁃ Rinachi Ran toward Arikachi

⁃ Rakachi Appeared and Help Tritachi to Against the Beast

⁃ “Arikachi.. Arikachi.. Wake up..” – Rinachi Holding Arikachi

⁃ “ sorry” – Arikachi

⁃ “It doesn’t matter.. You are Arikachi .. and Always be..please” – Rinachi Cried

⁃ They defeat the platypus beast and Accomplish the Mission

⁃ On their way back to Land of Wind

⁃ Arikachi kept Dreaming Away

⁃ Rinachi try to comfort and Make Arikachi feel better

⁃ Arikachi told Rinachi that he is Afraid and Rinachi tell him back that He is not alone and he is stronger enough to overcome his Fear..and be Arikachi that She Always knew for so long,

⁃ “what if i cant” – Arikachi

⁃ Rinachi Pull Arikachi and Give him A hug

⁃ “No matter what you do..I believe and Have faith in you.. i Always will be” – Rinachi

⁃ “Thank you Rin” – Arikachi

⁃ They Safely Arrive Back

⁃ Arikachi secretly Ask Firachi to gave him permission to let him Travel and Acknowledge more about The Elemental World

⁃ After Arikachi went to told May and her Family that he will train and travel trough the Land

⁃ Arikachi sneak out when everybody Sleep because he doesn’t like Farewell

⁃ He sent a Letter to Tritachi and Rinachi house

⁃ When he Walk out from the Gate he suprised saw May Rinachi and Tritachi waiting for him

⁃ “May?.. Rin.. Tritachi” – Arikachi

⁃ “Sneak out is not good” – Rinachi *Giggles*

⁃ “Im going to miss all of you so much” – Arikachi Hugging 3 of them

⁃ “Make sure you eat well sleep well and dont push your self to Hard okay” – May Cupping Arikachi Cheek

⁃ “I will” – Arikachi Smiling

⁃ “Dont bother too much about are who you are .. You are our Light Arikachi dont forget that” – Tritachi

⁃ “Thank you Tritachi” – Arikachi

⁃ “Can i come..?” – Rinachi walk to Arikachi

⁃ “I have to do this On my own.. to Find who i am Really is” – Arikachi smiling

⁃ “You are Arikachi .. you are My best Friend” – Rinachi replied

⁃ Arikachi hug Rinachi

⁃ “Maybe Next Time” – Arikachi

⁃ “I will be always missing and waiting for you to come back” – Rinachi Hug and Cried

⁃ “Lets think This our Trip to Training ourself more better .. I will set of to Training with my Father” – Tritachi

⁃ “Im gonna train with Lord 6th to Improves my Crystal Magic” – Rinachi *Wiping her tear*

⁃ “Lets become Invisible when We Reunite!” – Tritachi Fisting bump to Arikachi and Rinachi

⁃ FareWell

⁃ “See ya Everyone” – Arikachi

⁃ “The day i set my adventure..i dont know how long will it take .. but I will always come back to you guys..You are my home..Take care .. Everyone” – Arikachi inner voice

⁃ Arikachi walk out from the Village with Smiling

⁃ Continue…

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