⁃ Arikachi Sora
⁃ Rinachi Sakura
⁃ Chihiro Sora
⁃ Shuryu
⁃ Melissa Wallace
⁃ Arch Knightwalker
⁃ Kogenta
⁃ Ivy Lockheart (Clarissa Roosevelt)
⁃ Hikari
⁃ Korona Flare
⁃ Speerachi
⁃ Mayliese Rose
⁃ Alisa Rose
⁃ Katefuta
⁃ Aqua Marinami
⁃ Endo
⁃ X
⁃ Tekato
⁃ Tekato
⁃ Layla Sky Vredehart
⁃ Riozashi
⁃ Ikki Wielder
⁃ Arrania
⁃ Cylia Hartleva
⁃ Sheryl Vine
⁃ Serena Walter
⁃ Ash Maxillion
⁃ Ruxilion
⁃ Em
⁃ Van Roosevelt


⁃ Council Leader Gallant Noctis
⁃ Council Member Percyla
⁃ Council Member Graharl
⁃ Seventh Lord Of Wind Rakachi
⁃ Seventh Lord of Water Norimina
⁃ Sixth Lord of Fire Hokizo
⁃ Fifth Lord of Earth Daichi


⁃ Yurachi (Arikachi Mother)
⁃ Raikachi (Arikachi Father)
⁃ Tritachi
⁃ Queen of Bravelight Meredith
⁃ Duccan Lockheart
⁃ Zepry Li
⁃ Commander Greece
⁃ Eiji Futanami (Katefuta Son)
⁃ Hami (Katefuta Maid)
⁃ Takumi Tien(Tekato Son)
⁃ Nanao
⁃ Nanami
⁃ Milanna
⁃ Annabeth
⁃ Freya Leen
⁃ Karen Dolce


⁃ Alphapheox
⁃ Rikuapheonix
⁃ Zerth
⁃ Frost
⁃ Yggdra
⁃ Shiki
⁃ Mekachi
⁃ Riozashi
⁃ Raikachi (Fourth Lord of Wind)
⁃ Hokaido (Fifth Lord of Fire)
⁃ Jei (Sixth Lord of Water)
⁃ Dust (Fourth Lord of Earth)
⁃ Young Arikachi
⁃ Young Rinachi
⁃ Tritachi (Trident Mode)


In the End of the year 2018 Bravelight Empire Continue their Every 5 Year Tradition called The Elemental Woman Leagues to Embrace Woman all over the World and also at the Same time a Small Dark Group Called Black Rust are succeed ritually revive the Past Arc Antagonist Van Lockheart after 2 years Of learing the Forbidden Ark Called the Revival, Van has taken Arikachi and summon the Greatest Villain out from Arikachi Memory, In order to called all of the best Fighter in the world to trapped and killed in his death Tower so he can possibly Rules the World, But it doesn’t stop the Team, Everyone Gathered from each land to help Rinachi and the other Save Arikachi and Stopping Van


⁃ *Bravelight Coliseum Hall*
⁃ Rinachi Laying on Layla thigh
⁃ β€œHow is she?” – Cylia
⁃ β€œRin just tired because she using to much of Power..But its okay Her body is Recovering” – Layla
⁃ Nanao and The Other Been Hospitalised
⁃ “Big Brother..” – Ikki *Crying*
⁃ “He will be okay” – Katefuta *Tuck on Ikki Head*
⁃ “What is That thing? doesnt even scratch” – Tekato
⁃ β€œDear…” – Rinachi *Sleep Talking*
⁃ “Rin..” – Melissa
⁃ β€œSora!” – Rinachi *Awake*
⁃ β€œSora is Fine..He is Sleeping now” – May
⁃ Ivy explaining Everything about Van
⁃ “Ivy” – Arch hold Ivy Hand
⁃ β€œWe need to Save Arikachi As soon as possible..There must be another way to break into the tower” – Shu
⁃ *News on Television*
⁃ Suddenly Van Appear on the television and push away the Newsreader
⁃ β€œHey who are you!” – Newsreader
⁃ Van Lock their Mouth using her Dark power
⁃ “Hey there Fellas! I am Van Roosevelt im Humbly present a survival game that has A Huge Amount of Prize that you never Imagine..I would like to call this The Game of Death Tower..Sound sick right..For those who lost their boy come!..He is here waiting for are always welcome to play..The Game will begin in the morning tomorrow..oh If some of You asking..Wheres the door? Where is the Entrance?..Easy Just Stand Near the tower Enter it..well See you Tomorrow Fellas” – Van
⁃ Van Teleporting him self to the Tower again
⁃ *Death Tower Top Floor*
⁃ β€œThis is gonna Fun..” – Van *Smirk*
⁃ “Oh and It will be over if Arikachi awake in here….” – Van *Inner Voice*
⁃ Van Sealing Arikachi and place on 13th Floor
⁃ “Dead men Prize for who archives that floor hahaha” – Van
⁃ *Silverland Lockheart Guild*
⁃ “That is Van!..It impossible he Suppose to be death! ” – Duccan
⁃ “He got master Arikachi” – Zepry
⁃ “Lady Ivy is There..Im going..” – Gorra
⁃ *Earthland Council*
⁃ “This Is not a game Council Leader..This is the man that Arikachi told us About..He can Summon Anything thru our Memory..He capture Arikachi..God Know what is he up to..please send to All Broadcasting To not Enter this Death Tower..” – Rakachi
⁃ “If that so..what is Your Move WindLord” – Gallant Noctis (EarthLand Council Leader)
⁃ “My self as A Wind Leader i will Go to save my Kid myself” – Rakachi (Seventh Lord Of Wind)
⁃ “ said its Dangerous WindLord” – Daichi (Fifth Lord of Earth)
⁃ “Arikachi did a Countless Time to save our Land..This Time..I will do everything to get him Back” – Rakachi
⁃ “I will go with you” – Hokizo (Sixth Lord of Fire)
⁃ “Me too..Arikachi Is A Wonderful Young Man” – Norimina (Seventh Lord Of Water)
⁃ “Well then..percyla..Warn the Whole world Who participate in Death Tower..Will pay their own consequences” – Gallant Noctis
⁃ *Bravelight Coliseum*
⁃ “Im going..” – Rinachi *Stand Up*
⁃ “Rin?” – Layla
⁃ “Im going too..Arikachi Help us in a lot of ways Before..Im not going to stand Here” – Katefuta
⁃ “Me too..” Everybody
⁃ “This Time i will save big brother” – Ikki
⁃ “Ikki..Its dangerous” – May
⁃ “Im a Force Wielder Like Big Brother Arikachi..I will follow his footstep to save and Protect anyone..” – Ikki
⁃ “We will help you” – Cylia, Serena and Sheryl
⁃ β€œCylia..Everyone” – Rinachi
⁃ “Yea! We will save Arikachi and Stop Van” – Arch
⁃ “Rin..*Holding Rinachi Hand* Van has Arikachi.. no one know who he want to summon out from Arikachi memory..Please think of Sora..what if this is just a trap” – Ivy
⁃ “I know..but..” – Rinachi *Head Down*
⁃ “I will take Sora and Alisa back and Protect them in Reiloria” – May
⁃ “May?!” – Speerachi
⁃ “Big Sister” – Rinachi
⁃ “believe in me Okay..They will be Alright *Hug* just bring Arikachi Back..Please” – May *Hugging Speerachi*
⁃ “I will..” – Speerachi
⁃ “Thank you so much Big Sister” – Rinachi
⁃ Rinachi Holding Sora
⁃ “Im so Sorry Sweetheart..Papa and Mama will come home soon okay we will play together again…thats a promise” – Rinachi *Kiss* Inner Voice
⁃ “Uncle Rio..Go..Rocket..Please make sure They safe and Sound” – Speerachi *bowing to Riozashi*
⁃ “Sure” – Riozashi
⁃ β€œDont worry Rinachi..I promise..I’ll protect them” – Riozashi
⁃ β€œThank you Uncle” – Rinachi
⁃ *Riozashi and The Other Leaving*
⁃ *Morning*
⁃ *Outside of Death Tower*
⁃ King Ash Maxillion and His Team Arrive
⁃ “Ash!?” – Katefuta *Shock*
⁃ “We saw the News We will help you” – King Ash
⁃ The hoodie Girl appears again
⁃ β€œHey Who are you?” – Ikki
⁃ β€œ*Open her Cloak* My name is a mecha force Wielder” – Arrania
⁃ β€œForce Wielder?!” – Ikki
⁃ β€œThank you for what you did earlier Arrania” – Melissa
⁃ Arrania turn Away and Look at the tower
⁃ β€œI will destroy you” – Arrania *Inner Voice* Thinking of Van
⁃ “Im not let the world be in the Darkness again” – Tekata
⁃ “Tekata?! Are you serious” – Tekato
⁃ “We will not going to stand back this time..Lets go save Arikachi and Stop that Maniac” – Rakachi and the other Land Lords with their S Rank Heroic
⁃ “The 4 land Lord” – Hikari *Amazed*
⁃ β€œWe are counting on you on the outside” – Norimina to All of The other S Rank and the Other league Participants
⁃ Seth Ace and X Join up
⁃ “Guys..” – Speerachi
⁃ “Lady Ivy..Let me help” – Gorra
⁃ “Gorra?” – Ivy
⁃ β€œThis look scary..But i bet its Fun” – Man
⁃ “I will win this Game!” – Man
⁃ “Hahaha I will be the one!” – Other Man
⁃ “You guys Please think back you will risk your Life in there” – Layla to those Guy
⁃ “Hahaha this is just a Game Pretty Lady..You the one who should turn Back” – Man *Laugh*
⁃ “Please!” – Layla
⁃ Kogenta pull Layla Hand
⁃ “Its useless” – Kogenta
⁃ “We will save Arikachi” – Melissa To Rinachi
⁃ “Yeah..” – Shu
⁃ “Thank you..Everyone” – Rinachi *Nodded*
⁃ *Clock Ticking to 6am*
⁃ Suddenly All of Them been suck into the Tower by a dark portal
⁃ *Death Tower Participant*
⁃ Rinachi,Shu,Melissa,Arch,Kogenta,Ivy,Gorra,Layla,Hikari,Korona,katefuta,Aqua,Endo,Ikki,Tekato,Tekata,Arrania,Cylia,Serena,Sheryl,Ash Maxillion,Ruxilion,Em,Speerachi,Seth,Ace,X,Rakachi,Norimina,Hokizo,Daichi and The Other S Rank From each Land
⁃ *Inside The death Tower*
⁃ Everybody Been thrown away in the base Floor
⁃ “Ouch! Thats Rude!” – Sheryl *Falls*
⁃ “We’re in..” – EarthLord Daichi
⁃ “This place is huge” – Kogenta
⁃ “Welcome!” – Van Voice
⁃ *Every looking around*
⁃ “Where are you coward!” – Katefuta
⁃ “You know where i am dont beloved Daughter” – Van Voice
⁃ “He is on the Top Floor” – Ivy
⁃ “Hahaha..before you begin..i got a Special Announcement to make” – Van Voice
⁃ “Should i say this Or not *Jokingly* oh yea!.. You will face all the greatest Villain no..My hero!..that Arikachi has fought in his Whole Life..haha” – Van Voice
⁃ “Everyone that Arikachi has Fought!?” – Rakachi
⁃ “Al..Alphapheox” – Layla
⁃ “Hahaha” – Van Voice
⁃ “No.. i dont want to play this game!” – Man
⁃ The Man try to Run toward The Wall suddenly scattered death
⁃ “Oh my!” – Ivy *Close her mouth*
⁃ “Welcome to Tower of Death..only 2 Way to survives its.. fight..and Fight! Hahaha if you run or leave the floor empty..Everyone will get an instant death! ” – Van Voice
⁃ “ just have 2 days..if you fail..I will Release everything under my command to Conquer the world!…have fun” Van voice faded
⁃ “That evil maniac!” – Katefuta
⁃ “He doesn’t Mention Arikachi” – Layla
⁃ “Why 2days?..” – Serena
⁃ “2 more days the day that Blood Eclipse Moon will Appear” – Gorra
⁃ “He want to revive All of Them back to life..” – Rakachi
⁃ “Lord Seventh?” – Arch
⁃ “He is Gotten Stronger.. Maybe its Possible he can Change the people out from Arikachi Memory back to Life” – Rakachi
⁃ “This is Suicide!” – Endo
⁃ “Oh no..” – Sheryl
⁃ “Rinachi..” – Speerachi
⁃ “I dont care about those monsters!..Im sure Arikachi is Here..Im going to save Arikachi.. *Run* Arikachi never hesitate to save someone life ..Even He know that he is facing the death” – Rinachi *Run To the Next Floor*
⁃ “Rin wait! point standing here either ..Lets move..!” – Shu *Run*
⁃ “Yeah!” – Everybody
⁃ “Wait for me Dear” – Rinachi *Inner Voice* Running
⁃ *Top Floor*
⁃ “Hehe those Rats Finally Moves Their Ass” – Van looking at the Detail in 19 Floor
⁃ 1st Floor – Phantom Army
⁃ 2nd Floor – Phantom Army
⁃ 3rd Floor – Monster
⁃ 4th Floor – Phantom Army
⁃ 5th Floor – Phantom Army
⁃ 6th Floor – Monster
⁃ 7th Floor – Phantom Army
⁃ 8th Floor – Phantom Army
⁃ 9th Floor – Monster
⁃ 10th Floor – Trap
⁃ 11th Floor – Young Arikachi Young Rinachi & Tritachi
⁃ 12th Floor – The Past 4 Land Lord and Riozashi
⁃ 13th Floor – Mekachi & Sixth Grandar Merachi
⁃ 14th Floor – Yggdra
⁃ 15th Floor – Shiki
⁃ 16th Floor – Frost & Monster
⁃ 17th Floor – Rikuapheonix & Zerth
⁃ 18th Floor – Alphapheox
⁃ 19th Floor – Unknown
⁃ 20th Floor – Van Lockheart
⁃ “Hehehe This is gonna be so much Fun..” – Van *Evil Smile*
⁃ *Enter 1st Floor*
⁃ “Ghost!?” – Arrania
⁃ “Phantom Army” – Shu
⁃ “Im Hype up!” – Ikki *Run*
⁃ “I aint Scared of You ugly Ghost!” – Ikki use the Wild Force to Summon an Animal and Fight
⁃ “Nice one Kid!..Lets Go!” – Speerachi
⁃ *Battle against A Army of Phantom*
⁃ The Phantom Army has Lost
⁃ “Theres the Stair! *Pointing* To the next floor” – Sheryl
⁃ “Lets go!” – Rakachi
⁃ *2nd Floor*
⁃ “The ghost again?” – Arrania
⁃ “Yeah lets Beat them Again!” – Ikki
⁃ “Ikki!.. Dont waste your Energy!..” – Layla
⁃ “Huh?” – Ikki
⁃ “This Is just a Setup by Van to make us Weak against the Big one” – Layla
⁃ “She’s Right” – X
⁃ “Formation!” – Ivy
⁃ “Combat Hold Down!..Archer Gunner anyone who can Shoot Cover And Fire!” – Ivy
⁃ “Wow” – Ace *Amazed by Ivy Command*
⁃ “Got it!..” – Ace use Fire Blaster
⁃ “Yeah!” – Korona
⁃ *Epic Shooting Battle*
⁃ They cleared up the Phantom
⁃ “Huh” – Ivy *Release Breath*
⁃ “You are really Amazing Ivy” – Rinachi
⁃ “So cool!” – EM
⁃ “Nice one Guys..Lets Head to the next one” – Speerachi
⁃ “What is This Guy?” – Other People
⁃ *3rd Floor*
⁃ A Big Monster and The Phantom Army
⁃ “Now thats the Big one..” – Tekata
⁃ “Its Maku..” – Arikachi Fought it When we are on mission..But this Is not what It look like..Its Evolving” – Rinachi
⁃ “Evolving?” – Cylia
⁃ “Van can Strengthen up the monster that he summon From Arikachi memory” – Rakachi
⁃ “Mean he is Getting Stronger” – Gorra
⁃ “Guys Look! the Stair to the next floor its Open” – Aqua
⁃ “Go!..I will Handle this Guy my self..” – X
⁃ “Uncle?” – Katefuta
⁃ “Heh..Dont waste your time..” – X
⁃ “Got it!.. Lets go Guys” – Katefuta
⁃ “Please be safe Uncle X” – Rinachi
⁃ “S Rank of Water! assist Mr X in This Floor!” – Norimina
⁃ “Be careful Uncle X” – Katefuta *Running*
⁃ β€œHeh i will be Alright alone” – X *Fire up his Cigarettes*
⁃ *4th Floor*
⁃ “Phantom Again?” – Tekato *Annoying*
⁃ *5th Floor*
⁃ “I wil start to Puke if i see their face again!” – Serena
⁃ “Me too” – Melissa
⁃ “Dont loose your guard!” – Arch
⁃ *6th Floor*
⁃ “Samurai Monster?!” – Endo
⁃ “Denkara” – Rinachi
⁃ “This Is my Jam..Go Save your Brother Speedy” – Seth
⁃ Shu stared at his Foster Brother
⁃ “You cant do This Alone” – Ace
⁃ “His not..S Rank of Fire Assist Seth!” – Hokizo
⁃ “Dont lose!” – Speerachi
⁃ “Hehe” – Seth *Smile looking at Shu*
⁃ *7th Floor*
⁃ “Uerrkk!!” – Serena and Melissa *Vomit*
⁃ “So there is every Phantom after the Monster Floor” – Layla
⁃ “ and Your Friend Should Rest For while..*Turn Around* Can you guys still can fight?” – Rakachi
⁃ “Yeah” – Every S Rank of Wind
⁃ “Lets Attack!” – Rakachi
⁃ *8th Floor*
⁃ “Uerrkk!!” – Serena and Melissa *Vomit again*
⁃ “Im sorry..Their Faces Are Disgusting” – Serena
⁃ “Man Just How many of Them!” – Ruxillion *Annoyed*
⁃ They cleared Out the Phantom On the 8th Floor
⁃ *9th Floor*
⁃ “I know this Guy! its Goukei” – Ace
⁃ “Gun Monster!” – Ivy
⁃ “Ace Thats no ordinary Monster Man” – EM
⁃ “Haha I fought this Guy once..Easy..Go..I take this one” – Ace *Winking at Ivy*
⁃ “Dont die” – Ivy *Run*
⁃ “You need Defensive..S rank of Earth..Defensive Ace from Target” – Daichi
⁃ “Thanks old Man” – Ace
⁃ “Speedy!..Tell that country Girl.. When this is Over..I will challenge Her” – Ace
⁃ Speerachi Smile and Run
⁃ “I dont want to see that Phantom face again i cant want to see those face again” – Serena
⁃ *10th Floor*
⁃ “Thank You!!” – Serena
⁃ “Its nothing Here..” – Rinachi *look around*
⁃ “Everybody get some rest” – Norimina
⁃ “I should go and help Ace” – Speerachi
⁃ “Big Brother Watch Out!” – Rinachi Send Her Crystal to Pull Speerachi from Going down
⁃ “What wrong Rin?” – Speerachi
⁃ Rinachi walk to the stair and Cut her Skirt a little and Throw it
⁃ The Skirt Burn into Crisp
⁃ Speerachi Frighten
⁃ “The Stairs Back to previous floor are Blocked” – Rinachi
⁃ “Thank you rin..but how did you know?” – Speerachi
⁃ “There a Guy Before…*Look Down* Try to Ran away from the Battle..” – Rinachi *Feel Guilty*
⁃ “Its not your Fault Alright..” – Speerachi
⁃ “We cant go down..I hope Their are all fine” – Tekato
⁃ “Yea” – Tekata
⁃ They all recovering and sit on the ground
⁃ “Is it Suspicious the bad Guy trying to Let The good guy rest?” – Ikki
⁃ “Maybe he still got a good side of him” – Sheryl *Tired*
⁃ “Ikki’s Right..” – Layla
⁃ “Stand up everyone! its A Trap!” – Shu
⁃ Everybody Shock
⁃ the Poison came out from the Ground
⁃ “Hikari Watch your Step!” – Shu *Grab Hikari with His Shadow*
⁃ *Bomb*
⁃ “Thank you Shu” – Hikari
⁃ “Arrania Dont Move..” – Shu
⁃ “What?..Whats happen *Panic* Whats Wrong?” – Arrania *Scared*
⁃ “Calm down..Just Stare at Me..*Send His Shadow Hand* Hold It..come on” – Shu
⁃ A plant Monster Appeared Under Arrania
⁃ Shu Pull Arrania up
⁃ “Thank you so much Big Brother” – Arrania
⁃ “Lets Proceed to the next Floor!..Watch the Trap!” – Shu
⁃ “Your Eyes are Sharp as Ever Shu” – Arch
⁃ “Legends” – Ikki *smile*
⁃ “I hate bad guy!” – Sheryl
⁃ “Any of you guys Remember what floor Are we are now?” – Endo
⁃ “Im too tired to Remember” – Aqua
⁃ “Because of That Ugly Ghost *Puking Sound* I still cant get it face off my head” – Serena
⁃ “Come on Serena..Hold Yourself” – Cylia
⁃ *Top Floor*
⁃ *Van Scene*
⁃ “Now it will get interesting” – Van *Evil laugh*
⁃ Van move the Trident on the Chess
⁃ *Arrive the 11th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Rinachi,Shu,Melissa,Arch,Kogenta,Ivy,Gorra,Layla,Hikari,Korona,katefuta,Aqua,Endo,Ikki,Tekato,Tekata,Arrania,Cylia,Serena,Sheryl,Ash Maxillion,Ruxilion,Em,Speerachi,Rakachi,Norimina,Hokizo,Daichi and The Other S rank From Wind And Water)
⁃ *Mist*
⁃ “Is that?..Wind Police Force?” – Rinachi
⁃ “That bastard try make us Battle our Own kind now” – Arch
⁃ “No..They are Fake” – Rakachi *Angry*
⁃ “Who is that Three guy?” – Endo
⁃ “It Smell like..Arikachi..And Rinachi” – Kogenta *Inner Voice*
⁃ The Three 11th Floor Boss step out from the mist
⁃ “Its..!” – Korona
⁃ “Arikachi,Rinachi and..” – Hikari
⁃ “Tritachi” – Rinachi *Shock*
⁃ “Why Arikachi and Rinachi look different” – Aqua
⁃ “Its a younger Arikachi” – Rakachi
⁃ “Young Arikachi and Young Rinachi” – Gorra
⁃ “What are you up to Van!!” – Rinachi *Scream*
⁃ “Calm down Rin” – Layla
⁃ Hikari step forward
⁃ “I knew Arikachi Rinachi And Tritachi since we enter the Academy..I know their movement at this time” – Hikari
⁃ “I will help you..Dont forget Im there too” – Korona
⁃ “Korona..You need to stick with Ivy.. you guys Have a Great Unison Combo.. you guys Are needed Up there” – Hikari
⁃ “Hikari” – Korona
⁃ “Go and Save our Friend Kay” – Hikari *Smile*
⁃ “S Rank of Wind.. Help Hikari with all you got” – Rakachi
⁃ “I will help to” – Gorra
⁃ “Me to..” – Sheryl
⁃ “Gorra..Sheryl” – Ivy
⁃ “3 Vs 3 that makes us even” – Gorra
⁃ “Please be safe hikari” – Rinachi *Hug*
⁃ “At that age..I Really Scared of People Comment about my Gesture..Maybe you can use it to Attract” – Rinachi *Whispering to Hikari*
⁃ “You are really bad At Whisper Rin” – Kogenta
⁃ “Huh?! Really?” – Hikari
⁃ “Hehehe..Good Luck Hikari..Gorra..Sheryl” – Rinachi
⁃ “ have been through a lot..” – Speerachi *inner voice*
⁃ “You guys should Move” – Hikari
⁃ “Take care Hikari” – Korona *Running*
⁃ *12th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Rinachi,Shu,Melissa,Arch,Kogenta,Ivy,Layla,Korona,katefuta,Aqua,Endo,Ikki,Tekato,Tekata,Arrania,Cylia,Serena,Ash Maxillion,Ruxilion,Em,Speerachi,Rakachi,Norimina,Hokizo,Daichi and The Other S rank From Water)
⁃ “Who is That?” – Katefuta
⁃ “Creepy” – Melissa
⁃ “No way..” – Rakachi and Speerachi
⁃ “What wrong?” – Norimina
⁃ “Thats is..the Past Lord before us..he got them in Arikachi memory when he is Studied The History of the Past Land Lord” – Rakachi
⁃ “Dad..” – Speerachi *Shaking*
⁃ “Speerachi..Dont let your Past haunted you again…Proceed to the next floor save arikachi and End this Crap..This Is My fault..I will Handle this One” – Rakachi
⁃ “Its a Honor to Battle with the past Lord” – Hokizo
⁃ “I dont plan to Fight..But i wont leave you Alone..I knew my master Weakness” – Norimina
⁃ “Dont leave me” – Daichi
⁃ “Rin..Please Save Arikachi” – Speerachi *Step Forward*
⁃ “Speerachi!?” – Rakachi
⁃ “Theres a Five of Them..i will take My Father and You will take yours” – Speerachi
⁃ “What?” – Rakachi
⁃ Riozashi step forward
⁃ “All of You Go!..This Really piss me off!..” – Rakachi *Approach*
⁃ “What are we gonna Do lady Norimina” – S rank Of Water
⁃ “Follow Melissa Wallace order and Protect Everyone” – Norimina
⁃ “Me?!” – Melissa
⁃ “Come on Mina” – Shu Grab Melissa Hand and run
⁃ “No..I cant give orders” – Melissa *Moans Inner Voice*
⁃ *13th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Rinachi,Shu,Melissa,Arch,Kogenta,Ivy,Layla,Korona,katefuta,Aqua,Endo,Ikki,Tekato,Tekata,Arrania,Cylia,Serena,Ash Maxillion,Ruxilion,Em and Half of Water S Rank)
⁃ “Its Mekachi?!!” – Rinachi *Shock*
⁃ “And Merachi from Sixth Grandar” – Katefuta
⁃ “That is Mekachi!?” – Melissa *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Rin!” – Ivy *Point At Something blocking the Stairs to 14 Floor*
⁃ “We cant Move to the next Floor unless we beat Mekachi?” – Melissa *Shock*
⁃ “No..” – Shu
⁃ Rinachi Cut the Word
⁃ “Mekachi Weakness Is the Light..Shu and Everyone please make way for us with the phantom..Cylia! ..Lets finish both of them Up!” – Rinachi *Approaching*
⁃ “Got it!” – Arrania use her Mecha Force To Build A Train to cover Rinachi and Cylia
⁃ *Battles*
⁃ Mekachi Merachi and Their Phantom Army
⁃ “Lets Make path to Rinachi and Cylia” – Melissa to S Rank of Water
⁃ “You will get used to it” – Shu
⁃ “I dont like it” – Melissa
⁃ *Rinachi approach Mekachi*
⁃ Mekachi blast Rinachi away
⁃ “He is Strong than Before!” – Rinachi
⁃ “Van Dark Soul has Strengthen Them” – Shu
⁃ “I cant give up!” – Rinachi *Inner Voice*
⁃ Rinachi Stand Up and Transform to Trillion Queen Form
⁃ “Dont waste to much of Your Enery Trillion Queen” – Cylia Transform To Ruby Form
⁃ Rinachi Smile and Attack
⁃ “Theres a lot of Them coming!” – Aqua
⁃ “Damn you Ghost!” – Katefuta *Smash the Phantom Army*
⁃ “Dont use too much of Your Energy Guys!..” – Arch
⁃ “Layla!..” – Melissa *Protect*
⁃ “Thank you melissa” – Layla *Fight Back*
⁃ “Cylia Rinachi Hurry up” – Serena *defenseless*
⁃ King Ash Ruxillion and Jock protect Serena
⁃ “Focus” – king Ash
⁃ “Thank you” – Serena *Shock*
⁃ “Im sure Sheryl will puke if she is here” – Arrania *Fight*
⁃ “Now you mention It” – Melissa *Feel Puking*
⁃ “Hahaha Smash Smash Smash” – Ikki *Fight*
⁃ *Rinachi Vs Mekachi*
⁃ Rinachi beaten And Step By Mekachi
⁃ “Rinachi!” – Cylia *Fighting Merachi*
⁃ “Urgh..*Moans* i cant Lose..*Turn her head to the stone that blocking the Stairs* i cant lose!” – Rinachi use her Crystal to Fly Mekachi Away
⁃ “Rin!..Stop it dont use too much of Your power!” – Kogenta *Fight*
⁃ Rinachi stand up *Angry*
⁃ “I am not the Same as 4years Ago…i will crush you in order to Save my Husband!” – Rinachi *Crystal Light Form*
⁃ EveryShock and Gulping
⁃ Rinachi Light Burning all the Phantom Army
⁃ “Rinachi..” – Cylia *Shock*
⁃ “Back to Hell!!!” – Rinachi Slashed Mekachi and Merachi
⁃ “This Is For My husband And My beloved Friend Tritachi” – Rinachi
⁃ Mekachi and Merachi Dissapear
⁃ *Top Floor*
⁃ “Shit! This..Is not..What i expected..” – Van *Shock*
⁃ Van strengthen up All of his Next Villain Ability
⁃ *13th Floor*
⁃ “Rin?.” – Everybody run to Rinachi
⁃ “Im okay *Smile*” – Rinachi *Back to Normal*
⁃ “Im really Glad” – Layla
⁃ “Amazing” – Aqua and Arrania
⁃ “I will never piss you off..Nope never” – Arch
⁃ Rinachi Smile
⁃ “Look the Stone!..Its Breaking” – Ikki
⁃ *Break!*
⁃ Everybody Culture Shock
⁃ “A..Arikachi..?” – Katefuta
⁃ “No..No..” – Rinachi *fall on the knee*
⁃ Van turn Arikachi into a Steel Statue
⁃ “Arikachi!!” – Melissa
⁃ “Van you bastard!!!!!!” – Ivy *Scream*
⁃ Rinachi crying and hug Arikachi
⁃ “ here…We are all here to Save you..” – Rinachi *cry*
⁃ “I still can sense Arikachi..he being Cursed” – Shu eyes Shaking
⁃ “Shu?!” – Arch
⁃ Everybody Tearing
⁃ “No..No! This cant be Happening” – Ikki *Tears*
⁃ “Arikachi!.. Arikachi!..Wake up!” – Ivy
⁃ “Im going to Kill The host!” – King Ash *Turn Away*
⁃ “Im going With You” – Katefuta and Tekato
⁃ “Stop!” – Rinachi
⁃ *Shock*
⁃ “I am the One Who will end His Life..*Tears* and Break this Curse..” – Rinachi
⁃ “Rin?” – Layla
⁃ “I dont care whats the cost.. I will Save Arikachi..I promise” – Rinachi *Cry*
⁃ Arikachi Statue Glowing
⁃ “The light!” – Aqua*Shock*
⁃ Rinachi *Shock*
⁃ *The Light start to Faded*
⁃ “Big sister rin! Its Faded?!” – Ikki
⁃ “ dont leave us” – Rinachi *kiss*
⁃ *The Light Disappeared*
⁃ *Crack*
⁃ “Cracking!” – Tekata
⁃ Arikachi free from The Death Tower Curse and Falls inTo Rinachi Arm
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Everybody *Smile*
⁃ Rinachi Hugging Arikachi
⁃ Arikachi unconscious
⁃ “Dear?..Whats wrong?” – Rinachi Panic
⁃ “Guys..Arikachi Hardly Breathing!” – Rinachi *Look at Everyone*
⁃ *Panicked Situation*
⁃ Rinachi Cylia and Layla Try to Heal Arikachi
⁃ “Its Cant be Help!?..please be strong Arikachi” – Layla *Meditate Arikachi*
⁃ Arikachi Unconscious
⁃ Rinachi Crying again and Give all her Healing Ability
⁃ Melissa Hugging Rinachi
⁃ Ikki hugging Kogenta
⁃ Ivy crying Under Arch Arm
⁃ Arikachi Breathing Faster and Faster
⁃ “Dear..” – Rinachi *Hold Arikachi hand*
⁃ “Rin..*Layla Cupping Rinachi cheek* Im sorry i have to do this” – Layla *Tears*
⁃ “Please..Layla” – Rinachi *Tears*
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Layla
⁃ Layla Take Arikachi into her arm
⁃ “Please..Come back to us..” – Layla Kiss Arikachi and Share her Breath
⁃ *Strong Light Globe*
⁃ “Its the Force United!” – Shu *Shock*
⁃ “This Is Layla Force..” – Arrania *Amazed*
⁃ *The Light Disappear*
⁃ “Layla!” – Rinachi
⁃ “Arikachi Is Breathing normal Again” – Rinachi *Wipe her Tears*
⁃ “Thank you so Much Layla..Thank you” – Rinachi Hug Layla
⁃ Arikachi touch Rinachi and Layla Hand
⁃ Both of Them Frighten
⁃ “Thank you..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Arikachi” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ “I miss you!” – Rinachi *Hug*
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Everybody
⁃ “Everyone..thank you so much for saving me” – Arikachi *Bowing*
⁃ “If you make Me cry Again i will shoot you!” – Ivy
⁃ “Hows your Condition Arikachi” – Aqua
⁃ “Im Total Recovered *Look at His Arm* Layla..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Mm?..” – Layla *Surprised*
⁃ “My Energy are surging Up…just like that time..Dont tell me that *Look at Everyone* did you?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Urmm..” – Layla *Blushing*
⁃ “Layla Did Everything to save you..” – Rinachi *Hold Arikachi Cheek*
⁃ “Im just asking…*Turn To Layla* Anyway Thank you so much Layla” – Arikachi *Place his Forehead to layla Forehead*
⁃ “Big brother Arikachi!!” – Ikki *Jump and Hug Arikachi*
⁃ “Ikki *Smile* you have really gotten Strong” – Arikachi
⁃ “I want to Be like you” – Ikki *Giggles*
⁃ “No..You need to be better alright” – Arikachi *Wink*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Ikki
⁃ Everybody Smiling
⁃ “Im glad You are okay..” – King Ash
⁃ “Van..he need to be stopped..” – Arikachi *Stand up*
⁃ “Arikachi..we dont know How many Floor Left until we reach him” – Aqua
⁃ “I saw the tower Detail before I pass out..theres a 20 Floor in this Tower..We are at the 13..” – Arikachi
⁃ “We have 7 More to Go.. Lets Do this Arikachi!..Everyone!” – Katefuta *Revved up*
⁃ “Wait Guys..But..” – Arikachi *Thinking about the Enemy*
⁃ “But?..” – Katefuta
⁃ “All of you already did great .. you guys should take a break..this is all my fault..*stand Up* begging you to Stay” – Arikachi
⁃ “Please dont tell us you want to do this Alone dear” – Rinachi *Grab Arikachi Hand*
⁃ “Rin” – Arikachi *Lean His Head on Rinachi*
⁃ “No!..we cant let you do this Alone Arikachi ” – Arch
⁃ “Guys..please..Alphapheox,Riku,Shiki,Frost,Yggdra..even they are not real but their power is Still the same ..They can hurt us..I cant Forgive my self if anything happen to every single of you” – Arikachi *Tears*
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Melissa
⁃ “Dear..Look at me..*Wipe Arikachi tear*..Just believe in us kay.. like we always believe in You” – Rinachi *Smile and Hug*
⁃ “Thats Right..” – Arch
⁃ “Dont be worry..I will give all i got to fight beside you big brother” – Ikki
⁃ “We will fight The other ..and Stop Van ..Together” – Layla *Recover and Boosting their Strength up*
⁃ “Wow!” – Everybody *Surging Up*
⁃ “Guys..” – Arikachi
⁃ “You told me once…” – Ivy
⁃ *SilverBullet Flashback*
⁃ “I kick their ass once..I can do it again” – Arikachi
⁃ *Present time*
⁃ “Now…We can do it again” – Ivy *Smile*
⁃ “I will Give my all too” – Tekata *Smile*
⁃ “But We need a plan” – Cylia and Aqua
⁃ “I got one..just like before We need to Spread so we can stop this Faster and The plan is now We have to clear the path for Arikachi Direct to the host” – King Ash
⁃ “Ash..” – Arikachi
⁃ “We believe in you Arikachi..” – King Ash
⁃ “Yeah..” – Katefuta and the Other *Smile*
⁃ “Lets go..” – Shu *Lure his Hand To Arikachi*
⁃ “Yeah..” – Arikachi *Shake Shu hand*
⁃ “Together..We are Invisible” – Tekato *Smile*
⁃ Arikachi close his eye and Step Forward
⁃ “Everyone..Lets End this!..” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Lets go” – Rinachi take Arikachi hand
⁃ *14th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Arikachi,Rinachi,Shu,Melissa,Arch,Kogenta,Ivy,Layla,Korona,katefuta,Aqua,Endo,Ikki,Tekato,Tekata,Arrania,Cylia,Serena,Ash Maxillion,Ruxilion,Em and Half of Water S rank)
⁃ “Yggdra..” – Tekato *Angry*
⁃ “I know what happen between you and Yggdra big Brother…But this Time..I got this” – Tekata
⁃ “Tekata?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Its Dangerous Tekata..He is Fast” – Tekato
⁃ “I will Assist Tekata..” – Endo
⁃ “We will Slow him Down” – Ivy and Korona *Step Forward*
⁃ “Guys” – Katefuta
⁃ “This might be help” – Layla *Boost their Energy*
⁃ “Thank you Layla” – Ivy
⁃ Arch walk to Ivy
⁃ “Dont worry..we will finish what we left after this all end” – Ivy
⁃ “Just dont miss” – Arch
⁃ “Come on” – King Ash
⁃ “Take care Guys!” – Katefuta *Running*
⁃ *Battle*
⁃ “Huh..Are you ready Kid?” – Korona
⁃ “Yeah” – Endo *turn His Element*
⁃ “This Is For Ryuubi!” – Tekata *Release his Sand*
⁃ “Lets Go!” – Ivy *Summon Mrk 20*
⁃ “Be safe guys” – Arikachi *inner Voice* Running
⁃ *15th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Arikachi,Rinachi,Shu,Melissa,Arch,Kogenta,Layla,katefuta,Aqua,Ikki,Tekato,Arrania,Cylia,Serena,Ash Maxillion,Ruxilion,Em and Half of Water S Rank)
⁃ “Just As i thought” – Tekato
⁃ “Shiki” – Kogenta
⁃ “I really hate his Face” – Katefuta
⁃ “Monster..? Hehehe This is Match my Ability” – Ikki
⁃ “ cant” – Layla
⁃ “Hehe dont underestimate us Kid..We are The Force wielder too” – Arrania
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Layla *Stared At Arikachi*
⁃ Arikachi walk to both of Them
⁃ “I believe both of you can kick His ass” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Big brother” – Ikki and Arrania
⁃ “Yeah..*Walk to them* just remember..for Started just Go for Shiki Leg” – Katefuta
⁃ “We will not Let you down Everyone” – Ikki
⁃ “We believe in You” – Arikachi *wink*
⁃ “Em.” – King Ash
⁃ “Much as i love Beautiful Woman *Stared at The Girls* But Im like the Kid More..Proceed to the Next level Everyone..i will Do everything i can To guard Them” – Em
⁃ “Lets get moving” – Ruxillion
⁃ “Arra! Take care!” – Serena *Run*
⁃ “Heh..Ikki..I hate to say this..Just Dont die Before me” – Arrania
⁃ “What did you just Said!?..No way im gonna die!” – Ikki
⁃ “Word Kid” – Em
⁃ “Hehe” – Arrania
⁃ “I will End that Monster!” – Ikki *Use his Wild Force to Summon a Huge Beast*
⁃ “I will finish it 1st!” – Arrania *Use her Mecha Force to Summon A Huge Robot*
⁃ “Damn those kid” – Em *Amazed Inner Voice*
⁃ “Hehehe Amazing” – Arikachi *Running*
⁃ *16th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Arikachi,Rinachi,Shu,Melissa,Arch,Kogenta,Layla,katefuta,Aqua,Tekato,Cylia,Serena,Ash Maxillion,Ruxilion,and Half of Water S Rank)
⁃ *Before The Field*
⁃ “Who would it be now?” – Cylia
⁃ “Stop!” – Kogenta
⁃ “Anything wrong Kogenta?” – Rinachi
⁃ “I smell a lot of Soul..Behind that Door” – Kogenta
⁃ “An Army..” – Shu
⁃ “Phantom?” – Serena
⁃ “No..Its Different” – Kogenta
⁃ “Lets go..We need to beware they might be Infront of This Door” – Kogenta
⁃ *Enter*
⁃ “Monster” – King Ash
⁃ “Theres a lot of them..We have to fight together” – Tekato
⁃ “No..You guys Go ahead..This monster are Common..Thats not too hard we can handle it” – Aqua
⁃ “We will Assist you Melissa” – Water S Rank
⁃ “Its Difficult to move” – Ruxillion
⁃ “We will Covered you up by our Water Barrier” – Melissa
⁃ “Mina!?” – Arikachi
⁃ “I know..please Believe in Us..Go And Stop Van” – Melissa *Smile*
⁃ “Mm” – Arikachi *Nodded*
⁃ “Be care full Sweetheart” – Melissa to Shu
⁃ “You too” – Shu
⁃ “Serena Lets Covered them!” – Melissa
⁃ “Dont lose” – Aqua to Katefuta before she ran away
⁃ “Aqua” – Katefuta *inner Voice*
⁃ Melissa And Serena Covered The other with their Barrier while Aqua Be a Distraction
⁃ “Please..take care” – Katefuta *Inner Voice*
⁃ Arrive the Next Door to another Floor
⁃ “Thank you guys” – Arikachi
⁃ *17th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Arikachi,Rinachi,Shu,Arch,Kogenta,Layla,Cylia,katefuta,Tekato,Ash Maxillion,Ruxilion)
⁃ “Riku and…Z..Zerth” – Arikachi *Shock and remind him back when the time Riku killed Zerth and Stab Rinachi*
⁃ “Its not him..” – Shu Step infront of Arikachi
⁃ “Dear..” – Rinachi *inner Voice* looking at Arikachi
⁃ “Rin..We all know what Arikachi Thinking have to take him to the next floor before he make a move by himself” – Arch
⁃ “Go!” – Kogenta
⁃ “Huh?” – Katefuta
⁃ “We got this” – Arch
⁃ “Yeah” – Kogenta
⁃ “Arikachi..Go” – Shu
⁃ Arikachi hold his Fist together
⁃ “Everyone lets go!” – Rinachi *Take Arikachi hand And Run*
⁃ “Rin?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Who do you want Partner?” – Arch
⁃ “I’ll take the Sword Man” – Shu Approaching with His Bakuryugan Mode
⁃ “Im with you” – Ruxillion *Starlight Sword*
⁃ “Looks Like we fight an Ally” – Arch
⁃ “Dont Lose” – Kogenta lift His Fist
⁃ “No way” – Arch Fist Bumping
⁃ Arch and Kogenta Fusion
⁃ “Lets Begin” – Takarch *Approaching
⁃ *18th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Arikachi,Rinachi,Layla,cylia,katefuta,Tekato,Ash Maxillion)
⁃ “The Main Villain!” – Katefuta
⁃ “We meet again” – Tekato
⁃ “Alphapheox” – King Ash
⁃ “You destroyed My Kingdom and Try to Hurt my Mother” – Layla *Step Forward*
⁃ “Easy Young Lady..” – King Ash *Blocking her Way*
⁃ “Ash?” – Layla
⁃ “You need to be with them until They facing Van..three of us enough for him Alone” – King Ash
⁃ “But..” – Layla
⁃ “ force Can help them Stoping Van Faster” – Katefuta
⁃ “Our Friend Are still fighting in the Previous Floor..Arikachi..Rinachi..Cylia Layla..You need to Finish This up” – Tekato
⁃ Layla boost up Katefuta and The Other Forces
⁃ “We believe in you” – Katefuta to Layla
⁃ “Dont Lose Guys..” – Arikachi *Step Forward*
⁃ “We wont..We are The Force Wielder right” – Katefuta
⁃ “Yeah” – King Ash and Tekato
⁃ “Go Arikachi” – King Ash
⁃ “Got it..Im counting on ya” – Arikachi
⁃ “That is Alphapheox” – Cylia *Running*
⁃ “Its been Awhile” – Katefuta
⁃ “Yeah..” – Tekato
⁃ “Let End this Faster and Join Arikachi” – King Ash
⁃ “Lets” – Katefuta turn To Vortex Form
⁃ Tekato Transform into Sun Dragon Form
⁃ King Ash Golden Emperor Form
⁃ “Go!” – Katefuta and The Other Approach
⁃ *Running To 19th Floor*
⁃ “This is The 19th *Think back when He saw the Floor detail* its doesn’t show anything… .” – Arikachi *Inner Voice*
⁃ *19th Floor*
⁃ Player : (Arikachi,Rinachi,Layla,cylia)
⁃ “Hmm?..Nobody here” – Cylia
⁃ “What is this..” – Arikachi *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Yeah..Watch your Move everyone..Maybe its has a trap like the floor before” – Layla
⁃ The Wind Blasting toward Cylia
⁃ “Cylia careful!” – Rinachi *Pull*
⁃ Both of them Fall to the Ground
⁃ “Rin! Cylia!” – Arikachi and Layla *Running to Them*
⁃ *Shock*
⁃ The Dark Gravity Appeared Separated Them
⁃ “Rin!” – Arikachi
⁃ “Dear!” – Rinachi
⁃ They Standing Infront of Each other Arikachi and Layla are been Separated and Being hold in the 19th Floor
⁃ “This is..Zero Sphere.” – Arikachi *Shock*
⁃ “Arikachi!!” – Layla *Shock*
⁃ “Thats is!” – Cylia *Shock*
⁃ Rinachi Scared cover her Mouth
⁃ “Me!?” – Arikachi *Shock*
⁃ Dark Arikachi Holds The Dark Zero Gravity Between Arikachi and Rinachi
⁃ The Gravity Start Pushing Rinachi and Cylia toward the Next Floor
⁃ “Dear!!” – Rinachi
⁃ “Rin!!” – Arikachi try to Surpass the Gravity
⁃ Dark Arikachi Appeared and Punch him before he Make a step
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Layla Holding Arikachi
⁃ The Dark Gravity Take Rinachi and Cylia to the Top Floor
⁃ “Rin! Cylia!” – Arikachi and Layla
⁃ “Dont worried we will be fine!” – Cylia
⁃ “Rin..please Wait for me” – Arikachi *Standing Up*
⁃ “Layla..” – *Step Forward*
⁃ “Lets end this faster and Join Rin and Cylia” – Layla
⁃ “Yeah” – Arikachi turn Into Ultimate Zero Beast Mode
⁃ Layla Unlock her Stellarium Counter Force
⁃ *Top Floor*
⁃ *Van Scene*
⁃ “Lets see if you can win over yourself” – Van
⁃ “Im gonna Enjoy my Self with this 2 Beautiful lady” – Van
⁃ *Rinachi and Cylia Arrive*
⁃ “Van!” – Rinachi *angry*
⁃ “Ah..Welcome..My sweetheart..Only both of you made it to the last floor?..Thats Sad…oh no..Its lucky..For me..Im gonna Enjoy my self with both of you” – Van
⁃ “This old man are creepy” – Cylia *Annoyed*
⁃ Rinachi look at Van Set up
⁃ “We will stop You!” – Rinachi
⁃ “I heard that before from My Daughter..But i end up..Licking Her..Do you want to have the Same fate?” – Van Evil Smile
⁃ “What do you think we are!” – Cylia *Approaching* With Ruby Crystal Mode
⁃ “Fine then..I will take your body Myself” – Van *Attack*
⁃ Rinachi Blind Van with Her Light..And Attack
⁃ “Noisy Old man!” – Rinachi *punch*
⁃ *Epic Battle in Each Floor*
⁃ “Hehe even You are still cute..I will not Go easy!” – Hikari *Fight*
⁃ “We aint gonna Lose!” – Endo *Fight*
⁃ “Call me a Monster Slayer! Haha” – Seth *Fight*
⁃ “Come on come on!” – Ace *Shoot*
⁃ “I got a feel that they have reach the final Floor” – Daichi *Fight*
⁃ “Yeah” – Rakachi *Fight*
⁃ *Every Floor Fight scene*
⁃ *Rinachi & Cylia Vs Van*
⁃ “Pleasure!” – Van *Attack using Dark Scythe*
⁃ “We are not” – Cylia *Defend With Her Crystal*
⁃ “Weak!” – Rinachi *Attack*
⁃ Van Disappear
⁃ “Rinachi Behind you!” – Cylia
⁃ Van swinging his Scythe
⁃ Rinachi Use her Crystalize Shield and Push Van away
⁃ “Hehe..You girls Are making me please” – Van *Evil Smile*
⁃ “To kill you!” – Van *Approaching*
⁃ *17th Floor*
⁃ *Sword Clash!*
⁃ “Shu!” – Ruxillion
⁃ “Im Okay” – Shu *Bleeding*
⁃ *18th Floor
⁃ Katefuta Unlock His new Genesis Mode
⁃ Tekato Berserk Mode
⁃ “Alphapheox” – King Ash Force Emperor *Anger*
⁃ *The 16th Floor*
⁃ Melissa Using Aquatic Form
⁃ “Left only the Boss” – Aqua
⁃ “Frost? It just use ice element Right..” – Serena
⁃ “He is Element Resistant Serena..he can absorb it” – Melissa
⁃ “By?..” – Serena
⁃ “His Hand” – Aqua
⁃ “He cant Absorb If we cut his Hand” – Serena
⁃ “Yeah..But this Is huge monster we talking about” – Aqua
⁃ “Like Arikachi said..for started lets aim for the leg” – serena *approaching*
⁃ Melissa and Aqua smiling look at each other
⁃ *19th Flood*
⁃ *Arikachi & Layla vs Dark Arikachi*
⁃ Dark Arikachi turn into Dark Zen Mode and Attack Layla
⁃ “Im your Opponent!” – Arikachi Ultimate Zero Beast mode Defending Layla
⁃ “Nope..We are” – Layla Counter Attack with Starlight Burst to Dark Arikachi
⁃ *Top Floor Battle*
⁃ Rinachi and Cylia Lost badly To Van
⁃ After the Reviving Van Has Become A lot stronger than he in the Silver Bullet Arc
⁃ “Something in you lady..” – Van Grab Cylia
⁃ “Arrgh” – Cylia
⁃ “Dark Soul inside the Crystal Wielder?…Thats odd” – Van *Lift Cylia With his Dark Soul*
⁃ “Cylia..” – Rinachi *Lay on the Ground*
⁃ “Isn’t that Rules breaking for Crystarium Force?” – Van *Evil Smile*
⁃ “Arrggh” – Cylia *Moans*
⁃ “But Its sense tasty..” – Van *Sniff*
⁃ “Get away from Her” – Rinachi
⁃ “Im gonna enjoy this” – Van *Bite Cylia Neck*
⁃ “Arghh!!” – Cylia Power Been suck out by Van
⁃ Van Body Covered By Cylia Elemental Power
⁃ “Dark and Light!..i can Feel my Power Surging!” – Van Throw Cylia Away
⁃ “Cylia!!” – Rinachi
⁃ Cylia Unconscious
⁃ The Death tower has been Accelerator Every floor Villain strengthen up to their True Power
⁃ *Dark Resurgence*
⁃ *19th Floor*
⁃ Dark Arikachi became more stronger he Swept Arikachi Away with Beast Force
⁃ “Arikachi! *Look at Dark Arikachi* You!” – Layla *Approaching*
⁃ Suddenly Layla Stop in shocking
⁃ “What happen to me?” – Layla Hardly Breathing and Dizzy
⁃ Layla Falls
⁃ Dark Arikachi Speed Toward Layla with the Ultra Aero Sphere
⁃ “Shit!..” – Arikachi *Get up*
⁃ Layla force herself to be awake once she open her eye
⁃ Arikachi being Hit by The Sphere
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Layla *hold him*
⁃ “Im okay..” – Arikachi *Heals*
⁃ “I will crush anyone who hurts my Family!” – Arikachi *Anger* Attack
⁃ *The Other Floor Scene*
⁃ Alphapheox Become Stronger as Real one
⁃ Katefuta and the other Thrown away by Alphapheox Force
⁃ “He become Stronger!” – Katefuta
⁃ Riku Dark Angel and Zerth Zen Mode become 10 time stronger
⁃ Frost become bigger
⁃ “What happen to him!?” – Melissa *Shock*
⁃ Frost went Rampage
⁃ “Shit!..” – Aqua
⁃ Shiki and Yggdra power up
⁃ The Past Lord And Riozashi become Stronger
⁃ Hikari And The Other Take down young Rinachi and Tritachi and Now battling Zero Mode Arikachi
⁃ The Monster in the Previous Floor are increasing and getting Bigger
⁃ *Top Floor*
⁃ “Cylia..” – Rinachi *On the ground*
⁃ “Hahahaha” – Van *Power Surging*
⁃ *19th Floor*
⁃ *Last Battle*
⁃ Full Epic Force Fight
⁃ “Argghh!” – Arikachi Zero Trinity : Ultimate Aero Burst
⁃ Dark Arikachi use the same Power
⁃ “Stellarium Force : Starling Meteor!” – Layla Stand Up and help Arikachi by using Unison Force take Dark Arikachi down
⁃ Arikachi Hit Dark Arikachi Openly
⁃ “Bad Clone!!” – Arikachi *Hit Dark Arikachi with the Ultra Aero Burst*
⁃ Dark Arikachi unconsciously Defeated on the ground
⁃ Layla Reach Her Battle Limit and Fall
⁃ “Layla!” – Arikachi Catch her
⁃ “He is not Dissapearing” – Layla *Shock*
⁃ “What is that mean..Whats wrong With you?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Arikachi..*take Arikachi Hand..* go.. You need to Help Rin and Cylia..” – Layla
⁃ “What about you?” – Arikachi
⁃ “If The Villain Is still Exist..We cant leave the Floor Empty..Everybody Will be Scattered to Pieces..Im fine..Im just Not use to fight before im Just exhausted” – Layla
⁃ “Do you believe that?” – Arikachi *Heal Layla*
⁃ “Its not the time to Explain..Please Arikachi.. just one step ahead..please end This” – Layla Grab Arikachi and Kiss his Forehead to Recover Arikachi Energy
⁃ Arikachi stares At dead Dark Arikachi
⁃ “Go..” – Layla *Hold Arikachi Cheek*
⁃ Arikachi Nodded
⁃ “I’ll will be fine” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ “Dont let your guard Down Layla” – Arikachi *Turn Around And Run to the next Floor*
⁃ “I wont…” – Layla *Inner Voice*
⁃ After a very hard Fight against Dark Arikachi made his Away to Rinachi and Cylia
⁃ *Top Floor*
⁃ “This is Incredible power!” – Van *Glowing between Light and Dark Element*
⁃ “Im an immortal! Amazing!!” – Van
⁃ “Hehe..You are Next” – Van stare at Rinachi
⁃ “Old Man!” – Arikachi Appear and Kick van
⁃ “You are!” – Van *Neglect and badly Attack Arikachi*
⁃ “Rude..” – Van *Tied Arikachi to the Ground by the Same Magic Resist Steel that build Death Tower and step on his head*
⁃ “Arggh..” – Arikachi *On the Ground trying to Free himself*
⁃ “Dear..” – Rinachi *Surprise and Weak*
⁃ Van Lift Rinachi Up with his Dark Soul
⁃ “Rin” – Arikachi *Moans*
⁃ “Crystal Princess become a crystal must be killing the Queen to take her place..*Van Came closer* maybe i will do the Same?” – Van *Whisper*
⁃ “I dont kill the Queen” – Rinachi Spill on Van Face
⁃ “Then where is she? *Wipe* Rude woman!” – Van *Slap*
⁃ “Rin!” – Arikachi *Tied on the Ground*
⁃ “Where is Yuna?!” – Van *punch*
⁃ Rinachi took all the damage by van
⁃ “Hehehe..” – Rinachi
⁃ “What so Funny?” – Van *Stop Punching*
⁃ Rinachi Lift her head up
⁃ “Woman punch are better than Yours” – Rinachi *Fully Healed* release her self by Her Crystal Light
⁃ “Rin..” – Arikachi
⁃ “You bastard woman!” – Van Approaching Rinachi
⁃ Rinachi change into Emerald Crystal Form and Attack
⁃ “Argghh” – Arikachi *Trying*
⁃ *Fight*
⁃ Rinachi Use every Crystal Form to Fight against Van
⁃ Van Had A Tough Battle
⁃ “She recovering every time she make a move..What is this Woman Actually!?” – Van *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Ruby Crytanium Burst!” – Rinachi
⁃ Ruby Queen Rinachi Thrown Van away be her Spear ability
⁃ Arikachi Amazed looking at Rinachi while being tied to the ground
⁃ “I never hate a woman before *Stand up* But now i am…and That’s You! – Van *full awakened*
⁃ “Argghhh!” – Van
⁃ The top Floor Become so windy by Dark and Light Element
⁃ “Rin!..He’s Awakening” – Arikachi
⁃ “Yea..” – Rinachi *Try to break the steel*
⁃ She turn toward Van and Change to Her Ultimate Form The Crystarium Form
⁃ Arikachi
⁃ Van Approaching with his full awaken Power
⁃ *Epic Fight*
⁃ Speed battles Between Light and Dark
⁃ “Arrggh stupid Steel!” – Arikachi Grunted Try to Break the Steel
⁃ In the Hard Way..Rinachi has lost to Van
⁃ Van teleport Behind Rinachi and Use Dark Repulsive on Rinachi Back
⁃ “Rin!!” – Arikachi *Scream*
⁃ “Die!” – Van Beat Rinachi
⁃ “Arggh” – Rinachi fall to the Ground
⁃ Van Turn his head to Arikachi
⁃ “Kid you may have slay every ark of Devil User … but im different..Im a whole new Level for you *Summon Dark Dagger*.. now..I will remind you again how it feel again to Lose..” – Van *Place under Rinachi neck*
⁃ “No!..this is not about winning or losing!..i fight to protect my family” – Arikachi *Grunt*
⁃ “But now you cant..and you gonna watch her die right before your eye” – Van *Stand infront of Arikachi*
⁃ “No!” – Arikachi
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Rinachi *Tears*
⁃ “Please” – Arikachi
⁃ “Let The blood flow like a rain on you” – Van *Evil smile*
⁃ *At the Same time*
⁃ *19th Floor*
⁃ Layla lost to Dark Arikachi
⁃ Dark Arikachi Choke Layla up
⁃ Layla use her Stellarium Full Force power to Push Dark Arikachi away
⁃ “Hu..Huh..” – Layla laying on the Ground Hardly Breathing
⁃ Dark Arikachi Awake and Walk toward Layla again
⁃ *18th Floor*
⁃ Alphapheox Ready to release his Full Dark Infinity Force to Wipe off Katefuta, Tekato and King Ash
⁃ “Im sorry Arikachi” – Katefuta
⁃ “He’s damn Strong..” – King ash *On the Ground*
⁃ *17th Floor*
⁃ Shu Arch kogenta and Ruxillion Falls to Rikuapheonix and Zerth
⁃ “Arghh..” – Arch
⁃ “We..Cant..Give..Up” – Shu
⁃ *16th Floor*
⁃ Melissa Aqua and Serena Failed to Hold Frost in their Water Barrier..Frost set free and Beat every one of them
⁃ “Arhhhh!” – Melissa *thrown away*
⁃ “We are not Strong enough” – Serena *Tears in pain*
⁃ *15th Floor*
⁃ Em Arrania and Ikki successfully defeat Shiki
⁃ “Ugly Monster” – Arrania and Ikki exhausted and fall into Em Arm
⁃ *14th Floor*
⁃ Endo,Tekata, Ivy and Korona trap by Yggdra grave Cage
⁃ “I cant move!” – Endo
⁃ “I cant Breathe!” – Tekata
⁃ “No..Please..Save us..Please” – Ivy *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Im..Cant breathe..” – Korona *Fainted*
⁃ *12th Floor*
⁃ The Battle Between Past and New Land Lord is still going on
⁃ Rakachi And Speerachi still fighting their Father
⁃ “They Are invisible!?” – Waterlord Norimina
⁃ “Focus..” – Earthlord Daichi
⁃ “Damn Clone!” – Speerachi *Attack*
⁃ *11th Floor*
⁃ Hikari Sheryl And Gorra defeat Tritachi and young Rinachi but lost badly to Young Arikachi
⁃ Young Arikachi is ready to Kill Hikari
⁃ “No..” – Sheryl
⁃ “Arikachi..please..please” – Hikari *Inner Voice* Crying
⁃ *The Other Floor Scene*
⁃ The Monster that Seth Ace and X Fighting Increase and Stronger
⁃ “This guy is no joke!” – Seth *Fighting*
⁃ *Back to The same time*
⁃ *Top Floor*
⁃ “ sorry” – Arikachi *Tears* inner voice
⁃ “Whats wrong Arikachi..Look over Here!.*The Steel lift Arikachi head* Let The blood flow like a rain on you” – Van
⁃ “Ughh..” – Rinachi *Moans*
⁃ “Arrggghhhhhh!!!” – Arikachi *Scream*
⁃ “Van!!” – Arikachi & Byakorachi Voice *Scream*
⁃ The Steel broken and Byakorachi Came out from Arikachi Body Aproaching Van and Cut his Left Hand by his Claw
⁃ Byakorachi Take Rinachi on His Body
⁃ “Byakorachi?!” – Rinachi *Shock*
⁃ “Its been a while Pretty Lady..Take Arikachi Somewhere else this Guy are really Pissing me off” – Byakorachi
⁃ “Byakorachi..” – Van *Stand up*
⁃ “I will slice you like a meat!” – Van *Attack*
⁃ “Big talk son of a bitch* – Byakorachi *Attack*
⁃ The Top floor Roof Destroyed
⁃ *The Other Floor*
⁃ Alphapheox and The Other Disappear
⁃ “What happen?” – Aqua
⁃ “Arhh!” – Hikari *Cover her Self*
⁃ “Hmm?..” – Hikari
⁃ “They gone” – Sheryl *Looking Around*
⁃ “Korona!!” – Ivy run to Korona
⁃ “Shes not Breathing” – Tekata *Panic*
⁃ “Nono..Please Breath” – Ivy share her air
⁃ Korona Awake
⁃ “What happen?..” – Korona
⁃ Ivy Hugs Korona
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Rakachi
⁃ “Save us again..” – Speerachi
⁃ “Thank you” – Katefuta *relieve*
⁃ “You did it..” – Ivy
⁃ “Im alive..” – Shu
⁃ Everybody went to 18th Floor
⁃ “What happen..” – Melissa
⁃ “Arikachi successful take down the Host” – King Ash
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Melissa *Smile*
⁃ “Tekata are you alright..” – Tekato
⁃ “Yes Brother..” – Tekata
⁃ “Ikki?” – Katefuta
⁃ “Im good” – Ikki
⁃ “Come on..Lets help big sister Rinachi and Arikachi” – Arrania
⁃ Everybody Run to the top Floor
⁃ “Wait for me Brother” – Speerachi *Running*
⁃ *Top Floor*
⁃ “Thats For Arikachi” – Byakorachi
⁃ Van fainted
⁃ “Dear!..” – Rinachi holding Arikachi
⁃ “Byakora..What happen to Arikachi?” – Rinachi *Cry*
⁃ The Other Arrive
⁃ “Rin!” – Layla
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Speerachi
⁃ “Cylia!” – Sheryl and Serena
⁃ “Byakorachi!?” – Rakachi
⁃ “Dont tell me this is from Van” – Hikari
⁃ “Hmph..What van?..Im real you idiot” – Byakorachi
⁃ “What happen to Arikachi!?” – Speerachi
⁃ “Arikachi Sacrifice to release him self Free from The That Stupid Steel to save all of you by Change the Impossible” – Byakorachi
⁃ “That Bruise..” – Ruxillion saw on Arikachi whole body
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Katefuta
⁃ Layla and Rinachi Healing Arikachi and Cylia
⁃ “Is Arikachi gonna be okay?” – Ivy and The Other
⁃ “What is The imposibble?.” – Katefuta
⁃ “Hmph..3 years Ago..we made a agreement that I and Arikachi need to Be Apart to Restore Arikachi Life..Im suppose to be dead now..But Arikachi Chanel my dead soul with His Soul to call me out” – Byakorachi
⁃ “Arikachi *Crack Voice* do it to saved Me..” – Rinachi *Cried*
⁃ Hikari comforting Rinachi
⁃ “We all been saved..Again” – Hikari *Think back bout Young Arikachi nearly Kill her*
⁃ Cylia Awake and Surprise seeing Everybody
⁃ “Guys..everything is Over?” – Cylia
⁃ King Ash look at Unconscious Van
⁃ “No..That guy have to be Extinguish from this World” – King Ash *Walk toward Van*
⁃ “Wait! Arikachi is Still Here” – Layla
⁃ Everybody Shock and King Ash Stop
⁃ “What do you mean lady Arikachi” – Byakorachi
⁃ “I still can sense arikachi Soul..*Lay her ear on Arikachi Chest*..Arikachi Breathing again” – Layla
⁃ Everybody Relieve
⁃ “kid never know to stand back huh” – Byakorachi *Grinding*
⁃ “Argh!..Argh!..” – Van lost Half Of his Body
⁃ “Van!” – Tekato
⁃ “He lost half of his body!” – Ikki
⁃ “Yet he is not dead!?” – Arrania
⁃ “Dont you think this gonna end Easily” – Van *Standing Up*
⁃ “Rin layla..Take Arikachi To the safe place” – Speerachi
⁃ “Cylia you too” – Tekato
⁃ “I will fight” – Cylia
⁃ “We will Finish this Up” – Katefuta
⁃ “Yeah!” – Everybody
⁃ “Count us in” – The 4 Land Lord
⁃ “Stupid Human!..You think you can Beat the Immortal!” – Van
⁃ “Im not Human” – Byakorachi *Annoyed*
⁃ “Argh haha haha!” – Van
⁃ Van Transforming into the Giant 8 hand Monster with Every Heroic Sign and Element
⁃ *Shocking*
⁃ “He..Evolving” – Endo *shaking*
⁃ “Doesnt mean We standing back” – Shu *place his hand on Endo Shoulder*
⁃ “Shu?..” – Melissa
⁃ “Guys…Lets Take him down!” – Shu Summon the Light Dragon and change to White Knight Form
⁃ “Yeah!” – Kogenta Transform to Beast Spirit
⁃ “This is the last boss!” – Katefuta Transform to Vortex Force Form and Summon everything To attack Van
⁃ Tekato summon a King Dragon and Use Dragon Force Mode
⁃ Ikki Summon a Dinosaur and Other Huge Animal
⁃ “Got it!” – Arrania jump on byakorachi and build A Mecha Armor
⁃ “Eh?!” – Byakorachi
⁃ King Ash Transform him self to a Giant Gold human
⁃ Rakachi unlock his Exatar
⁃ Ivy and The Other assist them With a Blast of The Own Energy
⁃ The other Land Lord try to Hold Van Movement by their Ultimate Element
⁃ “Dare you!” – Speerachi punch Van by transform into lightning Blaze form and Fight in Combat
⁃ “Aim for the Hand! This is the last!” – Arch use Great Aero Knight Form
⁃ *Safe Point*
⁃ “Everyone is fighting with all their got” – Layla *Look at them*
⁃ Rinachi Hugging Arikachi
⁃ “Rin..Arikachi gonna be Alright..” – Layla
⁃ “*imagine Arikachi Face* Im..Scared” – Rinachi *Exhausted and Fainted while Holding Arikachi*
⁃ “Rin?! Rin!” – Layla *Panic*
⁃ *White Space*
⁃ “Uh..” – Rinachi *Awake*
⁃ “Where am i..” – Rinachi
⁃ Rinachi weird looking at her Dress because Her appeal in the fight quite ripped odf
⁃ “Rin…” – Tritachi
⁃ “Tritachi!? *Frighten* i..” – Rinachi *Scared*
⁃ “Its good to see you again Rin *Tears*’re not…you have been called for a reason” – Tritachi *Point to Arikachi*
⁃ “Mm?..*Look Around* Arikachi!” – Rinachi *Run toward him*
⁃ “Hmm?..Who are you?” – Arikachi
⁃ Rinachi Shock
⁃ “What happen?” – Rinachi Look at Tritachi
⁃ “Arikachi..has Reach his Life limit dear..” – Yurachi
⁃ “Huh? *Shock* you..” – Rinachi
⁃ “Yes..*Hugging* i wish we can met in other way.. thank you so much for being by Arikachi side this whole time ..Arikachi is very lucky to have you Rinachi.” – Yurachi
⁃ “What happen to Arikachi Mother” – Rinachi *Cry*
⁃ “Rin..*Wipe Her tears* Everybody will go when their time has come..arikachi has already been revive before .. Maybe *Cry* now its..Arikachi time to rest*Cry harder* im sorry Rin.. You have to take the Fact..please You need to be strong for Arikachi” – Yurachi
⁃ “No.. no.. no!..” – Rinachi Went to Arikachi
⁃ “Dear!..Its Me!..*cry* Lets go back together..Arikachi please dont leave me *Cry* please.. everybody is Waiting for us..Sora is Waiting for us” – Rinachi *Hug*
⁃ “Huh..?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Please..” – Rinachi *Tighten her hug*
⁃ “Dont leave me And Sora…” – Rinachi
⁃ “Rin?..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Rinachi
⁃ Yurachi and Tritachi Shock
⁃ “Where are we?..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Arikachi?!” – Tritachi *Tears*
⁃ “Tritachi?! *Look around* Mom!?.. are we dead!? Nonono this cant be Happening!.. Death Tower is not over yet!.. we have to save Sora!.. Everybody!” – Arikachi *Panic*
⁃ “This is..*Cover her Mouth* miracle” – Yurachi *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Impossible” – Tritachi *Tears*
⁃ Arikachi And Rinachi glowing and start Faded Slowy
⁃ “Eh?..Whats wrong?” – Arikachi *Look at his Faded leg*
⁃ “Your time isnt come yet My son” – Raikachi
⁃ “Dad?..” – Arikachi
⁃ Raikachi Walk to Arikachi
⁃ “Go..and Save the world” – Raikachi Gave Arikachi Something
⁃ Yurachi crying walk to Arikachi and Rinachi
⁃ “I love both of you so much…Im sorry Rinachi..” – Yurachi Hug both of them
⁃ “Mum..” – Rinachi *Hug*
⁃ “Rin.. please take care of Arikachi and Sora For us” – Yurachi Gave Rinachi something
⁃ “Both of you dont even dare to join me yet for now okay!..” – Tritachi *Tears*
⁃ Arikachi Hugging Tritachi
⁃ “I really happy to see you again Tritachi..I swear i will Protect our Dream..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Tritachi *Tears*
⁃ Arikachi and Rinachi Floating
⁃ “We proud of you..Our Light of Hope” – Yurachi
⁃ Arikachi take Rinachi Hand
⁃ “I love all of you” – Arikachi
⁃ *Light Bursting*
⁃ *Safe Point*
⁃ Layla trying her hard to heal Arikachi and Rinachi
⁃ Layla drained her energy weak and Falling to Arikachi arm
⁃ “Layla..” – Arikachi *Awake*
⁃ “Arikachi?” – Layla *Cry*
⁃ Rinachi hold Layla Cheek
⁃ “Thank you so much Layla..” – Rinachi
⁃ Layla Hug both of Them
⁃ “Please Dont scare me like that again” – Layla *Cry*
⁃ “We’re sorry..” – Arikachi
⁃ “You should rest now..” – Rinachi *Laying layla on the ground*
⁃ “We will end This..” – Arikachi
⁃ *Battle Scene*
⁃ They Success to cut One of Van Hand
⁃ “You making me mad!!” – Van *Rampage*
⁃ Byakorachi been hit
⁃ “Byakorachi!” – Rakachi
⁃ Van Slayed them In a Second
⁃ “He is Tough!” – Cylia
⁃ “Its impossible” – Aqua
⁃ “My magic Energy will ran out” – Ivy
⁃ “Dont give up!” – Katefuta
⁃ “Hold On!” – Tekato
⁃ “Arggh!” – King Ash
⁃ “Be gone!!” – Van *Twirling*
⁃ Everybody Throned away
⁃ “He is too strong..” – Endo *Laying on the Ground*
⁃ Van Gigantic sword set a swing direct to Ikki
⁃ “Ahh!” – Ikki *Yelled*
⁃ *Hit*
⁃ *The Sword Breaking*
⁃ “What?!” – Everybody Shock
⁃ “You piece of Shit aiming for a little kid?” – Arikachi *Break the Sword*
⁃ “Big Brother!” – Ikki
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Everybody
⁃ Rinachi carried Ikki away
⁃ “Rinachi!” – Cylia
⁃ “Im Sorry For taking to long..guys” – Arikachi *Stand Infront of Them*
⁃ Rinachi *Stand beside Arikachi*
⁃ “They are Different” – Katefuta
⁃ “I sense a Incredible Power in them” – Shu
⁃ “Arikachi..Rinachi.. Both of you..has Became really strong” – Rakachi *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Thats is.. Limit Break” – Speerachi *Shock*
⁃ “Amazing..” – the other Land Lord
⁃ “How are you still alive!” – Van
⁃ “Because We have a Family to Protected” – Rinachi
⁃ “Hehehe because you are still existing” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ *Last Battle*
⁃ Arikachi walk to Byakorachi
⁃ “Thank you so much Byakora.. ” – Arikachi *Lay his Head on Byakorachi head*
⁃ “Im glad you are back kid.. now Finish this” – Byakorachi
⁃ Arikachi stand up
⁃ “Yeah!..” – Arikachi Fist bumping Byakorachi
⁃ Byakorachi Energy back in Arikachi
⁃ “Rin..” – Arikachi Force Break
⁃ Arikachi Glowing
⁃ “Yea..” – Rinachi Crystal Break
⁃ Rinachi Glowing in sparkles and Floating..Her Hair Became Lighten
⁃ “Lets go!” – Arikachi *dashing*
⁃ “Stupid Ant! Arghh!” – Van *dashing*
⁃ *Arikachi & Rinachi*
⁃ *Vs*
⁃ *Van Lockheart*
⁃ Light speed battle that Amazed Everybody
⁃ *Epic Battle*
⁃ “This is for taking my memory against my Friend!” – Arikachi cut van Hand
⁃ “This is for Hurting Our Friend!” – Rinachi Cut the other Hand
⁃ “Arikachi..Rin..” – Layla join the scene
⁃ “Layla..” – Arch
⁃ “Everyone..let Give both of them our strength” – Layla
⁃ “Got it..” – Everyone
⁃ Everybody gather holding each other hand
⁃ Arikachi smile while fight when he saw everyone
⁃ “You pay for it!” – Arikachi and Rinachi cut all off Van Hand
⁃ “This cant be True!.. No!” – Van *Panic*
⁃ Rinachi *Falls*
⁃ “Rin?..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Im okay.. Im just..” – Rinachi *Covered her Blooding bruise*
⁃ “Just rest kay..” – Arikachi *Look at the Bruise*
⁃ “Dear..” – Rinachi
⁃ Arikachi step forward
⁃ “You will regret this!” – Arikachi *Angry*
⁃ “Go! Arikachi!” – Speerachi
⁃ Arikachi Dashing toward Van
⁃ “This Is what you get!” – Arikachi
⁃ Everybody Energy surge in Arikachi Fist while Dashing
⁃ “For Create this Bullshit game” – Arikachi *Dashing*
⁃ “Finish him off Big Brother!!” – Ikki
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Rakachi
⁃ “Old Man!!!!” – Arikachi
⁃ β€œAero Burst!!” – Arikachi Destroy the Monster to Pieces
⁃ “Nooo!!!!!!” – Van Totally Vanish scattered death
⁃ “You did it..” – Rinachi *inner Voice*
⁃ Arikachi Falling From high
⁃ “Arikachi!” – Everybody Run to catch Arikachi
⁃ “Thank you everyone.. im back” – Arikachi *on everyone arm*
⁃ “Welcome back my hero” – Rinachi *Smile*
⁃ “You are our hero..” – Speerachi *Tucking Arikachi head*
⁃ “Well Done Arikachi..all of you” – 4 Land Lord
⁃ “you all are the true hero..Without any of you..I will never had a chance to be what i am today..Thank you everyone..” – Arikachi *Smile And Group Hugging*
⁃ “Hehehehe its Over now” – Layla
⁃ “Yeay!!” – Ikki and Arrania
⁃ “Finally” – Cylia
⁃ Everybody Happy and Smiling
⁃ “Wait!” – Katefuta
⁃ Everybody Shock
⁃ “Whats wrong?” – Aqua
⁃ “How the hell we going to get out from here?!” – Katefuta
⁃ “Huh!?? Thats Right!” – Everybody
⁃ “I know! ..We just Burst out!!” – Arikachi Run toward the Wall
⁃ “Arikachi wait!! Dont!” – Melissa
⁃ “Its cant be Broken!” – Ivy
⁃ Arikachi Punch the Wall
⁃ Suddenly The Wall cracking
⁃ “Opps” – Ivy
⁃ The Floor start cracking
⁃ “Owh oh..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Nobody Mov.!” – Serena *Falls*
⁃ Everybody Falling From The Top Floor
⁃ “Arikachi!!” – Rakachi
⁃ “Sorry!!” – Arikachi use his Zero Gravity Shield Sphere to Protect Them
⁃ “We got this Hehehehe” – Rinachi *looking at Cylia* use her Crystal under the Zero Gravity Sphere to Fly them off
⁃ “Yeah” – Cylia *Help Rinachi*
⁃ *On the Sky*
⁃ “We flying?!” – Ivy
⁃ “Wow..” – Everybody Amaze looking at the View
⁃ “The Tower turn to Dust?” – Tekata
⁃ “Yea..” – Tekato
⁃ “Huh..*Release his breath* Thank you Rin..Cylia” – Arikachi
⁃ “Hehehe” – Rinachi *Smile*
⁃ “Alright Kids!.. Lets go home and Celebrate!” – Rakachi
⁃ Everybody Happy
⁃ “They are so connected..” – EarthLord Daichi
⁃ “Yea..Im totally admired them” – FireLord Hokizo
⁃ “Yeah! Party!” – WaterLord Norimina *Happy*
⁃ “Yay!!” Everybody
⁃ “Big Brother Has You ever lose to someone?” – Arrania
⁃ “No way Big Brother Arikachi Will Lose to Anyone!” – Ikki
⁃ “Im Just Asking!” – Arrania
⁃ Ikki and Arriana Arguing
⁃ “Did they will end us like us?” – Arch to Ivy
⁃ “Hey..Hey..Calm down Guys” – Arikachi
⁃ “Listen..*Everybody look at Arikachi* No one always Winning In this World..God Create us Fairly..We win and we Lose..we lose so we can learn what our Weakness are and from that We can Train and Practice Harder..nobody is perfect” – Arikachi *Smile and Tucking Arrania and Ikki Head*
⁃ “Hehe nice” – Ace
⁃ “But if you lose..Who are you lost to Big Brother..I Will Make sure He or She will pay for it back” – Ikki
⁃ “Hehehe Theres A lot of Great People Out There Ikki..But If you Really wanna know who..They are all here *Arikachi Point in Everyone of them In Gravity Sphere* if put us in a Real battle i cant Fight or even will win against My own Family” – Arikachi *Laugh*
⁃ “Whats that suppose to mean big Brother..We dont Fight our Family Right..Just Give me one name..” – Ikki
⁃ “Haha okay okay..This Is True..Theres a Girl who I met when i was younger than Your age..After we met..we trained together and Be for one and Another..One day..She become A lot strong and Smarter in A very young age..I really Stuck and cant Win Against Her If She Start to set me up..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Until Now?” – Arrania
⁃ “Yea.. Maybe..I never really want to fight her Again..She Is Hella Strong if She’s Angry” – Arikachi
⁃ Layla Smile and Poking Rinachi
⁃ Rinachi Smiling looking at Arikachi Tell Them Stories
⁃ “Who is she Big brother..Im gonna beat Her for you!” – Ikki
⁃ “Did you really cant think who is it?” – Arrania *Annoyed*
⁃ “How should i know!?” – Ikki
⁃ Arikachi move Ikki head Point to Rinachi
⁃ Ikki Gulping
⁃ “Big taking back my word..” – Ikki *Shaking*
⁃ “Hehehehe” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ Everybody Laughing
⁃ “They are so much Fun arent they” – WaterLord Norimina To Rakachi
⁃ “Yea..its like theres no wind Without all of them” – Rakachi *Smiling*
⁃ “Hehehe you’re right..” – WaterLord Norimina *Smile*
⁃ “Lord Norimina Look very Happy when around Lord Rakachi” – Katefuta whispering to Arikachi
⁃ “I heard the Rumor that they Are often Seeing each other” – Tekato
⁃ “Lord Rakachi and Water Lord Are dating!?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Shh dont say outloud Arikachi if she heard that she will turn into monster” – Tekato close Arikachi mouth
⁃ “What are you guys talking about?” – WaterLord Norimina
⁃ “Nothing nothing” – Katefuta and Tekato *Smile and covered up*
⁃ “WaterLord..Im happy for you and Big brother Rakachi are Dating” – Arikachi
⁃ Everybody Heard
⁃ “Dating!?” – FireLord Hokizo
⁃ “Huh?” – Rakachi
⁃ “Shit..” – Katefuta *Gulp*
⁃ “We’re dead” – Tekato goosebump
⁃ “Hmm?..*Look at Arikachi Eye* can tell *Smile* means we no need to hide anymore..” – WaterLord Norimina *Laugh*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ Tekato and katefuta release their breath and Fall down
⁃ “I thought im going to dead” – Katefuta
⁃ “Me to..” – Tekato
⁃ “Hehehehe” – Everybody Laugh
⁃ “Why are you blushing?” – Speerachi poke Rakachi
⁃ “Nothing” – Rakachi
⁃ “Hehehe its okay Lord Seventh everyone Deserve To be happy..By love..or Fighting..Just keep doing what we desire” – Layla
⁃ Arch holding Ivy Hand
⁃ Katefuta Hug Aqua
⁃ Tekato and Tekata brother hug
⁃ Shu Cover his Arm Around Melissa
⁃ “Like To protect Our Family” – Arikachi Continue Layla Word and Stand beside her
⁃ “Yea..Family” – Layla *Smile look at Arikachi*
⁃ “Because they are the most precious in our Life” – Rinachi hold Layla hand
⁃ “I love you!” – Layla hugging Rinachi and Arikachi
⁃ “They right..You should Loose your self with work sometime and Have fun” – WaterLord Norimina *Hand On Rakachi Chest*
⁃ Rakachi Grab Norimina and Kiss
⁃ “Oooh!” – Ikki
⁃ Arrania Cover Ikki Eyes
⁃ “Covering yours too..You and I got no Different” – Ikki
⁃ “Shut up.” – Arrania close her eye
⁃ “Hehehe” – Arikachi *Laugh*
⁃ β€œUrm..Arra..You said it before..You have your own it already archived?” – Layla
⁃ β€œHm?..not without all of you Thank you everyone” – Arrania
⁃ “Urm..Where are you from actually Arrania and That Crest?” –
⁃ “Yeah now you mention it?” –
⁃ “I am part of Anti Dark group Initiate..Called A.D.F..” – Arrania
⁃ “The A.D faction?..Wow you are so young..” – Rinachi
⁃ “And Brave” – Arikachi
⁃ “Along side my Comrade we are assign to take down the Group called Black Rust..The One who Bring van back to Life…but my friend *Sob* they..” – Arrania
⁃ “We are so sorry to ask Arrania..just Be strong kay” – Arrania *Hug Arrania*
⁃ Arrania *Shock* and Hug back
⁃ “I never had this before..thank you ..Big Brother” – Arrania
⁃ Everybody Smiling
⁃ “Test *arikachi Suddenly Change his Voice* Right Wings Are you still good to go? *Yes! – Rinachi* Left Wings Are you still good to go? *Yes Captain – Cylia* great Im Your Pilot Arikachi…alright guys Lets go home because Someone Is Waiting for us and..” – Arikachi *Coughing and Smile*
⁃ “Party!” – Everybody *Laugh*
⁃ The Gravity Sphere Going Faster Head to Reiloria
⁃ Cylia seeing Rinachi Smile and Happy
⁃ β€œI just realised now..i hate seeing you Sad..” – Cylia *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Are they Really 21 Years old?” – FireLord Hokizo *Weird*
⁃ “yeah sometime I loves Them Like this..” – Rakachi
⁃ “Just like having Your Own Child ay” – EarthLord Daichi
⁃ “You should Know that Well right earth Lord..Hehehe” – WaterLord Norimina
⁃ “Hehehe” – EarthLord Daichi *looking at the smile of The New Generation*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ *Running Step*
⁃ “Sora!..” – Arikachi *Excited Voice*
⁃ *Door Opened*
⁃ Baby Sora *Giggling*
⁃ “We Are back” – Arikachi and Rinachi hugging their Child
⁃ β€œArikachi..” – May *Crying*
⁃ β€œThank you so much big Sister..Im Back” – Arikachi Hug May
⁃ β€œWelcome Back” – May *Wipe her Tears*
⁃ *The End*


⁃ *Celebrating In Reiloria*
⁃ They been Called back to Bravelight and Celebrating Again with Everyone
⁃ β€œYou all are so amazing” – Queen Meredith
⁃ β€œI cant believe i shake her hand!” – Hikari *Inner Voice*
⁃ *Land of Water*
⁃ β€œWelcome back Master” – Hami (Katefuta Maid)
⁃ β€œPapa” – Eiji
⁃ β€œHehehe he call me 1st” – Katefuta winking at Aqua
⁃ *Land of Earth*
⁃ β€œIm back” – Tekato
⁃ β€œWelcome back Honey” – Nanami *wipe her tears*
⁃ β€œI miss both of you so much” – Tekato hug Nanami and Takumi
⁃ *A.D.F Base*
⁃ β€œDad!” – Arrania Run and Hug Her Father
⁃ β€œIm glad you are okay Arrania” – Commander Greese
⁃ *Land Of Light*
⁃ Cylia Drop her self out from the Bravelight Kingdom
⁃ β€œWhat do you mean Dear?” – Queen Meredith
⁃ β€œIn this journey I need to find who i really are what i mean to so sorry My Queen” – Cylia
⁃ β€œCylia..” – Milanna *Cry*
⁃ Cylia Hug Milanna
⁃ β€œIm so sorry for all my harshness to all of you..I will be a better woman that make the Bravelight Proud” – Cylia
⁃ The Light team Shed in tear and Hug their Leader
⁃ Everybody Waving at Cylia
⁃ β€œI will be back” – Cylia *Inner Voice*


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