⁃ Inside Arikachi

⁃ Sealing Cage

⁃ “Raikachi Son..” – Byakorachi

⁃ Arikachi first time facing The Great White Tiger Beast

⁃ “Byakorachi” – Arikachi Shock looking At Byakorachi Eyes

⁃ “You came to death!?” – Byakorachi approach Arikachi with his Claw

⁃ Arikachi dodge it and Smile

⁃ “You are not scary than They said” – Arikachi Smile

⁃ “What!?” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Im here not to fight.. ” – Arikachi

⁃ “Why are you here What do you want?” – Byakorachi

⁃ Byakorachi Growled

⁃ Arikachi frighten shock

⁃ “I can feel the Big Thread is coming.. We need to Stick and Fight together byakorachi” – Arikachi

⁃ “And you thought im going to say yes? You foolish human are no different all they seek is Power ..” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Well im half Human .. so im different” – Arikachi giggles

⁃ “I only fight and Live to protect my friends and Family..but now i cant afford to lose my self..again.” – Arikachi

⁃ “This Brat” – Byakorachi Inner Voice

⁃ “I can hear That” – Arikachi

⁃ “Well if you can defeat me..maybe I will think about it” – Byakorachi Turn away

⁃ “I told you im not here to fight..But if thats it. Im not going to lose” – Arikachi

⁃ “What if i beat your ass easily” – Byakorachi

⁃ “I will completely take over your body..Yes?.” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Hehe.. I will win” – Arikachi *Smile* fist up

⁃ “Idiot” – Byakorachi

⁃ Arikachi step inside the Cage

⁃ Standing infront of Byakorachi

⁃ “Huh..” – Arikachi inner Voice

⁃ “Lets Begin” – Arikachi

⁃ Byakorachi suprised attack

⁃ Arikachi Dodge it

⁃ “So you fast” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Im ready” – Arikachi Smile

⁃ They Battled

⁃ Arikachi begin to use all of his Element

⁃ Byakorachi Laughing

⁃ “Element Dont work Against It” – Arikachi inner Voice

⁃ Byakorachi Speed Attack thrown Arikachi away

⁃ “I won..” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Heh. Its not finish yet” – Arikachi Standing up

⁃ They Continue the battle

⁃ Again and Again

⁃ “I will not give up!” – Arikachi punch Byakorachi

⁃ “What is this idiot?” – Byakorachi dodge it and Sweep away Arikachi with his tale

⁃ “Theres no way i can lose to you” – Arikachi Dash toward Byakorachi

⁃ Arikachi turn into Zero Mode

⁃ “This Brat!” – Byakorachi

⁃ Arikachi Throw Byakorachi away with Single punch

⁃ “Argh!..Zero Force! what are you!?” – Byakorachi Run toward Arikachi

⁃ “I am Arikachi!” – Arikachi dash toward Byakorachi

⁃ They Continue in A Speed Battles

⁃ Tough Battle

⁃ Arikachi Been Thrown away plenty of time but He Keeps getting up And Stand

⁃ Byakorachi Seem Enjoy in their Battle

⁃ “Its Been so long since I got to fight like this” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Haha” – Arikachi continue to fight

⁃ 2 hours later

⁃ Both of Them took Damage

⁃ “Huh..huh..huh” – Arikachi breathe

⁃ “You brat are quite something ” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Hehe Im not done yet” – Arikachi turn to Zero force Again and Ran toward Byakorachi

⁃ “I not gonna lose” – Arikachi

⁃ Byakorachi Laugh

⁃ “Enough!..” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Ehh?” – Arikachi

⁃ “I already enjoy my Time impressed by your Human Skill” – byakorachi

⁃ “Are you giving up?” – Arikachi

⁃ “Hell no. If we continue the result is still the same.. You will never Able to defeat me” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Lets Continue then” – Arikachi put both of his fist together

⁃ “Huh.. Stubborn i dont want to..” – Byakorachi laying on the Ground

⁃ “Arikachi…As expected ..”

⁃ “I can hear that” – Arikachi

⁃ “Hmph get out..” – Byakorachi

⁃ Arikachi Barely stand .. and Lay over as well

⁃ Byakorachi Laughing

⁃ “You fall..I won.” – Byakorachi

⁃ “The battle not finish” – Arikachi

⁃ “I totally regret by making decision to be Inside you” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Huh? Whats that suppose to mean?” – Arikachi

⁃ “After Raikachi Died..I saw you as a little kid.. i thought you were your body i can unleashed my Self..But..It gone wrong.. Im permanently trap in here” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Eh? Why?” – Arikachi

⁃ “It Because you are Strong idiot” – Byakorachi

⁃ Arikachi laugh

⁃ “because of you i made this all thanks To you” – Arikachi Smile

⁃ Byakorachi Look at Arikachi

⁃ “Im scared if im losing my self and went rampage..thats a reason why i wanna become stronger so that i can fight and protect My Friend..Thats All matter” – Arikachi *Giggles*

⁃ Byakorachi turn his head another side

⁃ Byakorachi imagining Someone

⁃ “How old are you anyway?” – Arikachi

⁃ “Beast dont aged” – Byakorachi

⁃ “” –

⁃ “Hehehe” – Arikachi

⁃ Arikachi Standing up and put his fist Together

⁃ “Im apologize for not done this Earlier..” – Arikachi

⁃ “Seal of Byakorachi.. Dismantle!” – Arikachi

⁃ The Gate Dissapear

⁃ “Hmph?” – Byakorachi look around

⁃ “You do know now i can take control over your body anytime right” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Yes..But i believe in you.. sorry that you have been locked up inside me for 17 years” Arikachi Lay His foreHead on Byakorachi head

⁃ Byakorachi look at Arikachi and imagine His former Owner and Friend

⁃ “Im starving.. Im gonna Head Out and Eat” – Arikachi walk out

⁃ “Arikachi..” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Mm?” – Arikachi Turn

⁃ “you should know that im not the one who take Control of Your Body..if i can take over your body.. I could done that Before..the Lost Ark of Evil that manipulate Me the Past 17 years has turn into your Dark Side ..and That will unleash when the time You are totally weak or Growing stronger” – Byakorachi

⁃ Arikachi Shock

⁃ “I can feel you are growing Stronger and might rise again maybe worst than before..till the day have come need to decide for your self in the Heart what are you desired the most..i trap In the Darkness once.. i hate if it gonna be my second” – Byakorachi

⁃ Arikachi Smiling

⁃ “Thanks for telling me The Truth Byakora.. i will be Ready if the time has come..i will not let you Be in the Darkness Again.. From now on I will bear all your Hatred..we Fight, we Sad, and Enjoy together thats Make us Human..” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ Byakorachi Just Looking at Arikachi

⁃ “How is he still smiling” – Byakorachi inner voice

⁃ “Because no matter what the future or past will be..i have to be myself and Follow my own Path” – Arikachi

⁃ “Shit. You heard me.. Get out.” – Byakorachi

⁃ “See ya Byakora” – Arikachi Walk and Waving

⁃ Present Time

⁃ Arikachi Open his Eye

⁃ Rinachi Sleeping Outside the Gravity Shied

⁃ “Rin?” – Arikachi

⁃ Arikachi get up and Walking toward Rinachi

⁃ Arikachi Watch Rinachi Sleeping

⁃ “Hehe she Look innocent when She sleep” – Arikachi Lift And Carry Rinachi

⁃ Arikachi catch a Fish for eat after lay Rinachi on The Leafs

⁃ “Mm?..” – Rinachi awake

⁃ Rinachi looking around wonder why she sleeping on the Leaf saw Arikachi Grilled the Fish

⁃ “Arikachi..” – Rinachi

⁃ “ awake” – Arikachi

⁃ “Here..Your fish” – Arikachi pass the Fish

⁃ “Thank you..” – Rinachi sit beside Arikachi

⁃ “Are you Okay.” – Rinachi

⁃ “ totally fine..hehe” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ “You gone 1 Week after The funeral without saying anything…Im worried..” – Rinachi *Sulk*

⁃ “1 week?!” – Arikachi *Shock*

⁃ “I thought i just met You and Tritachi Last night” – Arikachi

⁃ “Mm?..last night i was here alone” – Rinachi *Sulk*

⁃ “Huh!?..” – Arikachi *weird*

⁃ “How long you have been Here rin?” – Arikachi

⁃ “5 days” – Rinachi turn Away

⁃ Arikachi talk to Byakorachi thru heart

⁃ “What is happening?” – Arikachi

⁃ “Serve you right.. 1 day in your Body.. same as Its A week outside hahaha” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Why dont you told me earlier.. I can finish you up Faster” – Arikachi *Annoyed*

⁃ “Haha in your Dream..Well you make your girl is Sulking over there ..” – Byakorachi

⁃ “Zip it” – Arikachi

⁃ Arikachi Poke Rinachi Body to make her Ticklish

⁃ Rinachi turn Toward Arikachi

⁃ “Thank you” – Arikachi whisper

⁃ “Mm?” – Rinachi

⁃ “Thank you For Call out my name when You asleep hehe” – Arikachi

⁃ Rinachi face Turning Red imagine Herself sleep talking

⁃ Rinachi cover her Face with her Hand

⁃ Arikachi Took Rinachi hand Down and rest his head on Rinachi

⁃ “Im sorry” – Arikachi

⁃ “Dont be sorry..okay..” – Rinachi Blushing pull Arikachi Closer

⁃ “Arikachi!!! Arikachi!!! Rinachi!!!” – Rochi Yelled

⁃ (Rochi is one of arikachi Classmate ability to tracking down and Speed)

⁃ “Rochi?” – Arikachi

⁃ “The town! Has Been Attack!!” – Tritachi

⁃ “Town Has been Attack!?” – Arikachi and Rinachi Stand Up

⁃ “Tritachi and The Other are fighting the Phantom Army!” – Rochi

⁃ “Rin jump on My back” – Arikachi

⁃ “Rochi Lets Go.” – Arikachi

⁃ “Yeah” – Rinachi and Rochi

⁃ Arikachi Turn into Zero force and Merge with Lightning Speed Dash to Reiloria

⁃ Continue…

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