⁃ A week after Arikachi Back in Reiloria

⁃ Arikachi Start taking a Mission job back with Rinachi

⁃ Tritachi Still on His Training with his Father

⁃ One day The Land Of Fire has been attacked

⁃ “The Victim Said they saw Mekachi” – Hokizo the 6th Lord of Fire

⁃ “Thats Imposible!..Mekachi Died 19 years ago in A mission alongside his Comrade only one of them Survives” – Firachi Meeting up with The all Land Lord

⁃ Several day after Attack on land of Fire

⁃ Mekachi And his Protege Shuryu enter the land of Wind Thru the Shadow

⁃ “Its been a while” – Mekachi

⁃ Mekachi

⁃ Mekachi Went to the 5th Lord house to Gathered The World Data

⁃ “Who are you?” – Gomachi

⁃ Mekachi turn Around

⁃ “Its true!” – Gomachi Shock

⁃ Mekachi Stare at Gomachi

⁃ Walk to Gomachi

⁃ “Release the World Data” – Mekachi

⁃ Gomachi Immobilize

⁃ “Ne..Ver” – Gomachi *Grumble*

⁃ “Stubborn Old Man” – Mekachi Manipulate Gomachi using his Seigan

⁃ Gomachi Release the World Data with His Magic Ability

⁃ “Traitor to the World..The type like you ..Should not Exist” – Mekachi Killed Gomachi

⁃ Mekachi Burn the House And Left the Fire Message “Death”

⁃ After the News has Spread

⁃ Rinachi Ran out to Arikachi at the Koyouku Shrine and Told him the news.. Arikachi broke down while Cleaning the place

⁃ “Arikachi..” – Rinachi

⁃ “When he was younger Lord 5th always make Arikachi Believe in his self” – May Arrives

⁃ “May.. You here to” – Rinachi Frightens

⁃ May Walk to Arikachi and Hug Arikachi

⁃ Arikachi began to Had tears

⁃ “Its okay..Dont hold your Tear” – May Tucking Arikachi

⁃ Arikachi May and Rinachi Went back to Reiloria for Gomachi Funeral and Comfort Gomachi 11 years old Grandchild Golemachi

⁃ Gomachi word to Arikachi when he was little

⁃ “Im believe you will become someone useful when you grow up..Dont lose hope Kid” – Gomachi

⁃ Arikachi walk to Gomachi Honored stoned

⁃ “who ever did this to you..i will stop it and protect the Village with all my power…I promise..Rest in peace Gramp” – Arikachi

⁃ “Arikachi..” – Rinachi Inner Voice

⁃ Rinachi took and hold Arikachi Hand

⁃ Arikachi Sitting on the bench

⁃ Rinachi and Tritachi soon join Arikachi to Make Him feel better

⁃ Tritachi continuously Crack a Joke until Arikachi Smiling

⁃ “Haha there you are..Lights up alright.. Im sure Lord 5th doesnt want to see you like this” – Tritachi

⁃ “Yeah.. You right” – Arikachi *Smiling*

⁃ “Mm” – Rinachi Nodded

⁃ Tritachi Told Arikachi and Rinachi his Funny Experience when On train with His Father

⁃ Arikachi Looking at Both of His Friend were smiling

⁃ “Maybe Its time..if something happen i cant lost any one else.. I cant lost my self” – Arikachi *inner voice* look at the Sky

⁃ Arikachi Made up his Mind.. to Face Byakorachi

⁃ A days After funeral

⁃ Rinachi follows Firachi and Nine to Mekachi Old Comrades house Fenichi for asking about mekachi

⁃ Fenichi told Them about the attack incident

⁃ In 1995 a month after Mekachi has been Granted as the Younger Wind Orp at the Age of 16

⁃ We receive a Mission from the land of Fire

⁃ *Flashback*

⁃ “Mekachi Fenichi Baekichi.. the Fire Dynasties Request your Team to escort their Prince to Visit Land of Earth..are you agreed?” – Raikachi

⁃ “Yes” – 3 of them Happily took the mission

⁃ “Im proud of all of you.. Especially you Mekachi.. Good luck and Be safe” – Raikachi

⁃ “Thank you Lord 4th” – Mekachi *bow*

⁃ Their set to Chibuha The Fire Dynasty

⁃ While their on the Road the forest Mekachi and His team has been attack by A Group of Rogue Elemantal Ninja

⁃ Mekachi team has Fall

⁃ Baekichi Death

⁃ Fenichi badly Injured

⁃ Mekachi burn his self to Protect Fenichi from The Rogue ninja fire Attack

⁃ Mekachi takes a lot of Damages

⁃ Mekachi cant barely stand He slip and Fall into the River

⁃ “Mekachi” – Fenichi Shoot her Fire Element to the Sky for Signal

⁃ Slowy close her eyes

⁃ The Group of Rogue flee after Took all of their bounty

⁃ After receive the signal Few hours later The Another Special force came to rescue

⁃ They failed to found Mekachi body

⁃ “That is the Last i Saw Mekachi” – Fenichi

⁃ Im sorry Fenichi.. thank you so much – Firachi

⁃ They went back after they Done Meeting with Fenichi

⁃ The same Night Mekachi appeared in Fenichi house

⁃ “Mekachi!? .. its really you” – Fenichi *smiling and Crying*

⁃ “Where Baekichi?” – Mekachi *Choke Fenichi*

⁃ “Mekachi What do you mean?” – Fenichi

⁃ “Where is He!?” Mekachi Lift her Hire

⁃ “His died 19 years ago” – Fenichi

⁃ “You will join him Soon” – Mekachi killed Fenichi

⁃ “Mekachi…why..” – Fenichi Last word

⁃ The Next Day Fenichi were found Killed

⁃ Yamida Dark Cave

⁃ “Is She worth?” – Shuryu

⁃ “She know everything about me” – Mekachi

⁃ The Same time

⁃ Arikachi made his Way to Byakko Mount

⁃ “Hows is it” – Mekachi

⁃ Arikachi Seal around him with Zero Gravity

⁃ “Its ready My lord” – Yugi

⁃ “Good .. Give me Time to Gain my power” – Mekachi

⁃ Arikachi crossed his leg

⁃ “I can do this” – Arikachi *Close His eye*

⁃ “The world is gonna be mine” – Mekachi *Close his Eye

⁃ “Byakora!” – Arikachi

⁃ Imprisoned Themselves

⁃ Mekachi think about his Past

⁃ Yamida Alternate Memory

⁃ After the Accident happen

⁃ The Greatest Dark Lord Yamida sense a powerful Elemental user.. And he went seaching for it

⁃ Later on He saw a body By the Shore of the lake

⁃ “There is it.” – Yamida

⁃ “He still Alive.. Whats in him..its so Powerful” – Yamida *wondering*

⁃ “He is Worth it” – Yamida Carries Mekachi using his Dark Element

⁃ Yamida Use Dark Drop to revive Mekachi

⁃ After a week .. Mekachi awake lost His Memory

⁃ “Where am i..?” – Mekachi

⁃ “You in My cave i found you by the lake .. i bring you here to Meditate” – Yamida

⁃ “Lake..Who are you..” – Mekachi *looking around*

⁃ “Im Yamida.. The 4th Lord of Dark Element.. Who are you?” – Yamida

⁃ “Im…” – Mekachi

⁃ “I dont know.. Who am i” – Mekachi *Shivering*

⁃ “This kid has lost his memory” – Yamida inner voice *grinding*

⁃ “Its Okay you need time to Recovered” – Yamida

⁃ “Time?..I feel like im rushing into something important” – Mekachi

⁃ “please you are the Dark lord Help me” – Mekachi

⁃ “Well okay then.. It may hurt a little” – Yamida *grinding Walk toward Mekachi*

⁃ “His Elemetal Spirit Are strong” – Yamida *Inner Voice*

⁃ Yamida Hold Mekachi Head

⁃ “Yami No Mimore” – Yamida

⁃ Yamida change Mekachi Memory history to Negative to Makes Him Feel hatred toward The Land of Wind

⁃ Mekachi Dreaming his Opposite reality

⁃ “Why they do that?..” – Mekachi *Tears*

⁃ “Who are you” – Yamida

⁃ “Im .. im.. Mekachi” – Mekachi

⁃ “ have retrieve your memory..what happen to you?” – Yamida *test*

⁃ Mekachi punch the Stone

⁃ “I was betrayed by My comrade” – Mekachi *Anger*

⁃ “That Old man…After everything that i have done for The Village.. This how you pay Me!” – Mekachi Awaken his Eye Ability

⁃ “What power is That!?” – Yamida *Inner Voice*

⁃ Mekachi Gazing at Yamida

⁃ “I cant move.. Its .. Seigyo no me” – Yamida

⁃ Yamida Break the Force

⁃ Mekachi step back and Shock with new ability

⁃ “What is this!?” – Mekachi

⁃ “You have awaken the Ancient Devil Eye Technique Seigyo no Me.. Known as Seigan its able to Control Anykind that u seek to” – Yamida

⁃ “Seigyo No Me.. its Impossible.. what is this kid? I can strongly feel the dark force inside him” – Yamida inner voice

⁃ “Dark Seigan!?” – Mekachi *Look at his Hand*

⁃ Mekachi Flash back his memorial time in Land of Wind

⁃ Mekachi Holding His Fist

⁃ “What will you do now?” – Yamida

⁃ “Im going become Stronger and Avenge the Land of Wind” – Mekachi gaze With His Seigan

⁃ “Dark lord Please Accept me as your Pupil” – Mekachi bowing to Yamida

⁃ “Very Well young men” – Yamida *Evil Grind*

⁃ Yamida Taught Mekachi all about Dark Element

⁃ A month by month mekachi Become even more Darker and Start to master his 2nd stage Seigan by Controling a Monster

⁃ In 2 years Mekachi successfully Awaken his 3rd Stage of Seigan

⁃ Mekachi succesfully tested his Seigan to control a legendary beast

⁃ “This is Enough to Destroy the whole Reiloria” – Mekachi *Evil Grind*

⁃ “Whats your plan Kid” – Yamida

⁃ “Byakora..the Great White Tiger..i will Use it to Attack Reiloria” – Mekachi

⁃ “Its imposible” – Yamida *Shock*

⁃ Mekachi Laughing

⁃ “Just wait for the news Master” – Walk out from the cave

⁃ Mekachi Heading to Byakko Mountain

⁃ Mekachi Attack Byakora while Its off guard

⁃ “Human!” – Byakora Angry swipe away Mekachi

⁃ Before byakora tail hit Mekachi

⁃ “3rd Stage Seigan Control!” – Mekachi Look into Byakora eye

⁃ “Argg .. you foolish human.” – Byakora

⁃ Byakorachi succesful Control by Mekachi

⁃ “Its Time” – Mekachi Standing on Rooftop in Reiloria

⁃ “Beast Summon!.. Byakorachi!” – Mekachi Release

⁃ Byakorachi Crush the Village

⁃ But it was stop by The 4th Lord of Wind Raikachi after Byakorachi has been sealed Mekachi Flee away

⁃ “He is too strong” – Mekachi back in the Cave

⁃ “You still have time Mekachi” – Yamida

⁃ “That old man!” – Mekachi punch the Boulder imagining The face of Raikachi

⁃ “I will not stop!” – Mekachi *anger*

⁃ From after that.. Mekachi has control and order the beast to attack every each land and it become a mission to Save the innocent people

⁃ 4years later After mekachi heard the news that Raikachi is Dead by one of His Beast .. he become more eager and Confident to attack Reiloria

⁃ “ gonna get my revenge” – Mekachi walk away

⁃ “Wait..” – Yamida

⁃ Mekachi turn around

⁃ Yamida fall to the Ground

⁃ “Master!” – Mekachi Ran and Catch Yamida

⁃ “Mekachi not now..seigan..Gathered..the Ultimate Army..” – Yamida

⁃ “What its mean master” – Mekachi

⁃ Yamida move his hand and Touch mekachi Shoulder

⁃ “The Dark Element has chose you Mekachi” – Yamida Passed out

⁃ Mekachi Receive a Dark lord Mark

⁃ “Masterrr!!” – Mekachi Cried

⁃ After The Dark lord Died the greatest Dark Element flows into Mekachi and inherit it

⁃ “Remember..Wind Is too strong..unless you have wall to Block it” – Yamida last word

⁃ After 8 years Imprisoned him self in the Darkness to become the Next Dark lord He went to search for a Legendary beast to Test his New Ability

⁃ In the Way Mekachi sense a Dark Elemental user

⁃ He Saw a Youth Fighting a Beast

⁃ Mekachi went and stop the beast with His Gaze

⁃ Mekachi become more Stronger than he ever was

⁃ “Who are you?” – The Kid

⁃ “I am the dark lord..what are you doing here” – Mekachi

⁃ “I praticing my Dark element” – The kid

⁃ “Go away.. It dangerous” – Mekachi turn away and Walk

⁃ “You are the Dark lord Right.. please make teach me Becoming more stronger” – the kid bow

⁃ Mekachi Stared and remind The kid as him

⁃ “Whats your name?” – Mekachi

⁃ “Shu..Ryu” – Shuryu

⁃ Mekachi took Shuryu and Taught him Everything about Dark Element

⁃ “Is this what you mean master” – Mekachi inner voice while looking at Yugi growing up

⁃ Year by years Shuryu been fed by mekachi history and he decide to Help Mekachi Fulfilling his dream

⁃ With the Help of Mekachi Shuryu become A Master of His Own special ability he can Possessed the Shadow

⁃ “dark” – Mekachi *Thinking*

⁃ Mekachi plan by using Shuryu Shadow to Make an Army and its succeed but its not Strong enough to War

⁃ Mekachi came out with the plan to Manipulate the Strongest Heroic in the Continent with his Seigan

⁃ “We need a Details Of the Current High Ranking in each land” – Shuryu

⁃ “No.. Not each land ..all we need is in Reiloria.. The land of Wind” – Mekachi

⁃ During the Lord Meeting Land of Wind has been trusted to Keep all the Information about the World

⁃ “I can teleport around through my Shadow.. My lord” – Shuryu

⁃ Mekachi Unlock the 5th Stage of Seigan After Gaining The Darkness Lord power

⁃ Its 10x able to Control and Manipulate

⁃ Mekachi And Yugi attack the 5th Lord Of Wind.. Mekachi possessed Him to Leak the Information

⁃ After they Had the Data Mekachi killed gomachi and Travel around the Continent to Gathered the Army

⁃ Mekachi and Yugi turn a thousand Elemental Soldier to a Dark Shadow lead by a great Heroic all over the elemental Land that he Has Manipulate

⁃ Diamonds Rank of Water Lance (Controlled)

⁃ Diamonds Rank of Earth Rocka (Controlled)

⁃ Diamond Rank of Wind Ginkachi (Controlled)

⁃ Diamond Rank of Fire Kohara (Controlled)

⁃ Emereld Dragon Akaine (Controlled)

⁃ Devil Tree Magic User Matilda (Join)

⁃ Black Phantom Necromancer Yugi (Join)

⁃ The Sage of White Lightning Riozashi of Wind (Controlled)

⁃ Black Shadow Dragon Shuryu (Disciple)

⁃ “After We Destroyed The Land of Wind we going to Rule the World!!” – Mekachi Yelled to The Thousand of Army

⁃ “Yeahhh!!” – Soldiers

⁃ *Back in the present time*

⁃ “Its Time!” – Mekachi open his eyes

⁃ Continue…

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