NEW DAY (Special)




⁃ Arikachi Sora
⁃ Rinachi Sakura
⁃ Shunryu
⁃ Melissa Wallace
⁃ Arch Knightwalker
⁃ Kogenta
⁃ Hikari
⁃ Shinichi
⁃ Kirana


Special Story between Arikachi and Rinachi During their Teenage Life Part 2 : New Day, This Story is Took after Arikachi been Revived From death after fought against Winter Rogue Frost

⁃ *Reiloria Forest*
⁃ Arikachi took a Monstrous S Mission to Trained himself by fight a Bunch of monster without His Element
⁃ Rinachi Arrives and Saw Arikachi All Exhausted laying on the ground
⁃ “Oh my! *Cover her Mouth* Arikachi!” – Rinachi Run to Arikachi
⁃ “Hehehe hello Rin” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Seeing you in this condition it makes me really worried..Your Hair?” – Rinachi *Hold Arikachi in her Arm*
⁃ “Hehe the Monster got My hair..” – Arikachi
⁃ “1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..8 of Them *Looking at the Monster* with *Hold Arikachi Fist* Barehand?” – Rinachi *Worried*
⁃ Arikachi Smile and Wink
⁃ “Let me help you kay” – Rinachi
⁃ *Cabin*
⁃ “Take this off kay” – Rinachi *Hold Arikachi Shirt*
⁃ “Mm?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Its make me easier to healed your wound Darling” – Rinachi
⁃ Arikachi take off His Shirt
⁃ Rinachi Stared at Arikachi Scar on his Back
⁃ Rinachi Healing Arikachi
⁃ Arikachi Stand Infront of the Mirror to fix his Hair
⁃ Rinachi Back hugged Arikachi
⁃ “Rin?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Can i Do it?” – Rinachi *Kiss Arikachi back*
⁃ “Hehehe Sure” – Arikachi
⁃ Rinachi Took the Scissors and cut Arikachi Hair
⁃ *Cutting*
⁃ “Done..” – Rinachi *Giggles*
⁃ Arikachi Hair been Cut Into Rounded shape with a fringe that brushes the Eyebrows
⁃ “You can Open your eyes now Darling” – Rinachi
⁃ “You are so Handsome” – Rinachi *Styling Arikachi Hair*
⁃ “Hehehe I love it Thank you so Much Rin..” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Hmmm more girl will attack you this Time” – Rinachi
⁃ “Hehehe what are you talking About?” – Arikachi *Stand And Shake his Hair*
⁃ Rinachi Stunt look at Arikachi
⁃ “Rin?” – Arikachi
⁃ “You keep making Me Fall in love over and Over again” – Rinachi *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Rin?” – Arikachi *Hold Rinachi Hand*
⁃ “I love you” – Rinachi *Hold Arikachi Cheek*
⁃ “I love you too *Hug* Thank you again Rin” – Arikachi
⁃ “I bring some Lunch *Hug* Lets eat it together kay” – Rinachi
⁃ “Okay” – Arikachi Smiling
⁃ *Picnicking*
⁃ “Takoyaki!” – Arikachi *Giggles*
⁃ “Hehehe Here ahh *Feeding Arikachi* Open your mouth” – Rinachi
⁃ “Thanks Rin” – Arikachi *smile*
⁃ “Mm?..wheres Mina and the Other?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Melissa At Home Shu went on Mission..Arch and Kogenta Too” – Rinachi
⁃ “Owh” – Arikachi
⁃ “Darling…Im already Miss Gum-Gum” – Rinachi
⁃ “Yeah..Me too..I hope he doing fine somewhere” – Arikachi
⁃ “Yup” – Rinachi *Smile*
⁃ “Here..*Feeding Rinachi* You should eat too you must be tired from Modelling Earlier” – Arikachi
⁃ “Thank you Darling” – Rinachi *Eat*
⁃ Rinachi Lean on Arikachi Shoulder
⁃ *Reiloria Base*
⁃ “Welcome back! Oh my God!” – Hikari *Cover Her Mouth*
⁃ “Arikachi!! You are So Handsome!” – Hikari
⁃ “Hehehe I told You” – Rinachi *Whispering*
⁃ “Hehehe We’re back” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “you are better Before but now you are much better brother” – Shinichi
⁃ “Hehehe Thank you Shinichi..Its all thanks To Rin” – Arikachi
⁃ “Wow..I didnt know you are good at Barbering Rin *Smile* you look so good Arikachi you just making the Girl Going crazy for you again how the Mission going?” – Kirana (Mission Manager)
⁃ “Its Great hehe Thanks Kirana” – Arikachi
⁃ “Shu and the Other Havent got back yet?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Shu Took the Mission outside the Land” – Kirana
⁃ “Owh..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Kogenta and The Other should Be Arrive soon..Because their Leave in the Morning” – Hikari
⁃ “Hehehe Both of you not going on Mission?” – Arikachi Teasing Hikari and Shinichi
⁃ Shinichi Blushing
⁃ “Hehehe Shinichi Scared to go on a mission or job with a Woman” – Hikari *Annoyed*
⁃ “Huh?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Said Who?” – Shinichi
⁃ “Hehehe” – Rinachi
⁃ “Mina?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Oh..Yeah! i didnt See Melissa Yet today” – Kirana
⁃ “Is she still at home?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Is Melissa not feeling Well” – Hikari
⁃ “Lets go check on her kay” – Rinachi
⁃ Arikachi Rinachi and Hikari went to Visit Melissa At her House
⁃ “Mina?” – Arikachi *Knock the Door*
⁃ *Door Open*
⁃ “Rin Hikari..Arikachi!?” – Melissa
⁃ Melissa Stunt
⁃ “Melissa Are you okay?” – Rinachi
⁃ “Are you not feeling well?” – Arikachi Feel Melissa Forehead
⁃ “So..Handsome” – Melissa
⁃ “Right?..” – Hikari
⁃ “Yup yup” – Rinachi *Giggles*
⁃ “Guys..” – Arikachi *Annoyed*
⁃ “Hehehe Im okay Im just A Bit busy with the Paperwork from Reiloria Lab” – Melissa
⁃ “Hehehe anyway thank you so much for Coming here Guys” – Melissa *Smile*
⁃ “We were worried if you are not feeling well Melissa ” – Rinachi
⁃ “Thank you so much Sweetheart” – Melissa
⁃ “So we know that you are okay..just dont work too much kay..If you need help you can call us Alright” – Hikari
⁃ “Okay” – Melissa *Smile*
⁃ “See you later Mina” – Arikachi
⁃ “Take care guys” – Melissa *Waving*
⁃ *Street*
⁃ “Rin!” – Hikari
⁃ Arikachi and Rinachi *Frightening*
⁃ “Your Poster its already Release” – Hikari *Pointed At Magazine Store*
⁃ “Ahh” – Rinachi *Cover her Face*
⁃ “Wow. You really have a Perfect Body Rin” – Hikari *Hold The Magazine*
⁃ “Look its Also on the screen” – Hikari Pointed At The Reiloria Center Screen*
⁃ Rinachi Look Around
⁃ “Pure Beauty” – Arikachi *Read the Description*
⁃ Rinachi Blushing
⁃ “Hehehe” – Arikachi
⁃ Rinachi Blushing and Slip her face Inside Arikachi Jacket
⁃ “Hehehe So Cute” – Hikari *Watching Rinachi Embarrassing*
⁃ “Oh my! Arikachi and Rinachi!” – The Girl ambushing Arikachi Rinachi and Hikari
⁃ “Ahh I told you before” – Rinachi
⁃ “Hahaha You already knew the consequences Rin” – Hikari
⁃ “Can i take a Picture with all of you im such a big Fan” – Girl
⁃ “Please” – Girl
⁃ “Please” – Girl
⁃ “Sure” – Rinachi
⁃ A lot of Boy and Girl Approaching Them
⁃ “Thank you so much Everybody..See you around” – Arikachi and Rinachi
⁃ “Hehehe Both of You are so Popular!” – Hikari Jump on Both of Them
⁃ *Infront of The Base*
⁃ “Hikari” – Shinichi
⁃ “Urmm Yea?” – Hikari
⁃ “Do you mind go on a job With Me?” – Shinichi
⁃ Arikachi and Rinachi Shock
⁃ “Out of blue” – Hikari
⁃ “Dont get me wrong..The Job Require One Man and Woman..I thought i should ask you 1st but if you dont want to i can ask anyone else” – Shinichi
⁃ “Fine Then I got with go” – Hikari
⁃ “Hehehe All the best Both of you” – Arikachi
⁃ “See you later guys” – Hikari *waving*
⁃ Hikari and Shinichi off for The Job
⁃ Rinachi Hold Arikachi Hand
⁃ “I’ll Send you home okay” – Arikachi
⁃ At the Same time
⁃ “Lets Go Home” – Rinachi
⁃ “Hehehehe” – Arikachi and Rinachi *Laughing*
⁃ *The End*

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