⁃ Arikachi Sora
⁃ Rinachi Sakura
⁃ Shuryu
⁃ Melissa Wallace
⁃ Arch Knightwalker
⁃ Kogenta
⁃ Layla Sky Vredehart
⁃ Athena Vredehart
⁃ Riozashi
⁃ Rakachi (Seventh Lord of Wind)

⁃ Skyrachi
⁃ Sethachi
⁃ Yurachi
⁃ Raikachi
⁃ Shane Sky
⁃ Golemachi
⁃ Katefuta
⁃ Tekato


After saving the Vredehart City while battling Alphapheox .. the Queen invites all the Participants to Her Castle for Thanks and Appreciation Party..during the The Party the lost memory Queen recall her memory back quite little every time She Saw Arikachi but she is Still confuse whether remind she of Her Daughter or Her memory.. After the Thanks Party Ended.. Every team went back to Their Home town..day after party The Princess Of Vredehart Kingdom Layla panicked return to Her Kingdom after heard that The Vredehart Is almost Destroyed


⁃ *Vredehart Kingdom*
⁃ “Mother!!..” – Layla *Panic*
⁃ (Layla Sky Vredehart Princess Of Vredehart the 1st Daughter of Shane and Athena..layla is one of the Infinite Force wielder like Arikachi, Katefuta and Tekato.. Layla Force is Called Stellarium Force its has two different ability one more like Support Force its can Boost up anything that The She touch and contain Most powerful healing factor, Two its contain the Power of the Stars.. After Knowing that she Has those Ability Layla when to explore the Outside world And Help People With her Ability known as Layla Sky)
⁃ “Layla?” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Mom.. What happen? im so Sorry i swear i never leave you again .. im Sorry Mom” – Layla Cried and Hug her Mother
⁃ “Theres so much Has Happen My dear.. Its all fine now..we are saved by Arikachi and All of His Friend from The Mad Titan Alphapheox” – Queen Athena Cupping Her Daughter
⁃ “Arikachi?.. Alphapheox?.. Alphapheox isnt just a legend Myth?..” – Layla
⁃ “I thought it just a myth.. But during the League..He appears from the Sky Right infront of My Eye.. If Arikachi wasnt there… I might be Join Your Father Layla” – Queen Athena *Tears*
⁃ “Arikachi..?“ – Layla *Inner Voice*
⁃ (During Layla Adventure..Layla often Mistook or be called By the Name Arikachi because of Their Same Appearance and KindHearted until she get used to it but at the Same time makes she wonder who is Arikachi why everywhere she go Everybody seems to Loves him)
⁃ “Welcome back Princess” – Riozashi
⁃ “Uncle Rio!! What happen to Your Arm!” – Layla ran and Heal riozashi
⁃ “Thank you princess but its already recovered” – Riozashi
⁃ “What Actually Happen Uncle?” – Layla
⁃ “It cant be Explain By Word..” – Riozashi
⁃ “If You please Princess” – Riozashi Set a chair across The Queen
⁃ Layla Sit Across Her Mother and Leans Their head To each other
⁃ “MemorierShae”(Memorial Shared) – Riozashi
⁃ Layla Saw Everything During the War.. Alphapheox, Shiki, Yggdra, Arikachi, Vredehart Destroyed, Accident, The Battle, Victory,
⁃ Layla deep Breathing and Tears Start to Fall
⁃ “Its.. Its.. Real..” – Layla Shaking and Scared
⁃ “It over Now Princess.. we all Save” – Riozashi
⁃ “Im so Sorry Mother” – Layla Hug The Queen
⁃ “Im glad You are safe My dear” – Queen Athena
⁃ “The White Hair boy is?” – Layla
⁃ “Arikachi..He is so much Like You Layla..everything..even the Age is Same.” – Queen Athena
⁃ “I wish i can meet Him.. Its been 3 years on My journey Everywhere i go i have been mistook by The Name Arikachi.. I just wonder Who is He” – Layla
⁃ “Raikachi and Princess Yurachi must be so proud of you Arikachi” – Riozashi *inner Voice* Looking at Layla and Athena Smiling talk about Arikachi
⁃ “Uncle?..uncle?” – Layla
⁃ “Ah yes my apologies Princess” – Riozashi
⁃ “Do you know where Arikachi Lives?” – Layla
⁃ “Yes i do” – Riozashi
⁃ “Yeay! Can you take me There?” – Layla *Excited*
⁃ *Castle Entrance*
⁃ “Send my regard to Arikachi and his Friend okay when you reach there honey” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Mm” – Layla *Smile and Nodded*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ “Wow!.. the City Is so beautiful” – Layla *Amazed*
⁃ Layla Imagining What she Will do When She met Arikachi
⁃ “Thank you so much Arikachi” – Layla inner voice
⁃ “I heard a lot about you” – Layla inner voice
⁃ “Nono..Its cant do.. ahh what should i say?” – Layla *Moans*
⁃ “We need to see the Lord to Check on Arikachi Address..My Princess” – Riozashi
⁃ “Okay” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ *WindLord Office*
⁃ “Lord seventh you have Visitor” – Assistants
⁃ “Okay” – Rakachi
⁃ Rakachi Shock
⁃ “Dad!?” – Rakachi
⁃ “Lord 7th” – Riozashi
⁃ “Dont call me that.. Im your Son” – Rakachi
⁃ Layla Look at Riozashi and Rakachi back and Forth
⁃ “Uncle Rio son.. is seventh Lord of Wind” – Layla Inner Voice *Amazed*
⁃ “Anything I can help You dad?” – Rakachi
⁃ “She.. Arikachi?” – Rakachi *Weird* looking at Layla
⁃ Layla Smile
⁃ “Haha..No..This Is The Princess Of Vredehart..Daughter of Queen Athena” – Riozashi
⁃ “Pleasure to meet you Lord seventh” – Layla *Bow*
⁃ “oh my apologies your Highness” – Rakachi respect
⁃ “Nono dont apologising..Layla Lift Rakachi up
⁃ “Is this a Prank Arikachi?” – Rakachi *Inner Voice*
⁃ “She came here to Thanks Arikachi by her self .. Is Arikachi here?” – Riozashi
⁃ “Owh.. Im sorry, Arikachi went to Explore The Mission with His Team it will be awhile Your Highness” – Rakachi
⁃ “Hehe its Okay we will come another time.. Thank you so much Lord seventh” – Layla Bow
⁃ “Im sorry Princess” – Riozashi
⁃ “Don’t apologise Uncle..Its okay” – Layla
⁃ *A Few week later*
⁃ “Come on.. Uncle come on” – Layla *Ready*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ “Arikachi Isnt back yet?” – Riozashi
⁃ “Not yet Father” – Rakachi
⁃ “Hehehe its okay” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ “Looks like Arikachi is Always busy” – Riozashi
⁃ “Mm.. I believe he doing all that for the sake of World” – Layla *Sad*
⁃ “Are you okay Princess” – Riozashi
⁃ “Yea..im fine” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ *A month Later*
⁃ *After Winter Rogue Arc*
⁃ Layla and Riozashi Arrive Reiloria again
⁃ “Why everybody wearing a Black suit Uncle?” – Layla *Looking around*
⁃ *WindLord Office*
⁃ Layla Saw Golemachi Crying
⁃ “Dear..Whats wrong..dont cry okay..” – Layla comforting Golemachi
⁃ Golemachi Stunt looking at Layla Remind Him When Arikachi Comfort him when His Grand father Passed Away
⁃ “He’s Gone!” – Golemachi Ran away
⁃ “He’s gone?” – Layla
⁃ “Princess..” – Riozashi
⁃ “Oh” – Layla
⁃ *They Enter Lord 7th Office*
⁃ “Son.. What happen?” – Riozashi
⁃ “Its my fault..dad..i send him to that Mission” – Rakachi *Upset*
⁃ “What wrong..?” – Layla *Suspicious*
⁃ “I Sent Someone to investigate the Village has been attack and Drained..knowing that it drained by one of Alphapheox subordinate Heirs..Arikachi and His Team went To stop it..but Something unexpected happen..after it Defeated by Arikachi..The Culprit Absorbing the Nature Energy..turn Himself Into huge Nuclear that can destroyed the Whole Continent Arikachi Disappeared after he save everyone..im so Sorry..” – Rakachi
⁃ “No..” – Layla *Cried* although she never met Arikachi
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Riozashi Inner Voice
⁃ “Its not you fault Rakachi.. He did That..to save Humanity..like he did Always..” – Riozashi
⁃ “Im so sorry Princess” – Riozashi to Layla
⁃ On the Way back Layla saw Katefuta and Tekato
⁃ *Back To Vredehart*
⁃ Layla Told her Mother that Arikachi is Gone..Suddenly Queen Athena Tears fall like a Rain.. and She Fainted
⁃ “Yurachi..Yurachi..Arikachi” – Queen Athena calls in the Sleep
⁃ “Mother?..” – Layla
⁃ “Wait i will Take some water” – Layla
⁃ “I will take it” – Riozashi
⁃ “Its okay Uncle” – Layla
⁃ “Yurachi!” – Queen Athena *Awake*
⁃ “My Queen” – Riozashi
⁃ “Rio..my memory… Are back” – Queen Athena *Hold her Head*
⁃ “Everytime i saw Arikachi..i saw Yurachi..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Im grateful my Queen..looks like Its Time to Told you the Truth” – Riozashi
⁃ *Explain*
⁃ Riozashi hand a box Full of Letter from Yurachi during Her Amnesia
⁃ “Yura is Alive?..Arikachi.. is… Her 2nd son?” – Queen Athena *Cried*
⁃ “For now Please Keep this from Layla Rio.. Until the time has Come..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “As you wish My queen” – Riozashi
⁃ “Mother.. You awake.. here some water” – Layla Feed her Mother
⁃ “Layla..” – Queen Athena cup her Daughter Face
⁃ *Flashback*
⁃ Athena and Yurachi played together in the youth to Their Teenage age
⁃ “Hahaha” – Athena *Laugh*
⁃ “Yeay” – Yurachi *Happy*
⁃ They Both Lay on the garden and look at the Sky
⁃ “Yura.. If I had A child..if its a boy.. You better had a Girl Child okay.. So they can be Married and We gonna be a Big family” – Athena
⁃ “Hehe we are still young to Think of That Athena” – Yurachi Smile and Laugh
⁃ Athena Laugh
⁃ *Present Time*
⁃ “I have a Girl.. And You have 2 wonderful boys” – Queen Athena Inner Voice While Looking at Layla
⁃ *5 Month Later*
⁃ Arikachi spreading with Byakorachi and Reborn As Completely Human
⁃ Rakachi Send The Letter To Riozashi in Vredehart
⁃ “Dad..its Miracles He’s Back” – Rakachi *Letter*
⁃ Riozashi told the Happy News to Layla And Athena
⁃ “Huh!? Arikachi..Is Alive!?” – Layla *Stand up*
⁃ Queen Athena lost her Word and Crying
⁃ “The World Still need your son Yurachi” – Queen Athena *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Uncle Lets go to Reiloria” – Layla *Excited*
⁃ “No..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Huh?” – Layla
⁃ “Mm?” – Riozashi
⁃ “We will invites all of them Here and gave them a grand Welcome” – Queen Athena *Happy*
⁃ “Hehehe isnt that rude Mother?” – Layla
⁃ “Arikachi is A Understanding Person..im sure He will” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Rio..Can you send the invitation?” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Sure My Queen..” – Riozashi
⁃ “It is time..” – Queen Athena
⁃ Riozashi Nodded and Smile
⁃ “Can i Come Uncle?” – Layla
⁃ “You and i will be prepared To Welcome our Guest Honey” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Okay Mother” – Layla Smile
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ Arikachi and Friend Accept the Invitation
⁃ *Earthland Express*
⁃ “Welcome back Arikachi” – Riozashi
⁃ “Thank you so much Uncle Sage” – Arikachi
⁃ They having Fun conversation on the Way
⁃ *Arrives Vredehart Castle*
⁃ “Wow..Its Change From the Last time We are here” – Melissa
⁃ “The Queen Has A Special Welcome For All of you..Come on this Way” – Riozashi
⁃ “My Queen.. They are here” – Riozashi
⁃ “Thank you so much for invit.” – Arikachi Hug by Queen Athena
⁃ Everybody Shock
⁃ “Did Something Makes you sad Queen?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Im sorry im sorry” – Queen Athena *Tear*
⁃ “Thank you for Coming my children..” – Queen Athena please have Seat *Wipe her Tears*
⁃ “Thanks Are all our Your Highness” – Arch
⁃ “Before that..Congratulations on your Brother wedding Arikachi” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Hehehe its like a dream come true My Queen” – Arikachi *Giggles*
⁃ *Door Opened*
⁃ *Layla Enter*
⁃ “Wow..she is so Cute” – Melissa
⁃ Layla Smile and walk slowly toward Arikachi
⁃ “My Children..Please..Meet my Daug.” – Queen Athena *Shock!!*
⁃ Arikachi Surprised
⁃ Riozashi, Arch, Shu and Kogenta Shocking Jaw Drop
⁃ Rinachi and Melissa shock and Cover the Face
⁃ “Thank you for Saving My Mother” – Layla Continuously Kissing Arikachi
⁃ “What am i doing..” – Layla inner voice screaming
⁃ “Its embarrassing but why i cant stop..i feel so Connected” – Layla inner voice
⁃ “Ter” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Layla..let him go..” – Queen Athena
⁃ Arikachi Face turn Red
⁃ “Im sorry..Im so sorry” – Layla *Blushing*
⁃ Arikachi Lost His Word
⁃ “Im sorry For My Daughter Behaviours Arikachi..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “She is so Gorgeous..” – Arch
⁃ “Wait.. Is it just me .. Or They Really look alike?” – Kogenta *Wipe His Eye*
⁃ “Yea” – Melissa
⁃ “They look exactly the Same..!” – Arch
⁃ “Female Arikachi..?” – Shu
⁃ “Layla Sky.. is the Princess Of Vredehart?” – Rinachi *Surprised*
⁃ “Do you know her Rin?..” – Melissa
⁃ “I heard of Her somewhere before..wow…she is..just like Arikachi..so..beautiful” – Rinachi Stunt
⁃ Arikachi Staring at Layla weirdly like He was look at the Mirror
⁃ “Hehehe you look different than Before” – Layla cupping Arikachi Cheek *Giggles*
⁃ “Mm?” – Arikachi Blushing
⁃ “Layla..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “I saw Everything..what all of you did to save the World Through my Mother memory.. Im so sorry i made a Rude Entrance .. Hi Everyone..Im Layla Sky” – Layla *Bow*
⁃ “Her scent just like Tekato and Katefuta” – Arikachi *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Seriously..Im looking at 2 Arikachi” – Kogenta
⁃ “Im dying..” – Melissa
⁃ Queen Athena Laughing
⁃ “How is this possible?” – Arch
⁃ “3 years Ago.. through my Journey..everywhere i go..i always been Mistook and called by Arikachi name.. It makes me wonder how is Arikachi look like..After knowing that Arikachi save My mother..its make me more eager to met Arikachi in person..I went to Reiloria to thanks All of you Directly..but *thinking of the Past 6 month*…it doesnt matter.. I’ happy i get to meet all of you now” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ “Journey?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Mm..” – Lalya *Nodded*
⁃ “3 years Ago you are on your journey to Training to right Arikachi..” – Melissa
⁃ “Yea..” – Arikachi *Weird Looking at Layla*
⁃ “Can i ask you something?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Sure..anything” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ “You..Are..? Using the Infinite Force aren’t ya” – Arikachi
⁃ “Yes.. How did you know?..hehe I met Yonigora When I was Little..She teach me a Incredible ability to Help People..after Yonigora Disappear i made my journey to Help the People” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe Awesome” – Arikachi Smile
⁃ “Im fall in love..” – Arch looking at Layla
⁃ “They are the Force Wielder” – Shu
⁃ “And You…are..*Touch Arikachi Cheek* im sorry.” – Layla *Bow*
⁃ “Huh? Hey *Lift Layla up*” – Arikachi *Weird*
⁃ “The 1st..Zero Force..Ichigo..ahh wheres my respect” – Layla *Blushing*
⁃ “Huh?.. No..no.. dont..Nothing make us Different princess” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Just call me Layla okay..*stare at Arikachi eye* you eyes..” – Layla Moves Her Face Near Arikachi
⁃ “Are bluer..” – Layla *Blushing*
⁃ “Ahh!! What am i doing” – Layla inner voice
⁃ “Okay Enough Have a seat My children” – Queen Athena
⁃ Arikachi Innocently look at Rinachi
⁃ “Hehehe” – Rinachi hold Arikachi Hand and Smile
⁃ “Rinachi, i heard that you and Arikachi is not a coffee person..Theres a Tea for you..Enjoy your self okay” – Queen Layla
⁃ “Thank you you highness – Arikachi
⁃ “Thank you your highness” – Rinachi Blushing and Smile Beautifully
⁃ “Rinachi Sakura..You look so much Beautiful in Person” – Layla *Amazed*
⁃ “You are just much as beautiful Your highness” – Rinachi *Smile*
⁃ “Please just call me Layla” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ “Layla..did we actually met before?” – Arikachi *Still wondering*
⁃ “I believe this is our 1st time..” – Layla *Giggles*
⁃ “How can both of you look the Same?” – Kogenta
⁃ “Hehehe” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ “The Feast is Ready.. Enjoy Yourself my Kid” – Queen Athena
⁃ *After a Joyful Moment*
⁃ Arch Still keep looking at Layla and Arikachi Repeatedly
⁃ “Are you both connected?” – Arch
⁃ “Thats right..Layla and Arikachi looks like Siblings” – Melissa
⁃ “Hehehe..Thats one of the Reason I invited all of You here” – Queen Athena *Smile*
⁃ “Huh!? They are?..Oops im Sorry your Highness” – Melissa
⁃ “Hehehe its Okay.. No.. They Are not hehe” – Queen Athena
⁃ “What do you mean Mom/My Queen” – Arikachi and Layla
⁃ “Rio..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Arikachi.. You are turning 19 this Year you should Know Who you really Are..” – Riozashi
⁃ “I dont understand” – Arikachi *Confuse*
⁃ *Riozashi Explain The Origin*
⁃ “Skyrachi The King of Sky Kingdom, Arikachi Grandfather, is the Older brother of my father, Sethachi of Sky and Villana the Princess of Vredehart..After i was born My father Crown as a King of Vredehart,..From that moment Sky And Vredehart join force and became more Closer..for more than decade they were know as the most Respected Empires..But also they have a lot of Enemies…” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Sky And Vredehart are connected..is that why..i feel so close to Arikachi” – Layla Inner Voice *Look at Arikachi*
⁃ “After heard that The Sky Kingdom has been attacked .. My Father and I along side with the Vredehart soldier went to Skyran to help Uncle Skyrachi.. but we are to late..We arrive everything is Destroyed..but My Father and I saw Riozashi who badly injured, we took and Gave Rio Meditation..After Rio recovered He told Us that the King and Queen cant make it but the princess Yurachi is still alive..after knowing that Yura is This Alive i ordered the Vredehart Soldier to Find Yurachi day after day We failed find where is Yura..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Rio..” – Queen Athena *Wipe her Tear*
⁃ “Arikachi..You and Your Brother Is The Last Sky Royalty Blood That lives.. your Mother is The Princess Of Sky Kingdom known As the War Skytaction Yurachi.. One Night.. The Skyran and Sky Kingdom has Been Attack by Jude Empire and Grimgiore Empire combine..I am The Sky Royal Guardian..during the Attack i have failed to Save both of Your Grandparent..The King and The Queen.. But i manage to Buy a time For Your Mother to Escape..if I weren’t Save by Vredehart i might not standing here” – Riozashi
⁃ “After 2 years I went back to Reiloria for My Best friend Raikachi Wedding, your Father Arikachi.. That the 1st time i saw The Princess of Sky in a Couple Year of Searching, Im deeply Apologise for This My Queen..i tried to tell this Earlier but seems you cant remember who is Princess Yurachi is..my Queen” – Riozashi
⁃ “Rio..Dont Apologise..Its not your Fault..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “after i saw that That Princess is Happy and Joyful.. I think that its better for me to Keep watching her from a distance..because i know she will be Sad Recalling what happen to Her Kingdom after She saw me..The princess had Better freedom life more than before..the Villagers, Everybody Loves her..during the War..because of Raikachi and Princess Reiloria keep on Archives Victory..Raikachi was Assign as The 4th Lord Of Wind when they had their 1st child i was there watching The Beautiful Family..The same time The Princess notice i am there.. She came and Talk to me..how Worried she was and..she ask Me to keep a Secret that she was a Sky Royalty from the People of Reiloria and she ask me To Be beside you and Protect Vredehart for her My queen..she send This letter Every Month *Hold The Box* Since she doesn’t get a Chance to Came here because of Her Identity
⁃ “After I made the Promise to her i went back to Vredehart Become A Royal Guardian… when I told the Princess That Queen is Pregnant.. The Princess Came To Vredehart for Greet The Queen By herself she gave the encouraged and Support to the Queen..from my heart.. I was so Touch by their 1st Reunion..7 month After Princess Layla was born i set my way back Reiloria to visit Princess Yurachi Raikachi and Speerachi ..The same Day Vredehart Kingdom has Been Attack by another Magic Kingdom, i Turn my Way back and Protect Vredehart to keep my Promise.. At Same time i dont know that Reiloria Was half destroyed by Byakorachi The Legendary White Tiger..on that Exact date Princess Yurachi died and Queen Athena was on unconscious for 1 year under a Spell…” – Riozashi
⁃ Rinachi and Layla wipe Their Tears
⁃ “After The Queen awake..I went back to Reiloria to Visit Raikachi and Yurachi Grave..I heard that Raikachi Resigns as The 4th lord of Wind and Move out from Reiloria..i cant Find Where he is.. then I went back to Vredehart guarding Layla for 6 years .. After that I retired and went on my journey..im sorry My queen for Leaving the Kingdom.. Everytime I Think of Sky And Vredehart Accident its makes me Think that its all my Fault.. im not Strong enough.. i feel depressed with my Life ..i have lost My Path..until that day the Hell Raiser Mekachi Approaching me and Curse me To the Darkness..after curse Seal is Broken..That time..Rakachi said to me That..He believe in the Lord 4th Son..i didn’t know that The Princess Had a 2nd child when i saw you defeat Mekachi..It remind me of Princess and Raikachi and the promise that i made.. You have save me Arikachi,..Thats wakes me Up and Lead me Back on the Right Path..i secretly went Back to Check on Vredehart..Queen Athena saw Me and Accept me Back with her open heart as A Queen after Lost her Husband in Accident 2 years ago..I cant forgive My self For everything that Happen to the people i care before.. but.. you word Has Moved me.. I owe you a lot Prince of Sky” – Riozashi
⁃ Arikachi Stand Up and Hug Riozashi
⁃ “You dont need to Apologise Uncle.. you did your Best to keep your Promise..I never met Mum.. Ever since Im born.. the Past month.. I got a chance to met both of My parent.. She saw everything That Happen..She mentioned that She is Grateful that Someone has saved Her life.. I thought She Was talking about dad.. then She said that If that man Never been there.. She might not able To married or Live..i was confused.. I ask Her who is It..She told me That man is her Brother..after i heard this.. Im Sure She is talking About you..” – Arikachi
⁃ Riozachi hold his Tear
⁃ *Riozashi Flashback of Yurachi*
⁃ “Brother.. Brother.. Brother” – Yurachi
⁃ “Hehe Im just Your Guardian Princess” – Riozashi
⁃ “No i dont want you to be my Guardian..” – Yurachi
⁃ “You are my Brother and Always Will be” – Yurachi
⁃ *Present Time*
⁃ “Im..sorry Arikachi” – Riozashi *Tears*
⁃ Layla, Rinachi, Melissa and Queen Athena Cried looking at Riozashi
⁃ “Uncle..” – Layla 1st time seeing Riozashi Emotional
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Queen Athena Stand up
⁃ “I cant Forgive my self for not remembering my Best Friend and Cousin..I cant remember anything until i saw you at the League im confused either i recall you as Someone or My Daughter Layla ..i can feel that Something important in me that mission when i look at you..5 month ago..after heard that you vanish after Saving our Earthland..its Shook me and I fainted..When im awake..the lost memory of mine..its just flood in my brain..Its remind me so much of Yurachi..when i think of you.. You look so much like she is.. She is The Brave and Kindness Person I ever known” – Queen Athena *Crying*
⁃ Arikachi comforting the Queen By Hug
⁃ Queen Athena Imagining and Feels like Yurachi Hugging
⁃ “Thank you so much and im deeply Apologise i couldnt be there for you and Speerachi this Past year..” – Queen Athena *Cried*
⁃ “Please dont apologise My Queen..its all already past.. The Past thats Make me Who I am now.. I have no regrets at all.. Im happy To know Well about My parents its All thanks To both of You..” – Arikachi *Smile Look at The Queen and Riozashi*
⁃ “You must feel alone all this Time..” – Queen Athena *Cried*
⁃ “Im not alone *Smile*.. Im surrounding With a lot of Good And Kind Friend.. that Always Be There for Me..*Look at the Rinachi, Melissa, Shu, Arch, and Kogenta*” – Arikachi Smiling wiping The Queen Tear
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Layla
⁃ Layla Stand Infront of Arikachi look at him with the teary eye
⁃ “Hehehe Dont cry.. Layla” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “So.. Thats Make Layla is Arikachi Cous.” – Melissa *Shock*
⁃ Layla Cried out loud And Hugging Arikachi
⁃ “Im Sorry” – Layla *Sobbing*
⁃ “Layla..why?” – Arikachi
⁃ “I ashamed of My Self..im sorry Everyone” – Layla *Hugging Tight*
⁃ “Hehehe..dont need to be feel ashamed now alright.. We all Are Family” – Arikachi Tuck Layla Head
⁃ Queen Athena remember that Yura once said that to her
⁃ “No matter who we are..even we are not in the Same Blood..we have to treated people All equal..because We Are all family” – Yurachi Tucking Athena Head
⁃ “Arikachi The Prince of Sky” – Arch toss a Drink
⁃ “Arikachi is the Prince of Beast!” – Kogenta
⁃ “Stop it guys Im Just Arikachi and i Always Will be” – Arikachi *Giggles*
⁃ “No..He is the Prince of Light” – Shu
⁃ “More like Prince of Charming to Me” – Melissa
⁃ Arikachi *lift his hand On his Head*
⁃ Rinachi Laughing
⁃ “Rin..What prince do you think Arikachi is” – Melissa
⁃ “Huh?..Hehe Arikachi always be a Prince in My heart” – Rinachi *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Melissa
⁃ “Alright We lost..” – Arch Gathered with Shu and Kogenta
⁃ “Hehehe” – Layla and Queen Athena
⁃ “Im glad You make a Wonderful friend Your Highness” – Queen Athena *Laugh*
⁃ “Not you too..” – Arikachi Inner Voice
⁃ “Hehe please Dont address Me that my Queen” – Arikachi *Bowing*
⁃ “Sky Kingdom Empire is once a Big help to Vredehart and like a older Brother..now you knew your real identity its Will be Rude for us to call by Your Real name..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Its will be Weird and rude for me if anyone call me that” – Arikachi *Giggles*
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Queen Athena *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Title, or Anything..it just a same to me..i am Arikachi..who Lives happily surrounding by all great Friends and Family..we laugh we Sad..we fight Together..Thats is Just enough for me..To live and Fight for” – Arikachi
⁃ “Thats our Arikachi!” – Arch
⁃ “Yeah!” – Kogenta
⁃ “Okay Arikachi *Cupping Arikachi Face*..but all of you have to stop calling me Queen too alright..We are Family” – Queen Athena *Smile*
⁃ “Deal” – Arikachi *Giggles*
⁃ *The Moment*
⁃ They Enjoy the Time Together
⁃ Layla tied her hair to Imitate Arikachi
⁃ BGLX Make A Thanks Present Use their Element
⁃ Arch Give them a Sword for the Kingdom collection
⁃ Kogenta Took something hard And make a Flower by his Strength
⁃ Melissa froze her Water to make the Eavesdrop Ornament
⁃ Rinachi gave The Queen And Layla a Rare trillion Crystal with their Pictures in it
⁃ Arikachi totally got no idea..everybody Smiling and Laughing looking at Arikachi to came out on his Own idea
⁃ Arikachi end up making a Sphere ball with The 4 Element Symbol spinning inside it with the Help of Rinachi who turn the Spiral to Crystal Ball
⁃ After An Emotional Truth..They ended Up Happy and Laughing Together
⁃ *Farewell*
⁃ “I wish We can Talk like this Often..you all are always welcome here in Vredehart My child” – Queen Athena *Smile*
⁃ “Thank you So much” – BGLX *Bowing*
⁃ “Its Fine Uncle ..Thank you so much *Bowing* You dont need to Send us Back..you must be tired hehe have some rest alright” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Arikachi..thank you..may you Have a Safe Trip” – Riozashi
⁃ Layla walk toward Every Member and kiss their cheek
⁃ “Thank you” – Layla
⁃ “Is she..just” – Arch *Blush*
⁃ “Thank you” – Layla
⁃ “I feel My body Lighten” – Melissa
⁃ “Thank you” – Layla
⁃ “My body is Surging” – Shu
⁃ “Thank you” – Layla
⁃ “What was that..I feel more beast!” – Kogenta
⁃ “My Force is an ability to Boost up the power of the Person i touch..please accept it as My thanks” – Layla Walk to Rinachi
⁃ Arch, Kogenta and Shu jaw Dropping
⁃ “Thats..Thats..Must be Extra Boosting” – Arch
⁃ Layla Grab and Kiss Rinachi Mouth
⁃ Rinachi Body Glowing
⁃ “Heaven..” – Arch and Kogenta looking at Them Differently
⁃ “Thank you..Rin..” – Layla *Hug and Smile*
⁃ “Thank you.. Layla” – Rinachi Hug Layla
⁃ Layla walk To Arikachi
⁃ “Hehe i appropriate it.. Thanks Layla” – Arikachi *Step Back*
⁃ “Don’t Step back..Please accept my thanks..again” – Layla grab and Pull Arikachi
⁃ “Arikachi..” – Layla Kissing
⁃ Both Of Them Glowing
⁃ “What is that?” – Melissa
⁃ “The Force..united” – Shu
⁃ “Wow” – Melissa *Amazed*
⁃ “Thank you..please Take care” – Layla lay her head on Arikachi Heart
⁃ Arikachi Grab Rinachi to the Hug
⁃ Rinachi Smile beautifully
⁃ Melissa pull Shu and Join
⁃ Arch and Kogenta look at each other And Join
⁃ “Group Hug” – Melissa
⁃ “Anything..Just call us..Okay.. we will be Here” – Melissa
⁃ “I just met all of You.. But i dont know why i felt so close.. can say I love you ..?” – Layla *Tears*
⁃ “We love you to Layla..Dont be Sad okay.. If you sad We all will be sad to.. “ – Rinachi Wipe Layla Tears
⁃ “Im so sorry..you guys are so Warm” – Layla
⁃ “Thank you again.. all My dear Child for saving Our World..take care and Always Be safe on Your Adventures” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Thank you so Much..Bye bye” – BGLX *Waving*
⁃ “Bye Bye” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ *They Leaving*
⁃ “Arikachi the Child from Sky” – Queen Athena hugging Her Daughter
⁃ “Raikachi and Princess Yurachi must be so proud of him..” – Riozashi
⁃ “I feel safe and Comfortable when He is Around..I dont want to believe That Arikachi is My cousin..” – Layla
⁃ “We all do..thats is why people look up to Him” – Queen Athena
⁃ “But..Rin and Arikachi seem close right Mother” – Layla
⁃ “Yes..Rinachi with Arikachi since they are 5 or 6 years old” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Really?” – Layla *Shock*
⁃ “Are they dating?…oh my..I kiss Arikachi infront of her..What am i doing.. is she gonna Be Mad at Arikachi?” – Layla *worried*
⁃ “Hehe What makes you kiss Arikachi dear..” – Queen Athena *Laugh*
⁃ “I dont know..when i saw Arikachi My heart act on her own” – Layla *blushing and happy*
⁃ “Hehehe maybe if Im young my heart will act on her own to” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Mum you perv…I dont know why i did that.. i never kiss someone before” – Layla
⁃ “You are in love aren’t you..” – Queen Athena
⁃ “*HeartBeat faster*..i dont know..*Blush* im so happy for Rin…Anyway im glad that Your memory Is back too Mother..but why you didn’t tell me earlier” – Layla
⁃ “Thank you Dear..i thought it will be better if i told both of you at once” – Queen Athena
⁃ “Hehe Now you can tell me How you met Dad right” – Layla *Giggles*
⁃ “Hehehe lets talk inside..Come on Rio” – Queen Athena
⁃ “After you” – Riozashi
⁃ “Okay” – Layla *Smile*
⁃ *Door Closed*
⁃ *The End*


⁃ *Earthland Express*
⁃ Arikachi fell asleep on Rinachi thigh
⁃ Rinachi Staring at Arikachi
⁃ “Rin..” – Melissa
⁃ “Yes?” – Rinachi *Frighten*
⁃ “Hehe Im sorry before that…We are both woman..and You and Arikachi are so close together..Seeing Layla Kiss Arikachi doesnt Get you jealous?..” – Melissa
⁃ “Yeah..she’s Right..You were just Smiling” – Arch
⁃ “I do..but i knew Arikachi since the day that i can remember *Brushing Arikachi Hair*.. from that moment..i Always Believe and Trust his Word..plus Layla..is beautiful isn’t it” – Rinachi *Tilt her head and Giggles*
⁃ “I dont understand her Last word” – Kogenta
⁃ “Me neither” – Arch
⁃ “She’s Pure..” – Shu
⁃ “As Expected..” – Melissa


Sky Kingdom Member
⁃ King of Sky – Skyrachi(Royal)
⁃ Queen Of Sky – Erikachi
⁃ Princess of Sky – Yurachi
⁃ Married to Raikachi
⁃ Son – Speerachi
– Arikachi

Vredehart Kingdom Member
⁃ King of Vredehart – Sethachi
⁃ Queen of Vredehart – Villana
⁃ Princess of Vredehart – Athena Vredehart
⁃ Married to – Shane Sky
⁃ Daughter – Layla Sky Vredehart

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