Start with the Boy Name Satoyuki Iota.. a mortal Who’s in the way to archives his Dream but It doesn’t go well.. because he was requested by His Step mother who gave him life.. and A Place to be sheltered back when he was younger
In order to fulfil his step mother order… He has to travel to the certain Place to be a Mage
The Place that full of hardlife and Thats where he going to learn the hardship and the meaning of being a leader
2 years as An adventurer for Mastered the Wind Magic .. who Idolise by Arikachi..
In the Year of 2018 He moves to GrandMary the North light and Meeting a new Group in the academy…12 new comrade with their own speciality


⁃ *GrandMary*
⁃ *East Of LightLand*
⁃ (GrandMary Academy the Place that introduce a lot of an Elite Wizard in The Era Place in GrandMary in the East of Lightland)
⁃ “Hmm So this is GrandMary” – Satoyuki Iota *Looking Around*
⁃ (Satoyuki “Satt” Iota – 19 Years Old who Originally named Maxillion Moonchild son of Hani Iota and The Greatest Knight in The Land of Light Maximus Moonchild…Little Maxillion left by his Father death in the War when He Was 5 Years old and change his Name to Satoyuki Iota on his Mother will in and Kept it Secret lives in Luna Vill in the East of the WindLand..the Few Years Later the Young 8 Years old Satoyuki left by his Mother because of the sickness that Hard to be Recovered and The Day after that.. He stayed and Lives with his Step Mother who once Married to Maximus before Maximus Met Hani)
⁃ “Urmm~ GrandMary Academy?” – Satt *Lift Up his Head looking at the Sign*
⁃ “Hey Kid” – Bearded Buff looking red hair Man
⁃ “Huh!?” – Satt *Frighten*
⁃ “Are you a mage from this Academy?” – Man
⁃ “ .. I mean .. Not yet” – Satt
⁃ “Hmm?” – Man
⁃ “So are you here to sign in?” – Man
⁃ “Yeah” – Satt
⁃ “Come on Kid” – Man *Walk*
⁃ *Enter GrandMary*
⁃ “Woah!” – Satt
⁃ “Heh *Smirk* Welcome to the GrandMary Kid” – Man
⁃ *Amazed*
⁃ Walking Around the City Of GrandMary
⁃ “We are Here..” – Man
⁃ “Thank you so much Sir… Urmm may i know your Name?” – Satt *Bowing*
⁃ *The Academy Door Open*
⁃ “Master Bruce!!!” – The Academy Student
⁃ (Bruce Hills The Master of elemental skill who teach in that Academy)
⁃ Satt was so shock by the Way they treat Bruce
⁃ “Name Bruce Hills.. Just call me Bruce.. Not brush” – Bruce *Winking*
⁃ “Thank you so much Mr Bruce” – Satt
⁃ “Come on” – Bruce
⁃ Bruce brought Satt to the Registration Centre
⁃ “Welcome back Mr Bruce, what can i help you” – Ria Potter (receptionist)
⁃ “Come on.. Dont be so formal Potter” – Bruce *Moans*
⁃ “I got a new kid here.. he will be joining us” – Bruce
⁃ “Oh Hi there… What can i call” – Ria
⁃ *Introduction*
⁃ Ria show Satt the room and Everything around The Academy
⁃ “This Place is Amazing” – Satt *Amazed*
⁃ “Yea Right.. theres a lot type of element here” – Ria
⁃ “Can we learn all of em?” – Satt
⁃ “It is Possible..but not everyone can do it.. as you know the History of Arikachi Sora..It cost him alot” – Ria
⁃ “But thats make him a hero and The man he are now..Right” – Satt
⁃ “Yes.. *Turn and Put her Hands on Satt’s Shoulder* Arikachi gave us a lot of inspiration…with an ambition and Our true will..We all can be Like Arikachi …cause we are all a hero of our own story satt..” – Ria *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehehe You’re right..Thanks Ria” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “I can feel your are different than anybody else..Satoyuki Iota” – Ria *Inner Voice* While staring at Satt
⁃ “Ria?.. “ – Satt
⁃ “Yeah.. Come on” – Ria
⁃ As soon after they Explored the Place.. Ria send Satt back to his Room
⁃ “Thank you so much Ria” – Satt *Bowing*
⁃ “You’re Welcome Satt.. Welcome to GrandMary..i hope you are comfortable and Be the best… Good luck on your 1st class tomorrow okay…” – Ria
⁃ “I will!” – Satt *Smile and Lift his fist*
⁃ Ria Winking and Fist bumping with Satt
⁃ *The Next Morning*
⁃ Satt Starting a 1st Day as The Student Of GrandMary
⁃ “Wish Me Luck” – Satt *Getting Ready*
⁃ *Touring*
⁃ “Alchemy Brox? What the Hell is that?” – Satt
⁃ “Its a place to keep all the Chemicals” – Girl
⁃ “Hm?.. owh its Like a lab?” – Satt
⁃ “Close but no… Its like a store hehehe” – Girl *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe Thanks.. Im Satt by the way Im just move here” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah? *Excited* Welcome to GrandMary Satt.. Im Yeena..Yeena Braveheart nice to meet you Satt” – Yeena
⁃ “My Pleasure” – Satt
⁃ “Do you want me to show you around” – Yeena
⁃ “Its okay… im just gonna head to the class” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Yea?.. your are in what classes satt?” – Yeena
⁃ “Urmm” – Satt
⁃ “Yeen! Come over” – Girl
⁃ “Oh yea.. Wait!.. all the best Satt.. see you around” – Yeena *Leave*
⁃ “Okay” – Satt
⁃ “Whats my classes are” – Satt *check his File*
⁃ “Chronos?..where is that” – Satt
⁃ Satt walk around
⁃ *Bell*
⁃ Everybody Goes in The Class and Work
⁃ “Hgtttuh~ Thats Easier to Find” – Satt *sigh seeing the Class sign and Walk there*
⁃ *Chronos Room*
⁃ The Teacher notice satt is Outside so She Introduce A New Member of The Class to the Other student
⁃ “Guys.. Today a new member will be joining Us” – Teacher Citrus Zane
⁃ “Yeah?” – Everybody
⁃ “Who is it?” – Boy
⁃ “You can come in” – Citrus
⁃ Satt come in
⁃ “Satt!” – Yeena
⁃ “Hye Guys… *Smile* Im Satoyuki Iota… Im From Luna Vill East of Wind.. Urmm.. Im 19 and im here hehe just call me Satt… thank you so much for having Me..” – Satt *Bow*
⁃ “Hi Satt! Welcome to The Chronos and GrandMary im Tiana Grey” – Tiana
⁃ (Tiana Grey, 18, A Paper Mages and The Class Assistant..)
⁃ “Im Decky Brie In charge of the Sound Nice to Meet Ya” – Decky
⁃ (Decky Brie, 18, Havoc Mages)
⁃ “Call me Alex” – Alex
⁃ (Alex Bulksteel, 18, Steel Mages)
⁃ “Hello Satt im Minari Bloodstone” – Minari
⁃ (Minari Bloodstone, 19, Earth Mages)
⁃ “Yeena Braveheart hehehe” – Yeena
⁃ (Yeena Braveheart, 18, Equipment mage, the Class Aces)
⁃ “Welcome to our Family Satt im Harryson Jr” – Harryson
⁃ (Harryson Jr, 18, Earth Mages The Class Leader)
⁃ “Arkius Ramsay the Name.. you just can call me Ark” – Arkius
⁃ (Arkius Ramsay, 17 Rubber Mages)
⁃ “Hi Satt im Sheryl Lovestrike” – Sheryl
⁃ (Sheryl Lovestrike, 18, Love Mages)
⁃ “Urmm..Hi.. Im Nora..Nice to meet you” – Nora *Shyly Bow*
⁃ (Nora Anne Snow, 18, Ices Mages the Kindest)
⁃ “Hye Bro im james Atlas! control of Wood and Plant” – James
⁃ (James Atlas, 17, Wood Mages, The Class Clown)
⁃ “Drake Nellson..*Shake Hand* welcome” – Drake
⁃ (Drake Nellson, 18 A Sword Man and Fire Mages)
⁃ “And Lastly our Youngers student” – Citrus
⁃ “Hello Big Brother Im Maira Goose Nice to meet ya” – Maira
⁃ (Maira Goose, 16, Wind Mages, The Youngest)
⁃ “Thank you So much Guys.. I promise i will work myself to be better” – Satt *Bow*
⁃ “As You Know GrandMary has Divided to 4 Classes.. Aux Chronos Fixion and Electra…Welcome to Chronos Satt” – Citrus
⁃ Satt sit in Between Drake and James
⁃ They all blend in well With Satt
⁃ *Bell Ringing*
⁃ “Come on Satt Eat with us” – Yeena
⁃ “Okay” – Satt
⁃ Satt join Yeena Drake James Harryson and Decky
⁃ They Had a Long conversation in order to know each other
⁃ *The Girl Fall out*
⁃ Satt Alert and Get up to catch her with his Speed
⁃ “Are you okay?..” – Satt *Holding the Girl*
⁃ “T..thank you… You saved me..” – Girl
⁃ “You’re welcome.. Take care alright” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ Nora Watching over satt
⁃ “Wow..You are fast Brah” – James and Drake
⁃ “We should spar sometime i believe you are strong” – Yeena
⁃ “Yeah” – Harryson
⁃ “Hehehe” – Satt *Laugh*
⁃ After A week satt in GrandMary he was famous known by his talented Hardworking and Careness with the Other student and the Master around the GrandMary
⁃ One day the Student Association Called the All the Associate Member for the Meeting
⁃ Including Yeena Minari and Harryson
⁃ Lead by the Leader of All Student Federer Willfire (Student of Aux Class 27, Fire Mages) and The representer of the Advisor of Student Association.. Bruce Hills
⁃ They were talking about The Newcomer Satoyuki and The Future of GrandMary
⁃ *Meeting*
⁃ “Alright.. as we decided …Yeena call Nora Satt and Drake in” – Bruce
⁃ “Alright Master” – Yeena
⁃ Satt was busy packing Stuff and Drake was Practicing
⁃ “Satoyuki.. Drake..Nora Anne The Student Association are calling both you” – Yeena *Voice in the broadcast*
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt and Drake
⁃ They Head to the Meeting Room
⁃ “Yes?.. “ – Drake and Satt goes in
⁃ “Satt Drake Nora we have a pose for both you” – Bruce
⁃ “Im sorry?” – Satt *Weird*
⁃ “Here in the Association??” – Drake
⁃ “Yup” – Federer
⁃ “Its A New Pose …As a master..I appointed you as the Intellectual Information will be in charge of every information happen in GrandMary” – Bruce
⁃ “Thats easy ..thanks for believe in me master” – Drake *bow*
⁃ “Nora You will be in charge of the Student Hospitality” – Bruce
⁃ “Thank you Master Bruce” – Nora
⁃ “And Satt.. You will be The Guardian Of GrandMary and A Protector.. You will be Aware of everyone Safety..” – Bruce
⁃ “Master? *Shocked* is it the pose only for The High Master?” – Yeena
⁃ “Can you do it Satt?” – Bruce *Smirk*
⁃ “I’ll try my Best Master.. Thank you” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Satt” – Yeena
⁃ *The Update of the Organisation Chart*
⁃ *Broadcast Announce*
⁃ The Chairman Federer Willfire, 27 (Aux)
⁃ The Vice Chairman Fiorra Fairlight, 19 (Fixion)
⁃ The Secretary Yeena Braveheart, 18 (Chronos)
⁃ The Treasurer Harryson Jr, 18 (Chronos)
⁃ The Special Tasked Heliux Armstrong, 29 (Aux)
⁃ The Culture
⁃ 1. Minari BloodStone, 19 (Chronos) 2. Arius Nagstyle, 19 (Aux)
⁃ The Religion Matt Brodly, 21 (Aux)
⁃ The Hospitality Nora Anne Snow, 18 (Chronos)
⁃ The Maintain Cleanliness
⁃ 1. Green Yasmin, 18 (Fixion)
⁃ 2. Man Honora, 18 (Electra)
⁃ The Sport Will Ferrelion, 21 (Aux)
⁃ The Informant Drake Nellison, 18 (Chronos)
⁃ The Guardian Satoyuki Iota, 19 (Chronos)
⁃ “Satt is the Guardian? Well chosen Bruce” – Ria *Excited*
⁃ “I feel safe already~” – the Student
⁃ “All the best guys.. Makes the Future Brighter” – Bruce
⁃ “Yes Master” – All
⁃ Bruce walk to Satt
⁃ “I believe in You..Be good Kid” – Bruce *Smirk*
⁃ “Thanks Master” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ After the Black Dwarf Incident…They Decided to Appoint Satt as The Leader / Chairman of the Student Association..Cause they saw Satt leadership skill and how he put the other before himself..he did everything to make the other feel lite and easy
⁃ Out of Blue.. Everybody was waiting for satt at the hall.. once satt came in.. The 6th Master Zeidith .. Announce the new leader and He Appointed straight to Satt
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt *Shocked*
⁃ *The Crowded Support*
⁃ “Me?.. Nonono i dont think i can” – Satt *Step Back*
⁃ *Everybody Silent*
⁃ “Yuki..” –
⁃ “Satt..” –
⁃ Satt look at His Teammates and Friends
⁃ “Satoyuki… “ – Master Zeith
⁃ Bruce standing while Smirking
⁃ Ria Nodded her Head
⁃ Satt Step up
⁃ “Thanks for Believe in Me GrandMaster” – Satt
⁃ “The GrandMary is now In your Duty Young Man..Satoyuki Iota you may now receive your Leadership Rune” – Master Zeith
⁃ *Satt Holding up in Pain*
⁃ *A Wing Mark Behind Satt’s Shoulder*
⁃ “GrandMary..Believe in son” – Master Zeith *Disappear*
⁃ “Congratulations..Satt!” – Everybody
⁃ “Thank you 6th Master” – Satt
⁃ After the Ceremony
⁃ Satt and his Friends Had Their time to Together the Member tell him of how proud They are
⁃ “You are really something *Pinching Satt’s Nose* Its take more than 2 years to for becoming a leader..but a short time you just earn it like a coin..who are you really” – Minari *Drunk*
⁃ “Thanks just me..from now on just me..Nothing gonna change I promise i will make GrandMary bright and better the place to be..and i long the book is guarded here the enemy will keep coming..thats why we have to train harder..and be more Stronger to Protect GrandMary…our Family..our Friends..cuz nothing more important than they are..” – Satt
⁃ “Yes! Alpha!” – Everybody
⁃ “No~~” – Satt *Moans*
⁃ *Laughing*
⁃ One peaceful Night
⁃ *Satt’s Room*
⁃ A Light Appears in Satt Room and Form a 2 Couples
⁃ “Look how’ve you grown Dear… We are really proud of you.. Be the Leader of the People who has faith in you.. be the leader of yourself..from now on a lot of responsibilities is on you…always stay Safe in your New Life dear..We love you and We will be always Watching you” – Hani and Maximus Disappear after Hani kissing Satt’s Forehead
⁃ Satt awake and Hold his Forehead
⁃ “A Dream?..” – Satt Look at his Palm
⁃ “A new Life..” – Satt *Hold his hand*
⁃ The End

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