⁃ Erina Miyuu
⁃ Arikachi Sora (Eighth Lord of Wind)
⁃ Rinachi Sakura
⁃ Alisa Rose
⁃ Drake Steel
⁃ Rei Shino


⁃ Chihiro Sora
⁃ Kenjiro


A month after the Loss of Aurora…With Sora Absence ..Erina Became one of the Most Quest Taker in reiloria and she became so popular inside The land of Wind known by her strength and Kindness


⁃ *Land of Wind*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ Erina just came back from a Mission in The Echo Valley in West of Wind
⁃ “Erina Erina wait” – Reporter
⁃ “Can we ask you a question” – Reporter
⁃ “Sure” – Erina
⁃ “How is your mission going?” – Reporter
⁃ “Its all good Im really happy can i help” – Erina
⁃ “Great..Do you plan for becoming a model like your mother” – Reporter
⁃ “I dont know Maybe I will think about it” – Erina
⁃ “You are so popular these days Do have interest looking for a Boyfriend” –
⁃ “Nope..I cant think about it yet..” – Erina
⁃ “what is your ideal type” – Reporter
⁃ “I dont know..Someone just like my father..loving caring Sweet and always keep his promise” – Erina
⁃ “Owh,.How is your Brother..Is he still in depressing..Is been a while since he show up i heard he quit from the Aerostrike Force recently” – Reporter
⁃ “My brother need some time..” – Erina
⁃ “Will he back” – Reporter
⁃ “I hope soon” – Erina
⁃ “Okay great..So what is your Dream Erina?” – Reporter
⁃ “Dream?..” – Erina *Thinking*
⁃ Erina cant think of anything she just love helping people and take out the Monster by that she didnt think of what she will be in the Future
⁃ “Im sorry i have to go..thank you so much mr Reporter..Take care” – Erina
⁃ “Okay you too..young lady” – Reporter
⁃ “Dream…” – Erina walking back home
⁃ *Home*
⁃ “Im home” – Erina
⁃ “Welcome back Honey” – Rinachi
⁃ “Mama is Big brother home” – Erina
⁃ “No..Sora Went out earlier this Morning with Training I guess” – Rinachi
⁃ After Erina Clean her Self
⁃ *Living Room*
⁃ Mama…” – Erina
⁃ “yea” – Rinachi
⁃ “What your dream when you are teen?” – Erina
⁃ “My dream?” – Rinachi
⁃ “Yeah..” – Erina
⁃ “Urmm..let me recall it back *thinking* Honestly..ever seen i met Papa.. nothing inside my head except to be stronger and stand by his side and *Whisper* Be with him all the time Hehehe” – Rinachi *wink*
⁃ “Hehehe Mama pervert” – Erina
⁃ “Hehehe but During all that..a Lot of thing happen day..the unexpected thing will come but we just dont know what and when..” – Rinachi
⁃ “I dont know what is my dream mama” – Erina
⁃ “Its okay honey..dream is for us to decide from our true Heart..maybe now it not the time yet..but one day i believe you will decide it and face everything to archive that Dream” – Rinachi
⁃ “Okay Mama..Im going to the Base for report back” – Erina
⁃ “Take care okay Honey” – Rinachi
⁃ Erina Went to Reiloria Base
⁃ *Reiloria Base*
⁃ “Welcome back Princess!” – The boy in Base going crazy after Erina
⁃ Erina get Annoyed
⁃ “Welcome back sweetie How everything?” – Alisa
⁃ “Everything is good Big sister” – Erina
⁃ “Hehehe” – Alisa
⁃ “Yo Erina Check this out?” – Drake
⁃ “Mm?” – Erina
⁃ “You too alisa” – Drake
⁃ Erina and Alisa join Drake and The others
⁃ “What is it?” – Alisa
⁃ They are watching the Highlight of Ammo X (Ivy Shooter Team) vs Great Aux battling in the Gunners League
⁃ “Wow Incredible Speed” – Alisa
⁃ “Yeah right” – Drake
⁃ “ is he..” – Drake
⁃ Erina thinking of Sora
⁃ *Futara Lake*
⁃ Sora wearing a hoodie and Head phone laying near the lake
⁃ “Hey Erina you are on Screen!” – Shino (Rakachi and Norimina Daughter, She is Erina Best friend and a year older than Erina)
⁃ Erina appear on Television about the Question were asked by the Reporter earlier
⁃ “They work so fast..” – Erina *annoying*
⁃ “You are going to become Model?” – Drake *weird*
⁃ “I dont going to report” – Erina walking to Lord Office
⁃ *Knock*
⁃ “Yea” – Arikachi
⁃ “Im back Papa..” – Erina
⁃ “Erina..Welcome really proud of both of you” – Arikachi *Tuck on Erina Head*
⁃ “Thank you Papa..urmm..Papa..What is your dream when you are younger?” – Erina
⁃ “Hehe must be because of those interview earlier?..hmm Dream?..For me? Ever since i was little the only thing i care about is to protect the People around me..A year after year more people that i met the more responsibility i have..i met a friend in so many Kind..they are Strong Kind and i need to trained more harder and Become stronger to protect them and Fight beside them” – Arikachi
⁃ “I dont know if i can be like that Papa” – Erina
⁃ “Of course you just have to believe in your self and Your Friends okay…Because the Bond Between The People who we care about..Is the strongest than anything else”
⁃ “Thank you Papa” – Erina *Hug*
⁃ “Keep doing what you love to do kay” – Arikachi
⁃ “Okay” – Erina
⁃ Erina Went to the Rooftop
⁃ Look over Reiloria and Thinking
⁃ Erina hop on the Fence
⁃ “Home…” – Erina looking at the People happy and Enjoying their time
⁃ Erina Smile
⁃ “So thats it!” – Erina *Jump*
⁃ *Running across the Rooftop*
⁃ “i made up my mind..for my family for gonna be Stronger…and.. *Jump* become the Future Lord of The Wind thats my Dream” – Erina
⁃ *The End*


⁃ *Near Futara Lake*
⁃ “Ahh..ah” – A Man carried whole lot of Box of Furniture
⁃ “Oh no My wife will kill me If anything happen to this furniture” – The Man is Shaking
⁃ *Fall*
⁃ Suddenly Some power grab all the boxes
⁃ “Huh?” – The Man *Shocked*
⁃ “Are you okay?..Uncle Kenjiro” – Sora use a Avatar hand To hold the box
⁃ “Y..young Lord” – Kenjiro *Amazed*
⁃ “I will help you uncle” – Sora *Smile*
⁃ “Thank you so much Young Lord” – Kenjiro *Walking With Sora*
⁃ “Just Call me sora Uncle..” – Sora
⁃ “Hehehe okay..*Put the Box down* we are here..thank you so much young…Sora” – Kenjiro Shake Sora hand
⁃ “Im happy to help uncle Kenjiro” – Sora *Smile*
⁃ “We really miss you..” – Kenjiro Looking at Sora walking away

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