01 OCTOBER 2036


⁃ Nora Anne Snow
⁃ Satoyuki Iota / Maxillion Moonchild
⁃ James Atlas
⁃ Harryson Jr
⁃ Tiara Grey
⁃ Drake Nellson
⁃ Arkius Ramsay
⁃ Yeena Braveheart
⁃ Minari Bloodstone
⁃ Bruce Hills
⁃ Citrus Zane
⁃ 6th GrandMaster Zeith
⁃ Doctor Zea Bellony
⁃ Aaron Snow
⁃ Rea Anne Snow
⁃ Jackson Snow
⁃ Alex Bulksteel
⁃ Decky Brie
⁃ Sheryl Lovestrike
⁃ Maira Goose


⁃ Natalie Log (Sky Hero Winter Rogue Arc Character)


After Nora Anne Heard that Satoyuki Iota is in relationships with Mira El Rosé, Nora felt Broke and Miserable, until one day Nora Anne lost Control of her emotions and Become Unconscious and the only way to cure her is.. The 6th GrandMaster Zeith gave and appointed Satoyuki Iota, Harryson Jr, James Atlas And Tiara Grey a Mission To find Nora Anne Biological Father Professor Aaron Snow and Take Him to GrandMary for the Cure


⁃ *East Land of Light*
⁃ *GrandMary*
⁃ *Nora Anne Snow Room*
⁃ Nora Anne Look at Her self in the Mirror
⁃ “Enough Nora..You have to move on.. Its your fault either you dont tell him Earlier” – Nora Anne Snow (Chronos Student)
⁃ The scene shows Nora Messy Room
⁃ “But its hard!! *Nora Sit in her bed* i cant.. Its hard i saw him Every single day..” – Nora *Bow her head down*
⁃ “Just ignore Satoyuki iota and Forget the feeling you have for have been like this For a Month now..Why you keep yourself suffering” – The Voice in Nora Head
⁃ “What was that?!” – Nora *Frightening*
⁃ “Anobody here?” – Nora *Look around*
⁃ Nora look at the Time
⁃ “Huh im late for class” – Nora Clean her room and Head to class
⁃ *Chronos Class*
⁃ Nora came in Without saying anything And Sit at her desk
⁃ Everybody look at Nora
⁃ “Nora anne.. Hello.. Good morning?” Bruce Wills (Chronos Teacher)
⁃ “Hi” – Nora
⁃ “Nora..You is nearly a month you have been late to class.. i need an explanation..Are you okay?..” – Bruce
⁃ “Im fine its Girl Things” – Nora
⁃ “Fine then.. please if anything talk to me..or citrus…Because your reputation in the class static is also Decreasing” – Bruce
⁃ “I sorry Master Bruce” – Nora
⁃ Satoyuki look at Nora
⁃ *Cafeteria*
⁃ “Hey Nora.. How are you?” – Satoyuki Iota *Holding his Meal walk beside Nora*
⁃ Nora bow her head and just keep Walking
⁃ “Mm? Why She keep ignoring me?” – Satt
⁃ “I cant talk to him..i cant look at him” – Nora *Inner Voice and Walk faster*
⁃ *Bump*
⁃ Nora accidentally bump into Arkius and The Meal Fall over the place
⁃ “Guys!” – Satt *Ran and Help*
⁃ Satt help Arkius to get up and then offer nora for Help
⁃ “Its okay.. I can get up my self” – Nora *Stand and Clean up the mess*
⁃ Satt became Speechless
⁃ “I’ll help” – Satt *Help Arkius and Nora Clean up*
⁃ When Satt was cleaning it.. some girls came to him and thanks him for the help last time
⁃ Arkius look at Nora when The Girl came to satt
⁃ “Im sorry” – Satt *continue to clean up*
⁃ Nora get up and walk away
⁃ “Nora?.. wait!” – Satt
⁃ Nora stop and Everybody at the Cafeteria look at them
⁃ “Did i do something wrong?..” – Satt *walk toward Nora*
⁃ “Why you keep Avoiding me?” – Satt
⁃ Nora turn to Satt
⁃ “Please..I need time to be alone” – Nora *Eyes turn Blue*
⁃ “Nora..” – Satt *Shocked*
⁃ Nora turn away and Walk
⁃ “Hey Wait.. *Hold Nora Shoulder* What is wrong with you?” – Satt
⁃ “You! You are my problem.. *Push Satt hands* you is my Problem..” – Nora *Cry and walk away*
⁃ “Nora?” – Satt *Blank*
⁃ Arkius walk toward Satt
⁃ “You should known Bro..” – Arkius Ramsay (Chronos)
⁃ “Whats that suppose to Mean?” – Satt
⁃ “Satt..” – Yeena *Came to satt*
⁃ “She has feeling for you bro” – Arkius
⁃ “Huh?? What?” – Satt *Look at Arkius and Yeena*
⁃ “Its true.. We all know” – Yeena Braveheart (Chronos)
⁃ “But..” – Satt
⁃ “We know.. That is why.. She is Behaving like that..She has been in love with you before you and Mira el Get into relationship” – Yeena
⁃ Satt bow his Head Down
⁃ *Nora Anne Room*
⁃ *Knock*
⁃ “Nora.. Its me.. Satt” – Satt
⁃ Satt keep on Knocking and Call out her name
⁃ “Nora..” – Satt
⁃ Satt try to Twist the Doorknob
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ “Nora.. Im coming in” – Satt
⁃ Satt open the Door and Shock
⁃ “Nora!!” – Satt *Run*
⁃ Nora unconsciously laying on the Floor of Purple Cracking Ice
⁃ “Nora! *Hold* Oh *look around and Shock* it Damn Cold! Nora! *Try to wake her up* Guys!!” – Satt *Call out for help*
⁃ *Infirmary*
⁃ “What happen to Nora” – Citrus Zane (Chronos Teacher) *Came in*
⁃ “I dont know.. The door was unlock and I came in saw she’s already Laying on the floor” – Satt
⁃ “Nora..” – Yeena
⁃ “Her hair!” – Minari Bloodstone (Chronos) *Frightening*
⁃ Nora hair turn All white and Her Body smoky
⁃ “And She is Damn Cold man” – Arkius
⁃ *Nora breathing Faster*
⁃ “Nora!” – Satt *Try to Heal her*
⁃ “Its not working out!” – Satt *Panic*
⁃ “Doc! do something!” – Citrus
⁃ “We need to Warm her!” – Doctor Zea Bellony
⁃ “Nell!.. Try to heat her up” – Satt
⁃ “Are you crazy?! *Panic* I dont burn my friend” – Drake Nellson
⁃ “Nell!. You wont Please” – Citrus
⁃ “Oh man!” – Nell *use his Fire Element surrounding Nora Body*
⁃ *Nora breathing Normally*
⁃ “Huh..*Relieve* That work” – Satt And Citrus
⁃ “Huh.. Im glad” – Nell
⁃ Nell keep Nora Warm by His Flame
⁃ “Doctor…” – Citrus
⁃ “What happen to her?” – Satt
⁃ “We all know.. Nora Anne Possess The Ancient Ice Magic..” – Doctor Zea
⁃ “Yea..” – Citrus
⁃ “It might be the cause of what happen to her..her unstable emotion make The Ice Elemental Symptom In her Body seems to Grow Rapidly *Look at the Monitor Screen* and.. Its.. Unreadable” – Doctor Zea
⁃ “Why its turn to Purple..isn’t Nora ice is Blue?” – Citrus
⁃ “Its shows.. That the Ice Growth Negatively in her..Thats Make she Lose her control..and Went” – Doctor Zea
⁃ “Rogue..” – Satt *Thinking back about Nora Room Covered in Purple Ice*
⁃ “I afraid so..Yes” – Doctor
⁃ “No..” – Citrus
⁃ “Its my fault..” – Satt
⁃ “What do you mean satt?” – Doctor Zea
⁃ “Tell me how to Cure her.. There is a Way right” – Satt
⁃ “I wish there is satt.. As you see.. Its unreadable..” – Doctor Zea *Worried*
⁃ “There must be the way” – Satt *get up and Walk away*
⁃ “Satt where are you going?” – Citrus
⁃ “Seeing GrandMaster” – Satt
⁃ *GrandMaster Office*
⁃ “Satoyuki?” – 6th GrandMaster Zeith
⁃ “ there a cure for Ancient Ice Element going Rage?” – Satt
⁃ “Is it Nora?” – Zeith *Shock and Standing up*
⁃ “Yes” – Satt
⁃ “Lets go” – Zeith *headed straight to the Infirmary*
⁃ *Infirmary*
⁃ Zeith look at Nora Condition
⁃ “Thank God..” – Zeith
⁃ “Master?” – Citrus
⁃ “Luckily its not too late..We still can Cure her” – Zeith
⁃ “How?..” – Everybody
⁃ Zeith Open Nora Anne Personal File on the Desk and The Other Informations of the Ancient Ice
⁃ “This Happen before *Check on the file* and it has a cure that we unsure what exactly it is” – Zeith
⁃ “Happen before?.. who is the other got the Ancient ice?” – Harryson Jr (Chronos Leader)
⁃ Zeith shows the Photos of a white hair cold skin Guy
⁃ “Who is this?” – Mina
⁃ “God his eyes are scary” – Arkius *Hold another picture of The Guy*
⁃ “Thats is professor Aaron Snow.. He’s working as A Examiner and Professor for Science Elemental Lab in Land of Water..He possess the Ancient ice through his day..after he’s been fired from the Lab He lost his control And went rogue..losing his consciousness nearly kill his Wife and After that he ran away..left his Daughter and Wife..never been seen again..” – Zeith
⁃ “Woah!” – Mina and Arkius *Shocked*
⁃ “He also known as.. Nora Anne Father” – Zeith
⁃ “What!?” – Everybody Shock
⁃ “Nora Professor Aaron Snow..i think i’ve heard that once when im in the Land of Water…people said that He went rogue and being Called by the Villager as Icewraith” – Satt
⁃ “When is that?” – Zeith
⁃ “A month before I moved here” – Satt
⁃ “I knew it So It’s possible that he is still alive..” – Zeith
⁃ “and What that suppose to mean?” – Harryson
⁃ “If The Ancient Ice within a body going possibly causing Death or fully turning into Ice And statue as a Symbol of the Ancient Ice” – Doctor Zea
⁃ “Oh god” – Yeena
⁃ “Here..” – Zeith *Shows the Photos of Ancient ice user who turn to the ice stone*
⁃ Yeena and Mina Cover their Mouth
⁃ “We need to find Nora Father.. and Cure her as we can” – Satt
⁃ “That what i want to appoint you” – Zeith
⁃ “Satoyuki..Atlas..Tiara and Harryson..You have been quested to find Professor Aaron Snow and If possible.. Bring him to GrandMary” – Zeith
⁃ “Yes Master” – Satt
⁃ “Arkius Nellson Yeena and have to keep being by Nora side to keep her warm until Satoyuki and The other came back” – Zeith
⁃ “Yes Master” – Mina
⁃ “Here..*Hand the map to Harryson* Our last spotted Him is At the Snow Village East of Waterland” – Zeith
⁃ “Thank you Master” – Harryson
⁃ Before they Depart satt went to see Nora
⁃ Satt hold Nora Anne Cold Hand
⁃ *The Ice Crawling To Satt’s Arm*
⁃ “Im so sorry Nora…please be strong and Hold on….you will be okay..I promise..” – Satt
⁃ “Satt..Lets go” – Tiara Grey (Chronos)
⁃ “Yea” – Satt
⁃ “All the best Guys” – Yeena
⁃ “Take care of Her” – Harryson
⁃ Everybody Nodded
⁃ They set their way to East Waterland The Snow Village
⁃ *East Land of Water*
⁃ “We’re here..” – Harryson
⁃ “Lets start by spreading and ask the Villagers” – Tiara
⁃ “Satt?..are you okay?” – James Atlas (Chronos)
⁃ “Yeah..” – Satt
⁃ “We will find him” – Harryson *Put his hand on Satt’s Shoulder*
⁃ They Spread and Asking the Villagers about Professor Aaron Snow
⁃ “Hi.. Do you know anything about Professor Aaron Snow?” – Tiara
⁃ “Um no” – Stranger
⁃ “Oh thank you” – Tiara *Bowing*
⁃ Harryson Atlas And Satoyuki ask the same thing
⁃ After a few hours of Asking they regroup
⁃ “Anything?” – Harryson
⁃ “No..” – Tiara
⁃ “Not a thing” – Atlas
⁃ Satt shook his head
⁃ “Lets move to another village around here alright” – Harryson
⁃ “Can we get something to eat?.. im really starving” – Atlas
⁃ “Sure..” – Harryson
⁃ “Theres any shop around here?” – Tiara *Look around*
⁃ “There got one” – Satt *Pointed at the Snow Dining Restaurant*
⁃ “Restaurant?” – Tiara *Gulp*
⁃ “I already spend my money on Books” – Atlas
⁃ “I got you..come on..thats is the nearest shop we got here..lets eat faster and Continue our Searching” – Satt
⁃ “Yeay.. Satt buy us” – Tiara
⁃ “Hehehe Thank you big brother” – Atlas
⁃ “Haha im including right” – Harryson
⁃ “Haha yes lets go” – Satt
⁃ *Snow Dining Restaurant*
⁃ “Woah” – Tiara and Atlas *Amaze*
⁃ “Welcome to Snow Dining..Which table do you preferred?” – A tall Brown hair Man
⁃ “Wow” – Tiara *Stared at the Man*
⁃ “Tiara” – Atlas
⁃ “Urm.. For four please” – Satt
⁃ “” – The Man take them to their table
⁃ “Here.. Your Menu.. You just can order by tapping on the Dishes icon.. Enjoy you Snow Dinning” – The Man
⁃ “This place is so nice” – Atlas
⁃ “Yeah.Advance” – Harryson *Look around*
⁃ “And that guy is Handsome” – Tiara
⁃ “Hehe” – Satt *Check on the Map*
⁃ “Satt..take five alright.. eat first” – Harryson
⁃ “Hmm..Alright” – Satt
⁃ They Order the Dish
⁃ The Dishes Came itself by the Trolley drone
⁃ “Oh!” – Atlas *Frighten*
⁃ “Enjoy your food” – Woman Voice
⁃ “Yes lady.. sure thank you” – Atlas
⁃ *Eating*
⁃ “Im stuffed!” – Atlas *Lay back*
⁃ “Me too..” – Tiara
⁃ “You two were really hungry yea” – Harryson *Laugh*
⁃ “Hehe i get the bill” – Satt *Walk to the Counter*
⁃ “Yes? What can i help you with Mr” – The Man
⁃ “Urm..Bill” – Satt
⁃ “Oh sure..actually you just can pay..oh never mind..*Checking* okay.. Its all 470 Unit” – The Man
⁃ “Okay..” – Satt *open his Wallet and his GrandMary Identity card fell off*
⁃ “Mm?” – The Man look at the Card
⁃ “Here” – Satt *Pass the money*
⁃ “Oh..Thank you” – The man
⁃ “Alright.. Thanks yea” – Satt *Turn away*
⁃ “Mr Wait..” – The Man
⁃ “Yeah?” – Satt *Turn back*
⁃ “You guys are from GrandMary Academy?” – The Man
⁃ “Urm.. Yea..” – Satt
⁃ The Man walk out from the counter
⁃ “Are you here for mission? Because The GrandMary Student cant freely travel to another land isn’t it?” – The Man
⁃ “Yes.. You know Much about GrandMary yea” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “My little sister is Actually There..maybe she’s around your Age” – The Man *Smile*
⁃ “Yeah?.. What is her name?” – Satt
⁃ “Its Nora Anne Snow” – The Man
⁃ Satt shock and Froze
⁃ “Mr?” – The man
⁃ “You.. are Nora Older Brother?” – Satt
⁃ “ Jackson you know her?” – Jackson Snow (Nora Anne Older Brother)
⁃ “She is My Classmate.. *Satt shook his head* Wait..Thank god… Jackson Right.. we really need to talk” – Satt
⁃ “Oh yea? sure” – Jackson
⁃ Satt introduce Jackson to Harryson and The Other
⁃ “What?” You are nora older brother that explain why you are handsome because Nora is So pretty” – Tiara
⁃ “Jackson..” – Satt
⁃ Satt and The other Explain to Jackson About Nora Condition
⁃ “What?!!” – Jackson *Stand up*
⁃ “Wait..” – Jackson *Called His Mother by the Menu tab*
⁃ “Yes what do you like to order” – Woman Voice
⁃ “Mom.. Please leave the kitchen for’s emergency” – Jackson
⁃ “Jackson?.. Whats wrong?” – Jackson Mother
⁃ “Its about Nora” – Jackson
⁃ The Mother hang up the Called and headed Straight to their Table
⁃ “What happen to Nora!” – Rea Anne Snow (Nora Anne Mother)
⁃ Satt and the other explain It again
⁃ “No..” – Rea Anne *Broke down and Tear*
⁃ “Our Grandmaster said its still have time to cure it.. We need to find Professor Aaron for the cure” – Harryson
⁃ “Dad?!.. He is dead” – Jackson
⁃ “Jackson!..dont say that” – Rea Anne
⁃ “Our source did capture the Picture of the Professor not awhile ago..We Believe he still alive and Find the cure for his Rage” – Harryson
⁃ “It’s impossible” – Jackson
⁃ “Enough Jackson..Go and pack our bag.. we going to Nora..” – Rea Anne
⁃ “Yes mother..” – Jackson
⁃ “Now!” – Rea Anne
⁃ Jackson get up and walk away
⁃ Rea Anne take the bill receipt and Write something on it
⁃ “What is is Aunty?” – Satt
⁃ “Go and Talk to him.. Tell him about Nora!” – Rea Anne *Give the Information Of Aaron whereabouts*
⁃ Satt look at the Receipt
⁃ (the Mt. Ive old Laboratory)
⁃ “Thank you Ms Rea” – Harryson
⁃ “Lets go” – Satt *Get up*
⁃ “Thanks Aunty” – Atlas
⁃ Satt and The Other Rushing to the Mt. Ive Old Laboratory
⁃ They Asking the Snow Villagers where is the way to Mt. Ive
⁃ “Mount Ive?.. Its dangerous to go there my child” – Snow Woman Villager / Natalie (From Skyhero Winter Arc)
⁃ “We really have to go there..can you show us the way?” – Satt
⁃ “Fine..that way..*pointed at the way to Mt. Ive* just beware of the icewraith alright..” – Natalie
⁃ “Thank you so much Ms” – Satt
⁃ They headed to the Mt. Ive
⁃ *Walking*
⁃ “Hey..look..” – Atlas
⁃ The Mt. Ive old musty Signboard
⁃ “We just have to keep going” – Satt
⁃ They follow the path through the jungle
⁃ *Keep Walking*
⁃ They enter in the Foggy Route
⁃ “This Smoke are so thick” – Tiara
⁃ “Watch your steps” – Satt
⁃ “Is there any other way?” – Atlas
⁃ “Theres no other Way” – Harryson
⁃ “Satt can you just remove this smoke by your air?” – Atlas *walking Cover his Mouth and Nose*
⁃ Suddenly Atlas doesn’t hear anything
⁃ “Satt?” – Atlas *Turn Around*
⁃ Atlas Only Left Alone
⁃ “Guys!” – Atlas *Calling for them*
⁃ “Where are they?” – Atlas
⁃ Same thing Happen to the other member
⁃ “Satt?.. Harry!.. Atlas!” – Tiara *look around*
⁃ “Guy!..Where are you!” – Harryson
⁃ “Guys!” – Satt
⁃ They Actually 5 Steps Away yelling Out of blue
⁃ “This is not right..” – Satt *Look around*
⁃ *Rattling Noise*
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt *Turn Around*
⁃ A shadow Approaching Satt and Attack him
⁃ “Woah!” – Satt *Deflect it*
⁃ the Shadow suddenly turn to Ice Monster
⁃ Satt prepared him self for a battle and Fight the Monster
⁃ *Atlas Scene*
⁃ “Guys?” – Atlas *Look around*
⁃ Atlas turn Back and Saw satt harryson and Tiara standing i
⁃ “Huh..There you are” – Atlas *Turn satt around*
⁃ Satt with the Monster Face
⁃ “Argghh! *Push the monster away* Thats not you!” – Atlas *Frightening*
⁃ The monster jump and Attacking Atlas
⁃ “Oh Shit” – Atlas *Use his Wood Barrier*
⁃ *Harryson Scene*
⁃ “I never thought Crocsaw (Crocodile Saw Monster) is here” – Harryson *Fight*
⁃ *Tiara Scene*
⁃ “This way..Follow me” – A Woman in a Red Dress
⁃ Tiara keep Walking
⁃ “Where do you want to take me?” – Tiara
⁃ “To your friends that what you want right” – The Woman
⁃ “Urm.. Yea” – Tiara
⁃ They keep walking in the forest
⁃ *Satt keep Fighting the Ice monster*
⁃ “Its just keep coming back” – Satt *Take down the Ice monster by his White mage Form*
⁃ *Atlas Fought 3 Hollow Hound*
⁃ “Huh! Bad dog!! Oh god i hate dog.. *Atlas throw the Hound away with his Golem Arm* huh they just like the dog in the Three Headed Hound Movie..*The Hound look at each other* oh no please dont merge into one..Please dont *The Hound merging* shit now you are three headed creepy clown! *The Hound Approach* I mean Hound! i mean Hound!” – Atlas *Turn and Run away*
⁃ *Harry Scene*
⁃ Harry Fighting with a lot of Different Monsters
⁃ “Huh.. Huh..Why it keep Coming” – Harryson
⁃ “Harry!.. Wake up..*Satt Holding Harryson Face* Harry! wake up!” – Satt *Voice*
⁃ “Satt?” – Harryson
⁃ In the Reality Harryson Looking Around while satt is holding Him and Try to wake him up
⁃ “It just messing up with fear and our brain” – Satt
⁃ “What?” – Harryson *Look around*
⁃ “Cause when i thought it is a Monster.. The Shadow turn to the Monster and When i think about Scared of Losing Nora..The Shadow Turn to Nora..So..Cleared out your head!” – Satt
⁃ *What happen to satt Earlier*
⁃ Satt hiding behind the Tree
⁃ “Its just keep growing stronger” – Satt
⁃ Satt Keep Fight the Monster as it keep attacking
⁃ “you just waste my Time!” – Satt *Deflect and Blast it with his Light*
⁃ The Monster Resolve back
⁃ “Damn it! *Suddenly Satt think about Nora Conditions* just be gone Already!” – Satt *Blast again*
⁃ The Monster Faded
⁃ “Huh..” – Satt *On his Knee*
⁃ “Satt..” – Nora *Voice*
⁃ “Nora?!” – Satt *Lift his Face up*
⁃ Nora Standing Infront of Him
⁃ “Im dying… and Its all because of you” – Nora *Intend to Choke Satt*
⁃ Satt Jump backward
⁃ “This is not real..” – Satt *Thinking*
⁃ “You broke my Heart!” – Nora *Approaching*
⁃ Satt close his eyes and Empty His Mind
⁃ Suddenly Everything became Quiet
⁃ Satt open His Eyes and Nora was Gone..Satt Saw Harryson Fighting Alone
⁃ “Harry!” – Satt
⁃ *Present Time*
⁃ “Urgh..Satt?” – Harryson *Awake*
⁃ “That smoke trying to make us fought our fear” – Satt
⁃ “Thank you” – Harryson
⁃ “Huh..Im glad..Lets go Find tiara and Atlas” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah..” – Harryson
⁃ Atlas Ran in Fear
⁃ “I hate dog! I hate dog! I hate dog!” – Atlas *Running from Nothing*
⁃ “There he is” – Harryson
⁃ “Atlas!” – Satt *Chasing*
⁃ Satt and Harryson Chasing Atlas
⁃ “Oh boy he is fast” – Harryson
⁃ “He really scared of dog dont he” – Satt
⁃ “Yup” – Harryson *Stop and Use his Earth Element to make a hole infront of Atlas*
⁃ *Atlas Was Running from the three Headed Hound*
⁃ Suddenly he fall into the Hole
⁃ “Noo!” – Atlas *Falling*
⁃ Satt jump in the Hole
⁃ Atlas Saw a Dog jumping toward him
⁃ “Dog! *Push satt* get off me!” – Atlas
⁃ “Hey! Its me satt” – Satt *Hold Atlas*
⁃ “Get off me you disgusting creature!” – Atlas *Hit satt Hand*
⁃ “Atlas!. Wake up!” – Satt *Slap Atlas Cheek*
⁃ “Ouh!” – Atlas *Hold His Cheek*
⁃ “Satt?” – Atlas *Back to Normal*
⁃ “Yes!..” – Satt
⁃ “Wheres the dog” – Atlas *looking upwards*
⁃ “Theres no dog.. The Smoke is messing with our Mind” – Satt
⁃ “Really?..” – Atlas
⁃ “Yea.. Dog?” – Satt *Smirk*
⁃ “Please dont tell anyone” – Atlas *Hold Satt Shoulder*
⁃ *Tiara Scene*
⁃ “Its been a while already..Something not right..” – Tiara
⁃ Tiara think she might be a Ghost
⁃ Suddenly the Woman Disappear
⁃ “Eh?” – Tiara
⁃ “As i thought.. She is a Ghost” – Tiara
⁃ “Huh.. Good now im lost” – Tiara *turn Around*
⁃ The Ghost pounce Directly to Tiara
⁃ “Ahhhh!!” – Tiara *Scream*
⁃ Satt Atlas And Harryson searching for Tiara
⁃ “Tiara!” – Satt *Turn His Head*
⁃ Atlas Use his Nature Sense
⁃ “This Way!” – Atlas *lead the way to Tiara*
⁃ The Ghost Scream Near Tiara’s Ears
⁃ “Go away!” – Tiara *close her eyes and Scream*
⁃ The Ghost Keep Scares Her until Tiara open Her Eyes and saw the Cliff
⁃ Tiara get up and ran to jump off the Cliff
⁃ *Jump*
⁃ “Tiara!?” – Atlas *Catch Her hand*
⁃ Tiara Awake
⁃ “Atlas!” – Tiara *Holding Atlas Arm*
⁃ “What were you thinking!” – Atlas *Pull Tiara Up*
⁃ “Its..The Ghost” – Tiara *Scared*
⁃ “Theres no ghost in here anymore Tiara.. The Smoke that we Breathe earlier..That just messed up with our Brain.. You are fine now” – Satt
⁃ Tiara Bow Her head Down
⁃ “Its alright.. We all have our Fear” – Atlas *Comforting Tiara*
⁃ “The Smoke.. Must be the Trap to get to the Laboratory” – Harryson
⁃ “Yeah” – Satt
⁃ “But where we are now?” – Atlas
⁃ Satt walk to the Cliff
⁃ “ knew where you are Jumping to Right?” – Satt *Turn*
⁃ “Mm?.. I have no idea..” – Tiara *get up and Walk to satt*
⁃ Tiara shock
⁃ “Mm?” – Harryson and Atlas *join*
⁃ “We here..” – Satt
⁃ “Old Research Laboratory” – Harryson
⁃ (Abandon Research Lab left by Exnow Co.)
⁃ “The Question is How do we get down there?” – Atlas
⁃ “Satt can Fly” – Harryson
⁃ Satt smile
⁃ “I got this” – Tiara
⁃ “Mm?” – Atlas
⁃ “You dont think i am jumping while not aware for myself Safety? Im a Paper Mage I can do anything with papers..” – Tiara *Use her Magic to create the Paper Wings For Four Of Them*
⁃ “Wow..I cant Believe i can Fly” – Atlas
⁃ “Hehe Come on man.. “ – Harryson
⁃ “Lets go” – Satt
⁃ They Jump off the Cliff and Fly toward The Laboratory
⁃ *Landed*
⁃ *Restricted Area Sign*
⁃ “They Sure abandon this Place a long time ago” – Atlas
⁃ “Everything Is Old and Dusty” – Tiara
⁃ “Its not dusty” – Satt *touch the bench*
⁃ “Its Frozen” – Satt
⁃ They Walk to the Lab
⁃ “Lets go in” – Harryson
⁃ *The Lab*
⁃ *Dark and Cold*
⁃ “I cant see anything here” – Tiara
⁃ Satt use his Light to Lighten up the Lab
⁃ “This Place is Organised” – Harryson *Look around*
⁃ “What are you kids doing here!” – Scary Voice and Shadow flying around them
⁃ Four of them back to back with each other
⁃ “We’re looking for Professor Aaron” – Satt
⁃ “There’s no Professor Aaron!” – The Shadow Scream and Attack Satt
⁃ Satt Close his Light
⁃ “Satt!” – Tiara *Scream*
⁃ “Its okay no light no Shadow” – Atlas
⁃ “Why are you here!” – Glowing Blue Eyes Appear infront of Tiara Face
⁃ Tiara Frighten and Fall on her knee
⁃ “Its about Nora Anne snow..She is in a bad condition!” – Tiara *Scream and Covered her ears*
⁃ The Eyes Disappear
⁃ Atlas and Harryson Look around
⁃ “Tiara..” – Satt *Lighten up back the Lab*
⁃ “I hate shadow Ghost..I hate Ghost” – Tiara
⁃ “Its alright..They’re gone now” – Satt *Take Tiara hands down*
⁃ “You said Nora Anne Snow?” – A Man came out from the Dark
⁃ “Ahh! Ice ghost!” – Tiara *Grab Satt*
⁃ “Professor Aaron?” – Satt *On his Knee Holding Tiara*
⁃ Harryson and Atlas Froze
⁃ (Half Man and Half Ice Monster)
⁃ “What happen to Nora” – Professor Aaron
⁃ *East Land of Light*
⁃ *GrandMary*
⁃ *Infirmary*
⁃ “She should be Fine” – Aaron *Pull out the Injection*
⁃ “Its stabilise the Ice Core called Frostbite within Her for now..” – Aaron
⁃ “Thank you so Much Professor” – Zeith
⁃ “She is My Daughter..You dont need to thank me” – Aaron *Look at Nora*
⁃ “You know she gotta learn how to control her true power right..and She need somebody to teach” – Zeith
⁃ Aaron just Keep Quiet
⁃ “Professor..” – Satt
⁃ “I’ll be Back..” – Aaron *Walk out*
⁃ “Come on..Let Nora Rest” – Zeith
⁃ Everybody walk out from the Room
⁃ “You should Rest too satt” – Tiara *Walk out*
⁃ Satt company Nora in the Infirmary
⁃ “Nora..Im sorry..*Holding Her Hand* Because of me this is happening to you..*Bow his head down* i really have no idea of what you really feel about me..*Nora open her eyes and listening* i know you were there everytime that i need help or i was in something confusing me..but To Be honest..i really dont know..And im so sorry..” – Satt *Tears*
⁃ “Its okay Satt..” – Nora
⁃ “Nora?” – Satt *Frighten*
⁃ “Gu.” – Satt *Try to call the other*
⁃ “Wait..” – Nora *Tighten the Hold*
⁃ “Nora” – Satt
⁃ “Satt..I admit it..i was in love you and Im sorry.. I was not myself when i know that..You already have a Relationship with Mira el.. Im so sorry.. Its not your fault” – Nora
⁃ Satt speechless
⁃ “ know right.. No matter who i am with..You are always be my Best friend” – Satt
⁃ “I know.. I believe in you satt..but.. Its me.. I cant control my emotions” – Nora
⁃ “Im sorry..” – Satt
⁃ “Please dont say that the one who made me like this..okay?” – Nora *Smile*
⁃ Satt look at Nora
⁃ “What happen to you in the room?” – Satt
⁃ Nora think back
⁃ After what happen in Cafeteria Nora run back to her Room
⁃ *Nora Anne Room*
⁃ “Why..” – Nora *cry and Fell on Her knee*
⁃ “Thats it nora” – The voice
⁃ “Who is it!” – Nora *Look around*
⁃ “There come your range Nora anne Snow” – The Voice
⁃ “Who are you! where are you!” – Nora *Stand up and The Purple Ice Appear out from Her hand*
⁃ “Thats it” – the Voice
⁃ “Where are you!” – Nora *Blast everywhere*
⁃ “A bit more! A bit more!” – The voice keep haunted Nora
⁃ “Argghh!” – Nora *Keep Blasting*
⁃ “Im here! Here here and here” – The Voice
⁃ “Argg! *Blast* please go away!!” – Nora *Froze her Room with her Purple Ice*
⁃ The Whole Room Covered with the Purple ice
⁃ Nora Stand Shocking look at her Ice
⁃ “What is this” – Nora *Look at her Purple Ice on her hand*
⁃ “Its who you really are” – The Voice infront of her
⁃ Nora lift her face and Look at the Reflection inside her Ice
⁃ The reflection of Her in a Black dress and White hair with a Cold Face
⁃ Nora *Froze*
⁃ “Who are you?” – Nora
⁃ “I am you” – The Reflection *smirking and her eyes glowing Blue*
⁃ “Soon enough…You will be me and Slay all your loves one” – Reflection
⁃ “No..” – Nora *Suddenly Fall and Fainted*
⁃ *Present time*
⁃ “That the last thing i remembered” – Nora
⁃ “But Nora..” – Satt *Look at Nora Hair*
⁃ “What is it?” – Nora
⁃ Nora look at her hair
⁃ “No..nono” – Nora *Start to Panic*
⁃ The cold came out from her body
⁃ “Nora?” – Satt
⁃ “Am i becoming her?” – Nora *Panic*
⁃ “Im becoming her!” – Nora *Summon her Ice Element and it still turn Purple*
⁃ “I dont want to become her!” – Nora *Panic and Range*
⁃ “No..No.. *Satt holding Nora* you wont becoming Her.. Nora.. calm down.. listen” – Satt *Hold Nora*
⁃ “Im scared” – Nora *Cried*
⁃ “Nora..Listen..You wont become the person who you see alright.. I know it.. because you are you.. You are Nora Anne Snow..Nora anne the kindest woman i ever met..Nora Anne that always serve and Good to anybody around her” – Satt
⁃ “Satt..” – Nora *Tear*
⁃ “Okay?.. you wont become her… Calm down” – Satt *Hug Nora*
⁃ Nora eyes turn back to Brown
⁃ Nora close her eyes
⁃ “Just be yourself alright im sure You will be fine..” – Satt *Hold Nora Shoulder*
⁃ Nora Stared at Satt
⁃ “Your father will be the guide for you how to learn Control of that Frostbite” – Satt
⁃ “My father?..Frostbite?” – Nora
⁃ “Yes..Nora..” – Aaron *Came in*
⁃ Nora Shock in tears
⁃ “” – Nora *Shaking Voice*
⁃ “Nora..” – Aaron *Walk and Hold Nora’s Hand*
⁃ Nora still in shock and Pull her hand
⁃ “Nora..Im sorry” – Aaron
⁃ “I’ll be outside” – Satt *Walk out*
⁃ “Why are you here now?” – Nora
⁃ “Your friend..came to Find me in the land of water..Told me that you are..” – Aaron
⁃ “Turning like you?” – Nora
⁃ “ glad they make it on time..” – Aaron *Hold Nora Hand*
⁃ “What?.. Look at me now..Im definitely becoming one like you” – Nora
⁃ “No..dear You’re not..” – Aaron
⁃ “Whats that suppose to mean?” – Nora
⁃ “Ancient ice is a Very dangerous and Specific Elemental.. You know that.. everytime people feel miserable or Wreck..that is the Time Frostbite will devour their soul and turn the Rage on them” – Aaron
⁃ “Frostbite” – Nora
⁃ “Yes.. The one you think when you saw in the Reflection..thats is your True Power form..only the Voice Of Frostbite is try to messing with your head.. So..It can Devour your pure soul” – Aaron
⁃ “You’re saying the Elemental we had is Evil?” – Nora
⁃ “No.. I told you.. its happen when you maximumly lose your Temper.. or Emotion.. if you aware of your self.. You dont need to be worry dear” – Aaron
⁃ “I dont understand..After all this while you left mom me and Jack alone and now you came back telling me all this..what do you expect me to feel dad” – Nora
⁃ Aaron bow his Head
⁃ “ sorry..Its takes me a long time to learn how to control this Ancient things inside of us..I and Jack probably hate me..thats what scares me to go back…but after i heard that my daughter facing the same thing i not hesitating… Nora.. Only god know how much i love three of you..Im so sorry..” – Aaron
⁃ “Nora..” – Rea Anne
⁃ “Mom!?” – Nora *Cried*
⁃ “My baby” – Rea Anne *Ran and Hug*
⁃ “Im sorry i didnt tell you this Earlier..Because i know.. You are really upset with your father.. After Aaron Left us.. 3 Months later He keep sending us the Letter say that he is Fine..and Miss us…since that.. We always communicate behind you and Jackson..i know if i told you that time you will not understand cuz you are still a small.. Im so sorry Nora..Your father and I never stop to love you” – Rea Anne
⁃ Aaron Hug both of Them
⁃ “Mom?.. Is that true?” – Jackson *Came in*
⁃ “Jackson Im sorry” – Rea Anne
⁃ “So. The person who always watching me all this while is?” – Jackson
⁃ “Its me son..” – Aaron
⁃ Jackson tear begin to fall
⁃ “Im scared.. *Walk toward Jackson* If i showed up to you with the Face like this.. You will” – Aaron
⁃ Jackson Hug Aaron
⁃ “I dont care… No matter how you look..or what you are.. You still my father.. I miss you so much Dad” – Jackson
⁃ “Jackson” – Aaron *Tearing*
⁃ Rea and Nora Hugging Each other
⁃ “Its okay Honey.. Dad will teach you how to be one with you Element alright.. Dont be scared” – Rea Anne
⁃ Nora Nodded and Keep Hugging her Mother
⁃ The Snow Family Hugging and Smiling look at Each other
⁃ Satt smiling Outside of the door
⁃ “Im glad She’s okay” – Yeena
⁃ “Yea..” – Harryson
⁃ “Thanks to all of you Chronos..” – Zeith
⁃ “Master” – Everybody
⁃ “You keep amazed us Chronos.” – Zeith
⁃ Chronos Look at Each other and Smiling
⁃ “Harryson Jr, Satoyuki Iota, Drake Nellson, James Atlas, Arkius Ramsay, Alex Bulksteel, Yeena Braveheart, Tiana Grey..Decky brie, Sheryl Lovestrike, Maira Goose and Minari Bloodstone.. Keep make us Proud yea” – Zeith *Smile*
⁃ “Master” – Citrus *touch*
⁃ “Yes master!” – Chronos
⁃ “And Nora Anne too” – Zeith *Look at the Door*
⁃ Everybody Smiling
⁃ *GrandMary Clock tower*
⁃ Satt laying on the Top of the Clock Tower
⁃ “ up there?” – Nora *Came*
⁃ “Oh hey..Nora..” – Satt *Get up and Sit*
⁃ “There’s something i want to talk” – Nora
⁃ “Sure..” – Satt
⁃ Nora make Face
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ “Come down.. Im scared to go Up there” – Nora
⁃ “Oh hehe okay..” – Satt *Jump*
⁃ “Yeah?” – Satt
⁃ Nora Turn and Face the GrandMary View
⁃ “I really want to Apologize..For what happen..” – Nora
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ “I shouldn’t blame you satt..Its my Fault.. i cant Control my emotions..i was miserable.. Im so sorry..please dont feel guilty” – Nora *Turn to satt*
⁃ “Nora.. Im so sorry.. I dont know at all.. And I never thought you have feeling for me in that way..i just” – Satt
⁃ Nora Place her finger on satt mouth and Stop him from talking
⁃ “Its okay.. I am happy for you.. what ever makes you happy.. I will feel the and Mira El..Really look good with each” – Nora
⁃ “Nora..” – Satt
⁃ Nora turn back to the view
⁃ “Satt..” – Nora
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ “Promise me..You will always be my friend?” – Nora
⁃ Satt turn Nora facing him and hold Both Of Nora shoulder
⁃ “I Promise…You will always be my Best Friend Nora Anne.. Always” – Satt
⁃ “Th..thank you…satt.. *Nora Swing her hair to satt face* im Snow now” – Nora *Blushing*
⁃ Satt Smiling while look at Nora acting like a child
⁃ “What?..*Stop and Blushing* Oh dont do that again.. if not i dont want to be your friend” – Nora *Turn her face away*
⁃ “Hehehe You’re red blushing!” – Satt *Teasing*
⁃ “Heyy!” – Nora
⁃ “Hahaha” – Satt
⁃ They Both Laughing on the Clock Tower
⁃ *The Next Morning*
⁃ *Nora Anne Room*
⁃ Nora Wake up from her bed
⁃ “Good Morning..” – Nora *Smile looking at her Clock*
⁃ After She done Prepared for her self
⁃ Nora stand infront of her Mirror look at her White Hair
⁃ “Should i dyed it back to Brown?” – Nora *Hold her hair*
⁃ “Nope..” – Nora
⁃ “Its who i am now” – Nora *turn And Walk out*
⁃ “I am Nora Anne Snow” – Nora *Close the Door*
⁃ *The End*


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