2 AUGUST 2036


⁃ Satoyuki Iota / Maxillion Moonchild
⁃ Mira El Rosé / Mirajane El Rosé
⁃ Nora Anne Snow
⁃ Yeena Braveheart
⁃ Drake Nellson
⁃ James Atlas
⁃ Tiana Gold
⁃ Ria Potter
⁃ Bruce Wills
⁃ Zeith (6th Grandmaster of GrandMary)
⁃ Aldertri Colesman (Judge of Law order)
⁃ Bennet (The Bartender)
⁃ Daisy (Deistie Elder House Warden)
⁃ Granny Lee (Elder House)
⁃ Granny Beth (Elder House)


⁃ Maximillian Moonchild
⁃ Mirajennie Lilien Rose
⁃ Nora Julianne
⁃ Yeena Stoneheart
⁃ Nell Drakegun
⁃ James Atlan
⁃ Old Man Skyro (Leader Of District 1)
⁃ Premetheus (Leader Of District 2)
⁃ Joelle Markins (Leader Of District 3)
⁃ Ianna Jones (Leader Of District 5)
⁃ Mori Ventouraus (Leader Of District 6)
⁃ Barbara Harp (Leader Of District 7)
⁃ Harvey Bullet (Leader Of District 8)
⁃ Eirodites Gold (Leader of North District)
⁃ Maximus Moonchild (CyberPrime)
⁃ Luke Ganston
⁃ Jupiter (Maximus Assistant)


After Satoyuki Iota use The Book of Elder to Destroy Gerald Avatar in the Hidden City Crisis, The Council Judge has Summon Satoyuki and Warn him to not simply use it again. The Feeling Guilty Made him Lost his Mother Ring and His GrandMary Identity Card
Knowing that The Ring might be with the Bartender Girl (Mira El Rosé).. Satoyuki went and look for Her ever since..While searching for the Girl somehow Satoyuki ended up in the Parallel World, The CyberWorld..The World that Corrupted By the Tech, Bot, and Ai from the Company that own by the CyberPrime Called The Tronech. With Satoyuki and Mira El Appearances In the Cyberworld..The Humanity change their mind and intend to Save the Cyberworld instead of Abandon it.


⁃ *Centre Land of Light*
⁃ *Light, Grand And Beautiful City*
⁃ *Earthland Council*
⁃ A several Day After The Hidden City Arc
⁃ “By law order.. You are still prohibited from opening the Book of Elder Mr Maxillion Moonchild” – Council Judge of Law order Mr Aldertri Colesman
⁃ “I know..and I apologise For that Judge..i had no other choice” – Satoyuki Iota / Maxillion Moonchild
⁃ “Its still illegal..But..since You’re heroism help Saving the World..the World Where we live and We all thank you for that.. So Theres will no actions given.. Consider this is just a warning..” – Aldertri
⁃ “Thank you Mr Judge” – Satt
⁃ *Dismiss*
⁃ *Earthland Council*
⁃ *Suntouch Cafe*
⁃ “Hmm.. I didnt expected open the Book just for destroy Gerald Darkness will be some kind of Crime” – Satt *Upset while sitting at the Cafe bar*
⁃ “What can i help you” – a Crystal green eyes Ginger orange Hair Beautiful Bartender Woman
⁃ Satt was pensively thinking
⁃ The Woman touch Satt’s Hand
⁃ “Yea? sorry?” – Satt *Look at The Woman*
⁃ *They Make an eye contact*
⁃ “What would you like to Have?..or Drink?” – Woman *Nervous*
⁃ “Urmm..Just a Plain water..Please” – Satt *Lay his Head on the Bar Countertop*
⁃ “Sure..” – Woman *Fill one glass of Plain water*
⁃ “Here..” – Woman
⁃ “Thanks” – Satt
⁃ “Are you okay?..” – Woman
⁃ “I am.. Thank you for Asking Ms..*Satt check on her Nametag* Mirajane” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe Just Called Me Jane.. Are you sure..Cuz you look like you’re not” – Mirajane
⁃ Satt stared at Mirajane
⁃ They Made an Eye contact again
⁃ Mirajane Smiling
⁃ “Hey Woman!.. Taking a order here or what?!” – A Man
⁃ “Urm.. I.. I should Go” – Mirajane *went to take the Guy order*
⁃ “Im sorry *Look at satt laying back his head on the countertop* What would you like to have?” – Mirajane
⁃ *Mirajane Taking Order*
⁃ *a Minutes Later*
⁃ “Why dont you just give Me!” – The Man *Raging*
⁃ “I cant Sir Im sorry” – Mirajane *bow her head*
⁃ “Or you want me to ask your boss?” – The Guy *Get nearer and Whisper to her*
⁃ Mirajane Push The Guy
⁃ “How dare you!” – The Guy raise his Hand To slap Mirajane
⁃ *Mirajane Close her Eyes*
⁃ “Mm?” – Mirajane *Open her Eyes*
⁃ *Satt hold the Slackers*
⁃ “If you Lay or Talk to her again..” – Satt *Eye and The Rune on his Hand glowing and Turn Gold*
⁃ The Man Push Satt’s hand and Walk away
⁃ “Thank you..” – Mirajane *Look at Satt*
⁃ “Be careful next time okay..take care Jane” – Satt *walk off*
⁃ Mirajane *Smile beautifully*
⁃ “Who is he..” – Mirajane *Wonder*
⁃ After cleaning the Mess that The guy made.. Mirajane went to tidy up the Countertop
⁃ Satt left his GrandMary ID and His Ring on the Countertop
⁃ “Satoyuki Iota..*Holding the Card* GrandMary..Light and Wind Mage..he is the one that everybody been talking about..luckily Its not too far away.. I need to Return this to him” – Mirajane *Smile and Keep it in her Pocket*
⁃ *After Work*
⁃ “Bye Boss” – Mirajane *Walk out from the Cafe*
⁃ “Should i send it tonight?.. or..Tomorrow?” – Mirajane *Hold the Ring*
⁃ “If tomorrow..” – Mirajane *Thinking*
⁃ “No i cant.. Tomorrow gonna be a Full day at the Orphanage..So..Tonight.. *Walk* Tonight it is” – Mirajane *Smile and Head to the Subway*
⁃ *The Streets*
⁃ “Hey Man.. Look at that” – Man on the Street 1
⁃ “What a Pretty lady doing here this Time” – Street Man 2
⁃ Both man look at each other and Get up
⁃ Mirajane walk faster after known that she Being Followed
⁃ The Men Notice that she walking Faster and They start Chasing her
⁃ Mirajane turn around and She get Panic she ring the ring on her Finger and Run
⁃ *Satt ID Card Dropped*
⁃ *Mirajane keep turn her head Back and Front because she was scared*
⁃ Mirajane running while look at the Men chasing her until She fall to the Drain Holes
⁃ “Ahh” – Mirajane *Falls into the Dark Hole*
⁃ The Man stood infront of the Hole
⁃ “Should we go down?” – Man 2
⁃ “Drain is nothing right.. She is Everything” – Man 1 *Jump In and Man 2 Follow*
⁃ *Inside the Drain*
⁃ “Where is she?” – Man 1 *lightening his Lighter and Looking around*
⁃ “Are you going to look for her inside this drain sewer?.. Im not Man” – Man 2
⁃ “You wont be in Here long enought!!” – Man 1 *Scream*
⁃ “Lets go up” – Man 1
⁃ *The Cleared And Silent Drain*
⁃ *Somewhere*
⁃ *Garden*
⁃ “Where am i..” – Mirajane *awake*
⁃ Mirajane Froze after a Second she open Her eyes
⁃ The Dark Blue Sky, The Futuristic Environment..High Building, Flying Railway, Floating City and Store, The Ai Humanoid Farming
⁃ “What is this Place” – Mirajane *Cover her Mouth*
⁃ “Are you okay there girl?” – The Ai Woman / cyborg
⁃ “I am… *Look at the Woman..Who look like a real woman but half a Cyborg body* I dont know..Where am i” – Mirajane
⁃ “You are basically on the Novalies Garden” – The Woman
⁃ “Novalies Garden?” – Mirajane *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Is that you?.. Jennie?” – Familiar Voice
⁃ Mirajane Shock and Turn around
⁃ Satoyuki In a Different look
⁃ (Blonde Hair, Black Leather Jacket and An Army Boots)
⁃ “Satt..oyuki..You look different” – Mirajennie
⁃ “Sato what?..What the Hell are you talking about? Jen” – Satoyuki
⁃ “Lets go back to the Base.. I got an Intel on the new raid” – Satoyuki
⁃ “He is Different..” – Mirajane *Hold the Ring on her Finger*
⁃ “Okay..urm No.. I need a bath first..I’ll meet you there okay?” – Mirajane
⁃ “Sure..Dont be late” – Satoyuki *Walk away*
⁃ Mirajane turn her face toward the woman
⁃ “You’re an Ai right?” – Mirajane
⁃ “Indeed i am” – The Woman
⁃ “Who am I?” – Mirajane
⁃ *Scanning*
⁃ “Mirajennie Lilien Rose, ex Military , Live in the District 4, a Killer Machine and a Downholder” – The Woman
⁃ “Mirajennie lilien Rose?… Killer machine..” – Mirajane
⁃ “Where is The District 4?” – Mirajane
⁃ “That way” – The Woman *Pointing at Her south*
⁃ “Thank you so much Ms” – Mirajane *Run*
⁃ “You’re welcome” – The Woman
⁃ Mirajane Ran until she saw the old wreck Building that has District 4 paint on It
⁃ Everybody looking at Her as soon as She arrives
⁃ Mirajane walking and Pretend like Nothing until she Went to ask the guy
⁃ “No dont!..” – The Man *Scared and Bow his head*
⁃ “Mm?.. Can i ask something?” – Mirajane
⁃ “W..what is it?” – The Man
⁃ “Where is my home?” – Mirajane *whisper*
⁃ “There there” – The Man *Shaking and Pointed at the lighted house*
⁃ “Thank you so much” – Mirajane *Smile*
⁃ The Man Weirdly stared at Mirajane
⁃ *Lighted House*
⁃ “Killing Machine” – Mirajane *Nervous*
⁃ Mirajane Knocking the Door
⁃ Mirajane turn around and Everyone See it
⁃ “Eh?.. Sorry” – Mirajane *Giggles and Went in*
⁃ *Inside the House*
⁃ “Oh i can get Killed” – Mirajane *walking*
⁃ “Hello?” – Mirajane *Keep walking*
⁃ “Hel. *The Gun Behind her Head* o” – Mirajane *Froze*
⁃ “Who the hell are you?.. and how dare you step in my house” – a Light Brown Hair and A Western Look Woman *Holding a Gun*
⁃ Mirajane turn Around
⁃ Both of Them Frighten
⁃ “You’re not a Machine!” – Mirajane *Shocked*
⁃ “What is happening!” – Mirajennie
⁃ “Are you an Ai Spies!” – Mirajennie *Point the Guy to Mirajane chest*
⁃ “ Wait!.. i am Mirajane El Rosé and I believe im not from around here! I can explain” – Mirajane *Panic*
⁃ “Mirajane?..” – Mirajennie
⁃ “You are..*Shock* My alter ego” – Mirajennie *Smile*
⁃ “My what?” – Mirajane *Weird*
⁃ “A Doppelganger” – Mirajennie
⁃ “I don’t understand” – Mirajane
⁃ “You are not from this World arent you?” – Mirajennie
⁃ “I think so..what is this.. and why is this Happening to me?.. where exactly i am” – Mirajane
⁃ “Relax.. *Holding Mirajane shoulder* call me Jennie let sit” – Jennie
⁃ *The Hall*
⁃ “Alright Jane… Here’s the Truth.. You are now in the Cyberworld Earth.. And Why you here is..” – Jennie
⁃ “Cyber world..?” – Mirajane
⁃ “Yeah..The World full of Machinery..Tech..cyborg..Robot..Ai..Everything here is Machine..called the Cybertron” – Jennie
⁃ “But.. How im here? And Why?” – Mirajane
⁃ “Urm..follow me..” – Jennie *Get up*
⁃ *House Basement*
⁃ *A wrecked Portal Pot*
⁃ “What is this?” – Mirajane
⁃ “My Father is the Most Greatest scientist here..before he died..He left something about the parallel Universe.. and” – Jennie
⁃ “And.. ?” – Mirajane
⁃ “Its Works!” – Jennie *Happy and Jump*
⁃ “Hey..” – Mirajane
⁃ “Im sorry.. The Cyberworld is Corrupting..I need to figure something out to save all the downholder.. Only few of us left in the World.. The Cybertron take over everything..By that.. Im inventing this Machine.. To make a Portal..for us to go in another universe.. But.. With that.. I have to put my self on test first..” – Jennie
⁃ *The day Mirajennie Test*
⁃ Mirajennie fill her Blood in the Glass tube and Insert it in the Portal Pot
⁃ “I hope this Work” – Jennie
⁃ *The Portal Lightening Up*
⁃ “Please please please” – Jennie
⁃ *Explode*
⁃ “System down” – The Ai Voice
⁃ “Hmm.. No..” – Jennie
⁃ *Present time*
⁃ “So it must be working cuz My Blood only brings you here” – Jennie *Smiling*
⁃ “Jennie.. This is not a Joke.. How can i go back to my own World?” – Mirajane
⁃ “I can figure that out..don’t worry..But.. i need Rebuild the Portal” – Jennie *Make a Sad Face*
⁃ “How long?” – Mirajane
⁃ “Last I created this one… its was.. 3 Month..” – Jennie
⁃ “Jennie” – Mirajane *Worried*
⁃ “Cuz the Process not going to be easy..To get the Perfect material is not easy…but I promise i will done it Faster.. I am so sorry Jane..” – Jennie
⁃ “What im going to do?” – Mirajane *sit on the Couch*
⁃ Mirajennie Feel Guilty
⁃ “I will bring you Explored the Cyberworld and Meet all my friends and Show you the best place in the World called The Ravens” – Jennie
⁃ “What are you talking about Jennie if you bring me to see all that when the portal will be ready” – Mirajane *Hold Her Head*
⁃ “I have a men to get all the Materials..And Before they complete all that.. You’re not going to stay at home right.. So..” – Jennie
⁃ Mirajane Lay her back on the Couch
⁃ “Im gonna tell them all…that you are my Twin!” – Jennie *Hold Jane’s Hand*
⁃ “Jennie..This is all new for me..I dont think i can” – Mirajane
⁃ “I will tell you everything you need to know about me..and This World and You will tell yours…” – Jennie
⁃ “I have no other choice dont i” – Mirajane
⁃ “Im sorry” – Jennie
⁃ “Fine then *Look at the Ring*…twin” – Mirajane
⁃ “Yeay..Thank you so much Jane..but 1st.. You need to change something” – Jennie *Happy to Welcome a sister*
⁃ *Earthland*
⁃ *East Land of Light*
⁃ *GrandMary Academy*
⁃ “Where is It.. Where is it?” – Satt *Look over his Ring*
⁃ “Oh damn..” – Satt *hold his Head*
⁃ “Satoyuki Iota.. You have been called to the GrandMaster office” – *Voice in the Broadcast*
⁃ “What now” – Satt *Took his Jacket and walk out from his room*
⁃ “Hey Satt” – Yeena Braveheart (Chronos Classmate)
⁃ “Hey bro.. “ – Drake Nellson hanging out with James Atlas (Chronos Classmate)
⁃ “Hey guys” – Satt *Walk toward GrandMaster Room*
⁃ *GrandMaster Room*
⁃ “Satoyuki.. Came in” – 6th GrandMaster Of GrandMary Zeith
⁃ “Yes Master?” – Satt
⁃ “The Resident around here..Found this..” – Zeith *Giving satt his grandmary Id Back*
⁃ “Eh?..” – Satt *Weird*
⁃ “They found it in the Mid way” – Zeith
⁃ “Urmm.. Thank you so much Master” – Satt *bowing*
⁃ “Are you feeling well Satoyuki?” – Zeith
⁃ “I am.. Thank you again Master” – Satt
⁃ The GrandMaster Nodded
⁃ *Hallway*
⁃ “Mid way..?” – Satt *Thinking*
⁃ “I went back to GrandMary by Car how it drop in the Mid way” – Satt *Weird*
⁃ “Someone try to deliver it..The Cafe!! *Satt remember the Last he hold the Id card was when he is at the Cafe* The Ring must be there as well.. But wait..if someone already delivered it..How the card drop and nothing has delivered in my room” – Satt *Thinking*
⁃ “I need to go to the Cafe” – Satt *Run to The reception*
⁃ “Satt?” – Ria Potter *The Receptionist*
⁃ “Ria..I need a Permission to go to the Council” – Satt
⁃ “Council?.. For?” – Ria
⁃ “I need to see someone” – Satt
⁃ “Urm..okay.. Dont be long” – Ria
⁃ “Thank you Ria” – Satt *Run out*
⁃ *Outside Of GrandMary*
⁃ “Hey satt where are you going?” – Bruce Wills (The Teacher of Master element)
⁃ “Urm..The Council” – Satt
⁃ “Here.. Take it for spin” – Bruce *Throw The Motorcycle Key*
⁃ “Woah.. Classic..Thank you Master bruce” – Satt
⁃ “Hahaha Drive safe” – Bruce *Walk in*
⁃ *Centre of Light Land*
⁃ *The Council*
⁃ *Suntouch Cafe*
⁃ “Hey.. urm.. Is Mirajane here?” – Satt ask The Another bartender
⁃ “Sorry?” – The bartender
⁃ “Urm.. The Orange hair woman” – Satt
⁃ “Ah.. that ginger.. nope..she’s off today..” – The bartender
⁃ “Oh.. thank you” – Satt
⁃ “Wait *Turn back* if someone left their things here do you keep it?.” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah..Normally we did.. Until they came to pick it up” – The Bartender
⁃ “Yeah?.. thank god.. i think i left my Ring here yesterday” – Satt *Relieve*
⁃ “Sure.. I’ll go check it up” – The Bartender
⁃ *Satt sitting on the Bar stool*
⁃ “Is this the ring?..” – The Bartender
⁃ “Urgh” – Satt *choking on after look at the Wedding Ring*
⁃ “No..definitely not that one” – Satt
⁃ “Yea?.. cuz this is the only ring in the Safe-box” – The Bartender
⁃ “Are you sure?” – Satt
⁃ “Yes..maybe Ginger keep it or something” – The Bartender
⁃ “Urmm..okay.. I guess i’ll came back tomorrow to ask her” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah sure” – The Bartender
⁃ “Thank you Bennet” – Satt *Look at the Nametag*
⁃ “Who would left their wedding Ring at the Cafe” – Satt *Weird and Walk out*
⁃ *The Next Day*
⁃ Bennet Shook his Head
⁃ *The Day After that*
⁃ “She still not working today?” – Satt *drinking at The cafe*
⁃ “Maybe she went back to her hometown” – Bennet
⁃ “ will be funny if i go to her hometown just to take back my Ring right” – Satt
⁃ “ it important ring?” – Bennet
⁃ “Yeah..for me.. Never mind.. *Give bennet his Number* If she came back.. Call me up okay” – Satt
⁃ “Sure Man..” – Bennet
⁃ “Thank you Bennet” – Satt
⁃ *A week Later*
⁃ Satt and The Other Chronos Member Call for Mission
⁃ Bennet Updated that Still no new from Mirajane
⁃ Satt replied and turn Off his Phone
⁃ “Are you okay?” – Tiana Gold (Chronos Classmate) *Applied her Glove*
⁃ “Yeah.. Lets go” – Satt
⁃ *Chronos Deploy for a Mission*
⁃ A month later after Satt last meeting Bennet
⁃ Satt came back from the Mission and Straight to the Suntouch cafe
⁃ “Satt.. You have been out so many time lately..are you dating?” – Nora Anne Snow (Chronos Classmate)
⁃ “No..” – Satt
⁃ “Where are you going?” – Nora
⁃ “To meet a friend” – Satt
⁃ “A woman?” – Nora
⁃ “No.. Its Bennet the going off..bye bye” – Satt *walk away*
⁃ “Bartender?..” – Nora *weird*
⁃ “Dont tell me he is into Man..?” – Arkius Ramsay (Chronos Classmate)
⁃ “Oh my *Frighten* Dont do that again Ark” – Nora *Hit Arkius shoulder*
⁃ “Haha im sorry” – Arkius
⁃ *Suntouch Cafe*
⁃ “Come on Satt..its been a month now..” – Bennet
⁃ “I know.. The Ring is from My mother.. And That only thing that she left for me..” – Satt
⁃ “ just came back from a Mission right..why dont you just have a rest.. And.. *Give Satt a Paper* check at her house tomorrow” – Bennet
⁃ “Her address?..” – Satt *Hold the Paper*
⁃ “Yea.. i ask a friend to made some digging about her..” – Bennet
⁃ “Thank you so so much are a great friend” – Satt
⁃ “Happy to help Bro” – Ben *Smirk*
⁃ “They smiling at each other” – Arkius *Spying on Satt*
⁃ “It doesn’t mean they’re in love ..dumb” – Nora
⁃ “What ever” – Arkius
⁃ “Thanks again Ben..take care” – Satt *leaving*
⁃ Arkius and Nora hide somewhere
⁃ “You better pay for it to make me do this kind of thing!” – Nora *Pinch* Arkius
⁃ “Aoww.. Your face look so curious..i just wanted to help” – Arkius
⁃ “You like him.. why dont you just tell him?” – Arkius
⁃ “Shut up” – Nora *walk away*
⁃ “You might lose a chances” – Arkius
⁃ *Cyber World*
⁃ “Attention! Attention! to the Downholder You all are may to enjoy every little things around you.. Because your time is Running out” – Ai Broadcasting Voice
⁃ *District 4*
⁃ *The Ravens Base*
⁃ “Im so sick of that voice” – Nora Julianne = Nora Anne alter ego (White Hair and Blue Highlights.. dressing Vaguely)
⁃ “I heard that every 10 minutes..” – Yeena Stoneheart = Yeena Braveheart Alter ego (Scarlett hair still the same except She is Lazy)
⁃ “Hehehe if she change it to a lovely voice it could be better” – James Atlan = James Atlas alter ego (Wearing Bandana and wear a Millitary outfit)
⁃ Mirajane Smiling
⁃ Mirajane change her hair colour to a Light Brown like Jennie and became a Bartender in the Raven base
⁃ “But you know.. They are not kidding right” – Maximillion Moonchild = Satoyuki Iota alter ego (Blonde Hair Ex Military Force)
⁃ “Said the Son of Great Mastermind” – Nell Drakegun = Drake Nellson Alter ego (Big and Scar Guy who have his Machine Gun all by his Side)
⁃ “Shut up” – Maxillion *approaching Drake*
⁃ “Hey Max Stop” – Jennie *Hold Max*
⁃ “I am not like him.” – Max
⁃ “Yea yea..what ever” – Drake
⁃ “Relax..okay..” – Jennie
⁃ “Guys..” – Jane *call them to Look at the news*
⁃ *News*
⁃ “District 20 has already Invaded by The Cybertron” – Jane *Cover Her Mouth*
⁃ (The District is Where all the Downholder Lives around the Cybertron continent)
⁃ (Downholder is the name they call a pure Human that lives from 2030 until the year now 2050)
⁃ “We need to move..! faster!” – Max
⁃ “Max what is wrong with your temper!” – Jennie
⁃ “What do you expect me to do jen.. waited a lot longer and Watch all the other downholder turn to ash?!” – Max
⁃ “We all dont have that kind of power to stop them!.. yet!” – Jennie
⁃ “What?.. Power of your secret project?” – Max
⁃ “How do you find out” – Jennie *Shock*
⁃ “Im your love jen.. We dont keep anything from each other.. And Its hurt me when you keeping secrets” – Max
⁃ Jane pull Max and Jennie Out from the Raven base
⁃ “Enough you two” – Jane *Drag both of them to Jennie house*
⁃ “Jane.. where are you going to bring us” – Max
⁃ *Jennie’s House*
⁃ *Basement*
⁃ “You shouldnt keep it from Him” – Jane *Told Jennie*
⁃ “Jen?” – Max
⁃ “Okay….2 Month ago..” – Jennie *Explain Everything about The portal, Multiverse and Mirajane*
⁃ “What?!” – Max *Shock*
⁃ “You know if anyone knows this you will Be caught up” – Max *worried*
⁃ “Im doing it for all of us..for you..” – Jennie
⁃ “So you are not Jennie’s Twin?” – Max
⁃ “I am not..” – Jane
⁃ “Then What now..” – Max
⁃ “My team been collecting part for build the portal again.. the better one.. for brings jane home and For us to get out of here..its just a little bit more to make this portal hold more than a one person” – Jennie
⁃ “Well..about that” – Jane
⁃ “Yea jane?” – Jennie
⁃ “Dont you wanna try to save this world instead of living in another” – Jane
⁃ “This world is not worth saving saw how they treat humanity” – Jennie
⁃ “We human are powerless here” – Max
⁃ “Thats another reason Why i drag you here as well Max” – Jane
⁃ “In Our Elemental world..You have known as the Light Mage.. The Hero of Land of Light..The Kindhearted Saviour…If..” – Jane
⁃ “If we bring him here..he might be help us?” – Jennie
⁃ Max keep Silent
⁃ “Max?” – Jennie
⁃ “I dont know.. How can we depend only in one person?..” – Max
⁃ “Its worth trying and Have faith in Satoyuki like everyone in the land of light has” – Jane
⁃ “Satoyuki?” – Max
⁃ Jane Smile
⁃ “Huh..So..Saving instead of Living in another?” – Jane
⁃ Jennie went up
⁃ “Jen” – Max *Chase her*
⁃ *Living Room*
⁃ “Hey..whats wrong?” – Max
⁃ “What if this world cant be save… ?” – Jen
⁃ “Jen.. I know how much you care about all the Downholder..but if you live in another universe…How they going to survive..? What if we are on another planet that..we dont know what in might be worse..good or not we dont know.. This is One last try.. if we ended up in a Worst planet.. we are dead.. You know that.. “ – Max
⁃ “I just want to live peacefully.. with you” – Jennie *Crying*
⁃ “I want that too.. So now.. We gonna portal Satoyuki in.. and Fight alongside him to take down the TRONECH…” – Max
⁃ “Can you do that?” – Max *wipe the Tears and Hold Jennie’s Cheek*
⁃ “I cant do it if my Best partner cant do it” – Max *Smirk*
⁃ Jennie Pull Max and Kiss Him
⁃ “Lets end the Tronech” – Jennie
⁃ *Basement*
⁃ Jane Holding the Ring
⁃ “Jane..” – Jennie
⁃ “We will do it..” – Jennie
⁃ “We will help Satoyuki to save our World” – Max
⁃ Jane *Smiling*
⁃ “So.. what i need to do?” – Max
⁃ “Stand there and I will scan you” – Jennie
⁃ “Okay..” – Max *Stand in the Scanner*
⁃ *Scanning*
⁃ “Invidual Data complete” – Ai
⁃ “Now.. Do you something from your Planet Jane?” – Jennie
⁃ “Urmm..” – Jane *Hold the Ring*
⁃ Jane place the ring on the Tracking Location Kit
⁃ “Are you ready?” – Jennie
⁃ Jane Step back
⁃ “Yeah” – Max
⁃ *Full Charge*
⁃ *Jennie Push the Button*
⁃ *Earth*
⁃ *Centre Land of Light*
⁃ *Lux Apartment*
⁃ “This is Her home?..” – Satt *infront of the Door*
⁃ “Hello?.. Hello?” – Satt *Knock*
⁃ “It’s locked” – Satt *Try to Open*
⁃ “Its been a month..oh god forgive me” – Satt *Use a Spell to unlock the door*
⁃ Satt *Amaze by how beautiful and Clean Mirajane house*
⁃ “Hello?..Anybody home?” – Satt *Walk in*
⁃ *Alarm Bell*
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt *walk until infront of Mirajane Room door*
⁃ “Hello?” – Satt *open the door*
⁃ Nobody there but the Alarm still Ringing
⁃ Satt went to shut it down and Suddenly he shock when he look at Mirajane Schedule list
⁃ “Orphanage.. Elder house.. Part time modelling..Waiter..Suntouch Bartender..Singer..” – Satt *Read On Mirajane calendar*
⁃ Satt look at her Photo in the Frame
⁃ “She lives alone” – Satt *Look around*
⁃ “The Calendar…Its still July… Means she didn’t came back yet..” – Satt *Check on her August schedule*
⁃ “2nd August… “Happy Birthday to me” its her birthday today” – Satt
⁃ Suddenly Satt heart beating fast
⁃ “I hope shes okay” – Satt *open the door to walk out*
⁃ Suddenly a Wormhole appear Infront of him Suck him in
⁃ *Cyber World*
⁃ *Jennie’s Basement*
⁃ *The House Shaking*
⁃ “Hold on!” – Jennie
⁃ *Explode*
⁃ Max been thrown away
⁃ The Tracking kit fall and The Ring came off
⁃ Jane ran to take the Ring and Suddenly the Portal Head falling toward Her
⁃ “Jane!!” – Jennie
⁃ *Someone Hold the Portal Head*
⁃ “Jane..I found look..Different” – Satt *Smiling*
⁃ Jane shock and Faint
⁃ *Living Room*
⁃ Satt Max and Jennie having a Conversation
⁃ Max and Jennie Explain everything to satt
⁃ “I get it..” – Satt *Look at Mirajane Who laying on the couch*
⁃ “She hasn’t take off the Ring for A month..she said it’s important to her and She need to deliver it back” – Jennie
⁃ Satt sit beside Mirajane and Look at the Ring
⁃ “Its yours” – Jane *awake*
⁃ Jane Taking off the ring
⁃ “Wait..” – Satt *Stop her and Hold her Hand*
⁃ “Mm?” – Jane
⁃ “Nothing..” – Satt *Ring the Ring back to Mirajane’s Finger*
⁃ “Satoyuki..its your ring..” – Mirajane *trying to get up*
⁃ “Happy Birthday Mirajane” – Satt *whisper*
⁃ Mirajane shock even more and She start tearing
⁃ “Thank you! *Grab satt and Hug* You’re the 1st one to wish me after a long time” – Mirajane *Crying*
⁃ “Hehehe..Just call me Satt okay” – Satt
⁃ “Okay..Satt” – Mirajane *Still hugging*
⁃ “Urm.” – Satt
⁃ “Im sorry..” – Mirajane *Blushing and Get up*
⁃ “Hehehe.. Max And Jennie told me off Everything..Im glad You’re okay Mirajane” – Satt
⁃ “Satt…*Hold his hand* Im sorry to drawn you here…i am really sorry” – Jane *Bow her head*
⁃ “No..Its least I already found you..Lets help them and go back to our world okay?.. Together” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Together…“ – Jane *smiling*
⁃ “So..*Turn around* Whats your plan” – Satt
⁃ *Discussing*
⁃ “You dont have A Prime or Lord here?”
⁃ “No.. Everything in this world..powered by The TRONECH they manipulating Everything..The Ai.. Robot.. What ever tech we see..” –
⁃ “So.. we need to get in the Building and take down the Boss and Everything cleared?” –
⁃ “Its not just a Building Satt.. Its a High tower on Floating City called Aerilium” – Max *Shows the Aerilium*
⁃ “Floating city now?” – Satt *Scratch his Head Reminding him of The Hidden City under the Ocean*
⁃ “Its Okay… i can fly to it” – Satt
⁃ “Wait.. You cant go there alone” – Jennie
⁃ “Plus the Security around the City is Tough” – Max
⁃ “So.. we need to get captured to be in there or get up there” – Satt
⁃ “Satt?” – Jane
⁃ They look at each other
⁃ “That might be work..but..They Normal slaughtered the Downholder” – Max
⁃ “I wont let that happen.. Thats why we need a plan” – Satt
⁃ “Max.. People cant know that i am Here.. so.. I need you to stay on the District and Gathered the Other District that time.. I will let myself get capture until they bring me up there..until that happen.. When the Tronech falls..The Downholder will uprisings and bring a wars to the Cybertron” – Satt
⁃ Max Agreed with Satt plan
⁃ “We are going with you..i and Jane might help with things around you” – Jennie
⁃ “but what crime do we have to make to get up there” – Jane
⁃ “No crime needed.. We just Need to Burst the Entrance” – Satt
⁃ “Satt!?” – jane and Jennie
⁃ “Hehehe trust me” – Satt
⁃ “How can you be so confident” – Max
⁃ “We have to max.. The Downholder sake in our hand.. No matter what..we must save them.. And End this Corruption” – Satt
⁃ Jennie Saw something in Satt
⁃ “But..Theres something you need to you..” – Max
⁃ “Mm?..” – Satt
⁃ *Door Knock*
⁃ Everybody Shock and Look at Each other
⁃ Max look at Satt, Jennie Look at Jane
⁃ “Hide.” – Max
⁃ Jennie Point at the Locker
⁃ Satt and Jane Ran and Hide inside the Locker
⁃ *Inside the Locker*
⁃ Satoyuki and Mirajane blushing while look at Each other
⁃ *Outside*
⁃ “Max.. The District leader call for a Meeting” – Raven Man
⁃ “Sure..i’ll be there” – Max
⁃ “Satt..” – Jane
⁃ Satt uncomfortable to talk cuz They face are so close
⁃ “Satt?” – Jane *whisper*
⁃ “Mm?..” – Satt
⁃ *Jennie Open the Locker*
⁃ “They’re gone” – Jennie
⁃ Satt and Jane got out
⁃ “Satt we need you here” – Max *Calling*
⁃ “Do you wanna say something?” – Satt
⁃ “Later kay” – Jane *smile*
⁃ *Hall*
⁃ “So.. Im going off to the District going to convince them and Prepared.. here.. This everything you need to get To the Tronech And Aerilium” – Max *Pass down his Tech Gauntlet that kepy everything inside it*
⁃ “Thank you” – Satt
⁃ “Aerilium is 20000km Away from there Transportation all Are inside..the Resources as well..Jennie will help you with the others” – Max
⁃ “Are you going to be okay?” – Jennie *Holding Max*
⁃ “I am..*kiss* I will..Satt..please look after both of them” – Max
⁃ “I will..okay.. Lets save the Cybertron” – Satt
⁃ “Hehehe Cyberworld satt” – Jane
⁃ Max and Jennie laughing While hugging Each other
⁃ *Jennie’s House Rooftop*
⁃ *Deploying*
⁃ “I’ll see you on the other side my love” – Max *Hug Jennie*
⁃ “Please be safe” – Jennie Kiss Max
⁃ Satt weird and Look at Jane
⁃ “They are couple” – Jane *Giggles*
⁃ “Take care Jane” – Max
⁃ “You too Max” – Jane
⁃ “I didnt get to know your full name yet” – Max
⁃ “Its Satoyuki Iota..” – Satt *Wink*
⁃ “How?..” – Max
⁃ “Hehehe its a Long Story..i Save it for after..” – Satt
⁃ “Hahaha im looking forward to hear it” – Max
⁃ “Max!” – Jennie
⁃ Both of them Turn
⁃ “I love you!” – Jennie
⁃ “So you’re are Max too” – Max *wink*
⁃ “Hahaha Busted.. Take care Max” – Satt *Bump Fist*
⁃ “You too Max Satt” – Max *Bump Fist*
⁃ *Satt get in The Flying Mobile*
⁃ *Blast Off*
⁃ “I love you too” – Max
⁃ *On their Way*
⁃ In the Middle of The Dessert Half way to the Aerilium
⁃ Jennie Staring at Satt from The back seat
⁃ “Jane.. You and Satt are something?” – Jennie
⁃ “Eh” – Jane *Shock and Blush*
⁃ “No.. This is the 2nd Time We ever met” – Jane
⁃ “Ever since he came..i feel something strange..Something special About him” – Jennie
⁃ “That What Everybody said..They Titled him as The 2nd Light of Hope..” – Jane *Smiling*
⁃ “2nd..?” – Jennie
⁃ “Yeah..” – Jane
⁃ “Who is the 1st” – Jennie
⁃ “Hehehe The 1st.. Of course.. The Earth Greatest hero.. A Legend..Arikachi Sora..He is The Kindest humble Person in the world..And He is so ageless..still Handsome and Cool” – Mirajane *Smiling*
⁃ “You had a crush on him” – Jennie *Giggles*
⁃ “Can say Everybody does..and his Wife are the Most beautiful woman i ever seen.. Also ageless i always wanted to become like her in my model Career” – Jane
⁃ “Hehehe you Are lucky living in the Happy World Jane” – Jennie *Hold jane Hand*
⁃ “And You will too jennie..” – Jane *Hold Jennie hand And Look at Satt*
⁃ *Suddenly The car Grumble*
⁃ “Jen.. What happen” – Satt *Trying to hold up*
⁃ Jennie ran and Help satt Control it
⁃ Jennie hold Satt hand
⁃ Satt Look at Jennie Weirdly
⁃ “Hold on.. we have to Land” – Jennie
⁃ *Grumbling*
⁃ Jane Holding the Seats
⁃ Jennie still Grab on Satt hand
⁃ “Here we laaanndd!” – Jennie
⁃ *Stumbling Landed*
⁃ They landed and Slide until Hitting the Rock in the Middle of the Dessert
⁃ “Jen.. Satt.. are you okay?” – Jane
⁃ Jennie Unconscious Falling on top of satt
⁃ Satt open His Eyes
⁃ “Jane?.. Jennie” – Satt
⁃ Jennie awake
⁃ “Im so sorry” – Jennie Get up and bang on the Car roof
⁃ “Hey Are you okay?” – Satt *Hold Jennie head*
⁃ “I .. i am.. “ – Jennie
⁃ Jane feel Something strange but she Put aside the Feeling and Help Jennie and Satt
⁃ *Dessert*
⁃ “Oh no.. The gas Air turbulence are broke..” – Jennie *Under the Car*
⁃ “Is it a bad news?” – Satt *help Jennie Get up*
⁃ “Not really bad.. Cuz we still can drive it.. Only..with manuals” – Jennie *Making a Face*
⁃ “Manual?” – Jane
⁃ “We have to drive it on the ground” – Jennie
⁃ “Thats not going to be a problem” – Satt
⁃ “Yea.. but now the Car is Malfunctioning.. I need to Fix it back..” – Jennie
⁃ Satt look around
⁃ “The sun getting low..looks like We have to stay overnight here .. you need to rest jen..Fix the Car tomorrow alright” – Satt
⁃ Jennie staring at Satt
⁃ “Alright?” – Satt
⁃ “Okay..” – Jennie *Sit on the Ground*
⁃ *under the Night Sky*
⁃ Satt make a Fire camp With his Fire Element
⁃ Jennie Resting
⁃ Satt climb and Sit on the Big Rock
⁃ “Satt..” – Jane *Sit on the Rock Beside satt*
⁃ “This World so much different than ours” – Satt *Look at the Aerilium By far*
⁃ “It is..but you can help saving it and Make it like ours” – Jane *Bump into Satt shoulder*
⁃ “We going to save me..” – Satt *Look at Mirajane*
⁃ “Hehehe i dont know i can be much help with this” – Jane *Hand Glow out of light*
⁃ “You’re a light Elemental user” – Satt
⁃ “I dont know..Ever since i was life was” – Jane
⁃ “Busy..” – Satt
⁃ “Satt?” – Jane
⁃ “Im sorry..For a month..I and Bennet try to find you.. before im here.. I went into your house..” – Satt
⁃ “Mm? *Shocked* Did you?” – Jane *blushing*
⁃ “Im sorry I didnt mean to..” – Satt
⁃ “Thats how you found out My birthday date” – Jane
⁃ “Yes.. and Find Out you’re a Singer too” – Satt *Joke*
⁃ “Satt..” – Jane *Make her face*
⁃ “I dont know anything about you Mirajane… But.. I know one thing..You’re a Great and Strong woman.. and Im sure.. Where ever your parent are..They always will be proud of you” – Satt
⁃ “Thank you so much Satt” – Jane *Lay her head on satt shoulder*
⁃ “But..” – Jane *Made a Sulking face and Stare at satt*
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ “I will be Stronger if you taught me how to control of this *Lighten up her hand* hehehe” – Jane *Giggles*
⁃ “You really do?” – Satt
⁃ Jane Move closer and Bow her head
⁃ “Ever since i was little..I never taught of becoming an elemental user… But.. After i saw what happen to this World.. The Downholder..Jen.. I really want to save them.. but i know..I am Powerless” – Jane
⁃ “Give me your hand..” – Satt
⁃ “Mm?” – Jane *Look at satt and place her hand On satt hand*
⁃ Satt hold Jane hand that she wear the ring on
⁃ Satt close his eyes and The Rune over his Body glowing up until it reach and Flow into Mirajane’s Hand
⁃ “Satt..what is this” – Jane *Glowing*
⁃ Satt open his golden Eyes
⁃ “Your light.. are just like Mine..and Mine now..are in yours” – Satt
⁃ Mirajane *Shocked*
⁃ Both of Them Glowing in the Night Dessert
⁃ *The Light Faded*
⁃ Satt holding Mirajane Hand
⁃ “What was that..?” – Mirajane *Suddenly Feel dizzy*
⁃ “You’re an Elemental user now” – Satt *Look at Jane and Show Her the Light Rune on her hand*
⁃ Jane Shocked and Look at Satt
⁃ “And Now.. you just need to Practice it” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Satt this is..*Look at the rune and Satt* Thank you so much” – Jane *hold his hand and Hug His arm*
⁃ Jennie came out from the Car and Look at Them
⁃ *The Next Day*
⁃ *Morning*
⁃ Satt and Jane Fell asleep on the Rock
⁃ Jennie Fixing the Car
⁃ “Satt is not Max..Satt is not Max” – Jennie *Had a Strange confusing Feeling*
⁃ “Jennie?” – Satt
⁃ “Ahh!” – Jennie *Frightening and Bump into something*
⁃ “Hey Are you okay?” – Satt
⁃ Jennie slide out from under the Car
⁃ “I am” – Jennie *The Dirt all over her hair*
⁃ Satt hold his Laugh
⁃ “What wrong?” – Jennie *Tilt her head*
⁃ “Your hair” – Satt
⁃ “Mm?” – Jennie *Brushing her Hair*
⁃ The Dust hit on Satt face
⁃ “Oh Im so sorry” – Jennie *Panic*
⁃ “Hehe its okay” – Satt *Wipe his Face*
⁃ Satt and Jennie look at each other and Laugh
⁃ “Here..*Passing the Water* Im going to help Jane with her Elemental..take a break okay” – Satt
⁃ “Sure.. Thank you Satt” – Jennie *Smile*
⁃ “What is wrong with me..Im not supposed to have this Feeling.. He is not Max” – Jennie
⁃ *The Training Scene*
⁃ Satt teach Mirajane to consume all the Energy Around her
⁃ “Feel The Elements Around” – Satt Use the Five element to Surrounding Jane
⁃ Jennie Sit on top of the Car Smiling and Watching them
⁃ Jennie Jump And Continue fixing the Car
⁃ *Few Hours Later*
⁃ Satt taught Mirajane To blast out the Light from her Hand
⁃ Jane *Succeed Firing the Light out of Her hand*
⁃ “Wow” – Jennie
⁃ “I did it” – Jane *Look at Satt and Jennie*
⁃ Satt smiling
⁃ “The Car need a Few hours to Charge before we Move.. By that time..lets do combat Jane” – Jennie *wink*
⁃ “Hehehe Sure” – Jane *Smile*
⁃ *Jane Sparring With Jennie*
⁃ *Enjoyable Spar*
⁃ “You are already good at self defensive Jane” – Jennie *Impress*
⁃ “I got a Little Help” – Jane *Lock jennie and Look at Satt*
⁃ “Hehehe you’re one lucky Girl” – Jennie *Lock jane down Back*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Jane *Giggles*
⁃ Jane and Jennie Look at Satt
⁃ “Mm?.. What?” – Satt *Weird*
⁃ Jane and Jennie get up and Getting ready to Fight Satt
⁃ “Oh.. *On his Position* Hehehe Buy me a chocolate if I won this” – Satt *Smirk*
⁃ *They start Approaching*
⁃ *Satt Vs Jane & Jennie*
⁃ *District Meeting*
⁃ All the District Leader on the East Continent Gathered
⁃ Old Man Skyro Leader of District 1
⁃ Premetheus Leader of District 2
⁃ Joelle Markins Leader of District 3
⁃ Maximillion Moonchild Leader of District 4
⁃ Ianna Jones Leader of District 5
⁃ Mori Ventouraus Leader of District 6
⁃ Barbara Harp Leader of District 7
⁃ Harvey Bullet Leader of District 8
⁃ *The Hall Of Humanity*
⁃ “We talk about this..and my answer is still no” – Skyro
⁃ “But Sir.. Until when we are going to stay and Live like this” – Max
⁃ “Its not about Lives.. Its the Life that you ask for.. almost 80% of The Cybertron is controlling by Tronech.. and To bring a War to them.. You ask us to Kill ourself Max” – Premetheus
⁃ “Sooner or Later they will come to us.. You all know that” – Max
⁃ “Age Of Humanity is Facing an Extinction Max…Theres not Worthy to fight against them” – Skyro
⁃ “If you said so.. Well im not going to sit and Watch Maximus wipe all the Entire humanity..and im going to bring the war to them..With or without you” – Max
⁃ “It worth fighting..for Our think?” – Ianna Jones
⁃ “Its true.. At least we fight..Till the end of life we dont plan to wait for the death come to us.. while we still can fight.. we will fight..with you” – Harvey Bullet
⁃ “Im in..” – Joelle Markins
⁃ Skyro and Premetheus Look at Joelle as the 3 Elders
⁃ “Max has point.. Why called us Human.. While only sit and watching the other humanity slaughter by the Cybertron” – Joelle
⁃ “But you know..If we want to put this all end..Maximus must be killed…” – Barbara Harp
⁃ “I know” – Max
⁃ “He is your..” – Barbara
⁃ “My father are dead..After all that he done to humanity…theres no human in him..” – Max
⁃ “So.. What’s your plan?” – Mori Ventaurous
⁃ “We need to be prepared.. Armed.. and waited for the Signal” – Max
⁃ “What signal..” – Skyro
⁃ Max *Smirk*
⁃ *Satt Scene*
⁃ “We are here” – Jennie
⁃ They Arrive Aerophicity The City Below Aerileum
⁃ “Woah” – Satt
⁃ The Cyber City full of Cyborg Robot Ai And Machine
⁃ *Somewhere*
⁃ *Here..” – Jennie *Pass the Gauntlet to Satt and Jane*
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ “No human can pass this gate.. So we need to be *Take off her clothes* A cyborg..” – Jennie Put on her Necklace and The Necklace turn Her body to a Steel
⁃ Satt turn around
⁃ “We need to be naked?” – Jane
⁃ “Hehehe mine is for upper body..Satt is for the are the Leg” – Jennie
⁃ “Huh..thats relieves” – Jane
⁃ Satt put on the Glove and The Metal crawling up to satt shoulder
⁃ “Wow..It feel like” – Satt
⁃ “Your own skin” – Jennie *Smile*
⁃ “Where do you get this?” – Satt
⁃ “A friend of ours” – Jennie *wink*
⁃ “Okay.. *Put on the leg Bracelet* ahh it tickles” – Jane *The Metal Crawls up to her thighs*
⁃ “This Metal now are just like our own skin..its Ai undetectable..they wont know its basically we are cyborgs” – Jennie
⁃ “Cool..Lets go to the Aerileum” – Satt *Step forward*
⁃ *Aerophicity*
⁃ They entering The Gate
⁃ “Welcome Mirajane Lilien Rosé” – Ai Custom *Green Light*
⁃ *Pass*
⁃ “Welcome Mirajennie Lilien Rose” – Ai Custom *Green Light*
⁃ *Pass*
⁃ Suddenly the Light Turn Blue After satt step in
⁃ “Welcome Sir Maximillian Moonchild..Your father has awaited for your Arrival..Please head straight to the Tronech Company” – Ai Custom
⁃ “My father?” – Satt *shocked*
⁃ The Transport Arrive
⁃ “Jen?” – Jane
⁃ “What is this?..” – Satt
⁃ “Satt.. Max is the Son of The Cyberprime Maximus Moonchild.. and” – Jennie *Hold Satt Arm*
⁃ “What?!” – Satt and Jane *Shocked*
⁃ “Max father? Our Father? Is the Man of this corruption” – Satt
⁃ “Dont say that out loud” – Jennie “Close satt Mouth”
⁃ “Arh…*Satt turn around* Man..” – Satt *Look at the Aerileum*
⁃ “Satt..Maximus Moonchild Died a long time ago..after he have been reborn..he turn to this Evil Cyborg That almost Killed Max and His Mother” – Jennie
⁃ Satt cut out the Story
⁃ “Its okay.. We do get free passes to get up there..thanks to Max” – Satt
⁃ “Satt..” – Jane
⁃ “Lets go” – Satt *walk to the Transport*
⁃ *Get in the Transport*
⁃ “Welcome Home Mr Maximilion” – Ai Driver
⁃ “Good to be home Buddy..Good to be home” – Satt
⁃ “Shall we” – Ai Driver
⁃ Satt and the other flying to the Aerileum
⁃ Jennie feel Guilty for satt
⁃ Jane hold Satt and Jennie hand
⁃ “We’re gonna end this” – Jane
⁃ “Yea..” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Im Sorry Sir.. You might want to hold your Breath” – Ai Driver
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ The Transport fly with a Full speed to Get through the Gravity
⁃ Satt jane and Jennie hardly Breathing cuz they are Completely human
⁃ “Hold..” – Jennie
⁃ Satt holding in
⁃ Jane in Pain
⁃ *Relieves*
⁃ “Huh!” – Jennie
⁃ Satt hold his Chest
⁃ “Jane?” – Satt
⁃ Jane Hardly breathing
⁃ “I cant breathe” – Jane
⁃ “Relax..okay..relax..” – Satt *Hold Jane Hand and Heal her*
⁃ *The Healing Rune Glowing*
⁃ “Sir..we are here” – Ai Driver
⁃ *Aerileum*
⁃ The Floating Cybercity
⁃ Beautiful and Peace Green City
⁃ “Its nothing Like the Surface” – Jennie *Froze look at the Big tree and All the Environment*
⁃ Satt Shocked
⁃ “Satt” – Jane *Shocked*
⁃ “Its.. like..” – Satt
⁃ “The Council” – Jane *Cover her Mouth*
⁃ The Ai Drive Send Satt and The Other Straight To Tronech Building
⁃ *Arrive Tronech Building*
⁃ Satt jennie and Jane walk in
⁃ “Welcome back Young Master” – Cyborg
⁃ Satt smile
⁃ “Relax..okay..” – Jennie
⁃ “Yeah..” – Satt
⁃ “Hello folk” – The Ai Man vision
⁃ They stop walking
⁃ “I am Jupiter.. The Assistant of the Prime.. Prime like to see you now.. Come on..Heres your way” – Jupiter *walk*
⁃ “Huh..” – Satt *Getting Nervous to Meet his Father alter ego*
⁃ “We can end” – Jane *Hold Satt arm*
⁃ “Yeah..” – Satt *Get in the Elevator*
⁃ *99 Floor*
⁃ Satt and The Other Arrive the Prime Department
⁃ “Ladies.. im sorry The Prime Like to meet his Son.. Alone” – Jupiter
⁃ “Fine..” – Jennie
⁃ “Please wait in the waiting room Alright” – Jupiter
⁃ “Take care..” – Jane
⁃ Satt nodded
⁃ They walk to the Prime office
⁃ A Man sitting on the Chair Facing outside of the Building
⁃ *Knock*
⁃ Satt came in
⁃ A blonded long combed hair Half Cyborg Man Turn around and Stand up
⁃ “Welcome..*look at Satt Cybotic arm* back.. My Son…” – Maximus Moonchild
⁃ “Oh my..” – Satt *froze*
⁃ “” – Satt *inner voice*
⁃ “You finally..One of us” – Maximus
⁃ “You are my father..?” – Satt *shocked*
⁃ “I am..Max..after all this long..i have been waiting for you..” – Maximus
⁃ “But..How” – Satt
⁃ “I know..being reborn made you reset your memory..but its fine now son..Im i always am” – Maximus
⁃ “How..i have been reborn…*Look at his Hand* dad..” – Satt
⁃ “You..You calling Me” – Maximus *Shocked*
⁃ Satt look at Maximus
⁃ “Luke found you were dead in the District 4 while he check on the District” – Maximus
⁃ “Im dead?..District 4?” – Satt
⁃ “Somehow..Look revive you back there and Said You will came back to me” – Maximus
⁃ “What the hell happening and who is Luke” – Satt *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Im confuse..who is Luke” – Satt
⁃ “Its okay Son..Take a seat..*Sit beside Satt* Luke is our Tech Mechanic…he can create and Make anything..He is the one who revive you” – Maximus
⁃ “Where is he?” – Satt
⁃ “In his lab.. Probably..but..put that away..Its been a while..its been a while son.. *Place his Cyborg hand On satt Knee*
⁃ “Am i needed for something?” – Satt
⁃ “You are..theres so many thing i had plan.. For Us” – Maximus
⁃ Satt get up and Walk to the Tower Glass
⁃ “Beautiful isn’t?” – Maximus
⁃ Numerous Robotic Armed Soldier
⁃ “What are they for?” – Satt
⁃ “They?..they are our bring an apocalypse to the surface son.. The Mastered Elemental Soldier Prototypes..They can Wipe Everything..Easily” – Maximus
⁃ Satt close his eyes because he keep feel like he talking to his Real father
⁃ “Everything?” – Satt
⁃ “The Humanity son..For centuries they have been trying to wipe us all.. but they keep fail and Failing.. And It make us Sick.. I sick of it *His Voice and Face change* that why.. I have decided to Wipe all the Humanity existence..and Raise the New CyberWorld.. 100% Own By Cyborg like Us” – Maximus *Look at satt*
⁃ “If i still have a humanity in me..You will wipe me off too right?..dont you love me dad?” – Satt
⁃ “Of course i love you are my only family and Son i had..i will never done that to you..i need you rule the new world..With me” – Maximus
⁃ “Only the Power inside you..can help me to proceed this Apocalypse.. and Together.. we create our new World son” – Maximus
⁃ Satt Lost his Word and Froze
⁃ “I know..This is all new for you..But..I will give a good Start.. The place that no threatened by Human at all..” – Maximus
⁃ “Dad.. I need a Minute…I’ll be back” – Satt *Holding his Heart and Go out*
⁃ Maximus Smile
⁃ “Sir..I got an Update from the Downholder” – Jupiter (Maximus Ai Assistant)
⁃ “Show me” – Maximus
⁃ “Maximus. the Downholder are bringing the War to You” – Familiar Voice
⁃ “Let they come and Die” – Maximus
⁃ “It will be hard cuz Your son is the head of them..” – Premetheus
⁃ Maximus Shocked and Turn back
⁃ “My son?.. What do you mean” – Maximus
⁃ “Maximillion is Gathering The Downholder from the East Continent..except My district im declining their request” – Premetheus
⁃ Maximus Has some serious Face
⁃ “Do you have a look for their Progress” – Maximus
⁃ “Yeah” – Premetheus *Sending the Image of Max Preparing and Giving a Speech*
⁃ “No metal Arm..” – Premetheus
⁃ “When is this Images taken” – Maximus
⁃ “A few Hours ago” – Premetheus
⁃ Maximus holden up His Fist
⁃ “Let they come” – Maximus *End the Called*
⁃ “Sir..” – Jupiter
⁃ Maximus Ended Jupiter Call either
⁃ *Satt met Jane and Jennie*
⁃ “Do you hear all that?” – Satt
⁃ “He must be Stopped” – Jennie
⁃ “Wait wait.. What is this now..why i feel like nobody telling me a thing” – Satt *confuse*
⁃ “Just go along with it satt.. Please Believe in Me” – Jennie
⁃ Satt bow his head and Walk back
⁃ “What is the Plan Jennie..” – Jane
⁃ Jennie release her Breath and Face Jane
⁃ “After Max father intend to Kill him and His Mother.. Maximus Trusted Man Luke took and Save them.. ever since then ..max has a Really close relationship with Luke..And now..luke is Working in Tronech every since it just a Small company.. He Created and Combine any Robot part and Cyborg…A week ago..satt and luke are planning what exactly we are doing now..*Hold her cyborg body* Luke arranging everything to make sure that Max is Infront Maximus..The Cyborg Appearance..Identity.. But.. We cant tell satt anything cuz.. The Human who reborn as A cyborg..They will lost their Memory” – Jennie
⁃ “So..You and Max not telling satt about this..To make it look more like fresh out of tank?” – Jane *Worried*
⁃ “No..its not like that..Im so sorry Jane” – Jennie
⁃ Jane bow her head down
⁃ Satt went back to Maximus Office
⁃ “Im sorry it take too long Dad” – Satt
⁃ Maximus Turn Around with a Serious Face
⁃ Maximus Scanning all over Satt body
⁃ “Half Cyborg..*Shock when He look at the Light Glowing inside satt* what is This” – Maximus
⁃ “Dad?.. Whats Wrong?” – Satt *Step back*
⁃ “Are you really my Maximillion?” – Maximus *Walk closer With his red eyes*
⁃ Satt stunted by the Eyes and step back
⁃ Maximus Fly toward satt and Choke him
⁃ “Answer me!” – Maximus *Choking*
⁃ “” – Satt *Grumble*
⁃ Maximus Let satt down and Fall on his Knee
⁃ “I hate liars” – Maximus *Turn Around and Press the Magnet button*
⁃ Satt being pull down the Ground
⁃ “Dad..” – Satt *Grumbling Stuck*
⁃ “Jupiter.. Called Luke Ganston to My office now” – Maximus
⁃ “Yes sir” – Jupiter
⁃ Maximus Staring at Satt grumbling on the Ground
⁃ “Damn it.. Im stuck” – Satt *inner Voice*
⁃ *A Man Entering the Office*
⁃ “Yes Maximus” – Luke Ganston *Shock look at Different Maximillion on the Ground*
⁃ Maximus Stab Luke Body with His finger
⁃ Satt shocked
⁃ “Who is He!” – Maximus *Scream*
⁃ “H..he is Your Son” – Luke
⁃ “Then Who is This!” – Maximus *Shows the Image of Max gathering the Downholder*
⁃ “Busted” – Satt *Hold his fish together and Knock his head on the Ground*
⁃ “What?” – Maximus *Turn to satt*
⁃ Satt lift his Face and His eye turn Gold and The Rune on his Body all glowing up
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ “What the!” – Jennie *Shocked*
⁃ *Alert Alert*
⁃ Jennie and Jane *Run to The Prime Office*
⁃ “My Father is not a Robot” – Satt *Hold unconscious Maximus on the Ground*
⁃ “A..amazing” – Luke *Froze look at the Light that Hit Maximus in a Split Second*
⁃ “Satt!” – Jane and Jennie Arrive
⁃ “Uncle Luke!” – Jennie *Hold The Blood*
⁃ Satt turn Back
⁃ “A friend of Mine” – Satt *Remember Jennie’s Word*
⁃ “He’s Gonna be Okay” – Satt *Place his Hand on Look Shoulder And Heal Him*
⁃ “Who..are you” – Luke
⁃ “A friend of Jen” – Satt
⁃ “You figured it out” – Jennie *Smile*
⁃ *Surprised Moment*
⁃ Maximus Shot Satt right Chest with his Laser eye
⁃ “Satt!!” – Jane and Jennie
⁃ “Arggh” – Satt *Spilling Blood*
⁃ Jane holding satt on his Knee
⁃ “You *Suit up His Elemental Armored* traitor” – Maximus *Targeting Luke with his Blaster*
⁃ “I wont let that happen” – Satt word to Max
⁃ “No one dies today.. *Stand Up* Except you” – Satt
⁃ Maximus Change his Traget to Satt
⁃ “Jennie..The Signal..Jane.. Bring Luke to safety” – Satt *Serious*
⁃ “But satt..” – Jane
⁃ “Go..” – Satt
⁃ “Die!” – Maximus *Blast them all*
⁃ *Explode*
⁃ Satt transform into White Mage and Protect three of Them
⁃ “Woah” – Jennie *Shocked*
⁃ “What are you?” – Maximus *Shocked*
⁃ “A Human” – Satt *Dash toward Maximus and Take him out from the Building
⁃ “Lets go!” – Jane
⁃ “Where is the Broadcast Room Uncle?” – Jennie
⁃ “We cant go there.. Follow Me” – Luke
⁃ They went in the Secret Room in the building that own by Luke
⁃ *Satt vs Maximus*
⁃ Jane and Jennie watch Them through the Camera
⁃ “Satt..” – Jane *Worried*
⁃ “The World need to watch this..*Luke Broadcasting The Fight between Satt and Maximus On the Air* Jennie.. Its time..” – Luke
⁃ *Every district Screen*
⁃ “What was that?” – The West Downholder
⁃ “Its the Cyberprime” – The North Downholder
⁃ “Someone is against him” – The West Downholder
⁃ “People of The Downholder..Today..Its the Day..We cant stand by Watching the Cybertron wipe all of the Humanity” – Jennie *Voice Broadcasting all over the World*
⁃ “Who is Broadcasting this!” – The Cyborg in Tronech Company
⁃ “The Women! Their are in the Building..Find Them!!” – Jupiter
⁃ “So Downholder!..This is the Time..This is the Time..To take down the Cybertron and Tronech..and Take back our Earth!!” – Jennie
⁃ Max Smile
⁃ “Max.. why the One who fought Maximus is just look like you” – Nora
⁃ “Thats The Signal…” – Max
⁃ “Downholders!.. Lets take back our World” – Max
⁃ Half of The East Downholder get in the Hellcarrier to Invade the Cybertron
⁃ “Max!” – Premetheus
⁃ “Please..avenge us” – Premetheus
⁃ “I will.. We will Uncle” – Max *Tighten up His Suit*
⁃ Max Get in The Carrier
⁃ Premetheus Smirking and Walk away
⁃ “You’re not going to make it..The Elemental Bot are more powerful than anything” – Premetheus
⁃ *HellCarrier*
⁃ “Nora..Atlan..Yeena.. We are going to Assist Jennie in Aerileum” – Max
⁃ “Im coming with you” – Drake
⁃ Max look at Drake and Shake his Hand
⁃ “Full Speed!” – Max
⁃ *Satt Vs Maximus*
⁃ *Epic On Air Fight*
⁃ “You think you going to Destroy us Cybertron that Easy!” – Maximus *Blasting*
⁃ Satt deflecting every blast and Appear under Maximus
⁃ “Take that!” – Satt *Upper Cut with his Light Fist*
⁃ Maximus Falling to The Ground
⁃ “Enough..” – Satt *Land on the Ground*
⁃ “You’re making a Mistake..Max..or.. What did they call you..Satt” – Maximus *Laying on the Ground*
⁃ “What are you talking about?” – Satt
⁃ “I have been taking and Absorb every single blow you hit Me” – Maximus
⁃ Satt Fly and Choke on Maximus
⁃ “What the hell are you talking about” – Satt on Maximus
⁃ “Y..Your Power.. Its completes them All..” – Maximus armoded Light up and The Button appear At Maximus Hand
⁃ *Maximus Press the Button*
⁃ “Huh?” – Satt *turn his Face up*
⁃ The Elemental Bot Blast Satt away with The Wind Element
⁃ Satt been thrown away until His Attach to the Building Wall
⁃ “Only the Power inside you..can help me to proceed this Apocalypse.. and Together.. we create our new World” – Satt remember back Maximus word
⁃ “You know i was coming” – Satt *Fall on His Knee*
⁃ “I knew the source of The energy are coming” – Maximus *Get up and The Elemental bot all Standing Behind Him*
⁃ “What happen to you..dont you used to be human?” – Satt *try to stand up*
⁃ Maximus Turn Back and Walk
⁃ “Im not one of you..Kill this Human” – Maximus
⁃ “Targeting.. Human.. Destroy Humanity” – Elemental Bot
⁃ Satt Approach with His Light Speed and Take down One Elemental bot
⁃ “Screw You!..No matter what you have become..I believe.. You still had a Father love toward a son!..i can Feel it!” – Satt
⁃ Maximus Stop Walking
⁃ The Elemental bot that Taken down by Satt Reviving and Blast the Fire Element toward satt
⁃ Satt turn back and deflect it
⁃ “While im still alive.. The Bot will never dead and Stop Killing.. Good luck with that..and now..Im going to rip off the Traitor face!” – Maximus *Look at Tronech Building*
⁃ *Tronech Security Room*
⁃ “Found Them..*Look at the Security Camera* The 88 Floor! West Side Room.. Secret Wall door” – The Cyborg Security
⁃ *Jane and the Other*
⁃ “They Found us” – Luke
⁃ “Uncle!..the Elemental Robot can be shut?” – Jennie
⁃ “Its only Program for rampaging..Its a project that Maximus created him self” – Luke
⁃ “What are you doing?” – Jennie *Check on Luke*
⁃ “Im going to Shut all the Tronech System Around the World and by that I need a time” – Luke
⁃ “We can buy you that” – Jane *Step Foward*
⁃ “ one going to make it through the door” – Jennie *Set her Gun*
⁃ Jane and Jennie *Smile look at each other*
⁃ *Aerileum Surface*
⁃ The Elemental Bot keep being in the Way for satt to Go to Jane whereabout
⁃ “Arghh” – Satt *Fighting The Bot*
⁃ *Max Arrive Aerileum*
⁃ “Satt!” – Max *Throwing the Grenade*
⁃ *Explode*
⁃ “Your Equipment wont has any effect on this Elemental bot..You need to find and Stop him..Thats the only way to shut this Bot” – Satt
⁃ “What the” – Atlan *Shock look at Satt and Max*
⁃ “Target Founded!” – The Elemental bot *Blast at The wall*
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ Satt Protect them all with His White Mage Power
⁃ “Max you got a lot to explain” – Nora
⁃ “Where is He!” – Max
⁃ “He is After Jennie and Jane! Go!” – Satt
⁃ “What about you!” – Max
⁃ “Just Go!” – Satt
⁃ “Max! lets go!” – Drake
⁃ “Be Safe! Satt!” – Max *Being Drag by Drake*
⁃ Satt lift up his Hand and Shows Arikachi Zero Force hand Sign
⁃ Satt step up against a Thousand of Elemental Bot
⁃ The Elemental Bot targeting satt
⁃ “Huh *Jump* This is going to be tired” – Satt
⁃ *Satt Approaching*
⁃ *Infront Of Luke Secret room door*
⁃ Jane Fighting The Cyborg worker With her Fist and Blast them With her Lights
⁃ Jennie Shot every core of them
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ “Where is he..” – Maximus *Appear*
⁃ *Scanning*
⁃ “Well there he is” – Maximus *Look through the Wall*
⁃ “You are not going to Get to him!” – Jennis *Shot*
⁃ “Nice try” – Maximus *Bulletproof*
⁃ Maximus Approaching and Lift Jennie by Chocking Her
⁃ “Jennie!” – Jane Approaching Maximus
⁃ Maximus With Jane with the Light that he absord from Satt
⁃ Jane thrown away to the Wall
⁃ “Argh..this light!?” – Jane *Grumble*
⁃ Maximus Stomp Jennie head to the Secret Door
⁃ *Door Open*
⁃ Luke Turn Away And Frighten
⁃ “Hello traitor” – Maximus
⁃ *91%*
⁃ “Maximus.. Stop this!” – Luke
⁃ “You know what..Before you died.. I’ll tell you something..You are someone who i Trusted more than anything in this world.. You bring me back to Live.. You taught me how to Control over this *Look at his Armoured Hand* you are like a Father of all cyborg.. But.. Look what have you done.. you are standing aside with humans?.. You are so *His Elemental Spear Sliding Down from his Arm* heartbreaking” – Maximus
⁃ *Surprised Attack*
⁃ “Not like you have a Heart!!” – Max *Stab maximus Heart*
⁃ Drake Cut Maximus right hand
⁃ “Arggh!” – Maximus
⁃ Yeena Take the Spear and Stab Maximus Food lock it to the Ground
⁃ Atlan and Nora Healing Jennie and Jane
⁃ “Max!” – Luke
⁃ “This is Your end.. Father” – Max *About to Cut Maximus Head*
⁃ “What are waiting For” – Maximus
⁃ Maximus Change the Elemental bot Target from killing satt to Destroy the Tronech Building
⁃ “Argghh” – Max
⁃ *The Building Shaking*
⁃ Satt miss his change to Cut Off Maximus Head
⁃ “You miss” – Maximus *Turn on the Nitrous boost to set free and Kick Max Yeena and Drake straight to the wall*
⁃ “Die!” – Maximus Aiming Luke
⁃ “Arghh!” – Jane *Appear and Cut his Other hand and Blaster with The Sword that she infuse with her light element*
⁃ *The Building Swaying*
⁃ “Argghh!” – Maximus *Fly away*
⁃ “Guys” – Atlan and Nora
⁃ “Are you okay?” – Jane
⁃ “Im okay..Thank you Jane” – Max
⁃ *100% Alert*
⁃ “Its done” – Luke *Shut Down everything that Link into Tronech and Aerileum*
⁃ “We should Go off this Building!” – Nora
⁃ Satt Come and Join them
⁃ “Satt!” – Jane and Max
⁃ “They suddenly stop killing me and Now We need to get off from this building.. Hang Tight!” – Satt *Bring all of them Put from the Building by His Earth Element and Wind*
⁃ *The Aerileum Falling*
⁃ The Aerileum Crash down toward Aerophicity
⁃ *Dust and Wrecked*
⁃ Satt Manage to Hold all of them inside his Earth Boulder
⁃ “Guys!.. Everybody Okay?” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah..” – Jennie *Get up*
⁃ “The Aerileum has Fallen” – Drake
⁃ “We are still alive” – Atlan
⁃ “Thanks to This Max alike Guy” – Nora
⁃ Satt help jane to get up
⁃ “Thank you Satt” – Jane
⁃ “Look!” – Luke *Pointed at the Sky*
⁃ Maximus Floating on the Air with his Both new Arm
⁃ “The Age of Human extinction is Arrive.. I shall bring you the Apocalypse” – Maximus
⁃ The Thousand Elemental Bot are all behind Him
⁃ “Any Last Word?” – Maximus
⁃ “Maximus!!” – Voice
⁃ 4 Big Hellcarrier Arrive at the Scene
⁃ “Hmph” – Maximus *Smirk*
⁃ All the Downholder from every continent Join Satt and The Other
⁃ “We heard the Message” – North Downholder
⁃ “And We here to claim our World” – West Downholder
⁃ Satt look around him All the a Downholder around the World Assemble with their Own Special Armoury
⁃ “You just made the Extinction went easy…” – Maximus
⁃ “Elemental Bot!..Targeting..The Humanity!” – Maximus
⁃ “Downholders!!!” – Max
⁃ “Satt *Hold Satt hand* I can infuse their Weapon with the light Element.. But my light alone isnt Enough” – Jane
⁃ Satt nodded and hold Jane’s Hand
⁃ *Both of them Glowing*
⁃ “Wow” – Yeena
⁃ “What is that?” – The Other Downholder
⁃ Suddenly all The Downholder Weapon Gear And Armoured glowing with Lights
⁃ “Amazing” – Atlan *Look at his Gear*
⁃ “Lets Take back our Earth” – Max *Smile holding His Light sword*
⁃ All the Downholder Wait and Approach The Elemental bot
⁃ Satt and Jane Smile at Each other
⁃ “Lets end this War” – Satt
⁃ “Yeah..but *Look at the Countless Bot* How.” – Jane
⁃ Satt look at The Magnet Floor that Hold him Down
⁃ “I know how.. But.. I need your Cyborg leg and you to catch me..” – Satt *Hold Jane Shoulder*
⁃ “What are you going to do?” – Jane *Open the Leg Bracelet*
⁃ “Just Catch me” – Satt *smirk*
⁃ Satt look at Maximus
⁃ “Satt..” – Jane
⁃ *The Downholder Vs EL Bot*
⁃ Max Fight with all He got back to back With Jennie
⁃ Satt Turn into the White Mage again
⁃ “You’re absorbing element right.. Lets see how much you can contain” – Satt *Inner voice*
⁃ “Satt!” – Jane
⁃ Satt turn around
⁃ “Be careful” – Jane
⁃ Satt wink and Fly to Jennie and Max
⁃ “Jen!.. I need that body” – Satt *Punch the Bot*
⁃ “Huh?” – Jennie
⁃ “Take this!” – Satt *Throw his Jacket*
⁃ Jennie hand Over the Necklace
⁃ “Thank you” – Satt *Fly toward Maximus*
⁃ “What is he doing?” – Max
⁃ “I dont know” – Jennie
⁃ *Satt Approching Maximus*
⁃ Maximus Deflect it
⁃ “Who are you?” – Maximus
⁃ “Enough talking!” – Satt *Appear behind Maximus and Kick Him*
⁃ “Why are you in my son Face!” – Maximus *Fight back*
⁃ *On Air Battle*
⁃ The Downholder still fighting the Elemental bot in the Fallen Aerileum
⁃ Jane Watching Satt against Maximus
⁃ The Elemental Robot Approaching her
⁃ *Clash*
⁃ Jane turn Around
⁃ “You’re wide open Jane” – Drakegun
⁃ “Drake!. Thank you” – Jane
⁃ *Satt Vs Maximus*
⁃ Satt using all His power to fight against Maximus and Bring him Near to the Surface
⁃ “Arghh..where are you exactly from!” – Maximus *Blasting*
⁃ Satt deflecting it while Flying toward Maximus
⁃ “You wanna know?” – Satt
⁃ With the Fast of Light Satt Hit Maximus and Applied the Cybotic Appearance on Him
⁃ The Cybotic Appearance Crawling Up covering Maximus Elemental armour
⁃ “What is This!” – Maximus *Shocked*
⁃ Satt kick and Blast Maximus toward the Magnetic Floor on the Surface
⁃ Maximus stamped on The Magnetic Floor
⁃ Max and Jennie Saw Maximus on the surface
⁃ Satt landed on Maximus Body
⁃ “Satt!” – Jennie
⁃ “My name is..Maxilion Moonchild..*Lock himself with Maximus* and Im *Maximus try to get out* not *Satt use his Earth Element to bring the Magnetic floor to the high ground* from around here” – Satt *Holding Maximus Armour*
⁃ “Maxillion?” – Maximus *Grumble*
⁃ “Lets see how much you can absorb” – Satt *using his Maximillion Light*
⁃ The Light glow throughout satt body flowing into Maximus Elemental Armoured
⁃ Maximus Panic and Command All the Elemental Bot to save him
⁃ The Elemental bot stop attacking the Downholder and Fly straight to Satt and Maximus
⁃ Satt turn and Look at the Approaching Bot
⁃ “Satt!” – Jane
⁃ “Im sorry” – Satt *Lay his Head on Maximus Armour*
⁃ “Capacity overloaded” – Elemental Armour alert
⁃ “Max!..Max!” – Maximus
⁃ Satt Tearing and Use his Full power to blow out Maximus and All the Elemental bot that approach Him
⁃ *Surface*
⁃ “What is this bright light” – The Downholder
⁃ “Satt..” – Max
⁃ “No..” – Jane
⁃ “Just catch me” – Jane Remember Satt word to Her
⁃ “No going to blow them all” – Jennie
⁃ “Guys” – Jane
⁃ “We going to catch him.” – Max *Stand Beside Jane*
⁃ *Satt scene*
⁃ The Light become brighter
⁃ The Bot already near by under satt
⁃ “Rest in Peace..Dad” – Satt *Tearing*
⁃ “Noooo!!” – Maximus
⁃ *Big Explosion*
⁃ “Satt!!” – Jane
⁃ All the Downholder Holding on something
⁃ The Light destroy All of the Bot into pieces
⁃ Satt and Maximus Falling from the Sky
⁃ “Downholders!!.. Save Catch Him!” – Leader of North Downholder
⁃ Everybody Preparing to Catch satt
⁃ *Jane running*
⁃ *Catch*
⁃ Satt Fall into the Downholders Arm
⁃ “Satt!.. Satt!” – Jane *Went into the Group Of Downholder*
⁃ Satt was Unconscious
⁃ “Satt…Wake up” – Jane *Cry while Holding Satt*
⁃ “He..Look like Maximillion” – The Downholder
⁃ “Who is He?” – The Downholder
⁃ “It doesn’t matter who is he..he save us all” – The Downholder
⁃ “Take him to the Aid!” – The Downholder
⁃ The Downholder carried Satt
⁃ Maximus Fall to the Ground
⁃ Maximum still open his Eye
⁃ Max walk Infront of him
⁃ Maximus stared at Max
⁃ Max Shut Maximus eyes and Point the Gun on His Core
⁃ “Rest well..Father” – Max
⁃ *Shot*
⁃ The War is Over..with the Help of Satt and Jane..The Humanity finally claim their World Back. Cybertron and Tronech are all completely Destroyed
⁃ The Sky changing from Dark Purple Blue a Blue bright Sky
⁃ A day After the War
⁃ *The Ravens*
⁃ “How is he” – Jennie and Max Visited Jane while company satt in the Raven room
⁃ Satt still unconscious
⁃ “Uncle Luke said He’s getting better..” – Jane
⁃ “Hows the Meeting?” – Jane
⁃ “It went Great..all the District Leader send a Million thanks to both of you… And By that.. With all the Tech we got now.. They building The Portal for You and go home..” – Jennie *Bow her head*
⁃ “H..home..?” – Satt *Awaking*
⁃ “Satt?!” – Everybody
⁃ “Thank God” – Jane *Hug*
⁃ Jennie Tearing over
⁃ Max Comfort and Hug her
⁃ *The New District Hall*
⁃ *The Portal Ready*
⁃ (The Time building the Portal is Faster than before due to They are open To have all the Material free and Openly)
⁃ The Leader of 40 District around the World and The Ravens Guildmates there ti send Satt and Jane Back to Their Earth
⁃ “Thank you So much Satoyuki iota…Mirajane.. Without you.. The World Might still be ruling by Maximus and The Cybertron… you saved the Cyberworld we owe you a Life” – The leader of North District Eirodites Gold
⁃ “We are happy to help” – Satt Shaking Eirodites Hand
⁃ *The Portal Ready*
⁃ “Im going to Miss you so much” – Jennie *cry while Hugging Jane*
⁃ “Me too..Please take care of yourself..max and Everybody here alright..” – Jane
⁃ “I will.. Sister” – Jennie
⁃ “Sister..” – Jane *Wipe Jennie Tear*
⁃ “Here..” – Jennie *Giving Satt The Chocolate*
⁃ “Mm? Chocolate?” – Satt *weird*
⁃ Jennie Tearing Burst out giggling
⁃ “You won Remember..” – Jennie
⁃ “Eh *Scratch his Hair* i was joking” – Satt *Laugh*
⁃ Jennie Hug Satt
⁃ “Thank you so much” – Jennie
⁃ “Take care okay” – Satt
⁃ “You owe me something” – Max
⁃ “Hahaha yeah” – Satt
⁃ Max Smirking
⁃ “Satoyuki Iota is The name that Mother give me before I discovered that my real name is Maxillion Moonchild..” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Father there left you with your Mum too?” – Max
⁃ “Father Died in a War.. I grew up With Mother until i was 9..She Died cause of diseases” – Satt
⁃ “Guess we shared a Same story *Shake hand* Father died in a war and Reborn as cyborg..Intend to kill us but uncle luke Save us and i live with my mother till i was 9 and She died..Killed by Cyborg” – Max
⁃ “But ..The past make us who we are now right..” – Max
⁃ Never let you knee down..Keep Get up no matter how much we fall..” – Satt *wink*
⁃ “Yeah” – Max *Smile*
⁃ “Take care of Cyberworld Maximillion” – Satt
⁃ “Take care of Yours too Maxillion” – Max
⁃ *Shake Hand*
⁃ Satt and Jane walk to the Portal
⁃ They turn Back and Waving at Everyone
⁃ “Lets go home..” – Satt *look at jane*
⁃ “Together” – Jane *Smile and Take satt hand*
⁃ *They walk in the Portal*
⁃ *Earthland*
⁃ *Land Of Light*
⁃ *Jane Apartment*
⁃ *Jane Room*
⁃ They Both Came out from a Dimension Portal
⁃ Jane Look around
⁃ “Where are home” – Jane *turn to satt and Smile*
⁃ “Yeah” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ Satt walk to the Window and Check at the Sky
⁃ Jane look at Her august calendar
⁃ “Im grateful we are under a great sky…I should head back to grand mary…You should probably rest too Jane..” – Satt *Walking out*
⁃ “Satt..” – Jane
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt turn around
⁃ Jane Beautifully smile and Walk closer to satt
⁃ “Urm” – Satt *Nervous*
⁃ “Are you free tomorrow..?” – Jane
⁃ “Tomorrow?” – Satt *Try to look at Jane calender*
⁃ “Hey dont peek” – Jane *Turn satt Face facing her*
⁃ “Hehehe meet me tomorrow..yea? I want to introduce you to someone” – Jane *Jane Hold satt cheek*
⁃ “Sure” – Satt *smiling*
⁃ “Yeay..*Smile* Thank you..” – Jane Give a Quick kiss on satt cheek
⁃ Satt blushing
⁃ “See you tomorrow Maxillion” – Jane *rubbing Satt hair and Wink*
⁃ “See You tomorrow Mirajane” – Satt *Smile and Walk out*
⁃ Jane Smiling
⁃ *GrandMary*
⁃ Satt came back after 3 days Disappearing
⁃ Everyone in the GrandMary Discussing at the Hall..Including Bennet
⁃ Satt goes in
⁃ “Satt!” – Everybody in the Hall entrance Shock
⁃ Satt tiredly walking
⁃ “Satt!!” – Ria *Run toward Him*
⁃ “Where have you been?..we are really Worried” – Nora *Hold Satt Shoulder*
⁃ “Off world” – Satt *Tired*
⁃ “Off world?” – Nora
⁃ “Are you off to a secret Mission?” – Atlas
⁃ “Bro.. Are you okay? Where have you been” – Bennet
⁃ “Thank you so much guys for worrying about me..Im Fine..I’ll tell you guys some other time alright..” – Satt
⁃ “Come let me help you to your Room” – Nell *Helping Satt*
⁃ “Thanks Buddy” – Satt
⁃ Nora watching Satt walk to His Room
⁃ *The Next Day*
⁃ *GrandMary*
⁃ *Satt’s Room*
⁃ “‘Mm..” – Satt *Waking up*
⁃ “Cyberworld..*Satt lay back* Dad… *Staring at the Ceiling* it just feel like a Dream Hehehe” – Satt *Giggling*
⁃ Satt rolling on His Bed
⁃ “Meet me tomorrow.. Yea?” – *Mirajane Voice*
⁃ “Oh My God! what should i wear” – Satt *Get up*
⁃ Satt try out all The Casual Clothes
⁃ “Nope..*Change* Nope.. *Change* No..” – Satt
⁃ Satt stop and Take a Deep Breath
⁃ “Huh “Relax *Breathe out* its not a Date..its not a Date” – Satt
⁃ At the Same time
⁃ *Mirajane’s Room*
⁃ Mirajane dyed her hair back to it original color brown orange
⁃ “What should i wear What should I wear” – Jane *Confuse*
⁃ Mirajane Standing infront of the Mirror
⁃ “This one? *White Dress* Its too..No..or This one..*Black Mini dress* Why i am so nervous this is not a date” – Jane *Nervous*
⁃ *They both close their door and Head out*
⁃ Satt wearing a Maroon Plain Shirt and black pant while Mirajane wear Maroon Dress
⁃ *GrandMary Hall*
⁃ “Satt?” – Nora
⁃ “Oh hey..Nora” – Satt
⁃ “Going somewhere?” – Nora
⁃ “Yeah..” – Satt
⁃ “You should rest you know cuz you look really tired yesterday” – Nora
⁃ “Haha..Im fine now..Thanks Nora See you around” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ Satt walk away
⁃ “Satt wait!” – Nora
⁃ “Yeah?” – Satt *Stop and Turn Around*
⁃ “No..nothing..take care” – Nora *Bow Her head Down*
⁃ “Okay..You too” – Satt *Head out*
⁃ “Remember.. If you dont confess Sooner or Later you might loose him” – Arkius *Whispering*
⁃ Nora Hit Arkius with her Elbow
⁃ “Oough” – Arkius
⁃ Nora walk away
⁃ *Center Land of Light*
⁃ Satt Drive Bruce Bike to pick Mirajane up
⁃ *Jennie Apartment*
⁃ Jane waiting Infront of the Lobby
⁃ *Satt Arrives*
⁃ As soon as Satt arrive Jane face turning Red immediately
⁃ “Jane..” – Satt *Look at his Clothes and Jane’s*
⁃ They both Burst out of Laugh
⁃ “I guess its look like a Date then” – Jane *Get on the Bike*
⁃ “As you see.. Where are we Going Ms” – Satt
⁃ “To.. The Deistie Elder House!” – Jane *Lock her Arm Around Satt*
⁃ “Deistie Elder House on The Mark” – Satt
⁃ “Hehehe” – Jane *Giggles*
⁃ “But where is exactly the Deistie Elder House?..” – Satt *Giggles*
⁃ “Hehehe i’ll show you” – Jane
⁃ “Alright” – Satt *Drive*
⁃ *Deistie Elder House*
⁃ “Shh” – Jane *Sneaking*
⁃ Satt doesnt know anything and just Followed her
⁃ “Good Morning my lovely Grand Mothers..How are you?” – Jane *Jump to Surprise all the Elder*
⁃ “Mira!!” – The Elder all Excited to See Mirajane
⁃ “Hiii” – Jane *Smiling Widely*
⁃ Satt Shock and Smile look at Mirajane who change from a Matured Grown Woman to a Childish Cute Girl
⁃ Mira walk to the Granny that Use to take care of Her
⁃ “Granny Lee..How Are you” – Jane *Kiss*
⁃ “Im good Dear.. Its been a Month..You have been busy right..” – Granny Lee
⁃ “Hehehe yeah..” – Jane
⁃ “Who is That?” – Granny Lee *Pointed at Satt talking to Elder Warden*
⁃ Mirajane look at Satt and Smile
⁃ “Mira?” – Granny Lee
⁃ “Oh yes Granny Lee” – Jane
⁃ “Hehehe Is He your boyfriend?” – Granny Lee
⁃ “What are you asking Granny” – Jane *Blushing*
⁃ “Haha you face turning Red.. You like him” – Granny Lee
⁃ “Heheh Granny Beth Look at Granny Lee..Shes bullying me” – Jane *Giggles*
⁃ “Hehe naughty Girl” – Granny Lee *Pinch Jane’s Nose*
⁃ *Satt Conversation*
⁃ “Hehe are you Mira’s?” – Elder House Warden Daisy
⁃ “Hehehe We are just Friends.. I guess” –
⁃ “Why..You look good each i would be more happy for Mira…if she has found someone..because She’s been working so hard..For Surviving and Help this Association..” – Daisy
⁃ “She amazing isn’t..” – Satt *look at Jane Laughing*
⁃ “She have been visiting and playing around with everybody here since she was young..” – Daisy
⁃ Satt and Jane staring at each other
⁃ “Go..” – Granny Lee
⁃ “Go?” – Jane
⁃ “Introducing him to the others” – Granny Lee
⁃ Granny Lee make a Serious face
⁃ “Hehehe okay..boss” – Jane
⁃ “Attention..” – Jane *Climb on the Chair*
⁃ Satt look at Jane
⁃ “Ladies and Gentlemen..I would like to my..urm..Spear Friend …The land Of Light and GrandMary Hero..Satoyuki!” – Jane *Nervous and Called satt*
⁃ Everybody clapping
⁃ Satt stand Beside Mirajane
⁃ “Hehehe Hello Everyone.. Im Satoyuki Iota *bow*.. im used to called by the Name Satt..Thank you to Mirajane *look at jane* for giving me a chance to meet all of you.. im really grateful for that..thank you” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Wow..He’s Polite” – Elder
⁃ “And Handsome.” – Another Elder
⁃ “Are you Mira’s Boyfriend?” – Granny Lee
⁃ Satt choking on
⁃ “Granny Lee” – Jane
⁃ “Its my first time saw Mira wearing a Ring..i guess it must be from Satt” – Elder
⁃ “And Look at what they wearing..Is it too obvious” – Elder
⁃ “Hehehe” – Granny Lee
⁃ Jane Smile when her Eyes met Satt’s
⁃ Satt lift his Eyebrow
⁃ “Come here i got something for you” – Granny Beth *To Jane*
⁃ (The oldest Women in The House of care)
⁃ “Yes Granny..” – Jane *On her knee*
⁃ “Here..” – Granny Beth *Give Mirajane a Scarf*
⁃ “Its so nice..*Hug* And Warm..Thank you Granny Beth” – Jane *Hug*
⁃ “But Christmas is Still long Granny” – Jane
⁃ “Ha ha never mind..i made it for you’re not catch with cold dear” – Granny Beth
⁃ “And You..Satt..” – Granny Beth
⁃ “Yes grandma” – Satt
⁃ “Please..Take care of our Diamond Here..yea?” – Granny Beth *Cupping satt Cheek*
⁃ “I will..Grandma..” – Satt *look at Mirajane and hold Granny Beth Hand*
⁃ “Now.. Who want to sing?” – Jane *Get Up*
⁃ *Enjoying Moment*
⁃ *Mirajane Singing along with Elders*
⁃ After A Day in the Elder house Satt walk jane Back to her Apartment
⁃ *Walking*
⁃ “You really had A Great Voice Jane” – Satt
⁃ “Hehehe Thank you…Are you happy?” – Jane
⁃ “Of course i am.. *Satt stop and Facing Mirajane* To be honest..Its been awhile since i felt like this.. My life recently have been busy holding my responsibilities..lot of things that happen in my life..and im grateful for that..but this one…its just..” – Satt
⁃ “Different?” – Jane
⁃ “Special..Thank you so much Mirajane” – Satt *pinch her cheek and wink*
⁃ “You’re most Welcome Satt..*Smiling* Wanna know a secret?” – Jane *Lovely Voice*
⁃ “A Secret?” – Satt *Weird*
⁃ Mirajane staring into Satt eyes
⁃ “Mm?” – Satt
⁃ Mirajane came close and Whispering
⁃ “My name is Not Mirajane” – Jane
⁃ “Mm?..” – Satt *shocked*
⁃ “Hehehe Mirajane is just my Stage name..i made that up After..I found out that my mother name is Jane” – Jane
⁃ “Then what is your Name?” – Satt
⁃ “Hehehehe” – Jane *Giggles*
⁃ Mirajane Stand infront of satt and raise her hand to shakehand
⁃ “Hi..Satoyuki Iota..I am Mira El Rosé and i am really Happy to meet you and being with you all this Time” – Mira *Smile and Giggling*
⁃ “You’re right ..Thinking back we haven’t Introduce our self Properly right…hehehe So *Stand Straight and Shake Mira hand* Hello Ms Mira El Rosé.. I am Maxillion Moonchild..and The Happiness of yours..are the same as mine as well ..” – Satt *Bow*
⁃ “How polite” – Mira *Talk with Her elegant*
⁃ “Hehehehe” – Satt and Mira *Laughing*
⁃ *They walk back*
⁃ “Maxillion..” – Mira
⁃ “Yes Mira El” – Satt
⁃ “Maxillion” – Mira
⁃ Satt look at Mira Weirdly
⁃ “Hehehe” – Mira *Hug satt Arm and Walk*
⁃ “You like Hugging My Arm?” – Satt
⁃ “Mm hm” – Mira
⁃ “Why?” – Satt
⁃ “Because i cant Hug you” – Mira *Joking*
⁃ “Pff..” – Satt *Choking*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Mira *Giggles*
⁃ “Satt” – Mira stop under the Lamp post and Hold satt hand
⁃ “Yea?” – Satt
⁃ *Surprised Hug*
⁃ “Thank you so much…” – Mira *Hug*
⁃ “You’re welcome..but what are you thanking me for..?” – Satt
⁃ “Everything..” – Mira
⁃ “Hey!” – A Man in the Neighbourhood Scream at Something
⁃ Satt and Mira Frightening
⁃ They look at each other and Laugh
⁃ “hehehe”
⁃ They Continue their walking while Holding Hands
⁃ *The End*


⁃ *Cyberworld*
⁃ *Aerophicity*
⁃ *Max and Jennie Home*
⁃ The Next August
⁃ “The World has Change..We dont feel scared to live anymore…The Downholders begin to Spread all over the World to reorder the organisation and Help…well Max and me..are moving to The Aerophicitis..The Downholders Leader has Appointing Us.. As A CyberPrime.. two of us.. it unbelievable Crazy Right..I know if you are will need to believe in yourself you can do it..and i will..i promise i will make the CyberWorld is a better place to be…A Home..a peace future for the unborn Child *Pregnant* just…i know its not right..Thinking all the time that we have been together…I wish you are here when im giving birth to my first baby…..i’ve really missed you My Twin..Happy Birthday Sister.. From Us Jennie. Maximillion and Yukijane Moonchild” – Jennie *Save it on the Screen and Shut it*
⁃ “Jen..Lets go” – Max *voice*
⁃ “Im coming..” – Jennie *Take Her Prime Badge and Walk down to the Stairs*
⁃ Max waiting at the Door
⁃ “Are you done?” – Max *Smile*
⁃ “Yeah..” – Jennie Hold Max Hand
⁃ Max happy and Smile
⁃ “I cant wait to become a Father” – Max *Hug And Giggles*
⁃ “Hehehehe” – They Walk out and Close the Door
⁃ -The End-

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