30 JULY 2036


⁃ Erina Miyuu
⁃ Shino Rei
⁃ Jane howard
⁃ Jason Mage
⁃ Dorumijia Leader of Argoni
⁃ Makumijia Lady of Argoni
⁃ Medias Kovac
⁃ Helio Jarpeze
⁃ Snart Curtis
⁃ Leonidas Lightheart
⁃ Onimaru (Life Form)
⁃ Mr Wofel
⁃ Mrs Polina
⁃ Diera
⁃ Tiera
⁃ Lina Akari

⁃ Arikachi Sora
⁃ Rinachi Sakura

– Chihiro Sora
⁃ Mayliese Rose
⁃ Leoridas Lightheart
⁃ Hermine Lightheart


This Story takes A week after the Hidden City Arc Crisis, its about Erina encounter with Her first unexpected Love with the Guardian of The Deadliest Forest in The land of Dark


⁃ *Land Of Wind*
⁃ *Relioria Air Base*
⁃ Erina Landed in Reiloria Air Base
⁃ “Hows your Mission Ms Erina” – Man
⁃ “Its all Great Charlie” – Erina Miyuu *Smile*
⁃ Its Been A Year since Sora Left Reiloria and Erina make an appearance
⁃ Erina Cut her hair To Shoulder Lenght Bob and She look more Stunning and Grown
⁃ The Reporter Approach Erina
⁃ “Lady Erina Lady Erina What is you goal even After being Title as Wind Battle Angel?” – Reporter
⁃ (With all her Record and Quest Erina Been Title as A Wind Battle Angle By the Earthland Council)
⁃ “Im really Grateful for that.. and about my Goal.. I will still keep the same goal.. And Keep protecting that goal.. Cuz I am Still Me Though..Nothing Change” – Erina *Giggles*
⁃ “Thats a Again You are turning 16 This Year.. Have you met or seing someone?” – Reporter
⁃ “Yeah..all of Your Family member are in love in the Young age.. And It turn so much Great.. When will you?” – Another Reporter
⁃ “Hahaha.. Well Mr Reporter.. Like i said.. I am Still Me.. Thank you” – Erina *Wink and Walk away*
⁃ *Reiloria City*
⁃ Erina Visit Her Aunt Mayliese Flower Shop
⁃ *Flower Shop*
⁃ “Helooo Aunt May” – Erina *smile*
⁃ “Oh.. *Shock and Ran to Erina* Hi Sweety..*Holding Erina* Congratulations *Hug* We are so proud of you .. Hows The Council?.. Hows everything There?” – May
⁃ “Thank you Aunty.. Everything There is Great only that the Flower are not fresh like yours here” – Erina *Joking Around*
⁃ “Hehehe are you off to base?” – May *Pinch Erina Cheek*
⁃ “Maybe Right after we had Lunch.. Mama said she will join us there at the Cafe” – Erina
⁃ “Hehehe Okay Sweety” – May
⁃ *Reiloria Base*
⁃ “Mmm..” – Erina *Lay her head on the Table*
⁃ “Whats wrong Erina?” – Shino Rei
⁃ “Its been A Weeks After Hidden City Crisis and Claveroux Population also are decrease.. Just when will they come back?” – Erina
⁃ “Mm.. I have no comment on that..Hino said they Will keep hunting the Lost Claveroux” – Shino
⁃ “Mm until?” – Erina
⁃ “Hah!” – Erina *Jumps*
⁃ Shino *Frighten*
⁃ “Lets go on OA Mission?” – Erina
⁃ “OA?.. *Look at the Time and Date* im sorry Girl i cant cuz Tomorrow I have to Company my Mum to some shrine in the Land of Water..” – Shino
⁃ (OA = Out Board Mission = Mission outside of The Wind Land its normally takes a Week or less cuz it considered as a AAA Quest)
⁃ “Owh its okay.. I’ll go alone then” – Erina
⁃ “Are you sure?.. Its AAA and outside of the land..Bring company Alright.. What if something happen?” – Shino
⁃ “Okay I’ll bring Miyuu as well” – Erina *Wink and walk away*
⁃ “Erina! *Called* Be Safe!” – Shino
⁃ “I will!” – Erina
⁃ *OA Mission List*
⁃ “Requested / Require a Mastered Wind Elemental for Hunting the Scythe in Onimaru Forest East land Of Dark by Dorumijia Leader of Argoni Village” – Erina *Check on the Mission portal*
⁃ “Just Hunting a Scythe” – Erina *Considered it*
⁃ “Not just one Scythe..” – Man *interrupts and point at the detail*
⁃ “Oh hehe yea..I can handle that” – Erina *Smile*
⁃ “Yea i know you are..Battle Angel..urm by the way im Jason ..Jason Mage” – Jason
⁃ “Oo Hi Jason Mage.. Nice to meet ya..” – Erina
⁃ “So..” – Jason
⁃ “So.. I probably get going.. Goodluck on your Mission Jason” – Erina *Took the Mission Slip and Head to Jane*
⁃ “Oh..Okay.. I just came back..” – Jason
⁃ *Reception Counter*
⁃ “Hi! sis” – Erina
⁃ “Erina Miyuu my Little baby.. Off to mission” – Jane Howard
⁃ “Haha Yupp.. This One” – Erina *Pass over the Slip*
⁃ “OA at Land Of Dark.. Check.. By Dorumijia.. Okay.. *Kick in the Approval* Done *Thumbprint* Good luck Baby” – Jane *Smile*
⁃ “Thank you Big Sis.. I love you” – Erina *Head off*
⁃ *Erina Transport*
⁃ “Argoni to go” – Erina *Cheering*
⁃ “Argoni..Argoni..*Chech on the Navigation Map* Eh..Where is it.. *Weird* i guess i just go to Onimaru Forest then” – Erina
⁃ *On the Way To Onimaru*
⁃ Erina saw another Transport that has a Same route with Her
⁃ “Theres someone here for mission as well?” – Erina *Notice the Transport Code*
⁃ Erina Got a Strange feeling then She decide to follow the Other Transport
⁃ “Are they lost too?” – Erina
⁃ They went in a Unfinish Big Gate
⁃ “Woah” – Erina
⁃ *Argoni Village Sign*
⁃ “Im here..Thanks Unknown people” – Erina
⁃ They Park their Transport
⁃ “Hey..thank you so so much.. You are here for a Mission as well?” – Erina *Approach the Man coming out from their Transport*
⁃ “Who are you for we to talk to.. By the Way.. I dont intend to help move girl” – Man 1
⁃ “Wouldn’t be already lost eating by a Monster little girl” – Man 2
⁃ “Urmm… Your Welcome” – Man 3
⁃ Erina Frighten
⁃ “Wow..” – Erina *Blurred out*
⁃ They headed to the Chief House
⁃ *The Chief House*
⁃ “Welcome My child..i am Makumijia.. Follow me i’ll take you to Our chief” – Makumijia
⁃ “Hi..Sure” – Erina
⁃ *Chief Room*
⁃ “Welcome To Argoni Village Dear Quest Taker..I am Dorumijia the One who send the requests” – Dorumijia
⁃ “So what are we gonna be Doing?” – Man 1
⁃ “Before that..may i know all of your name?” – Dorumijia
⁃ “We are from Firation Base.. Book elements Snart Curtis..” Man 3 Snart
⁃ “Fire Elemental..Helio Jarpeze ” – Man 2 Helio
⁃ “Im the top of them.. Medias Kovac Blaze Elemental” – Man 1 Medias
⁃ “Im Erina Miyuu..Wind Elemental” – Erina
⁃ “Nice to meet all of you” – Dorumijia
⁃ “Okay…Just like the Detail that you all readed…We need a the Scythe crescent to Upgrade our Village defences..So The Village need 10 of The Rare Scythe Monster Crescent..and 20 of Common Scythe..Which 5 of Rare Scythe and 10 common Scythe..” – Dorumijia
⁃ “Thats Easy” – Medias
⁃ “ since you guys have 3 of you.. you guys will haunt the Common one” – Makumijia
⁃ “What?! No way.. I came here for the Rare you think you can do it alone?” – Medias
⁃ “Yeah..yeah” – Helio and Snart
⁃ “Common one should be easy for you” – Snart
⁃ “Erina?” – Dorumijia
⁃ “Fine then..I’ll take 10..but how im going to load up all the Scythe?” – Erina
⁃ “Now we talking” – Medias *Celebrating with his friend*
⁃ “Jerk” – Erina *inner Voice*
⁃ “Just Wrap it and leave it..Here *handling the special Scent and horn* it for for Argoni Special tracking Guy to go and Fetch it..we are so sorry our technology are not as the rest of the world..We all prefer this way” – Dorumijia
⁃ “Got no its okay..I guess its a new experience for me so i would love and Happy to learn about it” – Erina
⁃ “You are so nice” – Makumijia
⁃ “Hahaha jokes” – Medias *Annoy Face*
⁃ “So.. Can We begin?” – Helio
⁃ “Im sure you dont want to get lost or dont know where you going kid” – Dorumijia
⁃ “Hahaha Fool you buddy” – Medias *laugh out loud*
⁃ Erina close her eyes
⁃ Dorumijia Shows them the map and explain where the Rare and Common Scythe habitat
⁃ “Alright now we can finish it faster..” – Medias *stared at Erina*
⁃ “All the best My Child Rare or Common..Scythe is also know as a Very Dangerous monster in this land..So be Careful” – Dorumijia
⁃ “We will” – Everybody
⁃ They Begin their Mission and Goes in the Onimaru Deep Forest
⁃ Erina look at the Map
⁃ “Is this where our parted ways start?” – Snart
⁃ “Believe me this Little girl are scared” – Medias
⁃ Erina Keep Silent
⁃ “You might dont want to step on that” – Erina *Stop Snart for taking another step*
⁃ “What is that” – Snart
⁃ “Vulcana Saliva.. Its hardly take off” – Erina
⁃ “Thank you” – Snart
⁃ Helio and Medias Look at Erina
⁃ “We Here…” – Erina *Stop at the Edge of the Mountain*
⁃ “its a Amazon Bro” – Medias
⁃ “I might get lost in it” – Helio
⁃ “If i die.. Tell my Mama i love her” – Snart
⁃ “Can you boys be serious” – Erina *Annoy*
⁃ “Talk to them.. I’ll check the Shortcut” – Medias *walk to The Edge*
⁃ “Okay *Look at the Map* there..*Pointing her finger to the East* Where the Rare Scythe should be..” – Erina
⁃ Suddenly The Shattering Sounds Appear
⁃ “What was that?” – Snart
⁃ “Its the Monster retard” – Medias *turn back and Getting Ready to fight*
⁃ Suddenly the Scythe Appears behind Medias from the Edge and Try to Eat Him
⁃ “Medias!!” – Helio and Snart *Warn*
⁃ Medias Turn Around and Froze Infront of The Scythe mouth
⁃ Erina Ran with her speed to save Medias from being Devour
⁃ “Dont Just froze” – Erina *Push Medias Away and Kick the Scythe head*
⁃ “Erina” – Medias *Still Froze*
⁃ Erina Fought the Scythe on the Edge of the Mountain
⁃ “This is just a Common!.. Go On your Mission!” – Erina
⁃ Snart and Helio rush their way to Medias
⁃ “She Save me.. She Save Me” – Medias
⁃ “I said go!” – Erina
⁃ The Scythe sense Medias Fear and It approach Them Right Away
⁃ “Damn it” – Erina *Threw the Lasso and lock it on The Scythe tail*
⁃ “Helio ! burn him!” – Erina *Hold the Scythe*
⁃ Helio Get up and Use his element to Burn the Scythe
⁃ “You bloody Monster!” – Medias Get up and Stab the Scythe
⁃ The Scythe Raging and swing it Crescent to medias
⁃ Medias and The Other thrown away
⁃ While Erina make an approaching from behind The Scythe hit Erina with it crescent and Destroyed the Cliff
⁃ “Erinaa!!” – Snart and Helio
⁃ Medias In Shock
⁃ Erina Fall into the River stream
⁃ “Erina!” – Medias *Ran to the edge*
⁃ “We need to save her!” – Medias
⁃ “We need to” – Medias *Fainted out of blood*
⁃ “We need to bring him Back!” – Helio
⁃ “What about Erina! she save us all!” – Snart
⁃ “Find her? Just two of us!? We will ask the Villager to assist us later on! Now let just bring Medias to aid 1st!” – Helio
⁃ Snart Punch the Ground and Help Helio carry Medias Back
⁃ *Erina Wash away by the Flow*
⁃ *Argoni Village*
⁃ “Help!! Help!” – Helio
⁃ The Villagers Rush to help them and Bring Medias to Aid
⁃ “What happen!” – Dorumijia *Panicked*
⁃ “The Scythe!.. You’re not telling us Its big!” – Helio
⁃ “Everyone Know Scythe is big” – Villager
⁃ “Wheres Erina!” – Makumijia
⁃ “Where is she!” – Dorumijia
⁃ “She save us.. and .. and Then The Scythe hit her off the Cliff.. and *Shaking* She fall into the River stream.. Please.. we need to find her” – Snart
⁃ “Damnit The Onimaru River is really Dangerous..” – Dorumijia
⁃ “It’s impossible for Her” – Makumijia *Cover her Mouth*
⁃ “What the hell are you talking about!?” – Helio
⁃ “Please just Find her!” – Snart
⁃ “We will.. Just calm down” – Dorumijia *Dorumijia ask his Men to find Erina before dawn*
⁃ “Im Coming!” – Snart
⁃ “Snart” – Helio
⁃ “Have someone ever safe our life!? No!.. So You take care of Medias im going to save Erina” – Snart
⁃ *River Edge*
⁃ *A long Red Hair with a Gold Highlights Man Catch the Fish*
⁃ Suddenly he Saw Erina Laying on the Rock with tearing Cloth and Blood
⁃ “Mm?” – The Man *Look at Erina Wind Rune on her Waist*
⁃ The Man Carried her to His tent House that made from bamboo and Tree
⁃ Not long after That Snart and The rest of Argoni rescue team arrive at the River edge and They didnt notice the blood and Keep walking
⁃ *The Man House*
⁃ *Erina Laying on the Leafs Bed*
⁃ Erina Open Her Eyes and look at the Roof
⁃ “Where am i..” – Erina *Hold her Head*
⁃ “What is this..?” – Erina *Hold the leaf clad on her head*
⁃ Erina Wake up and blush after the Blanket fell off cuz she is Naked and only the leaf cladding her Part and the Bruise
⁃ “Who Did this” – Erina *Hold the Leaf*
⁃ Suddenly the Man Came in the house after Haunting
⁃ “Aaahhhhh!!” – Erina *Scream*
⁃ The Man Weird
⁃ “Who are you! What are you doing here and What are you doing to me!” – Erina *Covered herself with the Blanket*
⁃ “First i save you.. second This is My house” – The Man *Put the fish Basket on the Table*
⁃ “You..You save me?” – Erina *Look at her Body*
⁃ “He..he..*Blushing* Probably treat me in completely naked!” – Erina *Scream in her inner Voice*
⁃ “Why are you here..?” – The Man *Take off his Cloak*
⁃ Erina staring at the Man’s Body
⁃ A lot of Scars and muscular
⁃ “Im asking” – The Man *Turn toward Erina*
⁃ Erina Shock and Blushing Cover her eyes and Peeking in between Her Finger
⁃ “Im not naked..*Walk toward Erina* We have to Change the Leaf..” – The Man *Hold Erina Shoulder*
⁃ Erina face turning Red
⁃ “I.. i can do my self” – Erina *Blush*
⁃ “Yeah?..sure.. call me if you need help..i’ll be Cooking outside” – The Man *put the leaf beside Erina and Walk out*
⁃ Erina Release her Breath
⁃ “What is this Leaf” – “Erina *shock after remove the leaf*
⁃ She remembers the Scythe slash her body the Wood hit her Waist and She hit the Oak with her head
⁃ The Bruise and Cut are healing without any scar
⁃ *outside the Tent House*
⁃ Erina walk outside
⁃ “Are you done?” – The Man
⁃ “Who are you.. where am i and What is this leaf” – Erina
⁃ “You ask too much Questions” – The Man
⁃ “Its a Healiax Leaf.. And it only grows in Onimaru Forest and Thats where you at” – Erina
⁃ “Healiax Leaf.. where my clothes?” – Erina
⁃ “It all tore up” – The Man *Cooks*
⁃ Erina walk behind Him
⁃ “You missed the Spot on your back” – The Man
⁃ “What?” – Erina *Blush again*
⁃ The Man Get up and Turn Around
⁃ “Let me help you” – The Man *turn Erina body around and Clad the Leaf around her body*
⁃ Erina face turn red again after She feel like the Man Hugging her
⁃ “Okay okay.. Its done *Turn away* Thank you” – Erina *Blush*
⁃ “Alright.. *sit on the Log* Here..*Pass the Fish* eat it..” – The Man
⁃ “T..Thank you..” – Erina *take the fish and Sit on the Log*
⁃ *Eating*
⁃ “Again.. Why are you here?..” – The Man
⁃ “Urmm.. I was on Mission..then..” – Erina *explain*
⁃ “What colour of Stripe on the Scythe?” – The Man
⁃ “If i recall..its green” – Erina
⁃ “Thats not Common.. Blue is common..Green uncommon one” – The Man
⁃ “Owh..i guess Common will be more easy” – Erina
⁃ “Fine then.. *Get up* get some rest we will go haunt the Scythe tomorrow” – The Man
⁃ “With you?” – Erina
⁃ “Nope.. With Miyuu..” – The Man get in the House
⁃ “Eh? he know my name? Hey Wait!” – Erina *run in the House*
⁃ *Next Morning*
⁃ Erina awake and Look at The Man laid his back at the Bench Sleeping
⁃ Erina wake up and Look at the man
⁃ “He doesn’t have any runes..How can he survive in here” – Erina *inner Voice*
⁃ “Are you checking on my body?” – The man *Awake*
⁃ Erina Frighten and Fall on The Man
⁃ “No..No..I mean your body..Your body doesn’t have any runes..” – Erina *Panic*
⁃ “You dont have to be so red then” – the Man *Smile*
⁃ “You can smile” – Erina
⁃ The Man lift his Eyebrow
⁃ “Do you want to eat.. or Haunting right away” – The Man
⁃ “Urm.. Haunting!” – Erina *Get up*
⁃ “Lets go then” – The Man
⁃ “Lets go” – Erina *Hit the small log infront of The Man make she nearly fall*
⁃ “Be careful” – The Man *Catch Erina*
⁃ Erina get up and Blushing
⁃ “Thank you..” – Erina *Head out*
⁃ “Wait.. Are you really going to haunt wearing those Leaf?” – The Man
⁃ Erina Froze
⁃ “Hahaha you’re funny little kid.. here *Pass the Silk* I made it last night for you.. I’ll be waiting outside” – The Man
⁃ Erina Heartbeating Fast
⁃ “Wait..Thank you..caveman” – Erina
⁃ “Hahaha alright” – The man *Head out*
⁃ *Outside*
⁃ “Its fit.. thank you” – Erina *wore the Silk*
⁃ “You’re welcome..” – The man
⁃ “And now lets go haunt” – Erina
⁃ “Sure” – The Man
⁃ They Begin their Haunt for the Common Scythe
⁃ “Shouldn’t we go that way?” – Erina Remember the Map route
⁃ “If you go that way.. They’ll know you are here.. Let just go this way” – The Man
⁃ “Oh Okay” – Erina
⁃ The Man bring erina to the Scythe nest
⁃ “Oh my..this is like a Jackpot ” – Erina *Stunt look at the Scythe*
⁃ “Caveman Remember” – The Man *Wink*
⁃ “Lets go” – Erina
⁃ “The Scythe weakness is at their wings..Break their wing and They get weak” – The Man
⁃ “okay Sir Caveman” – Erina *Hype up*
⁃ The man throws something to distract the Scythe
⁃ “Now..!” – The man and Erina Approach
⁃ The Man , Erina Against a Lot Of Scythe
⁃ The Scythe approaching Erina
⁃ “The Wings The Wings” – Erina
⁃ *Burst*
⁃ Erina Frighten
⁃ “You cant stay just still and Wait for them to kill you” – The Man Kill the Scythe with his only one Punches
⁃ The Man eyes turn Gold
⁃ “What are you?” – Erina *shocked*
⁃ “A Caveman” – The man *Smirk and jump back to back with Erina*
⁃ “You need 10 of the crescent right..” – The man
⁃ “You 10 im 10..” – Erina
⁃ “Sound like a race” – The man
⁃ “It is” – Erina *Giggles and Approach another Scythe *
⁃ *Against The Scythe*
⁃ Both of them Fight the Scythe
⁃ Erina watch The Man Take down all the Scythe easily
⁃ “What kind of human is he” – Erina *Kill the Scythe*
⁃ *A moment Later*
⁃ They succeed to bring all the Scythe in the Nest down
⁃ “Im tired” – Erina lay on the ground
⁃ “Haha Come on kid..lets take the Crescent” – The Man
⁃ “Aye Caveman” – Erina *Get up*
⁃ The Man Tied all the crescent by one Rope that he made by The Scythe wings
⁃ “Yeay mission Accomplished..Thank you Mr. Caveman” – Erina *Still energetic*
⁃ “Haha Lets go” – The Man
⁃ They on their way back to Argoni Village
⁃ “How long have you been here” – Erina
⁃ “I cant remember” – The Man
⁃ “You’re kidding right” – Erina
⁃ “Nope” – The Man
⁃ “Then How do you get so so strong..” – Erina
⁃ “Haha you think?” – The Man
⁃ “You take down the Scythe with your Barehand..” – Erina
⁃ “Hahaha its a gift..but theres always Someone Stronger than us..right” – The Man
⁃ “Yeah..You’re right” – Erina *Think of Arikachi and Sora*
⁃ “Heyy..*Grab and Pull The Man Hand* i havent know your name yet” – Erina
⁃ “A Caveman” – The Man *Wink*
⁃ “Dont play around *Erina hit the Man Shoulder* You..Are so .. Your body like a Rock! Hmph” – Erina *Continue walking*
⁃ The Man smile and Continue Walking
⁃ *Argoni Village*
⁃ Erina and The Man Arrive bringing back the 10 Common Scythe Crescent
⁃ “Erina!!” – Villagers
⁃ Dorumijia And Makumijia came out from the House
⁃ “Erina!” – Snart
⁃ Medias ran toward Erina and Try to hug her
⁃ Erina stop Medias from Hugging her
⁃ “Thank you so much for saving our lives” – Medias *Bow*
⁃ The Man look at Them Weirdly
⁃ “Erina.. Where have you been? Are you okay?” – Dorumijia And Makumijia
⁃ “Its a long story and I finish up my mission with a Help i get from this Caveman” – Erina *Smile*
⁃ “Le..leonidas?!” – Dorumijia
⁃ “How are you Old Man” – Leonidas *Smile*
⁃ “You’re calling Leonidas a cavemen!?” – Makumijia *Pull Erina Aside*
⁃ “Mm?” – Leonidas *Weird*
⁃ “Here.. your Crescent Just pull it” – Leonidas *Give the Rope to Snart*
⁃ *Majumijia and Erina*
⁃ “Erina.. Leonidas is not a Caveman…Leonidas is like a Guardian Of Onimaru Forest..He Grew up in that forest and Been a Survivor since he was 10 years old..” – Makumijia
⁃ “Survive in the Forest against all the Monster?” – Erina
⁃ “Yes Dear.. He came down here once in a long time to check everything.. We just believe he is a Living Myth” – Makumijia
⁃ “But He just a man right” – Erina
⁃ “Indeed.. From what i know.. he is the Son of Hermine and Leoridas” – Makumijia
⁃ “Leoridas..?” – Erina
⁃ “Yes..the Guardian of The Light Gate” – Makumijia
⁃ “Hey” – Leonidas *Joins them*
⁃ “Leo..nidas” – Erina
⁃ “Yea?..” – Leonidas
⁃ “Its your name” – Erina
⁃ “Yes it is” – Leonidas *Smile*
⁃ “Why dont you tell me Earlier *Sulking* if you do im not coming up with the Caveman name” – Erina *Turn away*
⁃ “Haha.. I just found it funny..” – Leonidas
⁃ “What?” – Erina *Sulking*
⁃ Makumijia look at the Way Leonidas stared at Erina
⁃ After They handed all The Scythe Crescent
⁃ Dorumijia Reward Erina As He Promise
⁃ “Thank you Mr Dorumijia.. Ms Makumijia” – Erina *bowing*
⁃ “Feel Free you are always welcome to come again Erina” – Dorumijia
⁃ “I will” – Erina *Smile*
⁃ “Looking forward to meet you again” – Snart
⁃ “Take Care” – Erina *Smile*
⁃ Leonidas waited Erina infront of Her Transport
⁃ “Hehehe Thank you so much for the assist and Saving my Life Mr. Caveman” – Erina *Giggles*
⁃ “You’re welcome kiddo” – Leonidas *Wink*
⁃ “Urmm.. will we see each other again?” – Erina *Stared At Leonidas*
⁃ “Im always here” – Leonidas *Smile*
⁃ “Take care..*erina heart beating fast* okay..” – Erina *hold Leonidas hand and Smile*
⁃ “You too Erina” – Leonidas
⁃ Erina get in Her Transport and Waving at Everybody
⁃ “Bye bye.. Leonidas” – Erina *fly back to Reiloria*
⁃ *Arikachi House*
⁃ “Im Home” – Erina *walk in the House*
⁃ “Erina” – Rinachi *Came and Hug Her*
⁃ “Mama?” – Erina
⁃ “Im glad you’re okay” – Arikachi *Hug Them*
⁃ “We was preparing to rescue you in Onimaru Dear.. then Your Friend Medias called us Back said that you’re back” – Rinachi
⁃ “Im more than okay Mama..Dad…someone save my life…” – Erina *Smiling*
⁃ Arikachi and Rinachi look at each other
⁃ Erina keep smiling
⁃ “Erina?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Hehehe I should go wash my self” – Erina *Giggles*
⁃ “Is our Daughter..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Fell in love?” – Rinachi
⁃ “I heard That” – Erina *On the stairs*
⁃ *Bathroom*
⁃ Erina Take off the Silk and Watch her Self cladding with The Leaf in the mirror
⁃ Remind her when She feel like Leonidas hugging Her from Back
⁃ Suddenly she Jump
⁃ “What is wrong With Me..” – Erina *Hold The Leaf*
⁃ *Leonidas Tent House*
⁃ Leonidas arrive his Home and Sit on the Place that Erina used to sleep
⁃ Looking at Erina’s Hanging Tore up clothes make him cant stop thinking about Erina
⁃ “Am i…no..It’s impossible” – Leonidas *Take down and Keep The clothes*
⁃ *After Shower*
⁃ Erina Lay on her Bed and Smiling
⁃ “Why i cant Stop Smiling when i think about i in?..No..Impossible” – Erina
⁃ Arikachi Heard when he passed by Erina Room
⁃ *Knock the Door*
⁃ “Whos That Lucky guy?” – Arikachi *Wink*
⁃ “Dad?” – Erina
⁃ “Hehehe Theres so much i want to tell you” – Erina *Excited*
⁃ Erina told Arikachi about everything happen on Onimaru Forest
⁃ “Late Leoridas Has a son??” – Arikachi *Shocked*
⁃ “Why dad?” – Erina
⁃ “After Leoridas and His Wife getting Break from the Council.. They Flew across the continent to build a New life..But.. The Accident happen when they on their way..Their plane Crash down somewhere around the Darkland.. Soon after that..They Found Leoridas..and Hermine…But they don’t mention anything about A child or A son” – Arikachi
⁃ “Thats must when he is 10 years old..he must be survive the crash..the Villager said..Since that.. He became like the Guardian of The Onimaru Forest.. He has a Really Brute strength dad..” – Erina
⁃ “I would like to meet him.. One it possible?” – Arikachi *Wink*
⁃ “Hehehe i dont know” – Erina *Get in her Blanket*
⁃ “Hahaha Goodnight Erina” – Arikachi *Tuck on Erina Head*
⁃ “Goodnight Dad..i love you” – Erina *Smile*
⁃ “I love you too” – Arikachi *Close the Door*
⁃ Rinachi at the Door
⁃ “Hehehehe” – Rinachi *Hug Arikachi and They walk to their room*
⁃ *Reiloria Base*
⁃ Erina Greet Everyone in the Base a Very good Morning
⁃ Everyone Has a really Cheering mood
⁃ “Hows your mission going Sweety” – Jane
⁃ “Its Indescribable” – Erina
⁃ “Hehehe you look happy” – Jane
⁃ “I am Big Sis.. Mmuah” – Erina *Pinch Jane Cheek and Walk away*
⁃ “Hehehe im Happy for you” – Jane
⁃ *Base Hall*
⁃ Erina Drawing Leonidas views from behind all the Scar and Shape
⁃ “Erina” – Shino *Join her*
⁃ “Oh my god!” – Erina *Frighten*
⁃ “Who is That?” – Shino *saw the Sketch*
⁃ “Just a Man” – Erina
⁃ “You drawing a Man is not just a Man.. Darling are you in love?” – Shino
⁃ “Am I though?” – Erina
⁃ “You acting like you are” – Shino
⁃ Erina Pretend to sleep
⁃ “Is he hot?” – Shino *whisper*
⁃ Erina hide her face and smile
⁃ “Cant wait to know who is he” – Shino *Kiss Erina head and Walk away*
⁃ *A Week Later*
⁃ Erina just Came back from another mission but still she cant Forget about Leonidas
⁃ “Erina..Lets go to Gardeon Town tomorrow?” – Shino
⁃ “Mm Gardeon?..for?” – Erina
⁃ “Shopping” – Shino
⁃ “Are you kidding me?.. To the Land Of Dark.. 15,657 KM Away just for shopping?” – Erina
⁃ “Hahah 15,657 is For Walk okay.. We can arrive there just like 6-7 hours..are you coming or not?” – Shino
⁃ “Tell me not only for shopping” – Erina
⁃ “Hahaha its not.. I just want to buy an Antique things for Uncle Shu and his Family..You Know i didnt get a chance to buy anything for Uncle Im Free on my own now..Do you like to company me?” – Shino
⁃ “Hehehe if you tell me the detail from the beginning you know i will say yes” – Erina *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe *Smile* Lets go..Grab something to eat” – Shino
⁃ “Yeah!.. Thats a great great Idea.. Im so hungry” – Erina
⁃ “Hahaha Come on” – Shino
⁃ *Next Day*
⁃ *Leonidas*
⁃ He keep thinking about Erina while Walking at Around The Jungle
⁃ “Why is she always in my head” – Leonidas
⁃ *Scream*
⁃ “Mm?” – Leonidas *sense something and Head straight to it*
⁃ A Monster Attacking a Woman
⁃ Leonidas Eyes turn Gold and Kill the Monster
⁃ “Haa!” – The Woman *Frighten*
⁃ “Are you okay?” – Leonidas
⁃ “My Leg” – The Woman *Hurt*
⁃ Leonidas cut his Cloak a Little and Tied around the blood
⁃ “Thank you..Son” – The Woman
⁃ “How did you get here” – Leonidas
⁃ “I just kept running cuz The Monster been chasing me From the Farm” – The Woman
⁃ “You cant walk too much aunt.. I’ll send you back home..okay Where is your home?” – Leonidas *Turn His Back*
⁃ “Gardeon Town” – The Woman
⁃ “Got it” – Leonidas
⁃ *Gardeon Town*
⁃ “We here” – Shino *Happy*
⁃ “Gardeon And Onimaru not far away..should i give him a Visit..?” – Erina *Thinking*
⁃ “Erina..” – Shino
⁃ “Yea” – Erina
⁃ “What are you thinking?” – Shino
⁃ “No..nothing” – Erina
⁃ “Lets check in first and Then start our shopping” – Shino
⁃ “Aye Lady boss” – Erina
⁃ *Gardeon Inn*
⁃ “Done..Lets Go..” – Shino
⁃ Erina Smile
⁃ They went to the Antique Decoration store and Walk shop to another shop
⁃ *Infront of The Flower Store*
⁃ “Thank you so Much Leonidas..” – The Woman
⁃ “You’re welcome..please take care Aunt Polina” – Leonidas
⁃ “You too son” – Mrs Polina
⁃ Suddenly Erina Stop walking and Froze
⁃ “Erina.. whats wrong?” – Shino
⁃ “Le..Leonidas..” – Erina *Shock*
⁃ “Erina..” – Leonidas *Shock*
⁃ “So..he is Leonidas..Okay..Im gonna Leave you too out now..And continue shopping..see you the inn dear” – Shino
⁃ Erina still Froze
⁃ “Urmm.. Hey” – Leonidas
⁃ “Hi..” – Erina
⁃ “What are you doing here” – Both of Them
⁃ *Giggles*
⁃ “Im here to company my Friend” – Erina
⁃ “Im just drop by The Aunt that i met in the forest” – Leonidas *At the Same time*
⁃ *Fountain*

⁃ They seat on the Bench
⁃ “Why are you staring me like that?” – Leonidas
⁃ “I..i thought” – Erina
⁃ “I only stay in the jungle?” – Leonidas *Giggle*
⁃ “Urmm..” – Erina
⁃ “Haha..Im not all Caveman after all.. i came out to the Town quiet often..” – Leonidas
⁃ “Yea?..*Keep staring* What is The aunt Name?” – Erina
⁃ “Who?.. That one?” – Leonidas
⁃ “Yea *Keep Staring* that one” – Erina
⁃ “Thats Aunt erina why are you keep staring at me?” – Leonidas
⁃ “I miss you” – Erina
⁃ Leonidas Shock lifting both of His eyebrows
⁃ “I never felt in love or want to be in love.. My life is just for protecting my Family and Make them Happy..but Ever since I met you…i..” – Erina
⁃ “Thank god i found you” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Hey aunt” – Leonidas
⁃ “My husband and I would like to thank you for saving my life by Dinner at my house..Please dont be so heavy hearted” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Urm..” – Leonidas
⁃ “You can also bring your Girlfriend here as Well” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Eh..hehehe We will” – Erina
⁃ Leonidas look at Erina
⁃ “Sure” – Leonidas
⁃ “Lets go” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “ going to have dinner outside dont wait for me alright” – Erina *Message to Shino*
⁃ *Mrs Polina House*
⁃ “Call me Wofel ..Thank you so much Son.. for saving my wife..What can i call you?” – Mr Wofel
⁃ “Leo..Leo just Fine Mr Wofel.. You’re welcome” – Leonidas
⁃ “He is so polite” – Erina *Inner Voice*
⁃ “And You pretty lady?” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Oh Im Erina Miyuu thank you so much for having me Mr..Mrs” – Erina *bow*
⁃ “Erina what!?” – Their Daughter ran down to Them
⁃ “Oh My god! Its Erina Miyuu” – The Daughters
⁃ “Heheh Hii” – Erina *Smile*
⁃ Leonidas look at Erina
⁃ “Mama the Battle Angel is in our house!?..oh my god!” – Daughter
⁃ “We always want to become like you” – Daughter
⁃ “You are the Battle Angle Erina..You are lord Arikachi Daughter its been a honour meet my two daughters .. Diera and Tiera” – Mr Wofel *Shock*
⁃ “Hehehe the Honour was all mine Mr you have such a loving Family” – Erina *Laugh*
⁃ “Please teach me how to fight” – Tiera
⁃ “Come come i want to show you my Weapon” – Diera *Drag Erina*
⁃ “Weapon?” – Erina *Pull Leonidas too*
⁃ “Hehehe i’ll be calling after dinner is ready” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Arikachi.. Daughter..” – Leonidas *Being Pull by Erina*
⁃ *9 years Old Leonidas*
⁃ Leonidas helping His Mother Bake a Cake for Their Christmas
⁃ *Messy*
⁃ “Dad Look.. Am i look a like Arikachi now?” – Leonidas Cover his Hair With Flour
⁃ “Hahaha you are son.. You are our Arikachi.. You are our Hero” – Leoridas *Carry Leonidas*
⁃ “Hehehe Zerooo Forcee” – Leonidas *Playing around*
⁃ “Argg you are so strong” – Leoridas *Lay on the Bed*
⁃ *Present Time*
⁃ “Leo..leo” – Erina *Holding Leonidas hand*
⁃ “Yea?..” – Leonidas
⁃ “Whats wrong?” – Erina
⁃ “Something great just remind me” – Leonidas *Smile*
⁃ “We talk about it later kay” – Erina
⁃ “Sure” – Leonidas
⁃ “Dinner Ready” – Mrs Polina *Call them*
⁃ *Dinner Table*
⁃ “Take Off your cloak Son.. Its warm here” – Mr Wofel
⁃ “Urmm.. “ – Leonidas
⁃ “you dont have any Shirt underneath” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Ooh” – Diera and Tiera
⁃ “Really?.. wait wait up” – Mr Wofel *Get up and Go take some shirt*
⁃ “Here..Try it..i cant fit it anymore cuz its was when i still a Fighter” – Mr Wofel *Hand over the Shirt*
⁃ “Thank you Sir” – Leonidas went to Change
⁃ *Back to Dinner Table*
⁃ “Woah..” – Diera & Tiera
⁃ Erina Smile
⁃ Leonidas wear a White and Gold V neck t shirt and Black pant
⁃ “Now we are really like a family” – Mr Wofel
⁃ “Thats true” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Lets dig in” – Mr Wofel
⁃ *Dinner*
⁃ They having a Good time
⁃ “So.. How old are you Leo?” – Tiera
⁃ “Hehehe I would like you to guess” – Leonidas *Wink*
⁃ “Urmm What about 20?” – Diera
⁃ “Haha nope” – Leonidas
⁃ “21?” – Tiera
⁃ “Still no” – Leonidas
⁃ “19?” – Mr Wofel
⁃ “Close but no” – Leonidas *Giggles*
⁃ Erina *Shock*
⁃ “You’re 18” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Heheh yeah” – Leonidas
⁃ “Oh man mama won” – Tiera & Diera
⁃ “Yeay” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “You’re 18..” – Erina
⁃ Leonidas *Wink*
⁃ “So How long you two been dated?” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Mm?” – Both of them Blushing
⁃ “We.. we are not date” – Erina
⁃ “Yet i mean no” – Leonidas
⁃ “Hehe really? you too really look good each other..” – Mrs Polina
⁃ Both of Them Laughing
⁃ After the Dinner Erina help Mrs Polina With the Dishes
⁃ “You dont have to just leave it there” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Hehe its okay Aunty i will be happy to help” – Erina
⁃ Leonidas and Mr Wofel talking at the veranda while looking at the Town View
⁃ Not long After the kid called their dad
⁃ “Enjoy the View Leo” – Mr Wofel
⁃ *Veranda*
⁃ “Hey” – Erina
⁃ “Hey.. done?” – Leonidas *Turn Around*
⁃ “Yea..miss me already?” – Erina *Jokingly ask*
⁃ “Hehehe nope” – Leonidas
⁃ “What?” – Erina *Stared at Leonidas*
⁃ “I miss Lord Arikachi Daughter” – Leonidas
⁃ “Hey.. thats Me” – Erina
⁃ “You know.. *Look at the View* From i was born.. I was idolise by your father.. I want to be everything like him.. But.. Our Family.. is not an elemental User.. and We cant be one..they are the Gatekeeper” – Leonidas
⁃ “I know..” – Erina
⁃ “Through my whole Childhood life.. I was given everything that i want..until i was 10.. And I lost everything.. My home.. my parent.. my everything.. I cant save my parent.. i am so weak and i cant do anything.. I was crying..and Appears one Man.. calling me..he keep calling me .. And I ended up following him until i met” – Leonidas *fall to Erina Arm*
⁃ “Leo.. are you okay?” – Erina
⁃ “I am.. im sorry” – Leonidas *Stared into Erina Eyes*
⁃ “I cant imagine what you have been Through… But I believe…That all make you what you are now.. a good..kind and Heroic Person.. just like My father.. you are archiving your dream without you realise it.. Your Parent will be really proud of You Leo” – Erina *Cupping Leonidas Cheek*
⁃ “Thank you so much Erina” – Leonidas *Hardly Breath*
⁃ “Leo.. whats wrong with you!” – Erina *Panic*
⁃ “Erina?.. is Leo okay?” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “I dont know Aunt.. he hardly breath” – Erina *Panic*
⁃ “Dear Hurry up!!” – Mrs Polina*Calling Her Husband*
⁃ “Yes Honey” – Mr Wofel
⁃ “Hurry Up help Erina Carried Leo to the Lawn” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Whats wrong with leo and Why Lawn?” – Mr Wofel
⁃ “Just bring him there” – Mrs Polina
⁃ *When Leonidas carrying Polina to Town*
⁃ “So you grown up in the Jungle all by your self?” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Kinda like It” – Leonidas
⁃ “Why dont you come and Lives in the City?” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Hehehe The Air are different” – Leonidas
⁃ *Present Time*
⁃ “Here you go Buddy” – Mr Wofel *Lay Leonidas on the Grass*
⁃ “Leo!” – Erina *start tearing up*
⁃ “He need more Oxygen from the Nature” – Mrs Polina
⁃ Leonidas Hardly Breath
⁃ “Nature?” – Erina
⁃ “Yes” – Mrs Polina Explain
⁃ Erina Turn To Leonidas and Kiss Him and Give him Air from her wind Element
⁃ *Erina Rune Glowing*
⁃ Until Leonidas start Breathing Slowly
⁃ Leonidas open His Eyes
⁃ “You safe me..” – Leonidas
⁃ “Dont make me scared again” – Erina *Hug Leonidas*
⁃ “We glad you’re okay” – Mr Wofel
⁃ “Dont be a Stranger alright..Take care both of you” – Mrs Polina
⁃ “Thank you so much Mr Wofel..Mrs Polina” – Leonidas and Erina *Bowing*
⁃ *They Walk around the Town*
⁃ “Erina..” – Leonidas *Stop*
⁃ “Yeah” – Erina *Still blushing after the Kiss*
⁃ “You saw what strength that i get from Onimaru..need more oxygen and Air than a normal human.. That is why i never left Onimaru Forest” – Leonidas
⁃ “Onimaru..?” – Erina
⁃ “The Voice that Keep Calling me..its a Guardian of Onimaru Forest.. Onimaru its self.. I have been taught and Trained by Him for The Past 7 years.. A Year ago.. Onimaru disappears and Never Shows him self again.. and I carried his Duty as the Guardian of Onimaru Forest” – Leonidas
⁃ “You cant leave Onimaru Forest?..why i feel like this is A Stop for us” – Erina
⁃ “Just like you.. I never been in love or Think like being in it.. I’ve been growing up as a protector a warrior.. a Guardian.. I never feel love since i love my parent..Until i met you..” – Leonidas
⁃ “Leonidas” – Erina *Hold Leonidas hand*
⁃ “But.. i have a duty of my life..*Leonidas Hold Erina Hand* and I cant Ignore it” – Leonidas
⁃ Erina tearing
⁃ “Im in love with you Erina Miyuu.. and Since i met you.. Until now you are always in my Head.. But Onimaru is My place and That is where i belong.. For the rest of my life..please..Dont cry for me” – Leonidas *Wipe Erina Tears*
⁃ “Im in love with you too Leonidas” – Erina
⁃ “Im sorry Erina.. You need to forget about those feeling.. we are like from two Different world” – Leonidas *Tears while Lay his head on Erina Head*
⁃ “How can i.. *Cry* I.. I..” – Erina *Crying*
⁃ “Im so Sorry Erina..” – Leonidas *Grab and Kiss her then Knock Erina Down*
⁃ Leonidas Send Erina Infront of Erina and Shino Hotel Room
⁃ *The Door Bell Ringing*
⁃ “Erina!” – Shino *Shocked*
⁃ Leonidas Running back toward the Forest
⁃ Erina Knock down make the Air Inside him Faded away
⁃ Leonidas run the Fastest as he can cuz he running out of Breath
⁃ “Im sorry Erina” – Leonidas *Falling into the Jungle*
⁃ *Stumbling*
⁃ Leonidas Lay on the Grass
⁃ “Haa” – Leonidas *Breathing back*
⁃ *He look at The Star and Moon while laying on the grass*
⁃ “You are heartbroken Boy” – Voice
⁃ “Onimaru!?” – Leonidas *get up and Look Around*
⁃ “Hey Kid” – Onimaru *Appear*
⁃ *A Month Later*
⁃ *Reiloria Base*
⁃ Erina Live a Busy life as Usual
⁃ “Erina.. Do you already Had Lunch?” – Lina Akari ask Erina while she’s reading a Book
⁃ “Im done” – Erina *Smile*
⁃ “Thats good..You’ve been Taking so many Job Lately..please take care of you self” – Jane *Join them*
⁃ “Thats right” – Lina
⁃ “Hehehe Thank you so much Ms sisters..but Im fine..Im strong” – Erina *Wink*
⁃ “You are?” – Voice
⁃ Erina Shock and Recognise the Voice
⁃ Erina Turn Back
⁃ Erina eyes Wide open
⁃ Leonidas In a new Look
⁃ Red and Blonde Undercut with a Long top Combed Quiff Hairstyle
⁃ White V neck T-Shirt with a Black Leather Jacket
⁃ Black pant and Black Army Boots
⁃ “Erina.. Introduce Leonidas Lightheart.. New Reiloria Heroic” – Jane *Smile*
⁃ Erina Froze
⁃ “I cant Wait to test that out” – Leonidas *Smile*
⁃ “Leo.. What..what are you doing here? *Panic and Get Closer To Leonidas* the Air here is” – Erina *Hold Leonidas Arm*
⁃ “If im out of breath…You’ll give me an air again?” – Leonidas *Smirk*
⁃ Jane and Lina look at each other
⁃ *Erina Slap Leonidas*
⁃ Everybody look at them
⁃ “Its not funny..And Thats for knock me down..But How..?” – Erina *Staring in Leonidas eyes*
⁃ “Erina..” – Leonidas
⁃ Erina tears holding up
⁃ “Im sorry” – Leonidas
⁃ Erina Tearing
⁃ “After the night we apart.. i went back to the jungle..and I met Onimaru..He can feel the pain inside me..and He Train me how to control the Air around me to breathe..*Scene That Leonidas at every different town* how to control my ability.. and During the Train.. Nothing are in my mind except you..after the Train ended.. Onimaru said” – Leonidas
⁃ *Onimaru Forest*
⁃ “Im sorry i gave you such a Big Responsibility Leonidas.. You are human as Well..and I understand…go.. Go lives your life..lives a Happy live” – Onimaru
⁃ *Present*
⁃ “A Happy Life?” – Erina *Stare at Leonidas*
⁃ “And My happy Life..*Wipe Erina tear* is When Im with you.. Erina. *Erina Kiss Leonidas in Shock* Miyuu” – Leonidas *Blushing*
⁃ “Oh my” – Jane *Cover her Mouth*
⁃ Everybody in The base Stop walking and Look at them
⁃ Everybody took the Photo and Video of Erina and Leonidas
⁃ Erina Rubbing Leonidas hair
⁃ “Im Sorry” – Erina
⁃ “Sorry?” – Leonidas
⁃ “Don’t leave me again like that *Lay her forehead on Leonidas chess* okay?..At least tuck in the Bed and Leave..” – Erina
⁃ “I promise..” – Leonidas *Hold Erina cheek*
⁃ Erina Stared at leonidas again
⁃ “You look so good and handsome Lightheart” – Erina *giggling*
⁃ “Yea?” – Leonidas
⁃ “Yea..*Rubbing Leonidas hair* a lot different than a Caveman i met in Onimaru..*Suddenly Frightening* “whats wrong?” – Leonidas “talk about Onimaru..If you are here..Who going to Guard the Forest.?” – Erina
⁃ “Hehehe.. Onimaru Back to become the Guardian of Onimaru…and also now..i have become the Guardian of this Battle Angel” – Leonidas *Smirk*
⁃ “Hehe Guardian of The Battle Angel..I really like the sound that” – Erina *Giggles*
⁃ “Guardian of The Battle Angle” – Erina *Voice*
⁃ *The End*


⁃ *Call Ringing*
⁃ Erina Video calling Sora
⁃ *Answered*
⁃ “Erina!” – Sora *Happy*
⁃ “Big Brother!!” – Erina *Happy*
⁃ “Hehehe im so happy to Watch you like This Little Erie” – Sora *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe you’ve heard of it?” – Erina
⁃ “The World knows it.. My little Sister here is The Battle Angel Remember..News gonna Spread just like a The Lightning of dad” – Sora *Jokes*
⁃ Erina Laugh out loud
⁃ “But still no matter what..i need to beat The Ventus when they’re all back..” – Erina
⁃ “Hahaha” – Sora
⁃ *They Had a long Happy Conversation*
⁃ Sora Jump to his Bed while holding His Phone
⁃ Erina laying while Talking with Sora
⁃ *Laugh and Smile*
⁃ “Just keep being Happy Erina..Cheer..and Be Yourself ” – Sora *Low his Voice and Stare at Erina*
⁃ Erina Tears falling
⁃ “I really miss you big brother” – Erina
⁃ Sora *Smiling*
⁃ “I miss you too little Sister..i miss you more” – Sora
⁃ “I wanna hear more about..what the Ventus up to now..You and Big Sis Lucy..can i?” – Erina
⁃ “Sure..” – Sora
⁃ Sora Talk to Erina until She Fall asleep
⁃ *Erina Sleeping on the Screen*
⁃ Sora look at Erina and Smiling
⁃ “Goodnight Erina” – Sora *Put his Phone Beside him and Sleep*
⁃ *Erina and Sora Sleep at The Screen*
⁃ *End*

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