⁃ Chihiro Sora
⁃ Lucylia Vredehart
⁃ Hinoryu Grey
⁃ Alisa Rose
⁃ Drake Steel
⁃ Satoyuki Iota
⁃ Drake Nellson
⁃ James Atlas
⁃ Nora Anne Snow
⁃ Yeena Braveheart
⁃ Freya Leen
⁃ Carla Rae
⁃ Zeith (6th Grandmaster or GrandMary)
⁃ Bruce Wills
⁃ Citrus Zane
⁃ Emma Velvet
⁃ Fizperion Zolda
⁃ Ria Potter
⁃ Dorand
⁃ Elder Kai
⁃ Gerald (The Leader of Unvoid)
⁃ Ragna Warlock
⁃ Karyusuci Willmart
⁃ Annatasia Kori
⁃ Dashton Mark


⁃ Arikachi Sora (The Eighth Lord of Wind)
⁃ Mitsuha (The Seventh Lady of Fire)
⁃ Aurora Hime


After The Book of Elder that keeped in the GrandMary secret vault has Been stolen The Same Time That the Clavehunter found the Source and Suspect of The Neo Claveroux Crisis, Both Ventus and Chronos has been assign to Retrieving the Book and Captured those suspect.. During The Mission Ventus and Chronos found the Hidden City that produce and Kept the World Thread lies under the Richcity who owned by the Multi Millionaire Albert Einstein in the South of FireLand


⁃ *East of LightLand*
⁃ *GrandMary Academy*
⁃ *East Side*
⁃ *Secret Vault*
⁃ Someone appeared through The Shadow
⁃ The Golden Ancient Book of Elder Floating inside the Globe in the Middle of the Air
⁃ “Finally.. Found it..” – Gerald *Voice*
⁃ “How do you plan to take it” – Ragna Warlock
⁃ “I didnt spend my entire time just sitting on my ass” – Gerald *Take out the Spell Sheet*
⁃ “Back off” – Gerald
⁃ Ragna Step Back
⁃ Gerald cast a Mantra to release the Globe
⁃ The Globe Break and The book Fall to his Hand
⁃ *Grandmaster Room*
⁃ Zeith awake from his Sleep
⁃ “The Book!” – Zeith (6th Grand Master of GrandMary) *Awakes*
⁃ *Secret Vault*
⁃ Zeith and His Security Unit arrives
⁃ “Oh Boy..” – Zeith *Wipe his Face*
⁃ “GrandMaster!.. The Book!” – Dorand
⁃ “Send our Reinforcements guard and look all over the place.. Its just being Released *Look at the Breaking Globe* they might be not far away” – Zeith
⁃ “Yes Master” – Dorand
⁃ *Next Morning*
⁃ *Meeting*
⁃ They Failed to Found anything
⁃ Zeith Stressing out On his Desk
⁃ “Master.. We can find the book back.. Leave it to us” – Citrus Zane (Teacher of Chronos and Master of Water)
⁃ “I already ask Elder Kai to Track it..since the Book is under his Watch Before..” – Zeith
⁃ “How long did it Take?” – Antony Space (Teacher of Aux and Master of SteelFire)
⁃ “As soon as possible..” – Zeith
⁃ Bruce Wills Get up (Teacher of Chronos, Master of Earth)
⁃ “Bruce?” – Emma Velvet (Teacher of Fixion Master of Wind)
⁃ “As soon as you get the Info..i will go get that book myself” – Bruce
⁃ “Bruce.. You are not well!” – Citrus and Emma
⁃ “I believe.. Satoyuki and His team will succeed to bring it back to Us” – Zeith
⁃ “Satt!?” – Citrus
⁃ “They have nothing to do with this ..This is our slackness” – Fizperion Zolda (Teacher of Aux, Master of Metal)
⁃ “I know..” – Zeith
⁃ “Why..Dont you feel Pity to Him..? He did everything to protect us All this while.. Can you just let him Rest?” – Citrus
⁃ “Citrus” – Emma
⁃ “I know..” – Zeith
⁃ “Old Man.. What we are here for if we cant handle this thing on our own” – Bruce
⁃ “I need all of you to Gathered Here!” – Zeith
⁃ “Dont you have faith in satoyuki like i do?” – Zeith
⁃ Everyone Quiet
⁃ “But.. “ – Citrus
⁃ “Citrus.. I need your permission on your Student” – Zeith
⁃ “Master..Please” – Citrus
⁃ “Believe me We need Him and Only He can do this” – Zeith
⁃ Bruce *Sigh*
⁃ “I.. Approve” – Citrus *Lay her head on the Desk*
⁃ “Thank you..once the Location has found.. i will call you.. Dismissed” – Zeith
⁃ “Yes Master” – 12 Head Teacher
⁃ “He is serious this Time.. We have to have faith in Satt” – Bruce talk to Citrus
⁃ “He’s also a human being Bruce” – Citrus
⁃ *Satt walking at the Hall*
⁃ *Somewhere*
⁃ *Island*
⁃ *Clave Hunter Base*
⁃ “Ventus please Report you Self to the Director” – Announcer
⁃ Sora took his Jacket
⁃ Lucy tied her hair
⁃ Alisa set her gun
⁃ Drake wearing his Bandana
⁃ Grey walk out and close the door
⁃ *Director Office*
⁃ “Yes Ma’am” – Ventus
⁃ Chihiro Sora (Ventus Leader) , Lucylia Vredehart, Hinoryu Grey, Drake Steel and Alisa Rose
⁃ “Dont be so formal My child” – Freya Leen (Head of Clave Hunter base)
⁃ Sora Smile
⁃ “I had a Call from our resources.. and Some Information from our lab..the new claveroux is actually not a new hybrid” – Freya
⁃ “Its the man made upgraded Claveroux” – Sora
⁃ “Sora?” – All
⁃ “Sora?.. How do you know” – Freya
⁃ “It just a hunch” – Sora
⁃ “Is it true?.. Maam” – Drake
⁃ Lucylia look at Sora
⁃ “Its true.. our scientists has confirm it earlier..this creature do have a queen but to make them this stronger…its a Man made booster ..We believe they had something that can merge with the new born claveroux and Growth become Stronger and Different..In short.. Neo Claveroux” – Freya
⁃ “How did they do that” – Grey
⁃ “Sora” – Freya
⁃ Sora was thinking of something
⁃ “Sora” – Freya *Repeat*
⁃ “Ah yes Aunt.. maam” – Sora
⁃ “The reason i call all of you up is.. Our informer said.. the man who behind all of this crisis is on the Richcity Island known as” – Freya
⁃ “Richcity island??!” – Alisa
⁃ “Its like the place of all the richest human and Influencer gathered” – Lucylia
⁃ “Its make senses.. No poor people can upgrade the Roux though” – Drake
⁃ “You know its a whole island there.. How can we look just for a one man” – Grey
⁃ “We do have our suspect.. 1st Mr. Karyusuci Willmart.. Networth more than 2 Million a Month.. a Director of Merchandise.. 2nd Dashton Mark a Director of intech company his networthy almost 3 million” – Freya
⁃ “Intech… Make sense intech been rising lately..Their gadget are cool” – Drake
⁃ “Focus Drake” – Alisa
⁃ “3rd Is a Woman..Name Annatasia Kori”
⁃ “The actress?” – Alisa
⁃ “Yes.. She is one of the suspect”
⁃ “Only 3 of them” – Sora
⁃ “For now.. Yes.. we believe their might know whos behind all this” – Freya
⁃ Sora just keep quiet
⁃ “Sora..I cant ordered the Alpha for doing this mission..” – Freya
⁃ “Its okay..We’ll do this..Yes?..” – Sora *Look at his team*
⁃ Everybody nodded
⁃ “Thank you My child.. I will set all that you need there..When the next call..That will be the time you deploy” – Freya
⁃ “Yes Ma’am!” – Ventus
⁃ *Sora’s Room*
⁃ *Knock*
⁃ *Open the Door*
⁃ “Hiro?” – Lucylia
⁃ Sora packing his thing
⁃ Lucylia look at Sora daydreaming holding his Jacket
⁃ Lucylia goes To Sora and Hold his hand
⁃ “Lucy” – Sora
⁃ “You’ve been Daydreaming a lot lately honey” – Lucylia
⁃ “I dont know why i feel like..Gerald is Behind all this” – Sora
⁃ “Just like the weapon from Driscoll?” – Lucylia
⁃ “Hmm” – Sora
⁃ “If its him again… We will stop him this time.. I need you to cheer up Honey..Please” – Lucylia
⁃ “Yeah.. Thank you Lucy” – Sora *Smile*
⁃ *At the Same time*
⁃ *GrandMary Scene*
⁃ Zeith call up Satoyuki Iota (Satt), Drake Nellson (Nell) , James Atlas (Atlas), Yeena Braveheart (Yeena) and Nora Anne Snow (Nora)
⁃ “Yes GrandMaster” – Satt
⁃ “I believe Ms Citrus has already Inform you everything that you need to know” – Zeith
⁃ “Yes Master” – Satt
⁃ “The Main goal is to archive the Elder Book and Bring back to us..please remember this.. the Book.. Only can be held by Satoyuki..” – Zeith
⁃ Everybody Shock
⁃ “Why?” – Nell
⁃ “Just follow what i said..I will tell you after you’re back.. okay?” – Zeith
⁃ “Okay..” – Nell
⁃ “So… Elder Kai has already Detect the Location.. It is on The Richcity Island.. far South of Land of Fire.” – Zeith
⁃ “Richcity?.. The Place Of Wealths… “ – Nora
⁃ “Yes.. Here.. *Hand over the device to Satt and Draw a rune that can sense the Elder book* this might help you out.. Its will not be easy to get the book back.. please .. Look after your safety.. you can return home if it too risky my child” – Zeith
⁃ “Thank you master.. We can do this.. Right?” – Satt look at his Teammates
⁃ “Yes.. Yup.. Aye!” – Chronos
⁃ “I believe in all of you.. Please be safe” – Zeith
⁃ “Chronos.. You May proceed to the Mission to Secure the Richcity and Archive the Ancient book of Elders.” – Zeith
⁃ “Yes Master!” – Chronos
⁃ “All the best my child” – Zeith
⁃ They all walk out
⁃ “Satt” – Zeith
⁃ “Yes Master” – Satt
⁃ “You have no question?” – Zeith
⁃ “Urm” – Satt
⁃ “Satt.. the reason why only you can hold it because.. You are the ancestors of the Elder Leader line..” – Zeith
⁃ Satt Shocked
⁃ “And also The One who Guarded the Book well is a Moonchild Family…decade by decade..” – Zeith
⁃ “But.. why anyone cant simply hold that Book?” – Satt
⁃ “Because.. if they are not guarded by the light.. Once they touch it..the book will lead them to short amount of time.. You will lost your friend..” – Zeith
⁃ Satt shocked
⁃ “The book not only content a Great Ancient spell.. it also tell whats behind the good and Bad.. Light and Dark..” – Zeith
⁃ “Alright Master.. I promise..i’ll bring that book back” – Satt
⁃ “I believe in you Kid” – Zeith *Tuck Satt’s Shoulder
⁃ Satt went out*
⁃ He close his eye and Laid his head back on the door
⁃ “Satt..” – Yeena
⁃ “You’ve All heard..” – Satt
⁃ Nora Atlas Nell Yeena Nodded
⁃ “Please.. Dont tell me you want to go there alone” – Nora *Hold Satt’s Hand*
⁃ “I cant afford to lose any of you guys” – Satt
⁃ “We cant afford to lose you too..We’ll figure that out what important is.. we have to do this.. Together” – Yeena
⁃ “Yes bruh” – Nell
⁃ “Thats Right” – Atlas
⁃ “Huh~ Lets finish this.. Together” – Satt *Fist up*
⁃ “Yeah” – Chronos
⁃ “Lets Go” – Satt
⁃ *Deploying time*
⁃ *CH base & GrandMary*
⁃ “Sora.. Guys! wait” – Carla
⁃ “Satt.. Everyone! Wait” – Ria
⁃ “Actually You guys dont want to wear that to Richcity” – Ria And Carla
⁃ “Mm?” – Chronos and Ventus
⁃ “Come” – Carla and Ria *At the same time*
⁃ They change wearing a Tux and Dress
⁃ “Woah! I feel like grown up haha” – Grey
⁃ “Ya know.. This mission is in the Wealths places.. You cant simply use your element..or else you might pay for fund..” – Zeith and Freya
⁃ “What?!” – Everybody
⁃ “ its a super spied thing you have to be there.. “ – Freya
⁃ “No problem hehe” – Grey
⁃ “Remember.. Use them only when it get too risky alright” – Freya
⁃ “Yes maam” – Ventus
⁃ “Safe way back Child” – Zeith
⁃ They get in their Carrier / Jet and Head to the South of Fire
⁃ *South of Fireland*
⁃ *Richcity Island*
⁃ Ventus has Arrive the Destination (Faster due to their Jet)
⁃ *Port*
⁃ “This place..Is Amaazzinng” – Grey
⁃ “Highly Guarded.. The Newest tech” – Alisa
⁃ “Oh my god look at the Border check” – Drake
⁃ “It made it look like a prison” – Alisa
⁃ “Lets go..” – Sora
⁃ They walk past the Scanner
⁃ “Chihiro Sora.. Elemental User and Avatar Force Wielder weight height and Any other info” – Machine
⁃ “Mm?” – Sora *Shock it tell every detail*
⁃ It shock everybody as Well
⁃ The enter the City
⁃ “Did that thing told you the whole thing too?” – Grey *Giggles*
⁃ Drake stunt by the View of the City
⁃ Alisa and Lucy as well
⁃ “Dude?” – Drake
⁃ “Wooahh” – Grey
⁃ The Light Sparkle even in the Day time
⁃ High tower and huge Building
⁃ City of Gold and Silver
⁃ “We might lost in there” – Lucy
⁃ *Devise alert*
⁃ Sora open it
⁃ *The Location of the 3 Suspect*
⁃ “Lets check in 1st alright” – Sora
⁃ *Port*
⁃ Chronos Arrives
⁃ They had A Same reaction as Ventus
⁃ “We are here for a Mission.. Lets finish it faster and Go back..” – Satt *Wink*
⁃ “Yeay!” – Yeena *Fistbump*
⁃ They entered
⁃ Again with the same reaction as Ventus
⁃ “I thought its like a island..i didnt expect it this huge!!” – Nell
⁃ “Gold~” – Atlas
⁃ “The tracking devise.. Its doesnt pointed where..its just here..” – Nora
⁃ “Oh my” – Yeena
⁃ “We can find it guys..if it on this island.. im sure we can find it.. we just need to split up” – satt
⁃ “Split?.. how if we found the book.. but we cant hold it” – Atlas
⁃ “Oh sorry.. Take this *Communication devise* we talk or heard anything in this ..Just like our own ear” – Satt
⁃ “Owh.. thanks” – atlas
⁃ The all apply it
⁃ “Heres the map.. nell North Yeena and Nora South Atlas West and Im North.. If we cant find today.. This *point at the hotel* Will be our place to rest.. we met up here.. ” – Satt
⁃ “Got it” – Chronos
⁃ “Lets do this guys” – Satt
⁃ “ power if its not too risky” – Nell
⁃ “Aye” – Atlas
⁃ “Lets go” – Satt
⁃ *Creed Tower Hotel*
⁃ “Okay.. Suspect 1 Karyusuci Willmart he might be in his office at Willmart Tower this night after their annual Dinner” – Sora
⁃ “I’ll take mart guy…” – Drake
⁃ “Im coming with you” – Alisa
⁃ “2nd Daston.. His probably in his Mansion..but today.. He has a Ball part.. so this is our best chance to get close to him” – Sora
⁃ “I aint going to dance..i’ll take the Actress then” – Grey
⁃ “Okay.. So Annatasia will be at the Queensbay Mall today she has a Appointment with her Facial therapist ” – Sora
⁃ Drake burst out laughing
⁃ “Im gonna regret this” – Grey
⁃ Everybody laugh
⁃ “Lets begin” – Sora
⁃ “Yeah!” – Ventus
⁃ At Same time Ventus and Chronos has begin the quest
⁃ Everybody look cool and Elegant
⁃ The rich life.. Gold and Chandeliers
⁃ Nora and Yeena Look and Feel the Book presences
⁃ “I cant feel anything yet” – Nora
⁃ “Me too.” – Yeena
⁃ “” – Atlas
⁃ Nell walk pass by Drake and Alisa
⁃ Sora and Lucylia arrive at the dashton Mansion
⁃ Satt accidentally saw Sora
⁃ “Is that?.. Lord Arikachi Son?” – Satt
⁃ Satt followed them into the Mansion
⁃ “Welcome!!” – Man speak up
⁃ The Light Turn it up brightly
⁃ “This place is so big” – Lucylia
⁃ “Yeah.. ” – Sora
⁃ After the Introduction of Dashton the Mc announce the Vvip Guest
⁃ “The man who build this place.. build this heaven for us.. The Mad of Science and Gold.. Please welcome.. Albert Einstein!!” – Mc
⁃ The crowd went crazy
⁃ “He build this Place” – Satt came talk to Sora
⁃ “Yeah..” – Sora *look at satt*
⁃ “Im Satoyuki Iota By the way.. Just call me satt” – Satt
⁃ “Oh hi Satt.. im Chihiro Sora.. and This Is Lucylia Vredehart” – Sora *Smile*
⁃ “Its true he is Lord Arikachi Son..he must be here for a Reason..” – Satt *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Satt right?.. Are you here for a Mission?” – Sora
⁃ Satt choked
⁃ “Huh? What?” – Satt
⁃ “Hehehe The Rune.. i’ve heard of GrandMary.. GrandMary wont release their student anytime unless they had Mission to do” – Sora *Winking*
⁃ “Hehehe Well Im busted” – Satt *Scratch his Hair*
⁃ They laugh
⁃ “Are you here for a mission as well?” – Satt
⁃ “well look who’s Here.. “ – Man Approach
⁃ Satt chokes again
⁃ Lucylia Shocked
⁃ “Albert Einstein?” – Sora
⁃ “Welcome to My Humble Island Son Of lord Arikachi Sora.. we are truly honour you are here.. Hows Everything here? Did you enjoy it?” – Albert
⁃ “Urm… This place is Amazing!” – Sora *Smile*
⁃ “And this Beautiful lady.. You Must be from Vredehart..Am i Right” – Albert *Modest*
⁃ “Yes.. Nice to meet you Mr Albert Einstein” – Lucylia
⁃ “And?.” – Albert *Look at Satt*
⁃ “Hehe im nobody..” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ “Theres no body standing here is nobody..everyone here is somebody my man” – Albert
⁃ “Hehehe” – Satt
⁃ “Well.. i’d to talk more with you guys..but *Look at the Clock* shamefully theres a meeting that i have to attend..please enjoy being here.. See you around” – Albert *Leave*
⁃ “He is so kind Isnt he” – Lucy
⁃ “Mm..” – Sora
⁃ Satt look at Sora eyes like he knew something was not right
⁃ *Alert*
⁃ “Satt.. We found Something Strange at the Queensbay Mall..and Now we are trying to Follow someone” – Yeena
⁃ “Keep going Alright..i’ll be there” – Satt
⁃ “Urm..guys I have to go” – Satt
⁃ “Yea?..” – Sora
⁃ Suddenly Satt and Sora Sense a Dark Matter
⁃ Both of them look at the same Direction
⁃ Dashton escorted by a Black cloak Group
⁃ Sora and Satt look at each other
⁃ And they start to walk slowly
⁃ Dashton get in the Vehicle with the escort
⁃ Sora borrow the Car
⁃ “Satt.. are you coming?” – Sora
⁃ “Yeah” – Satt
⁃ Lucy look at their both eyes
⁃ “You guys look like has a Same Quest with us” – Lucy
⁃ They Focused
⁃ “They stop..” – Satt
⁃ *Dark Conner of the Building*
⁃ They spied on Daston and Cloak gang
⁃ “This Thing is Expansive!.. and Hot” – One of the Cloak Gang open the Cloak
⁃ “Eyes Symbol?!” – Sora *Shocked*
⁃ Lucylia hold Sora’s Hand
⁃ They went in the Building
⁃ Satt sora and Lucy Followed them..
⁃ “They’ve Gone” – Lucylia
⁃ “He has contact with the Unvoid..” – Sora
⁃ “Unvoid?” – Satt
⁃ “Sora.. You knew something about the Elder Book?” – Satt
⁃ “Yes..” – Sora
⁃ “Thats the reason why we are here it has been stolen..” – Satt
⁃ *Creed Tower Hotel*
⁃ Ventus and Chronos gathered
⁃ “Sora.. This is My Teammates..” – Satt
⁃ “Hi.. Im James Atlas Just call me Atlas” – Atlas *Smile*
⁃ “Drake Nellson..Just nell” – Nell *Wink*
⁃ “Drake?” – Drake *Blur*
⁃ “Haha” – Alisa
⁃ “Im Yeena Braveheart and she is Nora Anne Snow..” – Yeena
⁃ “Hi” – Nora
⁃ “Hehehe Nice to meet all of you.. im Chihiro Sora” – Ventus
⁃ “We know who you guys are” – Yeena
⁃ Drake shock
⁃ “Hehehe honestly i feel so honoured right now” – Yeena
⁃ “Hehehe” – Sora
⁃ “Okay.. Lets talk” – Satt
⁃ Satt explained to Sora Everything About GrandMary and Elder Book
⁃ “Its Impossible..” Drake
⁃ “Elder Kai Said The one who stole it might escape through shadows” – Satt
⁃ “Sora” – Alisa
⁃ “I get a feeling that we might after the same guy here..” – Sora
⁃ “What do you mean?. you knew the guy?” – Atlas
⁃ “Gerald.. The Leader of the Unvoid.. He is really bad bad Guy” – Grey
⁃ Drake explain About Gerald.. Driscoll.. Aurora.. Avatar and Crushing CH Base
⁃ “This guy is dangerous” – Nell
⁃ “With His side man Ragna He can escape and Move through shadow..” – Sora
⁃ “Gerald..” – Satt
⁃ “We’ll find him” – Sora *Smile*
⁃ “The Informer said the Suspect might be Work under someone.. Maybe it can be lead us all to Gerald?” – Alisa
⁃ “Might Be” – Lucy
⁃ “Why dont we just catch those suspect and interrogate them” – Grey and Atlas
⁃ “Thats what we going to do any way… right?” – Drake
⁃ All of them look at sora and Satt
⁃ “Urmm…” – Sora and Satt
⁃ “Lets have some rest first okay.. ” – Sora
⁃ “We Proceed at 6 Tomorrow” – Sora
⁃ *Albert Scene*
⁃ Albert Walk in the Most Luxuries Building
⁃ Enter the Elevator
⁃ Open the Secret Button
⁃ The Elevator bring tobreach limit down
⁃ The Secret Door Open
⁃ Through Under the Sea
⁃ *Whole new City Under the Water*
⁃ Albert walk into the Lab
⁃ “Chihiro Sora is Here are you crazy!” – Albert talk to someone
⁃ “Relax brother..*Man step out from Shadow* let him come.. i got a Special gift for Him” – Gerald *Looking at the Pot filled with Green hair woman*
⁃ The Woman…. Aurora Hime
⁃ “help of the Book spell and Newest sciences tech..i revive his Love and Now.. i can simply control her just with this button” – Gerald *Evil laugh*
⁃ “You better know what you’ve been doing.. It can damage my reputation” – Albert
⁃ “Chill .. Chill.. Once aurora is Revive you doesnt need to be scared of that Kid” – Gerald
⁃ The Scene Shows The Clave Eggs And Upgraded kit
⁃ The Rarest things and Creature in the Display
⁃ BlackRoux Steel
⁃ “We have all this..and You still scared.. You’re wrong Alberto” – Gerald *Smirk*
⁃ *The Next Morning*
⁃ As soon as they begin their Mission to captured those suspect
⁃ Ventus and Chronos split their teams up
⁃ Nora stays in the hotel to gathered and Inform the other of suspect intel
⁃ Yeena Alisa and Drake when to find Karyusuci
⁃ Nell Atlas Grey went after Annatasia
⁃ While Satt Sora and lucy straight Heading to find Dashton
⁃ “Goodluck” – Sora
⁃ *Grey Scene*
⁃ “So three handsome dude gonna kidnap this One Pretty millionaire lady..oh she gonna be lucky” – Nell *Jokes*
⁃ “Haha i cant wait to have a Selfie” – Atlas
⁃ “You guys good?” – Grey *Driving*
⁃ *Alisa Scene*
⁃ “Both of them always like that?” – Alisa
⁃ “Haha yeah.. Its pretty fun though to have them” – Yeena
⁃ “I know right.. they’re no different from the man behind us” – Alisa *Mentiong Drake*
⁃ “Hahaha” – Yeena
⁃ Drake on the Back focusing on the Route to Annatasia whereabouts
⁃ *Sora Scene*
⁃ They Found Dashton In the Public and Followed
⁃ “Humbled billionaire” – Lucy
⁃ “Should we catch him now?” – Satt
⁃ “Wait..” – Sora
⁃ Dashton walk into Albert’s Hotel
⁃ “A Hotel?” – Sora
⁃ “Its hard for us to do something like this if its in a hotel” – Satt
⁃ “Thats why you need Woman..wait for me boys I’ll get you some intel” – Lucy *Walk elegantly*
⁃ Sora and Satt look at each other
⁃ *Albert Hotel*
⁃ Dashton Standing At the Front desk
⁃ “What a Humble Billionaire” – Lovely Voice
⁃ “Im sorry” – Dashton *Turn Around*
⁃ Dashton Froze by Lucylia’s Charm
⁃ “ are so.. Elegant and Beautiful ” – Dashton *Look up and Down*
⁃ “Ah.. You are stutter.. Well then.. have a good day” – Lucy *Turn away*
⁃ “No!.. hey wait *Dashton pull lucy’s Hand* im not a Stutter.. It just you are so beautiful its make hard for me to say a word” – Dashton
⁃ “Well then Gentlemen.. What are you going to do now” – Lucy *Winking*
⁃ “Ohh oh my god” – Dashton *Shaking*
⁃ Dashton Look at the Time
⁃ “Im gonna make you a happiest woman in the world..but i cant right now Miss..what about tonight..i will book the grand room for us..*Facing the receptionist* and You will wait for me there.. cause i have a meeting with the most important person right now..i will get to you once im done.. I promise..please wait for me” – Dashton
⁃ “Aah.. So the most important person is more important than me.. Is it your wife?” – Lucy *provoke*
⁃ “No! No im not married yet.. Its just a Meeting that i cant avoid.. Please stays in the room until i came back.. You’re going to be a Queen” – Dashton
⁃ Lucy turn around
⁃ “Miss” – Dashton
⁃ *Call alert*
⁃ Lucy turns Back
⁃ “Yes sir.. I will meet you at the Eons..Normal place” – Dashton *On call*
⁃ Lucy Saw *Einstein* on Dashton Phone
⁃ “Okay. I will wait for you.. Where is the Room?” – Lucy
⁃ “You will?! Thats Great.. Treat her like a queen or not i will tell your boss” – Dashton *Talk to the Management*
⁃ “See you tonight” – Dashton *Bite his lip*
⁃ Lucy Winking
⁃ “Since when did you start provoking Big Sis” – Grey
⁃ “Shut it..” – Lucylia walks away
⁃ “Miss.. hey miss.. wait up” – Management Guy
⁃ Lucylia turn around and Make such a scary face
⁃ “You take one more step.. i’ll scream” – Lucy
⁃ “Okay okay..but we will lose the Job if we didnt have you in room.” – Management guy
⁃ Drunken Woman interrupted them
⁃ “Just Take her” – Lucylia *Walks away*
⁃ “Miss!.. ah shit” – Management guy
⁃ “I better shut my mouth” – Grey
⁃ “She’s Scary.. and Bold” – Atlas
⁃ Alisa Smirk
⁃ Lucylia Joins Sora and Satt
⁃ Sora pretend like nothing happen
⁃ Satt try to not make a contact with Lucy
⁃ Lucy grab Sora and Kiss him
⁃ Satt turn around
⁃ “Im so sorry..” – Lucy
⁃ “Its fine.. What did you got” – Sora
⁃ Dashton going to meet someone at Eons… and I believe.. It might be Albert Einstein” – Lucy
⁃ “You guys Hear it?..” – Sora
⁃ “Yeah” – Everybody
⁃ “Wait what?.. Eon?” – Drake
⁃ “Yeah why?..” Lucy
⁃ “Annatasia is there” – Nora
⁃ “So as Karyusuci..” – Yeena
⁃ “Is it mean.. Einstein also behind of this?” – Satt
⁃ “We about to find out.. Lets go” – Sora
⁃ *EONS Building*
⁃ “There they are” – Yeena
⁃ “If we catch all of them.. the world is going to look for us” – Alisa
⁃ “Thats why..” – Nell
⁃ “Thats why?” – Atlas
⁃ “We need to be invisible.. you know what i mean” – Nell *took out the Invisible Suits*
⁃ “Since when did you buy it” – Yeena
⁃ “Shh Im not buying it” – Nell *Turn over Yeena head toward the Shop*
⁃ “Are you crazyy?” – Yeena
⁃ “We have to .. No choice” – Drake
⁃ “Fine then Who’s going?” – Yeena
⁃ “I am..” – Sora
⁃ “You guys head back to the hotel.. im going to follow then.. here You’ll able to track where i am.. “ – Sora
⁃ “Just be safe alright” – Lucy
⁃ “Take care” – Satt
⁃ Sora put on the Suits
⁃ *Invisible*
⁃ Sora walk to the place that Albert and the others gathered
⁃ Sora use his Avatar Force to float him so that they not hearing his steps
⁃ *The Conversation*
⁃ “Since we have gathered.. Lets talk in the private place” – Albert
⁃ “Sure” – Annatasia, Dashton and Karyusuci
⁃ They walk into the Secret Vault in the building
⁃ Sora still following Them
⁃ They Went in the Elevator
⁃ Sora Bumps into Annatasia
⁃ “Did you just” – Annatasia look at Dashton
⁃ “Im sorry” – Dashton was caught up checking out Annatasia Body
⁃ “Huh~” – Sora *Sigh*
⁃ They went down straight to the Hidden City
⁃ “Tomorrow night.. its all going to be Released and The World outside of this Island.. will face the Crisis of The Claveroux.. and They will need us.. As a Protection.. and beg us for Shelter” – Albert
⁃ *Enter the Hidden City*
⁃ “This is so exciting” – Annatasia
⁃ “We are the Ruler” – Dashton
⁃ “And Im going to be a King” – Albert
⁃ Sora was Very Shock looking at the Hidden City and all the stuff
⁃ The Claveroux Queen Being Caught up
⁃ The Breeding Process
⁃ The Neo Upgrades
⁃ “Welcome” – Gerald
⁃ Sora Shocked again
⁃ “My friends” – Gerald
⁃ “Sir Gerald” – Everybody *Shaking Hand*
⁃ “Ha ha ha im so cannot wait for this to be Release..The World Going to Collide by the Claveroux” – Gerald *Evil Laugh*
⁃ “We all do” – Albert *Looking at the Preparation*
⁃ “Neo Claveroux” – Annatasia
⁃ Sora still is in a Shocking
⁃ “Sora..? what did you see” – Satt
⁃ *Creed Hotel*
⁃ Sora came back and Regroup
⁃ “Sora..” – Lucy
⁃ “Gerald And Elstein is behind all this.. Claveroux..The Book” – Sora
⁃ Sora explain Everything that he saw
⁃ “Tomorrow night!?” – Yeena
⁃ “They going to Lure all the living Claveroux out and Took over the surface!?” – Grey
⁃ “We need to stop it before its happening” – Satt
⁃ “Sake of the World is in our hand” – Drake
⁃ “Should We called the Higher Sorority?” – Nora
⁃ “Its Albert..They wont do anything to him..he is like a Council Man” – Grey *Annoying Face*
⁃ “We can do this..we fought Gerald and The unvoid before… Albert and His friend maybe not more than a thugs with Gun” – Sora
⁃ “But this Claveroux included.. Shouldnt we need more back up?” – Lucy
⁃ “You’re right” – Nell
⁃ “Sora..?” – Satt
⁃ “I’ll call the Wind Orp.. Incase things doesnt go well..” – Sora
⁃ “And I’ll report back to GM” – Satt
⁃ “Let’s Prepared Guys..we need a plan ..we may not know how much of the unvoid and The Thug are in there.. Claveroux… For what most..Our main priority..Stop the Crisis and Captured those heads” – Sora
⁃ “We can do this guys” – Satt
⁃ “Yeahh” – Everybody
⁃ *Gerald Scene*
⁃ *Hidden City*
⁃ “Just this One Button” – Gerald *Hold the Remote of Aurora Hime*
⁃ “Urm Mister Gerald” – Annatasia
⁃ “Yes Dear” – Gerald
⁃ “Where did you get all this Metal” – Annatasia *Look at the Resources*
⁃ “No can tell you that” – Gerald
⁃ “Greedy old Man” – Annatasia *Inner Voice*
⁃ *Claveroux Nest*
⁃ Woman like Body with the Wing of Claws Glowing In the Cage
⁃ “So that is the Queen?” – Karyusuci *Look at the Claveroux Queen / Alpha breeder
⁃ “Yup..she can turn into any form..Human.. Beast.. Claveroux..we never know what is her true form” – Albert
⁃ “What is that?” – Dashton *Look at Aurora Pot*
⁃ “Well that is our secret Weapon.. In case.. Things happen” – Albert
⁃ “Not a thing will happen right.. Look at this Place.. Well and Highly Guarded” – Dashton
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ Everyone shocked
⁃ “Whats that?” – Albert
⁃ “Alert!! Intruder! Intruder South west!” – Alert
⁃ “I guess not” – Dashton
⁃ All The South Guard went to check it
⁃ They found the Self destruct Claveroun on loose
⁃ “Its just A B0BD-989” – Guard
⁃ “Its just a Loose Claveroux..Relax” – Albert
⁃ “Gerald?” – Albert
⁃ “I hate this Smell” – Gerald
⁃ Some how.. Ventus and Claveroux is in the city
⁃ “Great plan Grey” – Atlas
⁃ “You’re welcome” – Grey
⁃ Nora and Grey find the Source room to shut the Program
⁃ Nell Atlas Alisa and Drake Find a way to captured those badguys
⁃ Lucy and Yeena plan up to Free the Queen and control over the Claveroux
⁃ Satt and Sora went to find Gerald And The Book
⁃ *Gerald Scene*
⁃ “Guys Clear the Smoke out!” – Albert *Order his Man*
⁃ “Not the Smoke smell You Bastard!.. Chihiro Sora is in the City” – Gerald
⁃ Albert Shock
⁃ “Unvoid! find them!” – Gerald
⁃ “Bring Me Sora head” – Albert
⁃ “Do we have a Safe back up room here?” – Dashton
⁃ “Can you shut up!” – Gerald
⁃ “Here..*Pass the Remote device* once its complete.. Anyone of You just hit.. You need to spread.. to buy some time..Go now!” – Albert
⁃ *40%*
⁃ Gerald Stayed
⁃ “Gerald?” – Albert
⁃ “Go.. Secure the Book” – Gerald to Ragna *While Wearing His Armor*
⁃ “You wont get away this Time” – Gerald
⁃ Satt and Sora *Running*
⁃ Satt sensing the Book
⁃ “The elder Book” – Satt saw Ragna Moves through Shadow
⁃ “Keep safe..Go” – Sora
⁃ “You too” – Satt *Bump Fist*
⁃ *Nora & Grey*
⁃ “This place is so huge!..we need a High Ground” – Grey
⁃ “Theres no need to climb around” – Nora *Use her Ice Magic to Lift them up to the on top of the builfing*
⁃ “You should have done that earlier” – Grey
⁃ “Sometime we just need a Perfect Spot” – Nora *Wink*
⁃ Grey Shock
⁃ “The Power source” – Grey
⁃ “Nope.. But from this.. We can know where is the main power” – Nora
⁃ “You’re a genius” – Grey
⁃ “Thank you” – Nora
⁃ *Alisa & The Others*
⁃ “We need to set a Trap for them to make it easier.. We are totally Out Numbered” – Alisa and The Other on the top of Building Checking on the Amount of the Troops
⁃ “Lets just Crush them One By One” – Drake
⁃ “No.. We just need them to be in one place.. “ – Alisa
⁃ “Theres Too many building here right.. Let just use it..” – Nell
⁃ “One Build.. One hell of a Troop” – Atlas
⁃ “They’re in.. Poof” – Nell *Took out the Bomb*
⁃ “Since when did you get that” – Alisa
⁃ “Hah!.. Nell the Pocketer” – Nell *Wink*
⁃ “Is this his ability?” – Drake *Weird*
⁃ “Kinda” – Atlas *Laugh*
⁃ “Get set” – Alisa
⁃ “Go” – Nell
⁃ *Lucy & Yeena*
⁃ Hide in the Store Room
⁃ “Its fully Guarded” – Yeena
⁃ “The Queen is Inside” – Lucy
⁃ “This is more thick than the Ironheight” – Yeena
⁃ “There must be a way” – Lucy
⁃ The Guard Pass infront of Them
⁃ *Sniff sniff* – Guard 1
⁃ “What is this smell?” – Guard 1
⁃ “The Queen might be releasing some turd” – Guard 2 *Joking*
⁃ “No.. Its A Woman Scents” – Guard
⁃ “Haha Playboy sensing here” – Guard 2
⁃ “The Store Room” – Guard
⁃ Lucy and Yeena Freak out
⁃ *The Door Open*
⁃ “Help.. Help..” – Lucy Sit on the Ground
⁃ “Ooh” – Guard 1 *Smile*
⁃ “Why are you here” – Guard 2
⁃ “To stole your pass” – Yeena *Appeared from Behind and Knock those two Guards*
⁃ “Hehe” – Yeena
⁃ Both of them look at the Guard Uniform
⁃ Lucylia Wink
⁃ Both of Them went out wearing as a Guard and Headed start
⁃ *Satt*
⁃ “Light Lumiere!” – Satt cast a Light Element
⁃ Ragna appears and Fall
⁃ “Dark Heart.. Ragna” – Satt *Shocked*
⁃ “Be Gone” – Ragna *Blast satt away*
⁃ “Its explain Why You can Held the Book” – Satt *Standing Up*
⁃ “Do i know you?” – Ragna
⁃ “You about too” – Satt *Approaching With his Light Fist*
⁃ Ragna Keep the Book inside the Shadow and Counter Satt’s attack with a Dark Punch*
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ “I know.. You’d come around” – Gerald
⁃ Sora arrive behind of him
⁃ “I believe this is our last Counter” – Gerald *turn around*
⁃ “What do you really Want Gerald?.. Arent you tired?” – Sora
⁃ “You and Your Family Dead!” – Gerald
⁃ Sora Mad and Trying to start Approaching
⁃ “Your opponent is not Me” – Gerald *Push the button*
⁃ Someone Lands infront of Sora From Above
⁃ Sora Froze
⁃ “She is” – Gerald *Walk away*
⁃ “A..Aurora” – Sora
⁃ Aurora Staring Into sora’s Eye
⁃ “Killing the Target..” – Gerald *Set*
⁃ “Killing Target..Lock.. Chihiro Sora.” – Aurora
⁃ Aurora Burst out the Avatar inside her
⁃ “Aurora!!” – Sora
⁃ Aurora begin to attack with her Full Unleashes
⁃ Sora keep Defending Himself
⁃ *Epic Attack from Aurora*
⁃ “Aurora!..” – Sora *Neglecting*
⁃ Sora take Punches
⁃ “Loyalties” – Gerald *Watch Over*
⁃ 60%
⁃ *Alisa & The Other*
⁃ The Amount of the Troop Increased and they all headed towards Them
⁃ “The Unvoid.. Sealed the Tower!” – Alisa
⁃ “This is not Good” – Nell *Communication device*
⁃ “Atlas!.. Find the Necromancer.. We will hold enough till they are all in” – Drake
⁃ “Got it!” – Atlas
⁃ “Lets get Busier by the Way not we wanted” – Drake *Turn Himself to a steel and Prepared for the battle*
⁃ Alisa eyes turn Red (Rose Spirit)
⁃ Nell Summon His Heavenly Fire Sword
⁃ Atlas cleared the City by His Wood Element
⁃ *Satt Vs Ragna*
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ “You are not ordinary person After all” – Ragna *Blocking The Attack*
⁃ “So are you” – Satt *Grumbles*
⁃ “You’re right* – Ragna *Blast Satt away with his Darkness*
⁃ “I am the Darkness Its Self” – Ragna
⁃ “That’s Hilarious” – Satt *Get up*
⁃ “Whats so funny” – Ragna
⁃ “Pro-self claiming that you are the Darkness it self” – Satt *Glowing while facing Ragna*
⁃ “What are you?” – Ragna *Shock*
⁃ “You should know in the 1st place who are you messing with and Whos You Robbing” – Satt *Eyes Turning White*
⁃ “This Light!” – Ragna *Froze*
⁃ “I am Maximilion Moonchild.. And i am GrandMary Mage!” – Satt *Turn Into His new Power (The White Mages)
⁃ (White Hair, White and Gold Cloaked, Floating by Light Aura)
⁃ “Millennial Light!” – Ragna *Scared*
⁃ “You’re wrong to claim that you are the Darkness.. and Now.. I shall banish you through the Light.. *Lift his Palm* be Gone.. Darkness..” – Satt
⁃ The Light Globe Covering Ragna and he Start to Shrinking
⁃ “Nooo!!” – Ragna *Vanish*
⁃ “Rest In peace Shadow guy” – Satt
⁃ Satt Lighting up the Place around him to Release the Elder book from Ragna Shadow
⁃ The Book Appears
⁃ “Thank God” – Satt *Holding the Book*
⁃ Suddenly he had a Dream Flashing of His father and Ancestors before him
⁃ Satt Awake
⁃ “What was that” – Satt
⁃ “Sora!” – Satt *Ran Away*
⁃ *Avatar Punch*
⁃ Aurora thrown away
⁃ Sora had A Tear on his Cheek
⁃ Gerald Shocked
⁃ “This is Not you” – Sora
⁃ “What are you talking about Dear” – Aurora
⁃ Sora Frightening
⁃ Gerald Control her Emotions
⁃ “How .. dare ..You hurt Me” – Aurora *Crying*
⁃ “No..” – Sora
⁃ Aurora Keep Crying
⁃ “Aurora..” – Sora *walk towards her*
⁃ “Gerald try to take over me” – Aurora
⁃ “Im losing control of my Self” – Aurora *Tearing*
⁃ “Sora” – Aurora
⁃ Sora hold Aurora In her arm
⁃ Aurora Hug Sora and Slightly took the Blade
⁃ *STAB*
⁃ Aurora crying
⁃ “Sorry” – Voices
⁃ “I know..” – Sora *Blood All over his Body and Coming out from his Mouth*
⁃ Aurora kick Sora and Walk away
⁃ “Wait….*Aurora turn Around* I cant Let Him torture you and I cant watch you suffer anymore” – Sora *Hug Aurora with the Blade on his Right Chest*
⁃ *Stab toward Aurora Heart*
⁃ *Hugging Pose*
⁃ 70%
⁃ *Nora & Grey*
⁃ *The Source Vault*
⁃ Nora and Grey Froze when the Saw the Main Source
⁃ “The Source is.. The Island.. Water Radiation..oh no” – Nora
⁃ “How to stop it” – Grey
⁃ “I.. dont know” – Nora *Fall on her Knee*
⁃ *Lucylia & Yeena*
⁃ Lucy and Yeena Encounter The Queen
⁃ *Queen Nest*
⁃ “What have they done to You” – Lucylia *Look at all the Chain*
⁃ The Queen Awakes and Stared Directly into Yeena Eyes
⁃ “Lucy” – Yeena *Scared*
⁃ “Relax.. Yeena” – Lucylia
⁃ “They had her under their Control..” – Lucy lia *Take off everything that attach to the Queen *
⁃ “We are so Sorry..on behalf Of human..*Lay her Head on the Queen head* i will try my best to save you and Your child..Promise me.. Dont ever shows your self and Your child in the real world again..This People wont stop treating you like an war object” – Lucylia
⁃ The Queen Change her eyes from Yellow to Blue
⁃ “Is that a Yes?” – Lucylia
⁃ “Please stay still.. Yeena.. Covering the Gates this might notice them” – Lucylia
⁃ Lucy use her Enchanted Magic
⁃ “The Seal.. Its too Strong” – Lucylia *Trying*
⁃ “It might be From the Elder book” – Yeena
⁃ “I can do this” – Lucylia *Grumble*
⁃ The Queen feel Sympathy toward Lucy
⁃ “I..will Save you” – Lucylia *Trying her Hard*
⁃ “Urano..Spargeré!” – Lucylia *Using Her Mother Infinity Force Power*
⁃ “What is this” – Yeena *Frightening*
⁃ Lucy Grumbling
⁃ *The Chain Break*
⁃ The Queen Are Free
⁃ *Red Alert*
⁃ Lucy Fall on her Knee
⁃ “Lucy!” – Yeena *Catch her*
⁃ “Your Hair” – Yeena
⁃ Lucy Hair turn grey
⁃ They Heard the Guard Rushing toward them
⁃ “Lucy” – Yeena
⁃ “I still can Fight..” – Lucylia *Try to get Up*
⁃ “No..You need to take a break.. i can handle this” – Yeena
⁃ The Queen turn her Self into A Griffin and Ask them to climb her back
⁃ “Really?” – Yeena
⁃ “Please take her to a safe Place” – Yeena
⁃ “What about You?” – Lucylia
⁃ “I need to shut this place off..and The bad guy” – Yeena *Wink*
⁃ “Yeena Please be safe” – Lucylia
⁃ “You be safe” – Yeena
⁃ “Catch you up Later Queen” – Yeena *Turn away*
⁃ “You dont get yourself in trouble with the daughter of the Blacksmither” – Yeena *Summon her Board Sword and Axe*
⁃ *Satt Found Sora*
⁃ “Sora!!” – Satt found Sora laying on the Ground with full of blood with Aurora
⁃ “Oh no..No” – Satt *Hold Sora on his Arm*
⁃ “Ge..rald” – Sora
⁃ “What?” – Satt *Cant hear Clearly*
⁃ Sora push satt Away Because Gerald Were trying to attack him Surprisedly
⁃ The Slice Sora’s Right Shoulder to his Chest
⁃ “You’re okay?” – Satt
⁃ “You got the book?” – Sora
⁃ “Yeah..” – Satt
⁃ “Gerald” – Sora
⁃ “I see some kind of Heroic in here” – Gerald
⁃ Sora and Satt stand aside
⁃ “Oh and i hate that” – Gerald *Dark Matter Flow out from his Body*
⁃ “What the hell is that” – Satt
⁃ “He must have a piece of the Avatar” – Sora
⁃ “You stole something thats not belong to you…*look at aurora body* And You gotta pay for that” – Sora *Turn to His Avatar armor Mode*
⁃ “You just dont keep yourself from Stealing dont you” – Satt *Turn to the White Mage and Float*
⁃ Sora and satt look at each other
⁃ *Nodded*
⁃ Three of Them Start to Approaching
⁃ *Epic Battle*
⁃ “No different! What yours also doesn’t really from you” – Gerald
⁃ “But we have a responsibility to watch over it!” – Satt
⁃ *Clash*
⁃ “So am I!” – Gerald *Blast them Away*
⁃ “You’re far from responsibilities” – Sora *Appear Behind Gerald and Kick him Away*
⁃ Gerald Been thrown away
⁃ “Not even Close” – Satt *Continue it with the Light Punch*
⁃ Gerald Stomped
⁃ “You rude Kid.. you have awakened something” – Gerald *Smirk*
⁃ The Gigangtic Bubbly Dark Matter Appear covering Gerald
⁃ “Is that avatar!?” – Satt
⁃ “Die!!” – Gerald *Targeting Satt*
⁃ “Definitely Quite not like it” – – Sora Summon his Avatar Skyrius and Block the Attack
⁃ “Woah *Stunt by looking at Skyrius* Thank you..Again” – Satt
⁃ “I’ll take his bubbly things while you focusing him out” – Sora
⁃ “Copy that” – Satt *Smile*
⁃ *Skyrius vs Gerald Avatar*
⁃ Satt dashing toward Gerald And try to Push Gerald Out
⁃ Satt light didnt effect The Dark avatar
⁃ “What!? What with this Dark Matter” – Satt
⁃ “Maxilmillion Light!!” – Satt *Attack Gerald
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ “Nice Try.. You facing an ancient Dark you little Punk” – Gerald
⁃ “He must be Infuse With the Book” – Sora
⁃ “Sure he did” – Satt
⁃ Both of them Look for Gerald Weakness
⁃ *Gerald Attack*
⁃ “You wont get through this” – Gerald
⁃ “I got a Plan” – Satt
⁃ “So am i..I guess its the same plan!” – Sora
⁃ *Approaching*
⁃ *Yeena Scene*
⁃ “Huh..Huh..” – Yeena
⁃ Slayed all the Unvoid troops and Albert Guard
⁃ “You’re all not Worthy” – Yeena
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ Explosion from Sora and Satt Battle against Gerald
⁃ “What was that?” – Yeena
⁃ “I better check it out” – Yeena *Run*
⁃ While Yeena on her way heading towards the Explosion she saw Someone was casting on a builder
⁃ “Eh.. What is he doing” – Yeena
⁃ The Necromancer Casting on the Building that Alisa and The Other were in
⁃ “Mmph *Hold her Laugh* Are you dancing?” – Yeena confront the Necromancer
⁃ “Huh!?” – The Necromancer *Frightening*
⁃ “Hah *Yeena Equip her Brave Black Steel Gauntlet and Knock Him down with a Single blow* Shocked by My Beauty..Yes?” – Yeena
⁃ *The Tower and The Building unseal*
⁃ *Alisa & The Others*
⁃ “The Seal has Broke!” – Drake
⁃ “Atlas Did it” – Nell
⁃ “Now!!” – Alisa
⁃ They all Rush out and explode the Building and The Tower and All the Troop inside
⁃ *Exploding*
⁃ “Aahhhh! *Frightening* i just broke the sealing and Its explode!?” – Yeena
⁃ “Yeena?” – Nell *Notice Yeena was there when he was floating on air*
⁃ “Alisa Drake Atlas Meet me on East 2.3” – Nell
⁃ *Nell went to Yeena*
⁃ “Yeena!” – Nell
⁃ “Nell.. Dont tell me you’re in the building” – Yeena *Look at Nell’s Smoking clothe*
⁃ “It was you?” – Nell *Saw the Necromancer knocked down*
⁃ “Yea i was running by and i saw.” – Yeena *Cut my Nell*
⁃ “Atlas. Come in.” – Nell
⁃ “Atlas!” – Nell *By the Communication Kit*
⁃ Alisa and Drake Join Them with capturing Karyusuci on their hand
⁃ “Whats wrong?” – Drake
⁃ “We need to Find Atlas.. Now.” – Nell
⁃ *Atlas Scene*
⁃ *Tunnel*
⁃ “Where am I” – Atlas *awake*
⁃ Atlas Recall back What did happen to Him
⁃ *Before*
⁃ “Got it!” – Atlas Ran away to Find the Necromancer
⁃ In a Way he Fought the biggest Guard
⁃ “You’re in the Way Big Guy!” – Atlas
⁃ The Guard approach
⁃ “Dirty played huh” – Atlas
⁃ Atlas use her Wood Elemental to Make a Wood Avatar and Fought against the Guard
⁃ *Fight*
⁃ *The Ground Breaking*
⁃ Atlas Knock Them Down
⁃ The City Roads was Destroyed
⁃ “You’re one tough big dude” – Atlas *Exhausted*
⁃ *The Ground shakes*
⁃ “Oh my.. God..there still a lot of them” – Atlas
⁃ “Huh.. I can do this all day” – Atlas *Step Jump forward and Suddenly the Ground Breaks and He fall right away down*
⁃ “Aaarghh” – Atlas *Falling*
⁃ *Present*
⁃ “Did i gain some weight?” – Atlas *look up at the Hole that he break after jump on it*
⁃ “What is this Place” – Atlas *Look around and Light up the Place with his Tree element” – Atlas
⁃ Atlas continue walking until He heard the Voice
⁃ “Come on Just a Bit More.. plenty of our men are down” – Albert *Voice*
⁃ Atlas Shock
⁃ “Bingo” – Atlas *Smirk*
⁃ Albert and Dashton was hiding in the Secret Vault Room under the City
⁃ Atlas Silently Knock all the Guard down and Pull them Away with His Woods
⁃ Dashton and Albert are in the Room Worriedly
⁃ “I hope they havent been Captured yet” – Dashton
⁃ “I hope so” – Atlas
⁃ “Huh!?” – Dashton and Albert turn Around
⁃ They tried to Run
⁃ “A ah.. Wooden Fist!” – Atlas *Knock Dashton down and Destroyed both device*
⁃ “Wait. wait! I give you everything if you let me go” – Albert *Fall*
⁃ “What i want *walking Slowly* thats not anything you can give” – Atlas *Fierce Look and Punch Albert in the Face*
⁃ *Nell and The Others*
⁃ “A Hole?” – Alisa
⁃ “Dont tell me its another city down there” – Drake
⁃ “I can sense Atlas presences down there” – Nell
⁃ “You’re right” – Atlas *came up with His Wood element while Smirking and Lift his eyebrow up and Down*
⁃ “What with that face” – Drake
⁃ Atlas brings up Dashton and Albert As well inside his Wood Cage
⁃ “Woah!” – Yeena
⁃ “Heh” – Atlas *Lift his Eyebrows again*
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ “There its goes again.. Its from a Same direction” – Yeena
⁃ “Sora and The others might Be There” – Alisa
⁃ “Lets go!” – Atlas
⁃ *Sora & Satt*
⁃ *Clash*
⁃ Skyrius and Sora Distract The Dark avatar and Left it wide open for Satt to use a Ancient Light spell from the Book to Break gerald Dark Ancient
⁃ “Now!” – Sora *Left Gerald Wide open after he dodges the Attack*
⁃ Satt Floating with his Light wings as A white mage holding the Book and Cast the Spell directly infront of Gerald
⁃ “What the.” – Gerald
⁃ “Cienteta Lumieris” – Satt *Unleash the Ancient Light to Wash over Gerald Avatar*
⁃ Gerald Avatar breaking
⁃ Satt landed and Fall on his Knee
⁃ “Nice One Satt” – Sora *Smirk* while holding satt up
⁃ Sora Avatar self Inherit half shattered
⁃ Satt White Mage Mode turning Back to Normal
⁃ “Your power shrinking..Destroying the Avatar by the book..Thats all you got?.. Youngster!?” – Gerald *Attack with His Dark Matter*
⁃ “Still got left in you?” – Sora *Get up*
⁃ “Permanent Never Faded” – Satt *Smirk*
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ They both Get up and On the Pose to Fight with Their Mastered Wind Element
⁃ “What?” – Gerald *Shock*
⁃ “Wind are just Boring aren’t they?” – Gerald
⁃ “Guess we find that out” – Satt & Sora *Approaching*
⁃ *Epic Elemental Battle*
⁃ Both Speed Hand in Hand Combat
⁃ After a long Fight in Elemental Gerald Getting beat up .. till Sora and Satt intend to fought Gerald Back and Front
⁃ Sora Using The Wind Sphere and Approach Gerald From back so as Satt from infront
⁃ “Im not going that easy!” – Gerald *using some kind of Dark spike Barrier that Stab Sora and Satt at the Same time*
⁃ *Blood Shed*
⁃ They both Fall on Their knee
⁃ “This is the End” – Gerald *Stab Sora again with his Dark sword and Throw Him away*
⁃ “And You..”satt..” – Sora *Grumble* I dont know much about you.. But since you can hold the book.. means you are not ordinary human.. *step on Satt body* You shouldn’t come here and Mess with me High schooled kid” – Gerald *Thread Satt by putting His Sword under his Neck*
⁃ “You’re right… *Grumble* Im not” – Satt *Rune and his Eye glowing*
⁃ “Mm?” – Gerald
⁃ Satt blast Gerald away with His Light element
⁃ Sora and Satt try to get up
⁃ “I can see you are light Mage as well..i guess you are perfect candidate to replace warlock.” – Gerald *Raise his Hand*
⁃ “No.. This is a Dark Impulse! The Light not going to hold it” – Sora *Inner Voice*
⁃ (Dark Impulse was a Dark Matter that Destroys the Light within the Body who got hit by it)
⁃ “Satt!” – Sora *Dashing toward Gerald turning His Avatar to a Wings and Sword*
⁃ Satt close his Eye
⁃ “Please Lend me Some more dad” – Satt *Inner Voice* was about to Unleash the Maximillion Light again
⁃ “Dieee!!” – Satt *Open His Eye with the Light Globes on his Hand*
⁃ *Last Clash*
⁃ *Big Explosion*
⁃ Sora Stab Gerald From the back with His Avatar Sword While Protecting Satt from the Dark Impulse and The Maximillion Light Hit Gerald at the front
⁃ *Alisa and The Other Join Them*
⁃ “Argg” – Gerald *Burning and Cracking*
⁃ “Get back where you belong Hell Cracker” – Sora *Pull out the Sword*
⁃ “You.. Pay for this!” – Gerald *Falling*
⁃ Sora Falling because the Light and Dark hit Gerald with Him behind
⁃ “Sora!! Satt!!” – Everyone
⁃ “Sora!” – Satt *Rush toward Sora*
⁃ Sora Fainted
⁃ “No..Im sorry!.. Sora!. wake up” – Satt *On his Knee*
⁃ “Satt” – Yeena *Saw the Stab*
⁃ “You both had a lot of Damage.. Take this” – Drake *Hand over the Last resort Pill*
⁃ (Last Resort Pill is A medicine that can Fully Healed the Takers)
⁃ Satt nearly fainted when he raise his hand To take the Medicine
⁃ “Satt!” – Nell Hold him Up
⁃ Atlas took the Medicine and feed Him
⁃ “T..thank you..” – Satt *Glowing and Fully Healed*
⁃ “Sora!” – Satt *turn*
⁃ Alisa look at the Stab that Sora Receives and Feed him with The Last resort
⁃ “He will be Fine” – Alisa *Cry while Holding Sora*
⁃ *Nora & Grey Join Them*
⁃ “Guys!” – Grey
⁃ “We have a bad situation! This place energy source its the Sea itself” – Grey
⁃ “What!..” – Everybody *Shock*
⁃ “Yes.. I try every way to shut it.. but it all doesnt seem to work” – Nora
⁃ Satt looking at Them
⁃ “Wait..Dashton Knockout Albert and Karyusuci being Captured” – Satt
⁃ “Gerald Died” – Satt
⁃ “Only 3 of them.. We missing One!..Everybody..Annatasia!” – Satt
⁃ 100%
⁃ *The Tab Alert*
⁃ On Annatasia Hand
⁃ “Oh My! Its done” – Annatasia *Jumpsacred*
⁃ “There she is!” – Drake
⁃ “You are all screwed up!!” – Annatasia *evil Laugh and Press the engage Button*
⁃ “Nooo!!” – Alisa *Shot the Device*
⁃ Annatasia was panicked and she Ran off in panic till She stumble and Fall from the edge
⁃ “Ooh!” – Grey
⁃ “Releasing Subject VOCV abominations” – Voices Alert
⁃ (The Bomb under the Earth were set to wakes all the Claveroux all around the World and took Rampage on earth)
⁃ “No..But The Queen has already set Free” – Yeena
⁃ “Its not about that.. we need the Queen back! here!” – Satt
⁃ *Someplace*
⁃ The Queen Watch Lucylia in a weak condition
⁃ In some way The Queen Flashing back everything that human has done to her and her kind and How hated she is toward the Human
⁃ Lucylia Awake
⁃ “Urh.. Thank you..” – Lucylia *Smiling*
⁃ The Queen Lay Lucylia on the Ground and Turn Away
⁃ “Where are you going” – Lucylia
⁃ Despite of her hatred toward human also she doesn’t want to be connected to them
⁃ At the Same time the Unvoid has found them through the Tracking device
⁃ One of them Aiming the Hydra Electro Gun toward the Queen
⁃ (Hydra Electro gun is the Weapon that Made of Croux core and It can paralyze the Queen)
⁃ “Oh no..” – Lucylia *Saw them*
⁃ “Watch out!!” – Lucylia *Run*
⁃ The Queen Turn
⁃ Lucylia took the Electro shot
⁃ The Queen Stunted by Lucylia action
⁃ Lucylia Falls on the Queen Arm *Fairy form*
⁃ The Queen Eyes turn to Red from Yellow
⁃ “Again!!” – The Unvoid intend to shoot again
⁃ The Queen Swung Her Giant Wings to Wipe all of Them before they make another shot
⁃ Many More to Come
⁃ The Queen Burn them all With her Bright Deadly Eyes and Fly away
⁃ The Queen Bring Lucylia back to the Others
⁃ *Earthquake*
⁃ *Hidden City Grumble*
⁃ “The Claveroux has Rising” – Alisa *Stunt*
⁃ “Yeena! where is the Queen!” – Satt
⁃ “I dont know.. She took Lucylia Somewhere Safe!” – Yeena
⁃ “We need to get her back to ordered all of the Roux to Stop” – Sora *Awake*
⁃ “Sora” – Satt and Alisa Shocked
⁃ “Stop making me Worried!” – Alisa Hug Sora
⁃ “We need to find Lucy and The Queen…Faster…The City not going to hold back either” – Sora *Getting up*
⁃ “I guess we found them?” – Grey *Look at the Gigantic Wings*
⁃ The Queen and Lucylia Arrives
⁃ “Lucy!” – Everybody
⁃ The Queen change her Form again to The Fairy and Pass Lucylia to Sora
⁃ “What happen to her..” – Sora *Hold her Grey Hair*
⁃ “It happen after Lucy use an incredible power to break The Queen Chain” – Yeena
⁃ The Queen Heal and Recovered Lucylia back to Normal
⁃ “Ugh..*Open her eyes* Hiro..The Queen!?.. Is she safe!?” – Lucylia *Jumps awake*
⁃ “She is.. She safe you..*Look at the Queen* Thank you” – Sora *Hug Lucylia*
⁃ “Thank you..So much” – Lucylia *Relieves*
⁃ “You did twice saving My Life.. A Claveroux Life” – The Queen
⁃ “You can talk!?” – Everybody *Shock*
⁃ The Queen Nodded
⁃ “I just can feel…*Look at the Queen* the Differences between You and The Other Claveroux” – Lucylia
⁃ “There is 2 kind of Claveroux has been in this Planet for so long…this People down here try to Lure them up and The Lost Claveroux can do nothing except eager bring everything to a Destruction..” – The Queen
⁃ “The Lost Claveroux is the One We huntering?” – Grey
⁃ “Grey!” – Alisa
⁃ “I know you’re all the Clavehunters *Notice the Rune*.. Lost Claveroux is the Bunk of our kind.. They lost and wreck and Had been Abandoned from the Claveroux world” – The Queen
⁃ “The other kind?” – Yeena
⁃ “Its our kind.. The Rampager” – The Queen
⁃ “It even worse?” – Drake
⁃ “You friend here she save my life twice and make me look into human in the Different way..*Heals* but i will not hesitate to destroy your world if you human try to make the same Mistake again..” – The Queen Turn herself into the Real Claveroux Queen Form and Ordered all the Claveroux that rampaging the World To stop and Get back on their World
⁃ “Wow” – Grey
⁃ “Its so pretty” – Nora
⁃ The Claveroux takes the Queen order and Get back where they belong
⁃ *The City Grumble again*
⁃ “The Claveroux has return” – Nell
⁃ “Thank you.. Queen Of Claveroux” – Lucylia *stand and Watch over the Queen*
⁃ “Farewell Great Human” – The Queen *Disappear*
⁃ Lucylia turn Back and Hug Sora
⁃ “You’re Wreck” – Lucylia *Weaks giggles* look at Sora Tore Clothed
⁃ *Hidden City is Falling down*
⁃ “The City is Falling Apart..” – Drake
⁃ “You guys gotta go save Yourself! now!” – Sora *Step from Lucylia hug*
⁃ “What?” – Lucylia and Satt
⁃ “What about you!” – Alisa
⁃ “You’ve got the book and Gerald are dead..I going to Destroy everything Here.. The Black Steel Roux core are still a thread.. Everything here is a thread if get in the wrong hand again” – Sora
⁃ *the Tower Falls*
⁃ “What! No! Not without you” – Lucylia
⁃ “If you do..What about People Up there” – Yeena
⁃ “Its Wont effecting anything than a Just A Quake” – Nora
⁃ “No! You wont do it right.. its underwater you might get killed or drowned!” – Lucylia
⁃ “Lucy *Grab Lucy hand* I have to.. we got no much time left *Building Wrecking* i love you*Sora lip syncing*” – Sora *Covered them with his Avatar Sphere*
⁃ “Hiro! no!!” – Lucylia *Cried*
⁃ “Sora!!” – Alisa
⁃ Sora look at Satt
⁃ Satt Nodded
⁃ “Take them to Safely..” – Sora to Drake
⁃ “You better came back to us..” – Drake
⁃ Sora Smiled
⁃ “Noo.. Sora!” – Lucylia *Try to break the Avatar Sphere*
⁃ Sora place his Palm on the Sphere and Blast them all the way up including Albert and Karyusuci
⁃ “Huh.. You must been through the time like this a lot aye.. Dad.” – Sora *In his Position*
⁃ “No Regret.” – Sora *Close his Eye*
⁃ Sora Blown the City Away
⁃ “Soraaaaa!!!” – Lucylia *Cried*
⁃ “Lucy” – Yeena Hold Her
⁃ Sora Use her Avatar Ultimate Force to Save Everyone
⁃ “Aaarggghhhh” – Sora *Burning*
⁃ Sora Saw Aurora Smiling at Him
⁃ “Im Proud Of You” – Aurora
⁃ *Moment Everything Fall apart*
⁃ Lucylia and The Other watch the Ocean Glowing from Above
⁃ “No..” – Alisa
⁃ Lucylia *Cried*
⁃ “Nora!.. Ice Barrier” – Satt
⁃ “Yes..” – Nora
⁃ Nora and Satt Dive into the Ocean back to Save Sora
⁃ *Blank Space*
⁃ Aurora Lure her Hand
⁃ Sora smiling and lift His Hand
⁃ “Sorry to make you wait” – Sora
⁃ *Satt Appear*
⁃ “Im not going to Leave you!” – Satt *Grab Sora*
⁃ “Satt?” – Sora
⁃ “Please.. Come back to us!” – Satt
⁃ Sora look at Aurora
⁃ Aurora Nodded
⁃ “Im sorry Satt” – Sora
⁃ “Sora” – Satt
⁃ “Your time isnt come yet Dear..the world still need Chihiro Sora..” – Aurora *Hold Sora hand*
⁃ “But i.. i cant lives like this regarding what happen” – Sora
⁃ “Its not your fault.. and You know thats is not me..please.. you are stronger enough to face all of this My love” – Aurora
⁃ “I miss you..” – Sora
⁃ “I love you” – Aurora
⁃ Sora Awake
⁃ *Bursting out the Water*
⁃ Satt carried sora on his Arm
⁃ “Sora!” – Everybody
⁃ *On the Ocean*
⁃ Atlas Build The Ship out of his Wood
⁃ “I already inform the Base and they are on their way” – Drake
⁃ “Neither as GrandMary” – Nell
⁃ “Hiro..” – Lucylia Had unconscious Sora in her arm
⁃ “Thank you so much” – Alisa hug Satt and Nora
⁃ “Sora done More to Us” – Nora
⁃ “Will he be okay?..” – Satt
⁃ Alisa lost Her word
⁃ “Alisa..” – Satt
⁃ “He will be *Cried* He is strong” – Alisa
⁃ Drake came and Hug Her
⁃ “Will?.. What about the last resort?!” – Satt
⁃ “It only can be take once in a time Kiddo” – Drake
⁃ “It might effect the brain if you took it twice” – Grey
⁃ “Sora..” – Satt *Look at Lucylia and Sora*
⁃ “Sora will be fine..just keep him Warm..The Medical team are on their way” – Drake
⁃ “Thank God” – Alisa *Hug Drake*
⁃ “Let go of us!!” – Albert and Karyusuci Awake
⁃ “In your Dream Culprits” – Yeena
⁃ In a Moment Later
⁃ *On the Peace Ocean*
⁃ “We did it” – Satt holding the book with Nora watching the Sunset
⁃ Nell and Atlas resting
⁃ Yeena Watch over Albert and Karyusuci
⁃ Drake holding Alisa
⁃ Grey and Lucylia Take care of Sora
⁃ *Ventus and Chronos Carriers Arrive*
⁃ “They here” – Drake *Smile*
⁃ The Medic team Went down and Took them
⁃ “See you guys at the Base” – Satt
⁃ *Land of Fire Air Base*
⁃ Reiloria Carrier landed
⁃ “Reiloria?” – Atlas
⁃ They all went down
⁃ Suddenly a Shock Moment to all of them
⁃ Arikachi The Lord Eighth of Wind Took his Step Out
⁃ “Ohh my God!!!” – Yeena and Atlas
⁃ Nell mouth wide open
⁃ Satt froze and His eyes sparkling
⁃ “Hii.. You must Be Satt.. Greetings.. All of You *Bow* You all did a really Great Great Job..” – Arikachi *smile*
⁃ “Yea..i.. im Satt..A..Ar.. I..nice to ..Meet Meet you Mr” – Satt *Stunt meeting Arikachi Face to face*
⁃ Lady Of Fire Mitsuha Arrive at the Scene and The High Council Man
⁃ “Hehe Relax *Comforting* Alisa told me Everything that Happen.. You’re one heck of a brave Hero Satt” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Thank you” – Satt *Bowing*
⁃ Arikachi Tuck on Satt’s Head
⁃ Suddenly Arikachi had two Vision of Satt saving everyone with angel wings at his back and burns Everything Around Him with a Demonic Wing
⁃ Satt eyes wide open
⁃ “Lord Eighth” – Bruce *Jokingly*
⁃ “Hahaha Its Been awhile Bruce” – Arikachi *pretend like nothing happen and Shake Bruce hand*
⁃ “You’re Friends?” – Yeena
⁃ “We More than that” – Arikachi
⁃ “Haha dont think it another way” – Bruce
⁃ “Alright..See you in Bit” – Arikachi and Bruce Join Mitsuha *taking Albert and Karyusuci To custody*
⁃ Sora came down with the Bandages covered his Body
⁃ “Hey” – Sora
⁃ “Hey *Shock* Sora! .. you’re okay?” – Satt
⁃ “Feel like a Newborn *wink* Thanks to dad” – Sora
⁃ “Sure.. Sure .” – Satt *Uneasy*
⁃ “What wrong?” – Sora *Weird*
⁃ “Hahaha Satt have been Lord Eighth Big Fan from he was Little boy.. Im Ria.. On behalf of GrandMary I would like to thank you so so much for everything that happen” – Ria *Shake sora hand*
⁃ Ria staring into Sora eyes
⁃ “Ms Ria” – Yeena *Giggling*
⁃ “Eh my Apologise your eyes are so Blue” – Ria *Blush*
⁃ “Hehe We did it all together” – Sora *Smile*
⁃ “Hehehe wait He cant even talk when Lord Eighth Approach him earlier” – Nell *Giggles*
⁃ “Its my 1st time seeing satt like this haha” – Atlas
⁃ Satt covered his Face with his Both hand
⁃ “Hehehe” – Everybody Laugh
⁃ Arikachi and Mitsuha join them
⁃ “Hey Guys” – Arikachi
⁃ Ria and Satt Froze again
⁃ “Ms Ria too?” – Atlas *Hold his Laugh*
⁃ “Albert just confess everything…You guys really did save the World..The Unvoid Are gone.. Richcity will be Close.. The Hidden City and everything there Are Destroyed .. With all the Word i am Really proud of all you” – Arikachi
⁃ “Thank you so much Young Hero” – Mitsuha
⁃ They all smile look at Each other
⁃ “In some other word..*Nervous* Mission Accomplish Yeayy” – Ria *Blushing*
⁃ Satt still Freezing
⁃ “Satt is a big Fan of You Dad.. You have been his role model since kid.” – Sora Whispering To Arikachi
⁃ “Really?” – Arikachi *Shock*
⁃ “Hehehe Satt.. A minute?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Sorry?.. Sure.. Sure” – Satt
⁃ Arikachi walk Satt until the Edge of the Base
⁃ “Whats your dream Satt” – Arikachi
⁃ “My dream.. I never thought one..i just want to be a Worthy and Useful for the People Around Me..actually Lord Eighth..I have always admire and Want to follow your path Sir…i want to become the person like you are” – Satt *Nervous*
⁃ “Why did i say that” – satt *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Hehe.. look at there *Moon* well I want you to make your own path with your own Story Satt… You know Im just a normal guy who lives for the people i love.. Protect and Have fun with them.. Nothing more..but..i believe you are more than that..*Tuck on Satt Shoulder* When i touch you earlier.. I saw something amazing within you..dont let it go waste and promise me you Keep on right path Alright? be better” – Arikachi
⁃ “I will i promise” – Satt
⁃ “The World is So much bigger than we thought son.. Everytime that we think it the end..but actually its only a Beginning.. so No matter what going on in your life onward..dont give up and Lose Hope..keep archiving your Dream till you reach the Moon..” – Arikachi
⁃ “I will.. Thank you so Much.. Lord Eighth” – Satt *Blushing*
⁃ Here..” – Arikachi *Hand over the arikachi diamond rune Badge*
⁃ Satt shocked
⁃ “Just called me Arikachi” – Arikachi
⁃ “W..what?.. i cant do that” – Satt
⁃ “Hahaha.. Welcome to the Family Son” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ Satt eyes sparkling again and Smile
⁃ They all Get to know each other while Waiting the Fuels
⁃ *Cheering moment*
⁃ The Adults Talking
⁃ The Youngsters Laughing
⁃ Bruce Tell Arikachi everything About Satoyuki Iota
⁃ Nora Whispering to lucylia
⁃ “Love advise?” – lucylia *Shocked*
⁃ Nora Giggles
⁃ “Mm.. *Thinking* i dont think i have one.. Cuz.. love..everything appear..When he is Near beside you…” – Lucylia *Watch over Sora*
⁃ “Yea..But ..” – Nora *Look at Satt*
⁃ “But?” – Lucylia
⁃ “No.. nothing hehe” – Nora *Laugh*
⁃ *The Carrier Ready*
⁃ “I guess this is it..We retrieve the book..Gerald and The Unvoid are gone..Thank you so much for Everything Sora…it would be hard without you” – Satt
⁃ “Your welcome..but I dont think that is true..White Mage” – Sora *wink*
⁃ “Hahaha but still cant beat the One who save my life more than twice” – Satt *Giggling*
⁃ “You save mine as well brother.. Thank you ..Very much” – Sora *place his hand on Satt’s shoulder*
⁃ “Pleasure was all mine..” – satt *Smile*
⁃ *Last Farewell*
⁃ “Its been great to fight side by Side with all of you” – Yeena
⁃ “Im going to miss you” – Alisa
⁃ “We are” – Lucylia
⁃ “You are welcome anytime in GrandMary” – Satt
⁃ “So do all of you..Reiloria is always open” – Arikachi
⁃ “Thank you so much..Lets meet up some other time” – Satt
⁃ “Lets Tag along… Some other Time” – Sora *Wink*
⁃ “Yeah sure” – Satt
⁃ “Hehehe” – Sora
⁃ *Fist Bump*
⁃ They Get in their Carrier
⁃ “Bye bye” – Yeena and The Other Waving
⁃ “See ya” – Alisa *Everybody Waving*
⁃ Chronos Carrier Take off
⁃ “See you again.. Sora” – Satt
⁃ “See you again.. Satoyuki” – Sora
⁃ *The End*

⁃ They all Back to Their Base
⁃ *ClaveHunter Base*
⁃ “Guys!” – Clara *Run to them*
⁃ They all Reunite
⁃ “I Guess this could be the End of The Clavehunters” – Freya
⁃ “I wouldn’t say it end.. The Lost Claveroux is still out there though..means We still need the Clavehunters” – Arikachi
⁃ “But Not for long..” – Freya *Freya smiling looking at the Clavehunters welcome The Ventus and Sora*
⁃ “Yeah.. Not for Long” – Arikachi *Watch over them*
⁃ *GrandMary*
⁃ Chronos Receive the Honours Medal from The Land of Light and GrandMary
⁃ “I know you are always Something Satoyuki.. Im proud of you” – GrandMaster Zeith *Honouring Satt*
⁃ Everyone receives their Honour
⁃ Satt was Happy And Laughing with his Friend
⁃ Everyone celebrating and Happy
⁃ Bruce Watch over Satt and Remember what Arikachi Told him
⁃ “Bruce… Satt is Special and You need to keep an eye on Him.. dont let the Dark inside him Consume his Body.. That will not be easy to Stop Him”
⁃ “What do you mean Dark ? and i know.. to be a White mage.. Its all clear light hearted and Pure” – Bruce
⁃ “I know..also we all know..Theres a good and bad side in Human…when i touch him earlier.. i saw a vision of The Lost Feeling Awakes Something in him..and..when its awakened He just became ..unstoppable..” – Arikachi
⁃ Bruce Look at Satt Talking with Sora
⁃ *Present Time*
⁃ “I have a feeling like that too.. But..*Look at Satt* i believe.. He wont turn that way” – Bruce
⁃ *Satt laughing*
⁃ “He Wont..” – Bruce
⁃ *The End*

⁃ A Tall Brown Hair Suit and Tie Woman Get in the Elevator
⁃ *Press the Secret Button to Hidden City*
⁃ The Button wont light up and the lift not responding
⁃ The Woman Try to Tap on it again and Again
⁃ *Going out*
⁃ “Why the Hell its stuck” – Woman *open her Phone and try to call someone*
⁃ “Old Man” – Contact
⁃ While waiting..the Woman saw the News Of Albert Einstein will Receive a Death Sentence after All the Crime he Summit
⁃ The Woman Shut her Phone
⁃ “I guess You’re failed… Oh.not.. You are already Failed.. Rest in Hell..*The Scene Shows her name on her Name tag* Dad” – Carolina Einstein *Take off her Glasses*
⁃ Her left Eyes Turn To yellow and Right Turns to Red
⁃ *Walk out of The Building*
⁃ *The Building Explode*
⁃ “Let just find out.. Who is Killing You..cuz i got a thanks to give” – Carolina *smirk and Her Teeth turn To Fang*

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