Chapter 5

New Quest


⁃ *CH Center Base*
⁃ “Thank you so much Arikachi” – Freya
⁃ “You’re Welcome Freya.. Thanks Alisa For the Alert” – Arikachi
⁃ “Alisa?” – Clea
⁃ “Hehehe” – Alisa
⁃ Everybody Gathered Around Arikachi
⁃ Arikachi look at Sora
⁃ “Sora..Are you okay?” – Arikachi
⁃ “I dont know..I dont know why i feel so much Anger Dad” – Sora
⁃ Arikachi Comforting Sora
⁃ “Im here..Talk to me Alright..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Thanks Dad..I’ll wait the The Fountain” – Sora *Walk away*
⁃ “Uncle..” – Lucylia
⁃ “Its okay Lucy..he will be fine” – Arikachi *Tuck Lucylia Head*
⁃ *Fountain*
⁃ “Gerald is coming back.. i dont know i will be ready when ever he scared i cant protect everyone” – Sora
⁃ “You have to Believe in your self like im believe in you son” – Arikachi
⁃ “Im sure he will come with the idea dangerous than this Im scared to lose the people i love again.” – Sora *Cried*
⁃ “That is Haunting me Dad..” – Sora
⁃ “Dont put it all on you must have Faith in the People around you..bonding with each other its make you strong than you ever was… remember” – Arikachi *Tuck Sora Head*
⁃ “We fight for the People we love Sora..For Our Friend,..For who ever we can Reach..fight for peace and Create a better Future” – Arikachi
⁃ “Thank you Dad” – Sora
⁃ “Come on Son..*Punch Sora Shoulder* are you Crying? Haha” – Arikachi *Laugh*
⁃ “Hehehe im not” – Sora
⁃ “Haha then where That Water come from?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Your Element bursting Out” – Sora
⁃ Freya and the other Watch Arikachi and Sora
⁃ “I wish Lord Arikachi is My Father” – Clea
⁃ “Hehe cut it out Clea” – Freya
⁃ “Hehehe Come on.. *Lift Sora Standing* Just be yourself and Do well okay..” – Arikachi
⁃ “Are you leaving already” – Sora
⁃ “Yeah..i have to meet with the other Lord to discuss this Matter” – Arikachi
⁃ “Thank you for making in time Dad” – Sora
⁃ “Just remember..What ever you think Son..Dont keep it to your self okay..You have a wonderful friend Around you..See you later..Sora” – Arikachi
⁃ “I will Dad.. Send my Miss to Mum and Erina” – Sora
⁃ “Hehe yeah” – Arikachi Waving to Everybody and Leave with high Speed
⁃ Sora walk in the Base
⁃ “Hiro..” – Lucylia
⁃ Sora walk toward Lucylia
⁃ Lucylia run to Sora and tighten The Hug
⁃ “You are not Alone Sora..If he comes again we will be Ready” – Freya
⁃ “Im Sorry Ms Leen it’s because of me all this thing happen” – Sora
⁃ “Dont say that okay..lets forget about what happen today and focus to get promoted okay honey” – Freya
⁃ “Yeah so What did you say Ventus? Ready to take on a new Challenge?” – Isabelle
⁃ Jace stand Beside Isabelle
⁃ “Yes Sir” – Sora *Shake Jace Hand*
⁃ At the same time Matt Leonard Hino and Drake arrive back
⁃ “Woah!..What happen!?” – Hino look at the Mess
⁃ “Hehehe Lets talk about it later okay now lets clean this Mess” – Clea
⁃ “What!. He just got back” – Matt *Moans*
⁃ “Lets Do this Together as A Clave Hunter Family” – Carla
⁃ “Come on” – Isabelle *Lure Her hand*
⁃ *Land Of Wind*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ *Arikachi’s House*
⁃ Arikachi Staring out of Veranda Thinking about Gerald
⁃ Rinachi appear and bag hugged Arikachi
⁃ “Is there something bothering you my love” – Rinachi *Backhug*
⁃ “Rin.. *Hold Rinachi Hand* Gerald…*Arikachi Turn Facing Rinachi* why is he So desperate over the just worried of Sora ” – Arikachi
⁃ “Dear *cupping Arikachi Cheek* we both know Sora Is A very strong Men.. We have to Believe in him kay..Im very Sure That he can handle and Face everything.. Just like his Father *Brush Arikachi Hair* plus he is surrounding by A great friend Just like you said..When theres a time come that They have to take over..Lets just have faith in them Dear..” – Rinachi *Lay her head on Arikachi chest*
⁃ “You’re right… Thank you Dear” – Arikachi *Kiss Rinachi Head*
⁃ “Lets Sleep Okay” – Rinachi *Smile*
⁃ “Yeah” – Arikachi
⁃ *The Scene*
⁃ Sora and All of the Clave Hunter Work together to rebuild half of the Base
⁃ *Defender Management*
⁃ “How did gerald Pass the Barrier!?” – Freya *Question the Defences Force*
⁃ “We dont know Ms Leen” – The Guard
⁃ “Check it..” – Freya
⁃ “Someone has Deactivate the Barrier Ms!” – The Guard
⁃ (Explain why Arikachi can pass the Barrier)
⁃ “Who ever do it.. Find them..or All of you are fired!” – Freya
⁃ *Meeting Hall*
⁃ “Everyone Assemble..Its already past 3 Month and now you have your own will here.. You are no more under trainee progress” – Carla
⁃ “Yup..You all now are the Clave Hunter Special Ops” – Freya
⁃ “So Uncle Leonard is not going to train me?” – Hino
⁃ “Indeed..From this moment we will monitor your Mission Status..Your Training..And Your capability to hand The Claveroux and The S Rank Mission” – Freya
⁃ “Yup..Be good kid” – Leonard
⁃ “Its been Great Month with you Ventus..Good luck out there if you need help you always can call me” – Isabelle
⁃ “Thanks Calvary” – Sora
⁃ “Keep doing your best until you archive your dream alright..Valkyrie..” – Jace
⁃ “I will..Thank you for the past month training Leowolf” – Lucylia
⁃ Jace Smile
⁃ “ no more your Trainer..Lets hang out sometime okay?.. As a friend” – Clea
⁃ “Yeah sure..but You are already my friend though” – Alisa
⁃ “Hehehe” – Clea
⁃ Drake and Matt Hand Shake
⁃ “Congratulations Everyone” – Freya
⁃ The Candidates Disassemble
⁃ “Thank you so much Elite Clave shall get your Reward” – Freya
⁃ “Follow me” – Carla
⁃ After They all get their Reward Jace went to Freya request a Hiatus from being a clave hunter
⁃ “I just need sometime for my self to see the world as a man..not as a soldier” – Jace
⁃ “I completely Understand Jace…we are sorry to put so much burden to you all this while” – Freya
⁃ “ not a burden at all..I love this life..this job..But maybe it time for me to rest a while..” – Jace
⁃ “Hehehe Your Request has been Approve” – Freya
⁃ “Thank you so much Ms Leen..” – Jace
⁃ “Take care Jace Leowolf” – Freya
⁃ ”I will be back when the time come” – Jace *Inner Voice*
⁃ Jace send a letter to Lucylia and Isabelle before he departure
⁃ *Morning*
⁃ Lucylia open the door on her way to Meet with the Squad
⁃ *The Letter Fell off*
⁃ “Mm?.. A letter?” – Lucylia *Open It*
⁃ “ sorry i cant watch you during you next 3 Month i need a time to see the world in the way that i cant see it before..I wish you all the best and Always in a Good Health..Take card and Eat well okay See you soon when im back Little sister.. Love from Big Brother Leo” – Lucylia Read Jace Letter
⁃ Lucylia look at the Window
⁃ “Huh..*Release her Breath* Take Care.. Big Brother” – Lucylia
⁃ Few month After jace departed..Sora and His Team Are Taking the Lead as A Ventus alpha..and Now their hunt for the Claveroux Queen begin

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