Chapter 3

Jace and Lucylia


⁃ After the Training has started the Ventus have been given their own personal Room and barely sees each other because of their busy Schedule and by that Jace finally told Lucylia the truth and their relationship become more complicated
⁃ After 3 month in the Clave Hunter base Sora Is the top Rank of all Candidates Followed by Lucylia who 100 % Trained under Jace..Lucylia has become a lot stronger than before her style has change after a lot of Hard Training and competitive Mission..Jace give her a white Leather apparel to match up the Codename that Freya personal give her..The Valkyrie
⁃ Sora and Lucylia Barely spend time with Each other beside Communicate by their phone because of Lucylia hard Training and Being strictly Control by Jace
⁃ And One Day They had an off Sora and Alisa went to Lucylia Room to Invite her to Clea Birthday party
⁃ *On the Way*
⁃ Isabelle Met Alisa and Sora
⁃ “Hey guys..Where are you going?” – Isabelle
⁃ “Hi Ms Calvary” – Alisa
⁃ “Hehe we are going to invite Lucy” – Sora
⁃ “Invite?..Oh yeah.. Clea Birthday..may i join in?” – Isabelle
⁃ “Sure..Lets go” – Sora
⁃ At the Same time Sora feel very excited to meet Lucy after a week hold them Apart
⁃ *Lucylia Room*
⁃ *Door Knocked*
⁃ “Lucylia” – Jace
⁃ “Hello Jace.. Is it the time to train?” – Lucylia *Open the door*
⁃ “Lucylia I have something important to tell you” – Jace
⁃ “Tell me..? Okay” – Lucylia
⁃ “Can i come in..” – Jace
⁃ “Urmm..” – Lucylia
⁃ “Its gonna be short word” – Jace
⁃ “Okay” – Lucylia *Let Jace in*
⁃ “What is it?” – Lucylia
⁃ “Lu..Cylia..*Move closer* it me..Leo” – Jace
⁃ “Leo?..” – Lucylia
⁃ Jace open his sleeve and show lucylia the Scar that she gave him when he train her to fight in combat
⁃ “Big brother Leo!?” – Lucylia *Culture Shocked*
⁃ “Yes Kiddo” – Jace *Tearing*
⁃ “Its been a while..and I miss you so much” – Jace
⁃ “But why..How..” – Lucylia
⁃ *FlashBack*
⁃ *Lucy and Jace Childhood*
⁃ *Land of Light*
⁃ *Starling City Park*
⁃ 10 years old Lucylia 1st Time met 17 years old Jace Leowolf
⁃ Lucylia Luggage was been Robbed by a Thug
⁃ At the Same time Jace was Sitting on the bench
⁃ “Big Brother please please help me!..they took my Bag” – Lucylia
⁃ Jace was shocked seeing the Little Girl was Crying
⁃ Jace is not the helper type..He was a Snobbish and Unsocialised Boy..But when he 1st Lucylia his Heart Change
⁃ “Where!” – Jace
⁃ “There” – Lucylia *Pointed the Direction*
⁃ “You wait over here okay” – Jace *Run Chasing the Thug*
⁃ *Jace fought for the Bag*
⁃ Jace Against a group of Thug
⁃ He Succeed to take a bag and Bring back to Lucylia
⁃ “Wow… Thank you so much Big brother” – Lucylia *Smile*
⁃ Jace Smile when he saw Lucylia Smile
⁃ “What is this..?..” – Jace *feel weird with his Smile*
⁃ “Its not a big deal..*Tuck Lucylia Head* What is your name?” – Jace
⁃ “My name is.. (*Lucylia think about Layla Advise* “Sweet heart Dont just give your full name to strangers kay” – Layla) my name is Cylia..and i am 10 years old.. Hehehe *smile* what is Your name big brother?” – Lucylia
⁃ “Me?.. Im Leo.. Nice to meet you Cylia” – Jace *Smile*
⁃ From that moment.. Jace always company Lucylia Where ever she go after academy and School
⁃ Jace taught Lucylia to fight in combat and They became Close as a Brother and Sister
⁃ Jace has become a complete different person after lucylia teach him the good Way of life And then One day Jace father Died in a mission and he have to move back to west of Light
⁃ “Do you really have to go?” – Lucylia
⁃ “Im sorry Cylia” – Jace *Tuck Lucylia Head*
⁃ “When we get to meet Again?” – Lucylia
⁃ “I believe you will Be a Wonderful Woman when you grow up..I dont know..I day we will meet..And we never leave each other again..okay?” – Jace
⁃ “Okay” – Lucylia *Pinky Promise*
⁃ “See you again..Cylia” – Jace *move back to The Military base with his Older Sister Isabelle*
⁃ “Bye bye big brother Leo!” – Lucylia
⁃ After a several month Train and Talk to each other Jace went back to his Father Base and Trained to become the best Soldier so that he can replace his Father Post as the War Defence Leader which he made it after 7 years
⁃ *Present Time*
⁃ “Im here..Now.. Cylia..i really miss you” – Jace
⁃ “Leo..Wolf.. Jace” – Lucylia *Shocked*
⁃ “I tried to told you earlier..But im scared it will interrupt your Promotion progress” – Jace
⁃ Lucylia *stunt looking at Jace*
⁃ “I want you to be happy..And help you get promoted..So you can be a Clave Hunter and We will be Together just like our promise” – Jace *Hold Lucylia Hand*
⁃ “Are you really big brother Leo?” – Lucylia
⁃ “Yes..*Took lucylia hand To touch his Cheek* i sorry i didnt told you earlier..i was scared if you are mad at me..” – Jace
⁃ “Its been 11 years” – Lucylia
⁃ Jace went down on his knee
⁃ “I know..Cylia.. you have change to become a better Person and now you have really grown to a beautiful woman.. will you be stay here and be my clave hunter partner after you got promoted” – Jace *Hold Lucylia Hand*
⁃ Lucylia Still Confused
⁃ “Jace.. Leo..I dont know what i suppose to say” – Lucylia *Shocked*
⁃ Lucylia cant think of anything after she know That her best childhood friend Leo is in-front of her
⁃ Jace stand up..
⁃ “Just say yes..And We will never be apart again.. Just like before” – Jace try to Kiss Lucylia
⁃ “No..Jace .. I cant..” – Lucylia *Step back*
⁃ “Cylia..” – Jace *grab Lucylia closer and Stared in her eyes*
⁃ “I cant do this” – Lucylia memory of Jace triggered from the pass and Close her eyes
⁃ Before the kiss Suddenly Sora Alisa and Isabelle get in the room
⁃ “Hey Lucy..” – Sora *Open the door*
⁃ *Shocked*
⁃ “Hiro” – Lucylia *Push Jace away*
⁃ Isabelle Shocked
⁃ “Urmm..Im sorry” – Sora Turn and Walk away
⁃ “Lucy..” – Alisa *Shocked*
⁃ “Sora wait! So This your intention brother?” – Isabelle *walk away*
⁃ “I need to go” – Lucylia
⁃ “Im sorry Lucylia..i cant let you go” – Jace *use his power to Lock the Door*
⁃ “Jace dont do this” – Lucylia
⁃ “Cylia We are not done here” – Jace
⁃ “Jace” – Lucylia
⁃ Jace tightens his Power toward the Door
⁃ “Well then im sorry too” – Lucylia *Use a Sleeping Spell to Jace and chase Sora*
⁃ Lucylia Run searching for Sora
⁃ *CH base Rooftop*
⁃ Sora staring at the Cloud
⁃ *Flash back*
⁃ *Lucylia Close her eyes While Jace trying to kiss Her*
⁃ *Present*
⁃ “Damn it..What am i thinking..” – Sora *Moans*
⁃ “Sora..” – Isabelle
⁃ “Isabelle” – Sora
⁃ “Hehe how did you know im here” – Sora
⁃ “You are under my watch.. remember” – Isabelle
⁃ “Yeah..” – Sora
⁃ “Im sorry behalf of My brother” – Isabelle
⁃ “Why are you Apologise for?..You done nothing wrong…Jace either.” – Sora
⁃ “Sora..*Turn His body over* until when you gonna keep nice!? Dont try to act like you are okay..I know exactly how you feel!” – Isabelle
⁃ “Tell Clea Im sorry *Smile* Thanks Isabelle.. See you tomorrow” – Sora *Walk away*
⁃ “Sora..” – Isabelle
⁃ *Sora walk around the Island*
⁃ *Hall Room*
⁃ Lucylia still looking for Sora
⁃ Lucylia bumps into Alisa
⁃ “Alisa..” – Lucylia
⁃ “I need to find Sora..” – Alisa *Walk away*
⁃ “Alisa..Im sorry” – Lucylia *Grab Alisa Hand*
⁃ “Why are you Apologising to me?..” – Alisa
⁃ “I have to find Sora Imagine How Sora Feel right Now.. He barely See you all this while.. But when he got a chance..and he sees that.. I cant believe what i just saw..Im sorry lucy im worried about Sora..” – Alisa *Walk away*
⁃ “Alisa Wait..We didnt do anything..I really Love Sora!” – Lucylia
⁃ “Then why are you closing your eyes and Hold Jace Arm?” – Alisa
⁃ Lucylia Turn her head down
⁃ “I believe you are missing the Word “Yet” You cant love anyone if you are confused with your Own really Sorry Lucylia..I love you..And I love Sora..look at you..You have change..You are different from Lucylia that we all know *Cry* Please Dont stop me again” – Alisa *Run*
⁃ “Alisa..” – Lucylia *Crying*
⁃ *Night*
⁃ *Sora Room*
⁃ “Hiro….” – Lucylia *Knocked*
⁃ “ really sorry..i will come in” – Lucylia
⁃ Lucylia Open the Door Use her Magic
⁃ “Hiro..” – Lucylia
⁃ Sora is not in his Room
⁃ “Where are you..” – Lucylia fall on her knee
⁃ *Forest*
⁃ Sora laying down on the Grass beside a camp fire
⁃ *Next Day*
⁃ *Mission Operator*
⁃ Sora took the A Rank Claveroux Mission for His Statist
⁃ “A rank?!.. Are you Sure to do this Alone Sora?” – Carla
⁃ “Hehehe yeah..” – Sora
⁃ “Okay then..Be care full okay” – Carla
⁃ “Yes Maam” – Sora
⁃ *Sora Depart*
⁃ Hino Saw Lucylia Slept infront of Sora door
⁃ “Lucy..Wake up why are you sleeping here” – Hino
⁃ “Hino.. *Look at the Doorknob* im waiting for sora to be back” – Lucylia
⁃ “Huh?.. Where did Sora go..” – Hino
⁃ Jace and Carla Came
⁃ “Lucylia Vredehart..its time to Deploy” – Jace *Upset*
⁃ “Ms Carla..*Shocked* Yes Maam.. We’ll talk later okay Hino” – Lucylia
⁃ “Okay..Be careful” – Hino
⁃ “Ready in 10” – Jace *pretend like nothing happen infront of Carla*
⁃ Lucylia walk to Her Room
⁃ *Lucylia Room*
⁃ Lucylia staring at her reflection
⁃ “Why..*Hold Her Valkyrie Suit and Think of Alisa Word* (“you have change Lucy..You are far from the lucy we know” – Alisa) im really sorry everyone *Tears* Im sorry” – Lucylia Threw her Suit and Run to find Isabelle
⁃ *Elite Office*
⁃ Lucylia enter the office
⁃ “Lucylia?” – Isabelle
⁃ “Im really Sorry *Bowing* Please..please Tell me where Is Hiro?” – Lucylia
⁃ “Hmm..Lucy..Im sorry..I dont know” – Isabelle
⁃ “Ms Isabelle Please” – Lucylia
⁃ “Sora went on a mission this Early Morning” – Carla *Arrive*
⁃ “Mission!?..What Mission?” – Isabelle
⁃ “An A Rank Claveroux Mission” – Carla
⁃ “A!?” – Lucylia and Isabelle *Shocked*
⁃ “Why dont you tell me this Earlier” – Isabelle
⁃ “Where is it?” – Lucylia
⁃ “Lucy..You have to depart in 3 Minutes” – Carla
⁃ “Ms Carla Please.. I need to Talk to Hiro” – Lucylia
⁃ “Hmm” – Isabelle
⁃ “Fine..I bring you to him.. After the talk We leave for our Mission.. Agreed?” – Jace *Comes in*
⁃ “Jace..” – Isabelle
⁃ Lucylia turn her head down
⁃ “Cylia..Yes or no..” – Jace
⁃ “Yes…” – Lucylia
⁃ “Lets go..Carla..On this Mission I’ll report when im back..” – Jace
⁃ “Be care full.. Both of you” – Carla
⁃ *Lucylia and Jace Depart*
⁃ “Im Sorry for everything..Cylia” – Jace
⁃ “Stop apologise..” – Lucylia
⁃ “From the 1st moment i saw you back..My heart really pounded..I really miss you all this While” – Jace
⁃ “Jace.. Stop..” – Lucylia
⁃ Jace stop Driving
⁃ “Cylia…I love you..I know that you love me too..lets be together” – Jace
⁃ “Jace.. I do love you..but not more as Brother..I cant..I cant be what you want me to be” – Lucylia
⁃ “Because of Sora?..” – Jace
⁃ Lucylia turn her head
⁃ “Cylia answer me!” – Jace
⁃ “Jace..Please be professional and Drive” – Lucylia
⁃ Jace keep quiet
⁃ “Leo please!” – Lucylia
⁃ Jace Start to drive
⁃ *Sora Mission*
⁃ Sora Facing the Grade 5 Claveroux (Huge)
⁃ “Huh..Its Been A while..*Stretch* Lets Go..Skyrius!!” – Sora Awaken his Avatar
⁃ “Arrggghh!” – Sora *Approach*
⁃ Continue..


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