⁃ Alisa Rose
⁃ Drake Steel
⁃ Jane
⁃ Chihiro Sora
⁃ Erina Miyuu
⁃ Lucylia Vredehart
⁃ Mayliese Rose
⁃ Speerachi


This is the Story about Alisa and Drake begin their Relationship from Crushing on each other since the Academy Life


⁃ *Land Of Wind*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ Alisa and Drake on the Way back to their home
⁃ “Well..Seem Like Sora and Lucy already Made out” – Drake
⁃ “No Shocking right..” – Alisa
⁃ “Hmm..Why?” – Drake
⁃ “actually lucy has A Feeling for Sora Since they Met each other..But she afraid to confess anything because they are like Siblings and Sora only look at her as A Sister..” – Alisa
⁃ “Huh?! That Kid” – Drake
⁃ “Love Can beat everything” – Alisa
⁃ “Shino has Hino..Lucy has Sora..You are the one who about you already met someone special?” – Drake
⁃ “Nope” – Alisa
⁃ “Yes!” – Drake
⁃ “What wrong?” – Drake
⁃ “I got an open Road!” – Drake
⁃ “Huh?..what road?” – Alisa
⁃ “Road To your Heart” – Drake
⁃ “Huh!? *Slap* so this is how you flirt with the Other woman?” – Alisa Walk away
⁃ “Alisa” – Drake *Hold His Cheek*
⁃ β€œPervert man” – Alisa
⁃ *Alisa Home*
⁃ “Im back..” – Alisa
⁃ “Alisa?..Come and join us” – May
⁃ *Dinner*
⁃ “Something Wrong Alisa?” – Speerachi
⁃ “Yeah you are thinking of something” – May
⁃ “Its Nothing..” – Alisa
⁃ “Come on..We are your parent can tell us everything” – Speerachi
⁃ “Its Okay Honey..Maybe Alisa Need can talk to us Later okay Sweetheart” – May
⁃ “Why are Man is Annoying?” – Alisa
⁃ Speerachi Suddenly cough
⁃ “Sora?” – Speerachi
⁃ “No..” – Alisa
⁃ “Who is It Sweetheart?” – May
⁃ “Im sorry..forget Going to My room..Love you both” – Alisa *Went to her Room*
⁃ “Hmm?” – Speerachi and May look at Each other
⁃ *Alisa Room*
⁃ “Im not stupid to Fall on your trick like the Other woman” – Alisa *Lay on the Bed*
⁃ “Such a Player” – Alisa *Cover herself in Blanket*
⁃ *Door Knock*
⁃ “Alisa?” – May
⁃ “Mum..” – Alisa
⁃ “Is Drake said something to you?” – May
⁃ “Hmm?..How did you know?” – Alisa
⁃ “Im your mother Sweetheart” – May
⁃ “ Such a playboy” – Alisa
⁃ “But you are concern With him Right” – May
⁃ “No..” – Alisa
⁃ “Yea?” – May
⁃ “Maybe..” – Alisa
⁃ “Alisa..When The Girl Falling in love to someone..Even They Hurt Us..Our Feeling is Not easily can change Toward Them” – May
⁃ “What do you mean Mum?” – Alisa
⁃ “Your father and i..We are both met at the Age of 7..We played and Training together in a Whole 1 Year..We became really close and Dream to become the Best Pair in Reiloria when we grown up..But an accident Happen..your father Leave Reiloria for 13 Years..” – May
⁃ “13years?” – Alisa
⁃ “After He Left..I was So broken and Hurt..I feel like I lost Everything..I quit from the Academy and Stop Fighting..even i am losing your father I cant really Stop Missing and Loving him..until one day..Arikachi open his Heart and Bring Him back to Reiloria then We are Married ..My point is..If you Love Something or Someone that makes you happy..Just Fight for it..never loose Hope” – May
⁃ “Thank you Mum” – Alisa
⁃ “But..” – May
⁃ “Huh?” – Alisa
⁃ “We have to be Firm..Dont ever let them Toying with us..” – May
⁃ “Hehehe” – Alisa *Smile*
⁃ “Yay you smile” – May *inner Voice*
⁃ “Okay im going to Check on Your father okay..remember..Dont loose your hope to the thing that makes you happy Sweetheart..I love you..Goodnight” – May *Kiss Alisa Forehead*
⁃ “I love you too Mum..GoodNight” – Alisa *Hug*
⁃ *Next Day*
⁃ *Reiloria Base*
⁃ Alisa Check on the S Rank Screen
⁃ “Alisa” – Drake
⁃ “Get away from Me” – Alisa
⁃ “Why are you being so mean?” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Refuse to talk and Took the Mission
⁃ “Im gonna Take this one” – Alisa To Jane
⁃ “Okay *Updating* This One is Quest by DeriKoshi Finding a Gold Wyvern Claw at the Wyvern Mount..Reward 30,000 Unit..Taken by Alisa Rose..Done” – Jane *Update the List*
⁃ “Thank you so much Jane” – Alisa
⁃ “Always Be Safe okay” – Jane
⁃ “Got it” – Alisa *Depart*
⁃ *Counter*
⁃ “Jane!..” – Drake *Whisper*
⁃ “Oh my! Drake! you scared me” – Jane *Frighten*
⁃ “Im sorry..Where did Alisa go?” – Drake
⁃ “What wrong with you have to whisper?” – Jane
⁃ “Jane Where?” – Drake
⁃ “Why?” – Jane
⁃ “Alisa is not her self today im scared she is not form to do S Rank Mission” – Drake
⁃ “And Why is That?..did you do something to her?” – Jane
⁃ “Come on jane..i got no time to play CSI with you” – Drake
⁃ “Alisa Go and Find the Golden Claw Wyvern in the Wyvern Mount” – Jane
⁃ “What!? Gold Claw Wyvern!? Thats Is Rarely Seen Type of Wyvern and The Mount is not small..She cant do this Alone..What happen if the Group of Wyvern attack her?” – Drake
⁃ “Im sure Alisa can Face all Sora Said She is Super Strong But If you are so worried about a Man go and Accompanied her” – Jane
⁃ Drake Leave Straight to Alisa
⁃ “Your Welcome Drake” – Jane
⁃ *Wyvern Mount*
⁃ Alisa Arrive
⁃ “ will be mess if I fly around” – Alisa
⁃ Alisa Landed her AeroTransport
⁃ “Golden Wyvern Claw..What am i thinking to do this Alone” – Alisa
⁃ Drake Transport Arrive
⁃ “Oh my..” – Alisa
⁃ “What wrong with you!” – Alisa
⁃ “I came here to check on you..and apologize..” – Drake
⁃ “Why do you mean have to check on me?..And go Apologize to the Other woman that you have play” – Alisa
⁃ “Because i care about you!..finding Wyvern Golden Claw is Gonna Be Dangerous Alone” – Drake
⁃ “He do?” – Alisa *Inner Voice*
⁃ “Thank you for that..I can do this on my own” – Alisa *Walk away*
⁃ “Alisa Wait..” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Stop
⁃ “I know..You only think that I am a Player..And You have right for that..But i’ve already done with that..i’ve Change now and i am Serious now..Alisa..I like you..” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Smiling
⁃ “Alisa..Please say something” – Drake
⁃ “Apologize to Everywoman that you played before and i think about it” – Alisa
⁃ “I will..i promise” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Walk away
⁃ “What?..Now?” – Drake *Confuse*
⁃ Alisa Smirking
⁃ “Alisa Wait.. I cant let you go alone..” – Drake *Chasing*
⁃ *Scene*
⁃ Drake and Alisa Searching for the Golden Claw Wyvern
⁃ Alisa still playing her Role
⁃ Hiking the Mountain
⁃ Drake Catch Alisa Who nearly Fall from the Cliff
⁃ “Thank you” – Alisa
⁃ Drake Smiling
⁃ After a several Hour and they finally found the Golden Claw Wyvern
⁃ “We found it” – Drake
⁃ “Mm?..yeah..” – Alisa
⁃ “We only got one chance if we miss ..It will fly away” – Alisa
⁃ “And we going to looking for it again hehehe” – Drake
⁃ “Not funny..” – Alisa
⁃ “Lets Go” – Alisa *Silently Approaching*
⁃ Suddenly Drake Slip and Make a Sound
⁃ The Wyvern Trying to Flee
⁃ “Drake!” – Alisa *Upset*
⁃ Alisa Chasing the Wyvern with her Plant Element
⁃ “Shit! *inner Voice* im sorry Alisa!” – Drake use all his power to Chase the Golden Claw Wyvern
⁃ Drake punch the Ground to Keep Flying
⁃ “I cant screw up again!..i’ll get you Birdie!” – Drake
⁃ “Drake!” – Alisa *Watching Drake from the Ground*
⁃ “Got you! Steel Art : Iron panther Palm!” – Drake
⁃ The Wyvern deflect it and Drake Fall to the Ground
⁃ “Drake!” – Alisa *Run*
⁃ Drake laying on the Grass
⁃ “Hey..Are you okay?” – Alisa
⁃ “It got away..Im sorry Alisa” – Drake
⁃ “Shut Up..” – Alisa *Aid Drake Ankles*
⁃ Drake look at Alisa Focus on Aiding Him
⁃ “You do concern about me do you?” – Drake
⁃ “One more word i will leave you alone” – Alisa
⁃ “Alisa” – Drake Grab Alisa
⁃ Alisa Shock and Blushing
⁃ “Stop lying to Your self..believe me..Its Not the best thing to do” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Push Drake away
⁃ “Lets go Home..” – Alisa
⁃ “Huh? What about the Wyvern?” – Drake
⁃ “I will send you back and Come again with Anyone” – Alisa
⁃ “ you really hate me?” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Keep Quiet
⁃ “Okay then..” – Drake try to Stand
⁃ Alisa Help him and They Walk back to AeroTransport
⁃ *on The Way*
⁃ Drake just keep Silent
⁃ Alisa Stop walking and Look at Drake
⁃ “Lets Go” – Drake try to Walk on his own
⁃ “I like you since the Day i entered the Academy..But You are always Surrounding by the Girl..Until Now..Its kinda Hurt me..” – Alisa
⁃ Drake Stop
⁃ “Im sorry to hurt you..but things Happen..i finally open my not going to be the same man i ever was again..” – Drake
⁃ “I may hurt The Other Woman..But i will never try to hurt or harm you Alisa” – Drake *turn Around*
⁃ “You know why..because you are One of my Special Friend..You are the only girl that i look up to in our entire Class..the girl that keep rejecting me not like the other..By that..i find you very special to Me Alisa..till now” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Lost her Word
⁃ “I dont deserve any 2nd Chance from a Woman..Lets go Alisa..Before it get dark” – Drake *Turn around And Walk back*
⁃ Alisa Run and Stop Drake
⁃ “Mm?” – Drake
⁃ “Get on my back” – Alisa
⁃ “Huh!? Hell no” – Drake *Embarrassed*
⁃ “Get up” – Alisa *turn Around*
⁃ “Nope i rather walk and Piggy back on a Woman” – Drake
⁃ Drake refuse and keep talking until Alisa Shut him up by a Kiss
⁃ Drake *Blushing*
⁃ “Im not going to Give you a piggy are heavy..just get on my back” – Alisa *turn around*
⁃ “Alisa..” – Drake *Grab Alisa hand and Kiss Her From back*
⁃ The Flower and leaf around them are blooming
⁃ Alisa turn around and Hug Drake
⁃ “Hold tight” – Alisa
⁃ Alisa bind her Wind and Plant to Make a tornado Leaf and Fly them off
⁃ “Its not a Piggy ride after all” – Drake
⁃ “Someone has to touch me to be inside this Leaf Tornado..If not..” – Alisa
⁃ “They will be thrown away” – Drake
⁃ “Thank you Alisa” – Drake
⁃ They Arrive where they park the Aerotransport
⁃ “You cant Drive with that” – Alisa
⁃ “I can use it on Autopilot” – Drake
⁃ “I told you im gonna send you..” – Alisa *Get in Drake Aeropot and Start the Engine*
⁃ “Thank you again Alisa” – Drake
⁃ “Just apologize to the Girls when you get back” – Alisa
⁃ “Okay..then can i bring you to a Dinner when you get back?” – Drake hold Alisa Hand
⁃ Alisa look at Drake
⁃ “You are serious..” – Alisa
⁃ “I told you several time..i am serious when whatever it Involves you Alisa” – Drake
⁃ “Because im your special friend?” – Alisa
⁃ “Because I love you” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Shocking Stopped in the Mid Air
⁃ “Ouch!” – Drake *bump to the Front seat*
⁃ “Im Sorry” – Alisa *move to back on hold Drake Head*
⁃ “Why did you say that?” – Alisa
⁃ “I dont play around with you because i dont want to hurt you really feel comfortable everytime you around me..Everytime i get to talk to you..” – Drake
⁃ “Im sure Im in love to you Alisa ever since We talk to each other” – Drake *Hold Alisa Cheek*
⁃ “But why you played the other Woman?” – Alisa
⁃ “I dont intend to hurt their feeling..but They Just Keep Asking me out..Its Hurt me to Say no to anyone when i dont have any Girl partner” – Drake
⁃ “If I became Your Partner..Will be the same?” – Alisa
⁃ “No..Im promise that i’ll change..even You are not my partner I will protect you with my life Alisa” – Drake
⁃ “How can you be so sure?..” – Alisa
⁃ “Because you are the only one i want” – Drake
⁃ Alisa *Blushing*
⁃ “Alisa..will be your Become my Partner in Quest and Love?” – Drake
⁃ Alisa Move her lip near Drake
⁃ “I will answer after i get back” – Alisa
⁃ Alisa Get Infront and Drive Back
⁃ *Alisa Smiling*
⁃ *The End*


⁃ *Land of Wind*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ Alisa complete the Quest with Erina and Lucylia Help
⁃ Alisa Arrive Back in Base
⁃ “Hehe Thank you so Much Erina..Lucy..” – Alisa
⁃ “We are happy to help” – Erina And Lucy
⁃ “Welcome back Guys” – Sora
⁃ “Hehehe” – Lucylia
⁃ “Sora did you see drake anywhere?” – Alisa
⁃ “Oh he’s In the Hall” – Sora
⁃ “Owh..Thank you Baby” – Alisa *Rubbing Sora Head*
⁃ “Baby” – Lucylia and Erina *Giggles*
⁃ *Base Hall*
⁃ “My answer is Yes” – Alisa *Backhugged Drake*
⁃ “Alisa..*Frighten* Really?” – Drake *Shocked*
⁃ “Yeah” – Alisa *Kiss*
⁃ “I swear..Im gonna Be there everytime you need me..and Always Make you happy” – Drake
⁃ “Dont make any promise okay..Cause if once it break..It will hurt just like a stab in a body..We will face the Present and Live for the Future..Together” – Alisa
⁃ “Together..” – Drake

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