⁃ Arikachi Sora
⁃ Rinachi Sakura
⁃ Rakachi (Seventh Lord of Wind)
⁃ Golemachi
⁃ Deanachi (Rinachi Aunt)


On Arikachi Birthday He has been given the time off from a Mission and His Educations
Rinachi set something for her Husband Birthday and She decide to bring Arikachi Out from the Elemental Land. De Joyland the Town that has Zero Percentage of Elemental User that lived inside the Land of Earth


*Land of Fire*
*Hanabi Village*
⁃ “Thank you so Much Arikachi” – Villagers
⁃ “Im happy i was assign for this Mission.. Take care Everyone” – Arikachi *Waving*
⁃ *Depart*
⁃ *Land of Wind*
⁃ *Reiloria*
⁃ “Welcome Back Big Brother Arikachi – Golemachi
⁃ “Thank you Go you dont have to wait for me.. Its Midnight” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ Golemachi Smiling
⁃ *Reiloria Center Base*
⁃ “Thanks Arikachi you have done A lot for The EarthLand You should have a break for a while .. Go on Vacation” – Lord Rakachi
⁃ “Vacation?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Yea you have been working Hard and Study lately Go out and have fun Arikachi” – Lord Rakachi
⁃ “Thanks Lord seventh” – Arikachi *Smile and walk out*
⁃ “Hey .. Happy Birthday” – Lord Rakachi
⁃ “Eh?” – Arikachi has Forgotten his Birthday
⁃ “Thank you Big brother Rakachi” – Arikachi
⁃ “He even forgot his own Birthday” – Lord Rakachi *Smile*
⁃ *Home*
⁃ “Welcome Back!” – Rinachi Run and hug Arikachi
⁃ “Happy 20th Birthday Dear” – Rinachi
⁃ “Thank you Rin..its time dont wait for me Alright..” – Arikachi Smile
⁃ “i cant do that.. I want to wait for you as long as i can *Hug*..hehe I made something for You .. lets try it” – Rinachi *Giggles*
⁃ “Mm? are you cooking?” – Arikachi *Shock*
⁃ Rinachi Laugh
⁃ After The Feast Arikachi fell a sleep on a couch
⁃ *After Rinachi Make a Call*
⁃ “I love you” – Rinachi looking at Arikachi Sweetly and Sleep Beside him
⁃ *Morning*
⁃ Rinachi Awake on the bed
⁃ “Morning” – Arikachi *Smile* set a Breakfast for Rinachi
⁃ “Morning” – Rinachi *Smile* and Pull Arikachi to the Bed
⁃ *Laughing*
⁃ “Dear ..” – Rinachi *Lean on Arikachi chess*
⁃ “Mm?” – Arikachi
⁃ “Lord Seventh said that you need to take a break so since my aunt are in Joyland..Why dont we go there..Joyland is the place with No Power at all..maybe it can Relieve you up” – Rinachi
⁃ “Sounds cool..” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Yay .. The Taxi Will be Here at 10” – Rinachi
⁃ *On their Way*
⁃ “Rin..what aunt Deanachi Doing at the Joyland” – Arikachi
⁃ “Mm..She is working as the manager of the Hotel if i recall..She said that She will wait for us there” – Rinachi lean her head on Arikachi Shoulder
⁃ *Arrive JoyLand*
⁃ They Check In at The Joylander Hotel
⁃ *Front Desk*
⁃ “Dear i need to go to the restroom” – Rinachi
⁃ “Okay, I will wait here” – Arikachi
⁃ “Wanna come?” – Rinachi *Wink*
⁃ Arikachi Laughing
⁃ *Rest Room*
⁃ “Im Sorry Aunt Deana, we stuck in the Traffic There a lot of Car” – Rianchi *Smile*
⁃ Rinachi secretly Arrange a Birthday suprised for Arikachi
⁃ “Hehe its okay Rin..Thank you for coming here i miss you little fluffy..uh about the decoration It might take Sometime maybe its will be done at 8 pm” – Deanachi
⁃ “Thank you so much Aunt *Hug* .. its okay i know how to make Arikachi Busy” – Rinachi *wink*
⁃ *Lobby*
⁃ Rinachi jump and gave Arikachi a Surprised back hug
⁃ “Miss me? Hehehe” – Rinachi *Laugh*
⁃ Arikachi smile and Pinch Rinachi Nose
⁃ “Long time no See Arikachi” – Deanachi
⁃ “Aunt Deana” – Arikachi *Bowing*
⁃ “Hehe dont need to be so formal Arikachi.. im really happy that you both stay here..Come on, lets bring your Stuff to the room” – Deanachi
⁃ “Mm” – Rinachi *Smile*
⁃ *Room*
⁃ “There are Amusement Park here .. its the Biggest Park in the Entire Land .. both if of you should have fun try it” – Deanachi
⁃ “Yeah we will.. Thank you so much Aunt Deana” – Rinachi and Arikachi Smile*
⁃ “Have a good Day both of you” – Deanachi
⁃ After everything were Settled they went out
⁃ *JoyPark*
⁃ The Joylanders Cant recognize them by the Way their Look
⁃ Rinachi tied the side of her hair, wearing a Black Skirt and White Croptop with The black Choker
⁃ Arikachi wearing a V neck Plain white Shirt and Black Pants as Usual
⁃ Hard to recognize because They Look like a couple High School Student
⁃ “Everybody here look so pure i cant sense anything” – Arikachi *Looking around*
⁃ “And Happy” – Rinachi *Smiling*
⁃ *Both of them Start to Having Fun*
⁃ *played all the Rides*
⁃ *Walking*
⁃ “Urmm lets try..” – Rinachi
⁃ “Hunted Adventure!” – Arikachi *pull Rinachi and Run*
⁃ *Enter The Haunted Castle*
⁃ “Dear..” – Rinachi *Hid Behind Arikachi
⁃ Arikachi Giggling
⁃ “We had a lot different adventured before and its more scarier than this honey i didnt know that you are afraid of Ghost” – Arikachi
⁃ “Hehe Im not afraid of ghost *Laugh* im just playing around” – Rinachi *Wink while walk passing Arikachi*
⁃ “Arrrggg!!!” – The Ghost
⁃ “Ahh!! I dont like to be Frighten!” – Rinachi *Frightening and Scream* she Jump on Arikachi
⁃ Both of Them cant stop Laughing Until The Haunted Adventure Ended
⁃ *They keep Walk to Look for Another
⁃ Game*
⁃ “Im just playing around” – Arikachi teasing by imitates Rinachi
⁃ Rinachi Burst out Laughing once again and Hug Arikachi
⁃ Rinachi saw the Ferris Wheel which remind her that when they were Young.. May told Her that Arikachi Didnt like the Ferris Wheel.. He rather be Chasing by Monster or sleep with the beast than have to be upthere
⁃ “Dear Lets Try The Wheel” – Rinachi *took Arikachi Hand*
⁃ “Huh?” – Arikachi *Look at the Wheel*
⁃ “Are you scared?” – Rinachi Teasing Arikachi
⁃ “Of course im not” – Arikachi
⁃ “Lets go then” – Rinachi *Giggles*
⁃ “Okay” – Arikachi
⁃ *Ferris Wheel*
⁃ They sitting across each other
⁃ Once its Moving
⁃ Arikachi Froze
⁃ “Are you okay?” – Rinachi
⁃ “Yea” – Arikachi *Smile* Look at the View
⁃ The Wheel stop when they on the highest point
⁃ “Why are they Stopping?” – Arikachi *Uneasy*
⁃ “hehehe” – Rinachi *Giggles*
⁃ She walk and sat on Top of Arikachi lapped and hug him
⁃ “Thank you Dear” – Rinachi Smile while look into Arikachi eyes
⁃ “Thank you?” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “first Time i ever saw you like this.. even when we facing a dangerous Enemy *Giggles* …When we are little ..i ask May What makes you afraid .. May told me that you didnt Scare of Anything .. but only one thing you dont want to try in your life and its the Ferris Wheel..she said You really dont like it..That you rather Sleep with the Beast than to be up here … but now you are willing to ride it for me.. Thank you so much Darling – Rinachi *Smiling*
⁃ “Hehe this a payback?” – Arikachi *Smile* his Hand around her Waist
⁃ “Maybe” – Rinachi wrap her hand around Arikachi neck *Laughing*
⁃ “Now we are Even then” – Arikachi *Winking*
⁃ “Yeah one and one ..I love you” – Rinachi *Pull and Kiss Him*
⁃ “I love you to” – Arikachi *mouth lock by Rinachi*
⁃ “Just Kiss me Until the wheel is over Okay.. So that you wont froze Again” – Rinachi *Giggles*
⁃ Arikachi Tickling Rinachi
⁃ *Happy*
⁃ *Done with The Wheel*
⁃ *They Went to grab some food and walk to The Mini Games*
⁃ They saw something and look at each other
⁃ “Bullseye!” – Both of Them say it at the Same time
⁃ “This Bring back memories of the first day we met” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Mm” – Rinachi *Smile and nodded*
⁃ Arikachi Lift up the gun
⁃ While Rinachi Saw the Flashback of Little Arikachi lift the Wooden Stick
⁃ *7 Bullseye!*
⁃ “Congratulation Kid Here is your Prize” – The Man
⁃ Emerald Queen Bracelet
⁃ “Thank you Mister” – Arikachi
⁃ *By the Fountain*
⁃ *Arikachi Applied it on Rinachi Wrist*
⁃ β€œEmerald Princess Wears The Emerald Queen Bracelet” – Arikachi
⁃ “I can sense they were real Queen Emerald *Shock* Thank you so Much Dear *Happy* ” – Rinachi *Hug*
⁃ β€œHehehe” – Arikachi
⁃ Someone Gave Arikachi a Pamphlet
⁃ “Please come to the Show Ladies and Gentlemen today its gonna be Historical day” – The Promoter
⁃ Rinachi look at Arikachi
⁃ “Maybe we should go” – Arikachi
⁃ They went to the Varekai Show to Watch The Performance
⁃ *The Show Begin*
⁃ *Full of Audience*
⁃ “Wow they are so Great” – Rinachi *Amaze*
⁃ “Yea” – Arikachi
⁃ “It is time!…Today! The Crudesia set to make a history with the highest Trapeze human ever made” – MC
⁃ *The Audience Amaze*
⁃ “Wow” – Arikachi
⁃ “Wait wait something not Right” – MC
⁃ “Oh no oh no its unstable , oh no oh no!” – MC
⁃ “Call the SafeGuard!” – Director
⁃ *Falling*
⁃ “Oh no its too late” – MC
⁃ *Lightning Flash*
⁃ “Are you okay?” – Arikachi grabs Her
⁃ “My ankle” – The Performer
⁃ “Its gonna Be okay” – Arikachi
⁃ “Let me help you.. You did A great show up there” – Rinachi Healing the Performer
⁃ “Thank you so Much .. Who are you?” – The Performer
⁃ “Look! Its Arikachi and Rinachi!” – The Audience
⁃ The Girl shock while Starring at them
⁃ “Loook!! Its Arikachi And His Beautiful Wife Rinachi!” – MC
⁃ *The whole Audience Were Cheering for
⁃ them*
⁃ “Thank you” – Arikachi and Rinachi *Smile and Bow*
⁃ *After The Show Ended*
⁃ While On their way back to the hotel The Joylander congratulate And give Them a lot of gift
⁃ “Thank you so much Dear i really had so much Fun today” – Rinachi Holding Arikachi’s Hand
⁃ “It was your idea to come here i should be thanking you Rin” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ *Arrive The Hotel*
⁃ *Open the door*
⁃ Arikachi Surprisedly Stunt
⁃ The Room are fully Decorated..Theres a Cake on the Table, Candle Leads the way, Rose Petal,Romantic Tune
⁃ “Hehehe Surprised!” – Rinachi *Giggles*
⁃ Arikachi Shock
⁃ “Its your first birthday we celebrate Together As Husband and Wife.. i want it to be Special ..” – Rinachi lean her head on Arikachi Shoulder
⁃ “Thank you so Much Honey” – Arikachi hug kiss her On her forehead
⁃ *Celebrating*
⁃ They were having a Lovely Time
⁃ *The Moment*
⁃ (They were happy and Smile while looking each other)
⁃ Lighting up the Candles
⁃ “Rinachi moves and Sit on Arikachi’s Lap
⁃ “Im so Grateful For Everything That i Had in My with the Woman that i loved..the one that i grew up with.. The one never lost faith in me *Look into Rinachi Eyes*..Thank you so much to make me Lives for Wonderful 20 years” – Arikachi *Close his eye and Blow the Cake*
⁃ “Happy Birthday Dear” – Rinachi *Sobbed while Hugging Her Husband*
⁃ “I love you” – Arikachi
⁃ Rinachi break into more tears and tighten her Hug
⁃ “I love you too” – Rinachi crack Voice *Crying*
⁃ β€œHehehe dont cry Rin..” – Arikachi *hug and Tucking Rinachi head*
⁃ Rinachi Cried even more
⁃ β€œI..i .. really love you” – Rinachi *Sobbed*
⁃ β€œMe too..” – Arikachi *Kiss and wipe her tear*
⁃ They fed a cake to each other and start to talk about their Memorial past
⁃ *Cleaning Their-self after Celebrating*
⁃ *Laying on the Bed*
⁃ *The Music Playing*
⁃ Arikachi took the Rose petal
⁃ “Rose…Remember when we are little..the first job we try to Help May delivered the order and we messed up we delivered a Wrong Rose bouquet to Mister Tenkichi ..He was so mad one because We late and two we brought a wrong Bouquet” – Arikachi *Laugh*
⁃ “I remember that you gave me a white Rose Crystal for My 10th Birthday.. until now it still Beautiful ..where did you get it? I know The shop doesn’t has a White Rose” – Rinachi *Hug*
⁃ “Its A Thanks gift from the Flower Fairy” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Flower Fairy?” – Rinachi turn to Arikachi
⁃ β€œYea” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ *Laughing*
⁃ “Dear” – Rinachi *touch Arikachi Cheek*
⁃ “Mm?” – Arikachi look at Rinachi
⁃ “Im so Lucky that i met you at the Moon Festival .. i was such a Crybaby but You always be there and do anything for make me feel Better .. countless of thing you have done for me since the day we made me comfortable and be Myself..You always protect me everytime we are in the Battle ..i wish i can stand beside you and do the same but everyday you growth strong and Stronger” – Rinachi
⁃ “I will do Everything to make you feel the same as i am” *Move on top of Arikachi*
⁃ β€œEverything” – Rinachi *Whispering*
⁃ “Rin..” – Arikachi
⁃ “I love you so Much Arikachi” – Rinachi *Kiss*
⁃ (The Joyland Scenario Zoom out move to the Moon)
⁃ *Moon*
⁃ “I love you to.” – Arikachi
⁃ -The End-


In the Ferris Wheel Pot

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