– Arikachi Sora
– Rinachi Sakura
– Katefuta
– Tekato
– Shuryu 
– Arch Knightwalker
– Melissa Wallace
– Chihiro Sora
– Erina Miyuu
– Drake Steel
– Hinoryu Grey
– Lucylia Vredehart 
– Zerth 
– Rikuapheonix 


– Future Arikachi
– Future Rinachi
– Future Melissa 
– Rikadachi


– Alphapheox Heirs return from other dimensions with goals, kill the one who defeated his grandfather and carries on his grandfather wishes by taking all the humanity bow to him when the humanity refuse he decide to became more dangerous vengeance by killing every living creature, he got the ultimate weapon call the seed that only zero mode can unleash it when he knows that Alphapheox defeated by Zero infinite Wielder he’s desperately need to find him searching every information about the guy by crashing world to world with his special power that can build a teleporting machine


– *Earth Z*
– War 
– Zerth and Riku the King of destruction 
– “I’m going to destroy multi universe and Rule the Center Earth” – Riku
– After the fight Riku realised 
– “this is not the center earth” – Riku *Disappear* 
– Riku did a research bout making A breach to travel to earth 1  
– *Present Earth*
– The peaceful town in Reiloria
– Arikachi and Rinachi spend more time together
– BGLX opened up a Academy for the young generation 
– Melissa and Arch incharge of the Academy 
– Arikachi Rinachi shu Arch and Melissa on a mission to help a desired villager at dessert 
– After accomplishing the mission they accidentally met Katefuta and Tekato who on their way to Visit Arikachi in Reiloria 
– While on their way back
– *Dessert*
– *Time Space Ship Appear*
– “Dad.. i need you help” – Sora
– And the new Generation of BGLX
– “Sora?” – Rinachi 
– Someone Approach 
– “Arikachi” – Black cloaked mysterious man
– “Who are you?” – Shu
– “I am Zerth where i come from i was like you in this earth believe u are all in danger” – Zerth
– “Earth? what do you mean?” – Sora
– Rikuapheonix the King of Destruction Explain
– *World Z battle scene*
– “When he is gone he made a breach for travel to another earth (Thats how i came here).. my team and i found Riku’s hideout and all the information about what is he up to and now maybe he is here in your earth Arikachi .. your earth is a center of all the earth that exists if he succeeded to made a Destruction seed on this earth ..its can destroy all the multi universe and leave only this earth” – Zerth
– ” Zerth is right..Riku really was on this earth in the Future ” – Sora
– “Dad the reason i came back here because that man Riku destroyed everything in the Future he is too strong we lost” – Sora
– *Future Earth Crisis Scene*
– Source to plant the Destruction seed 
– “Future aunt Melissa said the Source is not a thing or a sphere its a Element Spiritual name Ichigo (the Zero Force ) that flows in your body dad and she make this ship to travel back to told you and stop Riku because he sure might find you” – Sora
– *2hours before At the Future*
– Riku Find out that the Source is Arikachi Zero Energy .. in the future Arikachi is just like a legends (Future Timeline Arikachi death because he save everyone from a multi giant meteor fall when arikachi Jr at the age of 2)  
– Riku killing Civilians and gathering information all about Arikachi and BGLX until he saw a Ship launches .. he went there (Melissa place) and ask where do she sent it melissa refusing to answer everything and He killed her.. Riku saw the timeship data and the Time and Location where Arikachi Jr Went and Arikachi Jr profile
– “so she’s here” – Riku *Smile*
– Riku force the civilian to building the timeship and Find the Girl name Erina … and kill who Declines his Order
– *Back to The Present timeline*
– *Camp*
– Arikachi told the Team about his continuously bad dream
– Arikachi made up his mind to Go to the future and stop Riku before Riku Reach Here
– Katefuta and Tekato tag along
– The Spacetime Ship need to recharge for 3hours (While Riku already a hour finish the new spacetime ship)
– Sand monster attack
– Zerth unleashing his Zen Mode
– *Night dessert*
– Arikachi and Rinachi had a Conversation 
– Sora hold and look at Erina photograph
– “I hope you are Save” – Sora
– Zerth join Arikachi and Rinachi 
– Rinachi asked about Zerth incredible power
– Zerth told them about Zen Monster
– Arikachi and Rinachi being praised by Zerth 
– *Hour before to the future* 
– Riku arrive the current timeline 
– While Arikachi and the rest get in the spacetime ship.. they receive a surprised attack by Riku dark bomb explosions 
– The ship explode everybody been thrown away 
– “He is the man” – Arikachi *Shock*
– Riku attack everyone including Arikachi and Zerth in A second
– *holding Arikachi* “This is the man that u believe can protect the whole universe?” – Riku to Zerth
– “U look special” – Riku *Looking at Rinachi*
– *Took Rinachi*
– “If you dont want your friend died find me!” – Riku Threads
– Arikachi *Scream* “Noo!”
– *Dawn*
– “Im sorry guys i have to go .. without you .. its too dangerous” – Arikachi
– “We’ll never leave you Arikachi Rinachi is our Friend too..” – Melissa
– “How we will find him Dad?” – Arikachi Jr
– *Dream*
– “I kept dreaming about Hikayami Warfield..if this is all connected..He must be there” – Arikachi
– “Its the same Place we fought Alphapheox” – Tekato
– “How far from here?” – Arikachi Jr
– Arch – “4 hours from here”
– Katefuta – “Arikachi we need a plan”
– Tekato – “yeah Im sure he is not alone and that place its war field isnt it”
– Arikachi – “Yea you are right..”
– * Hikayami Warfield*
– “We will Rule the World!” – Riku to his Death Shadow Army
– *The Plan*
– BGLX To the field
– New BGLX rescuing Rinachi 
– *While they on their way*
– *Hikayami Temple*
– Rinachi being lock in the cage with a mysterious girl been locked by Riku Energy
– “Who are this girl?” – Rinachi Ask Riku
– “You will find out” – Rinachi
– “Why are you doing all this!?” – Rinachi
– Riku tells everything bout his bad ambition 
– “With the death of Arikachi i can fulfill everything i and my father Want..nobody cant stop me!!” – Riku *Yelled* 
– “U are dreaming” – Rinachi
– *Rinachi tried to release the Seal on the Girl*
– “You are Dreaming!! Nobody can barely touch me! Huh nice try it never can be opened as long as im alive” – Riku
– *Riku Lying about the seal once he is bleeding the Seal is broken*
– *The time has come*
– “I can sense rinachi inside the temple.. she’s with a girl” – Shu
– “a girl!?” – Arikachi Jr *Shock*
– “Okay.. Lets save them” – Grey
– “I will Guide them” – Melissa
– “Be Safe” – Shu
– “guys we can do this” – Arikachi 
– “let End this” – Zerth
– BGLX Approach as Distractions 
– New BGLX made it to the Temple
– Arikachi call out for Riku 
– “U came to your death” – Riku
– “Attack them!” – Riku
– *War*
– Tekato New Abilities 
– Arch Armored
– Katefuta Black skull
– Shu Bakuryuugan Release
– “We holding Them back go take on their Leader!” – Katefuta *While fighting the Army*
– “Not Surprise .. its longer than I expect it” – Riku
– “We will Stop you” – Arikachi
– “Im a lot strong than old man ever Was” – Riku
– Riku Attacked
– Arikachi Super Zero Mode
– Zerth Zen Mode
– *Fight*
– *Volcano Exploded*
– *New BGLX enter the Temple*
– “There!” – Lucylia
– “ERINA!!” – Arikachi Jr
– Mad Arikachi Jr take down all the Guard Surrounds the Cage
– They success to Save Rinachi and Erina
– “Mom .. are you okay?” – Sora
– “Erina!? Why she s unconscious?” – Sora
– “She is under Riku Seal.. Who is she..?” – Rinachi
– “She is my..” – Arikachi Jr
– *The Enemy Attack*
– Drake Steel 
– Grey Dragonate
– Lucylia Aries
– Rinachi settle everything before everybody make a move
– “Are kidding me ?” – Drake
– “in one punches” – Drake
– *Rinachi told them about the Riku Sealed*
– “We have to defeat Him” – Sora
– New BGLX tag into the Field along with Rinachi
– Lucylia Bring Erina to Somewhere Safe
– *During the Battle*
– Riku transform into winged form with a long Death Sword Hirakuma
– Riku becomes 2x faster and Stronger
– *With the Blink of an eye*
– Riku Stab Zerth With his Hirakuma
– Arikachi took Zerth Away from Riku with his Super Zero Mode
– “The world depend on You Arikachi” – Zerth last Word
– Arikachi *Scream*
– *Light globes surrounded Arikachi!*
– Arikachi unlock Zen Mark and Transform Into Zen Mode
– Arikachi burst out the anger and approached Riku
– *Epic Fight*
– Riku left wing been cut by Arikachi 
– Riku Bleeding
– Arikachi Zen mode 5x faster than Riku winged form
– *Erina unlocked* 
– “i need to help them !” – Erina *Run*
– “Erina !!” – Lucylia
– *Back to the battle*
– Riku Armys has lost
– All BGLX stand together
– “Die!!” – Riku *Angry*
– Riku transformed into his ultimate Form
– Incredible strength and moves 
– Riku use the Gravity Hold to push everybody Down
– Everybody can’t make a single Move 
– *walk toward Arikachi slowly while everybody is watching*
– “This is the Last!” – Riku
– *the long sword get to swing at Arikachi Neck*
– Rinachi use Her Crystal Sage and Run toward Arikachi
– (Crystal Sage boost Rinachi 10X Strength)
– Riku grabs on rinachi neck and stabbed her
– “Mom!!!!” – Sora
– “Nooo!!” Arikachi *Crying*
– Riku swing the Hirakuma right to Arikachi
– Arikachi Defend it with his left hand
– *Blood* 
– “You’ll regret this”- Arikachi 
– Arikachi Burst out and punch Riku away, the gravity break 
– He Had Rinachi in his Arm
– “I love you” – Rinachi *hand on his Cheek* 
– Melissa and Lucylia try to hold Rinachi by healing her 
– “Mom!!” – Erina
– “Erina?” – Arikachi Jr
– Arikachi Face up Riku with Anger
– “You have to pay for what you have done!” – Arikachi *Rune Lightening up*
– “Dad..” – Erina and Arikachi Jr *Amaze*
– “What Is this!?” – Katefuta and Tekato
– The Elements Symbol float around Arikachi 
– “Guys Lets End this” – Arikachi
– “Unforgivable” – Erina *stand beside Arikachi Jr*
– Everbody Stand beside Arikachi 
– “Monster” – Erina Turn to Crystal Sage
– *Everybody Unleashed Their Full Power*
– Arikachi Super Zero Beast Mode
– Sora ExE Mode
– Crystal Sage Erina
– Ruby Dragon Tekato
– Vortex Cloak Katefuta
– Bakuryuu Shu
– Arch White Knight
– Drake The Metal 
– Grey Shadow Monster
– *Last Epic battle*
– Spiritual Bomb vs Death Bomb
– Riku Has been defeated 
– Restrained power and Weak 
– Arikachi run to Rinachi 
– “Mom! Dad!” – Erina
– “Rinachi” – Arikachi *Weak*
– “Mom..We did it” – Sora
– Rinachi Hold Sora and Erina Face and Fainted
– *Riku Slowly Standing Up*
– “Watch out!” – Melissa *point at Riku*
– Arikachi Stared at Riku
– *Arikachi Use his zero Speed* 
– *Infront Of Riku*
– “back to where you belong” – Arikachi
– “Hell!” – Arikachi make a hole at Riku Chest With a Single Punch
– Death of Rikuapheonix
– The Glowing lights Appeared behind Arikachi
– “Dad!” – Sora
– “What is that?” – Erina *Healing Rinachi*
– “Arikachi” – Voices
– “Who are You?” – Arikachi
– “I am Rikadachi” – Rikadachi father of the all Elements
– “Thank you all of you for saving the world from my Brother Alphapheoxes especially you arikachi ” – Rikadachi 
– Alphapheox Heirs Explains 
– “Thank you Again” – Rikadachi *Look at Everyone*
– “Arikachi..” – Rikadachi *Tuck Arikachi Head*
– Arikachi Receive The Eternal Elemental Sage Rune Mark
– “With that you may now have all the Eternal Elemental” – Rikadachi
– “We counting on You Arikachi all of you.. Its for Her Good Luck Arikachi …. Recover..” – Rikadachi *Faded*
– “Thank you..” – Arikachi *Look at the sky*
– Everybody fully healed 
– Rinachi is Still unconscious and Stop breathing
– Everybody Tearing
– “Mom..” – Sora
– “Please..” – Arikachi Cry while hugging Rinachi tightly
– Arikachi and Rinachi Elemental Rune Mark Glowing
– “Too tight honey” – Rinachi
– “Rin” – Arikachi *Cupping Her Head*
– Arikachi jr And Erina *Shock*
– Rinachi awake and kiss Arikachi
– “Oooh” – Katefuta *Smile*
– Erina and Sora hug Arikachi And Rinachi
– “We had a daughter too” – Rinachi Smile and hug Erina
– Everybody’s Smiling 
– *Back in Reiloria*
– Found Riku spacetime ship after 3days
– 3days of young Family time
– Sora Told arikachi and rinachi about his timeline 
– “Erina was born a years after dad saves us all from the meteor..mum died after giving birth Erina because of the smoke Tragedy in the Hospital ..then aunt melissa took care of us ” – Sora
– Melissa *Smile*
– Erina And Arikachi had a long hug because she never met her father 
– “This is the best day ever.. i dont want to let it go” Erina *Smile*
– They ready to get back to future 
– Last family hug and goodbyes
– *Future*
– Everythings changes 
– “The City…Its.. Recovered” – Sora *Shock*
– “We change the Future” – Drake *Shock*
– “Hey kids..hows the Travel going?” – Melissa
– “Aunt Melissa?” – Sora
– They All Hug Melissa
– “Whats Wrong Kiddo?” – Melissa *Weird*
– “Wait..” – Sora
– “Erina” – Sora look at his Sister
– Erina *Shock*
– They Both running back Home
– Once their open the door ..
– Future Arikachi siting on the sofa and Rinachi are cooking 
– “Welcome home” – Arikachi *Smile*
– “Mom.. Dad..” – Erina *Shock*
– “Mom! Dad!” – Erina run and Hug their Parents
– a day after that Sora and Erina secretly went back to Current timeline they hug him tied and told him they gonna make the extinctions of the spacetime machine
– “Goodbye Younger Dad and Mom” – Erina
– “We loves you so much” – Sora
– “Thanks dad thanks mum.. The future is Safe” – Sora
– They quickly leaves and give Arikachi and Rinachi a gift
– Arikachi and Rinachi open the gift 
– There is a letter and family photo (Arikachi Rinachi Sora And Erina)
– The Future has change Arikachi and Rinachi are alive and watch their kids grown
– Letter from Future Arikachi 
– “Thank you ,me Arikachi jr told me about the timeline before what happen to me (future you) i died mean im not strong enough back then and Rinachi ..thanks because of you now everything changes im here with Rinachi to watch my kids our kid thank you thank you so much from our family u will had the greatest happiness that you never felt when you reach my time now ..” -Future Arikachi
– Arikachi and Rinachi Smile and look at each other 
– “Hehe im still look the same” – Rinachi *Giggling* while looking at the Photo
– *Arikachi Stomach Grumbled*
– “Lets Grab something to eat” – Arikachi 
– “No.” – Rinachi
– “Eh.. Why?” – Arikachi
– “Because i will cook for you” – Rinachi Hold Arikachi hand *Giggles*
– *The End*


– after met with their past Dad they make an explosion to the ship and the lab 
– Arriving home.. Arikachi hug their both kids
– “I love you” – Arikachi *kiss them on their forehead*
– “We love you to dad” – Erina and Sora
– Erina saw the photographs that she sign secretly on the bottom of the picture she gave to Arikachi and Rinachi Younger self 


-Arikachi and Rinachi Alive in the Future
– Future 1st timeline : arikachi died in order to save the whole city from the meteor while rinachi died after given birth of Erina..while she is Sleeping she has been affected by poison smoke from the enemy that rob some drug in the hospital, while Sora went to see His Sister inside the Baby Protection Room with Melissa
– Explanation : Arikachi Death in the future because Arikachi was not strong enough to save everybody from the meteor 
– Explanation : Rinachi awake when She smell the Smoke she went to find both of her kids in her Weak condition (after giving Birth).. in the way she breathe in too much smoke and Fainted
-The current Future time line 
– Explanation : Arikachi gain the Power thats make him is the strongest of all..and he survive to hold and protect the city from the meteor
– Explanation : Rinachi was company by Arikachi in the labor room and Arikachi manage to stop the thief with his fast ability 
– Both of them Were alive to watch their kids grown


Arikachi and Rinachi at night dessert

Rinachi told him that she was scared to lose him

Arikachi cried while hugging Rinachi


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