– Arikachi Sora
– Rinachi Sakura
– Shuryu 
– Luke 
– Bolt 
– Girajeel
– Shadow
– Rakachi (Seventh Lord of Wind)
– Frost 
– Snow

– Raikachi (Arikachi Father)
– Yurachi (Arikachi Mother)
– Speerachi
– Mayliese Rose
– Melissa Wallace
– Log
– Natalie
– Firachi 
– Tekato 
– Katefuta


Winter Rogue is the Story of Arikachi and Rinachi relationship after the Alphapheox War has ended and the world finally find Peace until there is another Thread coming up , Alphapheox Right man Shiki, Entrusted Man and Adopted Son Frost 


– New Town of Reiloria
– After the war Arikachi gain a lot popularity in the Entire Land 
– Rinachi become a Successful pin up Model for Reiloria
– The Team Separated for they own Job
– Shu permanently move and trained in Reiloria 
– Melissa went back to Land of Water to visit her Kingdom
– Kogenta back in the Forest to Protect it and teach the HalfHuman to Fight
– Arch is on courses to be a Great Knight
– *Night in Town*
– Arikachi And Rinachi take a lot Job and Mission together
– *While they walking Back home*
– Rinachi starring at arikachi
– Remind her the 1st time she met Arikachi, when they was 6 years at the Moon Festival she was crying lost sights of her parent.. 
– *Flashback*
– *Crying*
– “Are you okay?” – Arikachi 
– “I cant find mom and dad” – Rinachi 
– “Urm i will help you find your parent okay don’t cry” – Arikachi *Wipe the tear on Rinachi*
– “Im Scared” – Rinachi 
– “Dont be scared.. im here with you lets find your mom and dad” – Arikachi 
– “Thank you” *smile* – Rinachi
– *while they were walking looking for Rinachi Parent*
– Rinachi look at the games 
– “Do you wanna play?” – Arikachi
– “Urmmm” – Rinachi
– “Come on” – Arikachi
– They were having so much Fun 
– “Can we try that?” – Rinachi *pointing at Bullseye*
– “Its so difficult” – Rinachi *Moans* 
– “Here you try it” – Rinachi *Hands over the Wooden Stick To Arikachi*
– *BullsEye*
– “Wow you are so good” – Rinachi *Amazed*
– “Here your prize kid the Rare Crystal Moon Ball” – The Man
– “Its so beautiful” – Rinachi
– “Here .. for you” – Arikachi *Smile*
– “For Me?” – Rinachi
– “Yea” – Arikachi *Smile*
– “There you are sweetheart” – Rinachi Mom
– “Mom!” – Rinachi
– “Who is this?” – Rinachi mom
– She cant answer it because she doesn’t even know His name 
– She told her Parent what Arikachi did for her .. Help her looking for her Parents and Company her 
– “Oh thank you so much son, for taking care of Rinachi .. So where is ur parent?” – Rinachi Mom
– “Urmm..I .. i lost my Mom and Dad last year” – Arikachi
– Rinachi Shock
– “Oh im sorry whats ur name son” – Rinachi mom *Sympathise* 
– “Arikachi” – Arikachi 
– “Thank you so much Arikachi” – Rinachi Mom 
– “Are you Here alone? Do you want to eat with us Arikachi?” – Rinachi mom
– “Thank you But i have to go.. I have to go get something for May” – Arikachi 
– “Owh okay.. thank you again Arikachi” – Rinachi mom
– Arikachi Smiled and Walk away
– Rinachi suddenly chasing him and ask if it possible that they can meet again
– “Yea see ya Around.. Rinachi” – Arikachi *Smile*
– Rinachi give Arikachi a quick hug and Thank him  
– That moment after..Rinachi decide she want to be close to Arikachi  
– *Present Time*
– Rinachi kiss Arikachi cheek and smile 
– Arikachi *Blushing*
– “I love..” – Rinachi
– *They get a call from Lord Rakachi*
– *Arikachi and Rinachi Assamble at Lord Office *
– Rakachi explain that there was an attack at Sand and Ash Village *Pointing at the map* “We got an information that this Man is capable to Restrain Element into his body.. the Ash Element leader is taken down by him ..we believe that he is going to find all Master and Leader to Absorb the Elemental power” 
– “So.. this is a top mission i need you to..” Rakachi been cut off by Arikachi
– “Yes Sir” – Arikachi & Rinachi
– Arikachi and Shu gathered a Combat team 
– *News on the television*
– *Attack inside Land of Water *
– “We have to stop the them before anybody else Get hurt..” – Arikachi
– *They Set off to Land of Water*
– *Night*
– “We will camp here for tonight” – Shu
– “Have some Rest guys We moved at Dawn” – Arikachi
– *Off Guard*
– They’ve been Attack!
– *Suprise attack*
– *Someone Running set the poison katana behind Rinachi*
– *Blood*
– Arikachi being stabbed by protecting it from Rinachi
– “Are you okay?” – Arikachi *Smiling*
– “Arikachi..” – Rinachi
– *They took down the Attacker*
– *Arikachi Is Badly Bleeding*
– Rinachi healed Arikachi but Arikachi still unconscious because of the Poison 
– They get some help from Villager of the Snow Village 
– *Healing at The Villager house*
– Arikachi dream
– *The World crashing apart*
– Rinachi cried beside Arikachi 
– *Arikachi Awake*
– “Rin…” – Arikachi
– Rinachi Cry again and Hug him
– Log and her Wonderful daughter Natalie
– “Is Frost Army cause all this?” – Log
– “We dont Actually know who attack us” – Bolt
– “Wait.. Do you heard about Frost mister?” – Bolt
– “Here what i know about Frost” – Log
– The Winter Rogue Frost 
– “Frost..son of Queen Veanice and King Karner .. the Ether Royalty place in West of Waterland ..After the Royalty corrupt Frost and her Sister Snow was being dump by their Parents when frost was just 3 years .. they Adopted and Trained by Shiki (Alphapheox Right hand man) after the 1st Battle with Tekato.. Shiki got totally Damage .. before the War.. Shiki gave all his Ability to Frost (thats explain why Frost had absorbing ability) After he know that Shiki died and Alphapheox was Defeated , He went Rogue .. He kill everybody…including my Wife” – Log
– “Im sorry about your Wife Mr.” – Arikachi
– “How do you know all this mister?” – Luke
– “I was a The Royalty Buttler.. The King Entrusted me to Look after their kid” – Log
– “Im sorry again Mister” – Luke
– “What he going to do with the absorbing Elements?” – Arikachi Asked
– “I dont know..” – Log
– The Old man Log advising Arikachi for not fight until he fully recovered 
– “Thank you so much Uncle.. Natalie” – Arikachi Bowing
– Arikachi and the Team departed from Log house to find Frost
– *There an Attack again*
– They’re late.. but the Villager said that he heard they were after Shonzu Master of Steam Village
– “Kouken Valley is the nearest way from here to Steam Village” – Shu
– “Lets go” – Arikachi
– *Kouken valley*
– -Kouken Valley is the War field for Land of Water prepared for battles-
– *Shu sense Something*
– “Wait.. Nobody moves” – Shu
– Puppet Army Counter!
– *Successful Defends* 
– “There’s a lot them” – Luke
– *Frost & the Puppet Army* 
– “I can sense the Lot of element here” – Snow
– “Order to Attack and bring them in Alive” – Frost
– “Attack!” – Snow
– “LOCK ON – Puppet Army
– “Here they come” – Bolt
– *the Fight Begin*
– “Thats a strong hell Puppet!” – Girajeel
– “We cant use any Element fighting this Guys” – Rinachi
– “Arikachi! Rinachi! the Leader is in the middle the huge puppet Guarding them” – Shu
– Arikachi and Rinachi made it all the way in
– “Frost!” – Arikachi 
– “Im Surprised..whoever you Are …i smell so much Energy.. look like you are the one who im not going to wasted” – Frost 
– “don’t you dare!” – Rinachi 
– “You will face me Woman!” – Snow
– Rinachi Vs Snow
– Arikachi Vs Frost
– Arikachi Unlock new beast Mode!! 
– -Super Beast Mode-
– Frost Transform into Bulk mode
– *Epic Battle*
– *Frost Bleeding*
– Absorbing soul from every puppet army
– Frost Turning into Powerful Giant Monster
– Arikachi lost his beast mode Energy 
– Frost Lost Control and become Insane
– Arikachi Team Gathered 
– “Oh no..” – Snow *Shock* she stop Battling Rinachi and ran toward Her brother
– “Brother ! Calm down” – Snow
– Frost throw snow aways with a Single Slap
– Arikachi Catch her with his Zero force 
– “Once frost turn into that.. it will Become a nuclear that hold a power can Destroy the Whole Continent ..only death can save him.. please help him..Arikachi” – Snow *touching arikachi Cheek*
– The Team has been beaten by Frost
– Rogue Frost Become more bigger and destroy everything around him
– Arikachi Hand over Snow to Rinachi 
– *Walk toward Frost*
– *Close his eye* 
– *Flashback* 
– “This is the S Limit of Zero Force dangerous for you now Arikachi it contains A lot of Force have to Complete lot of Training if not you might be Dead if you Using it Offlimit” – Ichigo *talk while in Ultimate Zero Mode*
– *Open his Eye*
– Arikachi using a new Zero Mode
– -Super Zero mode-
– 50X more Faster than Normal Zero Mode
– Its nearly stop Frost
– Frost burst With Range and end up with huge 5 Element Pulse bomb
– “Its too Huge..” – Luke
– “Destruction bomb.. Its too late” – Snow to Rinachi
– “Arikachi” – Shu
– By the time Arikachi is reaching his limit and Weak
– “Damn it.. I have no other choice” – Arikachi *exhausted* 
– “Im Sorry” – Arikachi look at His team Member 
– “Secret Art. Zero Eternite” – Arikachi 
– “Nooo!” – Rinachi *Tears*
– “Aaaaarrggghhh” – Arikachi 
– Arikachi Float and use his zero force to make a Wind spiral around his body and and Ran to Frost like a Huge Speed Blast 
– Arikachi hold the Element Bomb by make the Zero Gravity Shield
– Arikachi apply a Speed Attack on Frost, until He became invincible 
– “Arrgghhggh” – Arikachi *Screaming*
– *Last Act*
– *Zero Trinity*
– Big Explosions inside the Zero Gravity Shields
– While the explosion Arikachi had a vision of his parents
– Raikachi and Yurachi
– Both of them throwing away
– The Battle had Ended
– Dead of Frost shattered like A Broken Glass 
– “Arikachi!!” – Rinachi run toward Arikachi
– Arikachi standing Up and look at his hand faded 
– Arikachi look at Rinachi saying something and Smile while he is Vanished Slowly 
– “” – Rinachi *Cried*
– “What just happen?” – Luke
– “He Saved us all” – Bolt
– “I cant sense Arikachi .. im sorry” – Shu told Rinachi
– Rinachi *Cried*
– *Reiloria*
– They complete to stop the Rouge salvation
– Snow Receive her atonement by the Land of Water
– Melissa reunited With all the BGLX Member
– May Comforting Rinachi
– Firachi Katefuta and Tekato Attend
– Everybody Crying at Arikachi Honours Stone
– Lord Rakachi call out BGLX member and May.. That he has hold Arikachi Funeral because believe that Arikachi is Still Alive and He still can sense Arikachi Zero force 
– After Knowing that Arikachi is still Alive Rinachi and Everyone work hard to find every detail about Zero Force
– *4 Month Later*
– *Winter*
– Rinachi doesn’t want to Celebrate her Birthday she went to visit Natalie and Log 
– On the way back She Stop at the Kouken Valley 
– Sit and looking at the Star
– “Its been 4 Month now .. no matter where you are..I will never Stop Looking for you.. Please.. Come back to me” *Cried*
– While heading back 
– Rinachi Hearing a Step
– She turn around 
– The mysterious man with the White cloak
– “Happy Birthday”  
– “You are..” – Rinachi *Shock*
– The rebirth of Arikachi *Arikachi become Completely Human*
– Rinachi run to Arikachi and Hug him Tight
– “I really really miss you” – Rinachi 
– “I miss you too” – Arikachi 
– *Hug*
– *Laying on the Snow*
– Rinachi *Look at Arikachi weirdly*
– “What?” – Arikachi *Blushing*
– “I miss you so much.. where have you been?” – Rinachi 
– Arikachi hold Rinachi Hand
– “I miss you too ..” – Arikachi*Smile*
– Arikachi Look at the Star and Explain
– “Its been a while since I met my Parents .. hehe they seen what i have been doing this all time..They Saw you..Tritachi..Everybody..” – Arikachi
– Rinachi smile and lay closer to Arikachi
– “Then one day Mom said that Theres a chance for me to Return.” – Arikachi *Smile*
– “Mm..? how?” – Rinachi *move Her Hand on Arikachi body*
– “Byakorachi and i have to Split” – Arikachi
– “Split?..” – Rinachi *Move her head to Arikachi Chess*
– “Yea.. we Have to fight” – Arikachi
– “And..” – Rinachi *Sweet Voice*
– “While we were Fought each other..” – Arikachi *His Arm around Rinachi*
– “Everything become white.. All i can remember is .. Byakorachi Is laughing, when i wake up My Parent told me that.. Byakorachi sacrifice itself to turn into a Source of Energy and he give it all to me” – Arikachi 
– *Arikachi open his left hand bandage* 
– Arikachi Receive a Byakko Mark on his Palms
– While Showing his left Back Hand
– Rinachi Grab Arikachi hand and ride on top of him 
– *Look him in the eye*
– “Please dont leave me again” – Rinachi 
– “Rin..” – Arikachi *Slide her Hair behind her Ear*
– “Its hard live without you” – Rinachi *Tears*
– “I feel the Same *wiping her Tears*.. you are the reason i came ba.*the Sentence were cut by Rinachi Locking his lip with a Kiss”
– “I love you so much” – Rinachi
– *Shooting Star*
– “I love you to..” – Arikachi 
– *Welcome home Arikachi!!*
– The BGLX reunited 
– Speerachi and May Wedding 
– “Congratulations brother.. May” – Arikachi Greet the Newly Wedd
– “Good to have you back brother” – Speerachi *Hug*
– “You seem really bright and Happy Rinachi” – May
– “Thank you May, you are so..beautiful Congratulation on Your Wedding” – Rinachi *Amazed*
– “You look beautiful in that dress..Sister” – Arikachi *Smile*
– “I love you Little Baby Brother” – May *Hug*
– *Married*
– While looking at the Couple
– Arikachi hold rinachi hand and Whispering
– “I love you” – Arikachi
– Rinachi blushing and give Arikachi quick kiss
– “I Love you to” – Rinachi *Smile*
– “Did you see what i just see?” – Melissa Grab Shu
– “A Kiss” – Shu *shock*
– Arikachi and Rinachi Smiling
– The End 


– Arikachi dream about the World crashing apart again.. but now it show a man with a black wing looking at Him  

– In 1997 Reiloria Has been Attacked by Byakorachi The Great White Tiger Beast The same Day when Arikachi were Born the Village is Almost Destroy, The 4th Lord of Wind Raikachi Made a choice to Seal Byakorachi into His Body and Save the Whole Village and His Family
– -Yurachi – 
– Yurachi is The Princess of Sky Kingdom also known As The Sky Tacticians
– While she asleep the Kingdom was attacked, Every Royal Member Died .. she was save by her injured Royal Bodyguard the guard ask her to Ran away far as she can..and after that She become the only sky Survivor..A day after that She Met Raikachi in the middle of The War.. The 1st Sight caught they Eye But Raikachi Refuse to Talk because he is In the Middle of War..after Knowing that Raikachi is in the War..Yurachi give Raikachi a pep talk Of Strategy to Win the War.. After Following everything she said ..they Won the Victory.. Raikachi Refuse to Go back to Reiloria until He Found Yurachi and Thank her..the Fate makes they reunite..Yurachi Told Mekachi that her home is Destroyed and She got nowhere to go.. Raikachi Offered her to stay In reiloria she was Happily accept it.. 2 years after She stay in Reiloria They fell in Love and Get Married 
– -Died-
– after their Second son were born.. While Raikachi Try to Stop Byakorachi , the Labor room was Hit and Destroyed by Byakorachi .. Yurachi in her Weak condition use all of her Power to Protect Newborn Arikachi and The people who’s in There…after everything’s end Yurachi apologising and told Arikachi how much she loves him .. Yurachi Gave Arikachi Her Royalties Crystal Necklace .. 
– After Sealing it inside his own body Raikachi went Straight to Yurachi and Both of his Son when Raikachi Arrived.. Yurachi already Close her Eyes beside Arikachi and Speerachi 
– -Raikachi-
– After Yurachi Died Raikachi assign Gomachi as the 5th Lord of Wind and resign as the 4th Wind Lord to Raise his both son 
– Raikachi Died When Speerachi Is 8 years old .. Eager to trained and be the best in the Academy one day Speerachi went out to train in the Forest alone..Speerachi been attacked by The Legendary giant wild Scorpion Beast Kozukohara ..Raikachi on time to save Speerachi and Fought The beast, after bringing Speerachi back Raikachi fell fainted at the Village Gate because he was Stung by Kozukokara earlier when Protecting Speerachi .. The Wind Medical team took Raikachi To the Hospital but They Failed to Save Him because The Venom Reach His Heart Faster
– After the Funeral end Speerachi and his 4years old Brother Stand beside of their Father honoured Stone suddenly The Stone was Glowing Raikachi Appeared and Apologise that He cant watch both of His Son Growth and told them to Remember that He and Mother always love them .. Raikachi gave a Hug to Both of them and Vanish a second after that Both of them has been Struck by The Light from the Stone Arikachi fell and Fainted but nothing happen to Speerachi
– -Speerachi-
– Speerachi blaming himself cause of their Father death And Arikachi Unconscious.. He leave the village to atoned for what he did after He Saw Arikachi Awake and ask his Classmates May and her parent to please look after his little Brother 
– Two day After Arikachi Unconscious.. He Awake with a different look on His Face he has 2 line on both side of his Cheeks and There’s the Sky Blue highlights on His Hair .. 
– -Byakorachi-
– The 5th Lord Figured that Turn out to be the light that struck Arikachi is Byakorachi..
– After his Father Died .. Byakorachi has Been transfered into Arikachi and become One in Arikachi body
– Arikachi Learn to Communicate with Byakorachi when he Is 5years old
– Year after Years
– Arikachi has change Byakorachi ColdHeart and They Fought alongside together on Arikachi Adventure 
– Byakorachi is the Source of Arikachi Beast Mode  

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