⁃ A Month After Mekachi Arc

⁃ Mina known As Princess Melissa Of Wallace Kingdom Secretly went to Learn becoming A Water Elemental User for 4 years..she met Arikachi a year before she Mastered water Element

⁃ After 4years ..she went back to Her palace Her father King Merrick mad bout knowing her become a Elemental User,

⁃ (in the History of Wallace Kingdom law the royal blood was banned to become a Elemetal user or Heroic because their believe Special ability cant bring peace)

⁃ Melissa broke the Royalty law to become the 1st Mallice royalty Elemental user in the family

⁃ because of her love to the Water she lied about she study in the school instead of Water Academy

⁃ Her mad Father told that she in not Worth it, useless and said that Element cant do anything to make the Kingdom proud,

⁃ The king gave her daughter 2 choice to Atone her sin for Becoming Elemental user either she have to married the 45 years old King of Alzack Empire or expelled from this kingdom..

⁃ Melissa choose her own way to got expelled from the Kingdom than rather become A tool for the Empire Business

⁃ after she got expelled she got nowhere to go melissa she cant went back to the Academy .. Because she dont want her Friend to Worried,

⁃ while she Is Sitting on the bench there a news on the paper about The Elemental Grand League

⁃ she thought about it if she participate in It .. Maybe she can Proves that her Father wrong about element,

⁃ Lots of her Friend is still on their way to become Elemental User or Heroic

⁃ Melissa Saw Wiz hanging with Bunch of His Friend..makes her suddenly remind of Arikachi

⁃ “Arikachi” – Melissa

⁃ the same Day Melissa took a Train to Reiloria

⁃ Arrive Reiloria she was Shock looking at the Whole town under a big construction..She heard that Theres a Capital being Attack by a Thousand of Phantom Army but she doesnt know where is it,

⁃ Melissa walk around the town and met the old woman, they had a long conversation then melissa ask what really happen to The town. The granny explain to Melissa bout mekachi the Hell raiser..and she told about the one who stop mekachi and save the city, Melissa happy that the town is safe now then she ask who safe the city the granny doesnt know the name but she heard the rumors that the savior is just a young boy, He has a White hair and Beautiful Sky Blue Eyes,

⁃ Melissa suddenly pop up the Image of Arikachi inside her head,

⁃ the granny kept on praised the Savior

⁃ After that Melissa keep walking look for Arikachi house

⁃ Melissa keep looking at the Construction till she bump into Rinachi, both of them keep on Apologizing, and Went their own way,

⁃ Rinachi was suspicious of Melissa because she think she might seen her somewhere before,

⁃ Melissa continue to Search Arikachi,she saw a flower shop

⁃ She went in amazed looking at the bouquet, the Shop Owner daughter May (Arikachi Adopted Sister) warmly welcome the customer..She saw melissa Look tired she went and give some water to her..they talk about flowers may asked where is She from Because 1st time she seeing her in the Town.

⁃ Melissa told her that she is From Land of Water she came here looking for her friend but she doesnt know where is His place. She became Awkward..

⁃ May kindly offer to help Her. May ask the Name of the Person melissa looking for, Melissa told Her that she looking for Arikachi,

⁃ May surprised and Told her that Arikachi is Her adopted brother, both of them break a laugh such a coincidence..

⁃ After that may walk Melissa to Arikachi house.. Melissa awkwardly asking bout Arikachi And his family because she worried that she might be disturbs Arikachi..

⁃ May told Melissa about Arikachi Past..Mellisa had a tear after she heard everything about Arikachi..

⁃ Because its different than she thought because Since she met arikachi. Arikachi always cheerful and Happy she hardly see Arikachi is in Bad mood, She didnt expect that Arikachi had a tough time behind those Smile,

⁃ When nearly arrive Arikachi house.. May forgot that she has to send the order she need to go back to the Shop,

⁃ She run back after She told melissa the road to Arikachi house

⁃ “Thank you so much big sister!” – Melissa thanking May

⁃ when she Arrives Arikachi house.. she saw Arikachi training in shirtless

⁃ its turn her Blushing

⁃ Arikachi turn around and He Surprised seeing Melissa at His house.. He slap his Face he thought that he was dreaming.. Melissa Walk toward Arikachi and give him a hug with just Saying Hello.

⁃ “Mina?” – Arikachi

⁃ Arikachi prefer to called Melissa as Mina

⁃ “Hehe how are you?” – Melissa

⁃ They talk..Melissa ask about What happen with Arikachi hand why its covered in Bandage

⁃ Before Arikachi answer The Question someone has knock the Door

⁃ “Big brother .. Teach me how to Fight.. i want to Be strong like you so i can protect the Town if Something like Mekachi Appear again” – Golemachi (The 5th lord of Wind Grandson)

⁃ “Go.. Hehe sure” – Arikachi *Smile tucking Golemachi Head*

⁃ “Mekachi?… White hair..Blue Eyes..” – Melissa *Shock*

⁃ “Who is That?” – Golemachi

⁃ “Owh.. This is My friend Mina.. she just arrive here from Land of Water .. Shes hella strong You know” – Arikachi

⁃ “Hehe Hi go” – Melissa Blushing

⁃ “Hehe oh i have to go meet Rocket..See you later big brother” – Golemachi

⁃ “Hehe” – Arikachi *smile*

⁃ “Arikachi..” – Melissa

⁃ “Mm?” – Arikachi

⁃ “Im sorry im show up suddenly” – Melissa Blushing

⁃ “Something Happen Mina?” – Arikachi

⁃ Door knocked again

⁃ “Arikachi..i think i saw The Princ..” – Rinachi *Shock looking at Melissa*

⁃ “Rin” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ “Rin..Rinachi..she is the One May talk about.. The closest friend to arikachi since his Childhood..She is so Beautiful” – Melissa inner voice

⁃ “Oh Hi.. we met again hehe” – Melissa

⁃ Both Of Them nicely greet each other

⁃ Arikachi told Rinachi about how he Met melissa in the land of Water

⁃ Melissa told arikachi that may the one who show the road to his house

⁃ “Hehe May also tell Me that Both of you are closer like the Blood and The Vein” – Melissa Laugh

⁃ “Why she tell you that” – Arikachi Face turning Red

⁃ Rinachi just Smile Beautifully

⁃ “Another reason i came here.. I want to ask you something Arikachi..” – Melissa

⁃ “Yea?” – Arikachi

⁃ “Its about the Elemental Grand League” – Melissa

⁃ “Owh..Yea..Aunt Firachi told me About it..” – Arikachi

⁃ “Are you going to Participate it?” – Arikachi

⁃ “Urmm..i dont know..if im good enough to enter it” – Melissa *Down*

⁃ “Hehe dont say that okay.. I believe you are stronger than you ever know..if you want to participate You can join Us Mina” – Arikachi

⁃ Melissa Lift her head looking at Arikachi

⁃ “Arikachi..” – Melissa inner Voice

⁃ “Its Require a Team to Enter it.. If you agreed its make 3 of us” – Arikachi Smile

⁃ “Yea” – Rinachi *Smile*

⁃ Melissa flash back memory when the Time Arikachi save the Land of Water and Encourage the People

⁃ “yes” – Melissa *Smile and Nodded*

⁃ “Yeay” – Arikachi High five Rinachi

⁃ Melissa Happily Look at Arikachi and Rinachi she remember everything that may told her about Arikachi past and Journey..She decide herself to stop Think about prove her Father and Her Kingdom..

⁃ “Mom i made my own choice to Become stronger and exploring the World to Protect the people who needs protection for now.. Please dont be worry okay Im not alone..Mekachi might be Dead..but The Ark Of Evil will never Fade until the World ends..we must be perpared as one.. One Heart.. One mind.. One Family..thats What he said..take a good care mom..and dad..i love you” – Melissa wrote a Letter for Her mom in Mallice Kingdom

⁃ Melissa Chose to Stay in Reiloria for while with Rinachi

⁃ Arikachi and Rinachi Shows Melissa around

⁃ Arikachi went to buy drink

⁃ “Are both of you in love?” – Melissa asking Rinachi

⁃ “Huh?” – Rinachi face turning Red

⁃ “you are so cute” – Melissa to Rinachi

⁃ “Here” – Arikachi pass the drink to both of them

⁃ “Thank you” – Melissa and Rinachi

⁃ “Guys Lets took a job?” – Arikachi

⁃ “a Job?” – Melissa

⁃ “Yes.. we can get paid and Experience if We succeed the Job, mission or Quest” – Rinachi

⁃ “Sound Like Fun” – Melissa *smile*

⁃ “Lets go..” – Arikachi

⁃ Arrive Reiloria Centerpoint

⁃ “Wow” – Melissa

⁃ “You can choose any job or Mission here Mina” – Arikachi

⁃ “ about..this one” – Melissa

⁃ Melissa Touch someone hand for taking the Same Mission

⁃ “Owh sorry” – Melissa

⁃ “He’s Scary..” – Melissa Inner Voice

⁃ “Hye Shu!” – Arikachi

⁃ “Arikachi” – Shuryu

⁃ Shuryu the Intelligence Shadow Rogue Assassin and Mekachi Former Diciple.. After Shu was save by Arikachi .. Shu sees Arikachi as the Light that saving him from his Darkness Self.. after the War Shu often shows up in the Reiloria for taking the S- Class Mission to Help People

⁃ Melissa Hide Behind Rinachi

⁃ “He Is Scary” – Melissa

⁃ “It fine..He is Kind and Good ..and Hella Strong guy hehe” – Arikachi *Laugh*

⁃ “Arikachi..Anyway *Looking at Melissa* this is A High Rank mission.. i dont believe you can do it” – Shu

⁃ “What did you just say” – Melissa Step Foward

⁃ “Hmph” – Shu

⁃ “Hehe calm down both of you” – Arikachi Step in the Middle of Shu and Melissa

⁃ “Arikachi.. Shuryu..” – Firachi

⁃ “Lord 6th” – Shu

⁃ “Hi Aunt Firachi” – Arikachi

⁃ “Welcome back Arikachi.. There a Request for Both of You.. Come to My Office for the details” – Firachi

⁃ “Owh okay” – Arikachi

⁃ “Sure” – Shu

⁃ They went to Lord of Wind Office

⁃ “Arikachi and its sure the Hardest job..To call those two” – Man

⁃ “What do they mean Rin?” – Melissa ask Rinachi

⁃ “Hehe you probably heard already that Arikachi save our Entire Land last month, the same time Arikachi saves a lot of live including Shu..Now shu often seen Shu Around Reiloria maybe he moves around here because he always took the Highest Rank they all describe Arikachi and Shu is the Strongest..its rarely To see both of them on the mission together” – Rinachi

⁃ “Thats why that guy only nice to Arikachi?” – Melissa *Annoyed*

⁃ “Hehehe” – Rinachi laugh

⁃ “I believe you are a lot Stronger” – Melissa

⁃ “Hehe Nobody dares to Mess with our Rin ya know” – Hikari whispering To melissa

⁃ Melissa frighten

⁃ “Melissa Meet our Friend Hikari..” – Rinachi

⁃ “Hi..Im melissa” – Melissa

⁃ “Welcome to Reiloria Operation Base Melissa” – Hikari

⁃ Arikachi and Shu

⁃ “There a request for both of You in The North..its a Challenge Quest” – Firachi

⁃ “Okay” – Arikachi *Hyper up*

⁃ “Arikachi.. Shu..Its the Aerodites Knight.. They Challenge A Battle with both of You..” – Firachi

⁃ “Aerodites Knight.. Its The Strongest Knight Heroic in the Whole Continent..They Slaughter Who ever stand in their way” – Shu

⁃ “I never heard of Them.. But im In..i bet it Will be Fun” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ “Arikachi” – Shu *Inner Voice*

⁃ “The Man has Said.. So Im in” – Shu

⁃ “Yeay” – Arikachi

⁃ “Huh.. Even its Dangerous i know i cant stop You guys.. Just be careful okay” – Firachi

⁃ “Okay Aunt Firachi” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ “Thank you Lord 6th” – Shu

⁃ “Rin! Mina!.. Oh hye Hikari..” – Arikachi join

⁃ “Hero..” – Hikari *Stares at Arikachi*

⁃ “Please Dont call me that Hikari” – Arikachi

⁃ “How is it Arikachi?” – Rinachi

⁃ “Its just a Challenge Quest by Aero what knight i dont know” – Arikachi

⁃ “Aerodites Knight” – Shu join

⁃ “Ah yea Aerodites Knight” – Arikachi *Giggles*

⁃ “Challenge By Aerodites? Its Dangerous *Stand up* and You are not fully recovered from the Last Mission” -Rinachi Hold Arikachi Hand

⁃ “Hehe im Okay all Revved up” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ “Then I will go with you” – Rinachi

⁃ “Mina too” – Melissa Volunteer herself

⁃ “Okay” – Arikachi *excited*

⁃ “Hmph minAnnoying?” – Shu turn away

⁃ Melissa stand up to Catch Shu but she being hold By Hikari

⁃ “What wrong with that Guy..” – Melissa *annoyed*

⁃ Continue…

Next Aerodite Knight Arc

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