⁃ Arikachi Start off his Adventure

⁃ Fukamitsu Shrine North of Windland

⁃ Arikachi begun his 1st Master Training with the Eldest Master of Wind Element named Fu

⁃ At the Same time Arikachi learn to Mastered his Fight and defense Skill

⁃ in 5 Month Arikachi complete to mastered His Wind Element and became A High Rank Wind Elemental User and Fighting Defensive Heroic

⁃ Arikachi Receive The Wind Master Rune at his left forehand

⁃ (WIND ADVENT. Story)

⁃ After Arikachi Wind Training he travel to Land of Fire met The eldest Fire Master Rakasai

⁃ Rakasai refuse to Trained Arikachi because he is too exhausted and mastered Fire element can cause bad Injury if Arikachi Failed

⁃ Arikachi Prove that he can take all the consequences

⁃ The Eldest Agreed

⁃ They begin to training At the Shireki Shrine under A Volcano Mountain

⁃ And Take a part of Becoming a Ninja and Assasin

⁃ Its take 6 month for Arikachi to Complete Mastered his Fire Element and Assasin Ninja Skill

⁃ Rakasai was impressed by Arikachi Hardwork

⁃ (FIRE ADVENT. Story)

⁃ After Arikachi receive his 2nd Element Master Rune on his ForeArm Arikachi Suffering from Pain Makes Him hardly breathe

⁃ “What Is This..argghh” – Arikachi *Moans*

⁃ “You reach a Limit for Elemental Master” – Ichigo Appeared

⁃ “What?..” – Arikachi

⁃ “you can learn Every Element.. But its Has limit for human to totally Mastered it..” – Ichigo

⁃ “Hehe.. I told ya.. Im half Human” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ “Suffer..Pain..i can take it..” – Arikachi Lay and Close his Eye

⁃ “Hope of Light..i believe in you Arikachi” – Ichigo Look at Arikachi Sleeping

⁃ Arikachi continue his Adventure to Land of Water

⁃ 1st In Water Training Arikachi and Another disciple has been Selected as a Team to Survive in An Island

⁃ Arikachi and Mina successful Survive In An Island for 2 week without Anything else

⁃ Back in the Namikuzu Shrine , Arikachi and Mina has past the Test and they can proceed to the next Training

⁃ During an off day Arikachi went to The Town .. In there Arikachi met A new Friend A The High Rank Mage Heroic name Wiz..They Become Close and Training With each other When Arikachi days off

⁃ After 4 month The Water Eldest Master Amizuna was impressed by Arikachi Fast learning to Mastered The Water Element

⁃ Same Happen to Arikachi when he Get the 2nd Master Rune .. Arikachi become unconscious after Receive his 3rd Master Rune

⁃ He was company by Mina until he Awake

⁃ After everything is Recovered. Arikachi ready to set of his another adventure

⁃ Mina and Wiz company Arikachi to the Land of Water Gate

⁃ Mina whispered and told Arikachi her Real Name Is Melissa and She cant wait to meet Arikachi again anytime soon in the future

⁃ A lovely Farewell by Land of Water People


⁃ Arikachi set his last Elemental master Training in the Land of Earth

⁃ Earth Master Chikyu said that Earth is the Strongest defensive Element and Easy to Obtain..It come from a nature feeling

⁃ Arikachi didnt get what the meaning of the word And the Master Ask him to comeback when i knew what it mean

⁃ Arikachi Working hard to Find what the meaning until he Became tempered..he manage to control his self and went out to take an air

⁃ A little boy ran toward Arikachi and Ask for help to find his Mom

⁃ It make Arikachi remembered when the 1st time Arikachi Met Rinachi

⁃ “Sure” – Arikachi Smile and Carry the boy on his shoulder

⁃ “Mom..” – Boy *shout looking for his mother”

⁃ “Mom” – Arikachi *Mimicking*

⁃ They both laughing together until They found the boy mother

⁃ “Ikki! Thank god you are safe .. Thank you so much Mister” – Ikki Mom

⁃ “Thank you Big brother Arikachi do you want to my house” – Ikki

⁃ “Yes .. we are having a Family dinner you should come Arikachi” – Ikki mom

⁃ Arikachi gladly accept the offer, they were having a Great time everybody was laughing

⁃ Arikachi felt free and enjoy since all of his journey in that moment something triggered in Arikachi body.. Arikachi Hear the master word again “its come Naturally” Arikachi Stand Thanking everyone and Went out Ran the fast as he can to the Master

⁃ “I failed to Possessed Earth Element because i was eager and focus to learn it..but its joy and Happiness to Acknowledge its the Key of the Earth Element..i get it Thank you Master” – Arikachi *Bow*

⁃ Arikachi put his hand on the Ground and Pull out the Land around his Body

⁃ The Master Satisfied and Told Arikachi that he shall begin His Training

⁃ After 4 Month of Hardworking Arikachi Complete to Mastered his Earth Element then Arikachi Move out to the west of Earthland another 2 Month to Learn about Knight and Paladin Heroic


⁃ After 21 Month Since Arikachi begin his Adventure to Mastered All type of Element and heroic

⁃ Ichigo has Appeared in Arikachi room while He is Sleeping

⁃ “You did it son” – Ichigo

⁃ “Ichigo?” – Arikachi half awake

⁃ “I can see all the Elemental power source surging inside You body Arikachi .. You have complete my mastered all type of Element and proud of you son..Now i have to keep my Promise..i will wait for you at the land of Light Zeroshiki Waterfall” – Ichigo walk to Arikachi and tuck his head *Faded*

⁃ Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ Arikachi Arrive Zeroshiki water fall after 3days

⁃ Before they start to Train .. Ichigo told Arikachi all about Zero force and Show what it capable off..

⁃ “Zero force is the Most Rarest Force, its manifest Every Nature Element including Dark and Light, Zero force is Source of all Energy its make the Wielder can move fast as a light and Manipulate the Gravity

⁃ ” – Ichigo turn to Zero Mode

⁃ “Its has incredible agility and Ability but..” – Ichigo

⁃ Ichigo transform to the 2nd Stage of Zero mode

⁃ “It have Limit for can cause death once you reach its over limit power

⁃ “Luckily Im half Human” – Arikachi *Joke around*

⁃ They were laughing

⁃ Arikachi begin his 1st Zero Force training

⁃ Arikachi need to imprisoned his self under the Waterfall to keep his body Pressured by The high Falling water

⁃ “Infinite water loop keep Falling..Its only stop if the source ran out of water.. Thats The same once you possessed the Zero Force it only stop when you out of Breathe (death)” – Ichigo

⁃ After the Water Force.. Arikachi catch a Fish for dinner

⁃ They sit by the Fire and cook it

⁃ Arikachi forget that Spirit Ghost cannot eat.. He have to finish all the Fish by Him self

⁃ Ichigo saw Arikachi Smiling and Happy to told him about his Elemental Journey.. The Memory of the Future Arikachi Destroying all the Living Things slowy fade away

⁃ Ichigo Makes A joke about Woman and They Start To laugh again

⁃ For Fire Force, Arikachi imprisoned his Self inside Ichigo Zero Gravity Shield and Sit around a Rage Fire

⁃ Earth Force, Arikachi need to dig A hole in the Ground and Imprisoned him self inside the hole

⁃ Wind force, Arikachi need to Climb and imprisoned on the highest point of the Mountain

⁃ After complete the Elemental force

⁃ Ichigo Trained Arikachi how to Merge with another Elemet

⁃ Fighting a Wild Monster

⁃ Explore the Dark cave with Senses

⁃ After 3 Months.. Ichigo challenge Arikachi a battle

⁃ “Lets do this” – Arikachi turn into zero Form

⁃ “What!” – Ichigo

⁃ “Its impossible!” – Ichigo *Shock*

⁃ “How can this child mastered the Zero Force In a short Time” – Ichigo Inner Voice

⁃ Ichigo turn himself to Zero Form

⁃ Ichigo Smiling

⁃ “I will not go easy on you.. Blue Eyes Boy” – Ichigo

⁃ “Hehe lets begin” – Arikachi

⁃ Arikachi Vs Ichigo

⁃ “He Even mastered the Move” – Ichigo surprise inner voice

⁃ “What is this Kid” – Ichigo

⁃ Ichigo perform Zero no Kyu – Zero Energy Ball

⁃ Arikachi Laughing

⁃ “Aero Sphere – Wind Sphere” – Arikachi

⁃ Arikachi Triggered something in his Body and he’s fall

⁃ Arikachi zero form turn to Red from blue

⁃ “Arikachi!” – Ichigo

⁃ “Oh no..Byakorachi” – Ichigo

⁃ Arikachi Screaming

⁃ The Forest tree all were Felled

⁃ Ichigo Seal Arikachi Inside His zero Gravity and Talk to him by Inner Self

⁃ “Arikachi..wake up..this is not who you are stronger than he is..Arikachi .. Arikachi!..Arikachi!!” – Ichigo

⁃ Arikachi trap and lost in The darkness

⁃ “Ichigo!?” – Arikachi Yelled

⁃ “No no.. if This what Ichigo saw. No .. No.” – Arikachi on his knee

⁃ Arikachi think of May.. His parent.. The Village.. Rinachi .. Tritachi.. Rakachi..

⁃ “I cant let it control my body!” – Arikachi lift up his head

⁃ Arikachi saw the Vision of death of the people he loves

⁃ “Its just my fear.. Its just my Fear” – Arikachi Shaking

⁃ “You are Weak!” – Voice Inside Arikachi

⁃ “I am Not!!” – Arikachi scream

⁃ The Zero Gravity Crack

⁃ “No!.” – Ichigo

⁃ Arikachi turn back to Him self and Fainted

⁃ “Arikachi!” – Ichigo catch Him

⁃ Arikachi wake up After 3 days fully recovered

⁃ “What happen..” – Arikachi

⁃ “You overcome it..” – Ichigo

⁃ “Dont think about it.. Im so impressed by You son.. It take Me 400 years to Invented Zero Force.. the human Zero User before you.. he took 3 years of Training .. you only take 3month and Mastered proud of you son of Raikachi” – Ichigi

⁃ “I will do anything to Protect my Family and Friends .. From me..” – Arikachi

⁃ “I believe you can do it..” – Ichigo

⁃ “Arikachi.. I now grant you a Zero Force Energy” – Ichigo gave Arikachi another two diamond beside his elemental Diamond Rune and Slowly faded

⁃ “Ichigo. Im not ready” – Arikachi

⁃ “You are son…i will be watching you.. Farewell The 2nd Zero Master Arikachi

⁃ “No.. Thank you so much..Dad..” – Arikachi

⁃ Ichigo Laughing and Faded Away

⁃ Arikachi Wipe his tear

⁃ “I will protect Everyone” – Arikachi

⁃ After a long time Arikachi made his way back home to Land of Wind

⁃ Although all his journey Everyone know and loves him because of His Kind hearted and always Helpful

⁃ Arikachi has becoming a lot stronger than before

⁃ Arikachi 1st Arrive his hometown there a Burning house Accident Everybody was panic and yell for help that theres a kid inside.. Arikachi notice and Ran right away in it with his Zero Force

⁃ Arikachi use His Wind Element to Clear his sight looking for The kid.. After Arikachi found the Kid Arikachi use his Water to wash out all the Fire

⁃ Arikachi Come out from the House Carrying a Two Children behind his back and Infront of him

⁃ “They Safe” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ “Arikachi?.. Is that you?” – May *At the Scene*

⁃ “Im back..” – Arikachi *Smile*

⁃ “Arikachi!.” – May *Hugging Arikachi*

⁃ They parent of the Kid Thanking Arikachi for saving their children and Their House

⁃ Arikachi use his Earth Element to make a Shelter for the House avoid the Water rain Water

⁃ Arikachi went back home Reunite with may Family

⁃ After Rinachi heard the news of the Accident and Arikachi .. Rinachi take a bath and Went straight to May House

⁃ Rinachi and Arikachi reunite and Hugging Each other

⁃ They Spend together in A room to talk about all of Arikachi Adventure and Rinachi training with the Lord 6th

⁃ Rinachi Has Mastered her Healer Skill and Wind Element .. She is learning about Mage and Earth element

⁃ Later On they were join by Tritachi

⁃ Tritachi leave the village to train with His father At the Fikao ocean South side of Windland

⁃ The Team happily Reunite and spend the time together

⁃ The Next day Arikachi Rinachi and Tritachi are Training together

⁃ “Bring it on” – Arikachi

⁃ Rinachi blast a Crystal to Arikachi

⁃ “Wow” – Arikachi dodge

⁃ “Hehehe” – Rinachi

⁃ “Okayy” – Tritachi

⁃ They begin their Training

⁃ Tritachi and Rinachi lost in combat to Arikachi

⁃ They were laughing and Enjoy the Training

⁃ Continue…

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