⁃ Katefuta
⁃ Aqua Marinami
⁃ James D. Greyar
⁃ Harold Manliner
⁃ Endo


⁃ Arikachi Sora
⁃ Rinachi Sakura
⁃ Shuryu
⁃ Melissa Wallace
⁃ Arch Knightwalker
⁃ Ivy Lockheart (Clarissa Roosevelt)
⁃ Kogenta
⁃ Tekato
⁃ Nanami
⁃ Rakachi (Seventh Lord of Wind)
⁃ Norimina (Seventh Lord of Water)
⁃ Hokizo (Sixth Lord of Fire)
⁃ Daichi (Fifth Lord of Earth)


After the Cronitia Special Katefuta and Aqua made back to Marinefold and Confront his Father, Somehow the Truth behind The Wedding between katefuta and Lieutenant Marry daughter Quill Is reveal Fake and General Greyar has Approve the relationship between Katefuta and Aqua


⁃ After a Trip to Cronitia Spring with His Friend Katefuta and Aqua went back to Marinefold to confront his Father About the Marriage plan
⁃ *Marinefold Base*
⁃ *General Office*
⁃ “Dad!..what is this?..setting up my marriage with lieutenant Marry daughter?” – Katefuta
⁃ “What?” – James D. Greyar (Katefuta Father)
⁃ “Im not going to do it” – Katefuta
⁃ “No Atlas..i can explain..thats Not right..Lieutenant Try to split you and Aqua up for her daughter She inform everybody the False new until it come to my ear” – Greyar
⁃ “Then what did you do” – Katefuta
⁃ “My son have right to decide his own happiness..I fired her off” – Greyar
⁃ “Why dont you call me about this we have” – Katefuta
⁃ “I sure you will still see me as the same man i was..Even now..” – Greyar
⁃ “Dad..Im sorry” – Katefuta
⁃ “Its okay are more than an are the 1st born of My mentor a great friend Jude and Edel..ever since the Moment they left us..i promise your parent to look after you raise you like my own daughter.. im sorry i didnt say anything like this A father Im Approving your marriage” – Greyar
⁃ “What?” – Katefuta
⁃ “Im sorry General?” – Aqua
⁃ “Come on are not planning just to Travel around the Ocean right” – Greyar
⁃ “How did you know that im going to Sail Dad” – Katefuta
⁃ “I know Thats your dream when you are little Son..Im sorry i didnt get to be the Father you always Wanted..I love you son..i want you to be happy” – Greyar
⁃ Katefuta Tearing
⁃ “Haha! Come on..You are The Man *tucking* Save your tear son” – Greyar
⁃ Aqua Crying
⁃ “You too Aqua..I want both of you to be happy..” –
⁃ “General!” – Aqua *Bowing*
⁃ “Haha do you want me to vow both of you?” – Greyar
⁃ Katefuta pull Aqua stand infront of Greyar
⁃ “What *Smirk* im just Joking Around” – Greyar
⁃ “I want you to vow us Dad..As A Father and A General of Marinefold” – Katefuta
⁃ “Atlas..” – Greyar
⁃ “Haha fine..Come here” – Greyar hold Aqua and Katefuta Hand
⁃ “James D. Atlas will you accept Aqua Marinami as You beloved Wife” – Greyar
⁃ “Yes Genaral” – Katefuta
⁃ “Aqua Marinami Will you accept James D. Atlas As Your Beloved Husband” – Greyar
⁃ “With my life General” – Aqua
⁃ “Im now pronounce you..A husband and Wife you may now kiss the bride” – Greyar
⁃ Katefuta Pull Aqua
⁃ “Nope..not infront of me..Respect Buddy” – Greyar
⁃ “Hehehe Thanks dad” – Katefuta
⁃ “Thank you Father” – Aqua
⁃ *Hug*
⁃ “Exploring the Ocean huh..Thats Really not a bad idea Son” – Greyar
⁃ “Hehehe i will bring back the Ancient Treasure for you Mr Collector” – Katefuta *Smile*
⁃ “Hahaha..I will be waiting Green boy” – Greyar *Wink*
⁃ “Im really sorry and Thank you so much again Dad” – Katefuta
⁃ “Me too” – Aqua
⁃ “The Crew has Waited..We will be Sailing..” – Katefuta
⁃ “Got it boy..Be safe alright” – Greyar
⁃ “Wait for us Okay” – Katefuta
⁃ “Hahaha” – Greyar
⁃ “I love you dad” – Katefuta and Aqua *hug and Run out*
⁃ “Atlas! Make it legal!” – Greyar
⁃ “Got it! see you soon dad” – Katefuta
⁃ “I love you to Son” – Greyar *Smile*
⁃ *Marinefold*
⁃ Katefuta and Aqua waving at Greyar and The Rest Marinefold
⁃ *South Ocean*
⁃ Katefuta and The Crew Fought the Sea Monster and Archives the Trident Pearl
⁃ “Im sure Dad will place this in his Collection” – Katefuta
⁃ “Hehehe thats For Sure” – Aqua
⁃ “I love ocean!” – Endo *Screaming*
⁃ “Hehehe” – Katefuta and Aqua Laughing
⁃ then they set for another adventure and Discovered a lot of special Sea Creature and Tresure
⁃ *6 month Later*
⁃ Katefuta and His Crew arrive back in Marinefold
⁃ *Marine Port*
⁃ Everybody wearing a black Suit
⁃ “Why everybody wearing black?” – Katefuta *Carries a Full bag of Ancient Treasure
⁃ “We are sorry Young Master” – Every Marine port Citizen
⁃ “Eh What wrong?” – Katefuta
⁃ “We are sorry” – Everbody cried and walk away
⁃ They walking to Marinefold Base
⁃ They met Harold the Advisor of General Greyar infront of the base
⁃ “Harold! Why everybody keep saying sorry to me! What happen!” – Katefuta
⁃ “Young master” – Harold *hold Katefuta Shoulder*
⁃ “Harold Tell me!” – Katefuta *Panic*
⁃ “Im gonna check my self!” – Katefuta ran inside the Marinefold
⁃ Katefuta saw his father laying on the Bed in a middle of Funeral set
⁃ “No..” – Katefuta *Fall on his Knee*
⁃ “” – Aqua *Cover her mouth*
⁃ “General Greyar” – Endo *Cried*
⁃ “This cant be true!” – Katefuta *Hold His head*
⁃ “Im sorry Young Master..General Greyar Passed away peacefully after he invest everything to the people who need to be help” – Harold
⁃ “Dad..” – Katefuta *Hold his father hand*
⁃ “Is he sick all this time?” – Katefuta
⁃ “Young master” – Harold
⁃ “Harold tell me the truth!” – Katefuta *Hold Harold Shoulder*
⁃ “General had a Age Illness” – Harold
⁃ “Why dont anyone tell me before!” – Katefuta
⁃ “Calm down” – Aqua *Hold Katefuta hand*
⁃ “It a general personal order
⁃ “But im his son i should know” – Katefuta
⁃ “He dont want you to be worried and keep continue to live your life young Master” – Harold
⁃ “I should go..*Hold his Head* I shouldnt leave him..” – Katefuta *Broke down and Cry*
⁃ Aqua hugging Katefuta
⁃ “Dad…” – Katefuta *Cried*
⁃ *Funeral*
⁃ Arikachi Rinachi Shu Melissa Arch Ivy Kogenta Hikari Tekato Nanami Tekata Arrives
⁃ The 4 Land lord and another VIP Arrives
⁃ “You said you will wait for me” – Katefuta *Cried*
⁃ “Honey” – Aqua *Hug*
⁃ “Katefuta..” – Arikachi *Hold Katefuta Shoulder*
⁃ “Why did you leave me so soon..Dad” – Katefuta *Cried*
⁃ Rinachi *Crying*
⁃ Nanami *Comforting Rinachi*
⁃ “Be strong katefuta” – Tekato
⁃ *Speech*
⁃ Everybody finish the Speech
⁃ “And Next..The Honored next General of Marinefold..James D Atlas
⁃ Katefuta cant let his Word out
⁃ The Marinefold Worker and High Rank wipe their Tears
⁃ “I have lost my word..Dad..No matter where you are..i hope you know that i really sorry from the bottom of my really grateful to have a father like you how hard you are but deep down inside i know you care about everything around you..I..I love you dad..and i promise..I will be better and Success to be in your place and Take care of Marinefold..I will” – Katefuta
⁃ *2 days After Funeral*
⁃ Katefuta are pointed as a New General of Marinefold
⁃ “Im sorry After this I will be more busy guys i have a lot to learn” – Katefuta
⁃ “Its okay Katefuta..Hehe *Hold katefuta Shoulder* You are now becoming the General of Marinefold you have a Responsibility dont let it scared you brother..Bonding and depend on each other thats all you need right..Arikachi” – Tekato
⁃ “Hehehe yeah..we always got your back” – Arikachi *Smile*
⁃ “Yeah” – Arch and Everybody
⁃ “Guys” – Katefuta
⁃ “Thank you..So much” – Katefuta
⁃ Everybody Supporting The New General of Marinefold..The Son of James D Greyar and Naoki..James D. Atlas / Katefuta
⁃ *The End*


⁃ *2 days Later*
⁃ *Marinefold Base*
⁃ *Library*
⁃ Harold Teaching Katefuta about the Marinefold History
⁃ *Siren*
⁃ “What is it?” – Katefuta
⁃ “The Jraws!” – Marinefold Worker
⁃ “Who’s..Jraws?” – Katefuta
⁃ “Jraws is a Guild that Run by General Greyar Rival Dreg Karl…Dreg once fought General Greyar to take a General place when they were young” – Harold
⁃ “He is dad old Friend” – Katefuta
⁃ “Can say in that way..But after General Greyar became the General of Marinefold Dreg follow the Dark Path and keep Attack the Marinefold” – Harold
⁃ “Hmm..” – Katefuta
⁃ “His here..Means he heard the Lost of General news..and he might be try to take over Marinefold again” – Harold
⁃ “Lets go” – Harold
⁃ *Base*
⁃ “Marineforce Unit..We have to Standby” – Harold
⁃ “Hehe Dont worry..I take them off” – Katefuta
⁃ “Young General By your Self?” – Harold
⁃ “we can handle it young General” – Marineforce Unit
⁃ “Its fine i will face them my self and Stop this nonsence” – Katefuta
⁃ “General” – Harold Remind Katefuta of Greyar
⁃ Aqua *Smile*
⁃ *Marinefold Battle Field*
⁃ “Marinefold!! Fall before your New Leader!” – Dreg Karl
⁃ Someone Came out from the Marinefold base
⁃ “Who is that Kid?” – Dreg
⁃ “Are you just going to stand there?! Old man!” – Katefuta
⁃ “Son of Greyar..Like father like son pissing me off..Attack!” – Dreg
⁃ The Jraws Attacking Marinefold
⁃ Katefuta Stand Infront of the Marinefold Base
⁃ “Hehehe” – Katefuta *Smile*
⁃ “I will stop this War..and Protect the Marinefold.. I promise..Because i am Greyar Son.. I am .. D. Atlas!” – Katefuta Turn to Vortex Form and Approach The Jraw
⁃ *Explosion*
⁃ *The End*

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